Citizen Peete
S2, EP8 "Citizen Peete"
Holly and Dolores land a meeting with Sen. Kamala Harris to talk about how to reform police training; Robinson throws a hip-hop charity event for Uncle Matt; Dolores announces that she wants to move out.
Original Air Date: Apr 08, 2017 • OWN • 42m
From Boys to Men
S2, EP7 "From Boys to Men"
Two former officers give RJ and Robinson a crash course in police encounters; RJ shocks Holly and Rodney when he says that he is ready to move out; Dolores reveals a family secret and begins a search for a sister she hasn't seen in 57 years.
Original Air Date: Apr 01, 2017 • OWN • 42m
Meeting of the Minds
S2, EP6 "Meeting of the Minds"
Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney juggle four kids, two dogs and Holly's mom.
Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2017 • OWN • 42m
RJ Takes the Wheel
S2, EP5 "RJ Takes the Wheel"
Holly and Rodney support RJ as he attempts to achieve another milestone and pass his driver's permit test; Uncle Matt reveals his Parkinson's diagnosis to the family, inspiring Robinson to organize a HollyRod-junior style benefit concert.
Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2017 • OWN • 42m
Let's Talk About Sex
S2, EP4 "Let's Talk About Sex"
Holly enlists Rodney to help figure out a way to talk to the Ryan and the boys about sexual consent; In an attempt to be normal, RJ posts an inappropriate message on his social media; Dolores struggles to homeschool Robinson and Roman.
Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2017 • OWN • 43m
Homeschool, Headaches and Mary Jane
S2, EP3 "Homeschool, Headaches and Mary Jane"
When Robinson and Roman have trouble at school, Holly and Rodney look into homeschooling options; RJ loves his new job with the Dodgers, but Holly struggles to adjust to his independence; Rodney convinces former players to join a study on CTE.
Original Air Date: Mar 04, 2017 • OWN • 42m
Next Stop: Philadelphia
S2, EP2 "Next Stop: Philadelphia"
After a final goodbye to NYC, the Peetes head to Philly for a trip down memory lane; Holly and Uncle Matt search for the perfect place to bury their father's ashes; Dolores takes the family to her hometown for a reunion.
Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2017 • OWN • 43m
NYU State of Mind
S2, EP1 "NYU State of Mind"
As Ryan prepares to leave for college, Holly scrambles to plan a farewell party while also struggling to figure out the best way to let go of her father's ashes; the entire Peete family heads to NYC with Ryan for an emotional goodbye.
Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2017 • OWN • 42m