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Deliver MeThree friends, now partners in a medical practice, share their professional and personal lives.
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S3, EP10 "Inside Job"TV producer Robyn ("Deliver Me") chronicles her own first pregnancy, hoping all goes well, but a rare complication puts her pregnancy at risk.
S3, EP9 "Back on Board"Three morbidly obese women are expecting.
S3, EP8 "Whatever Works"Dr. Bohn is on maternity leave; an incompetent cervix could cause pregnancy difficulties.
S3, EP7 "The Doctor Delivers"A baby-show veteran may need to have her baby delivered early.
S3, EP6 "No Fear"After a string of devastating losses, a woman expects her long-awaited third child.
S3, EP5 "In the Cards"A Russian folk singer sings to ease the pains of labor; a woman's fears about her pregnancy hit her hard.
S3, EP4 "To the Mat"Priscilla wants to avoid a C-section with her second child; Cerise wants to deliver without medication; Sara's husband breaks tradition to be in the delivery room.
S3, EP3 "Stitch in Time"After fifty days on strict hospital bed rest, a woman can go home after delivery; a woman suffers from cervical incompetence.
S3, EP2 "Saying Goodbye"A new baby boy may arrive on his brother's birthday; an accountant finds her pregnancy harder to manage than a checkbook.
S3, EP1 "High Hopes"A woman is expecting twins; a petite mother wonders if her baby will be large; Dr. Bohn finds out her baby's gender.
S2, EP10 "Word to the Wise"A baby is born with his intestines outside of his body; a woman had a fever while seeking a sperm donor.
S2, EP9 "Best Laid Plans"Woman discovers a tumor during her third delivery.
S2, EP8 "Don't Look Back"A pregnant woman needs a liver transplant; other women face pregnancy challenges.
S2, EP5 "Fighting Chance"A cancer survivor fights to keep herself and baby healthy.
S2, EP4 "Bringing It On"A student juggles pregnancy and school; a woman expects a baby while her father battles cancer.
S2, EP3 "Safe Passage"A pregnant woman should stay home, but her husband wants to go off-roading; a woman fears another miscarriage; twins may need to be deliver early.
S2, EP2 "Holding Fast"A pregnant woman with insulin-resistant diabetes faces new complications.
S2, EP1 "Out of Control"Pregnant women face various difficulties.
Three friends, now partners in a medical practice, share their professional and personal lives.
Original Air Date: Mar 4, 2008
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (18 episodes)
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