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BeybladeTeenagers battle one another with tops.
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S3, EP52 "Beybattle for the Ages"As the match continues, Brooklyn's dark powers might be too much for Tyson.
S3, EP51 "Brooklyn's Back"The tiebreaker match between Tyson and Brooklyn.
S3, EP50 "Welcome to My Nightmare"To determine a winner, one battle is left and it will pit Tyson against the BEGA Blader's. Boris takes matters into his own hands and sends Crusher and Ming Ming to knock out Tyson before the battle.
S3, EP49 "The Principles of Victory"All of G Revolutions hopes are now resting on Tyson's match with Garland. Tyson is determined to make sure Kai's brave victory over Brooklyn isn't wasted. Garland is confident he will win thanks to a book containing the Tzebult Principles of Victory.
S3, EP48 "Beyblading Spirit"The fourth match between Kai and Brooklyn continues. Kai's determination to win frustrates Brooklyn.
S3, EP47 "Now You're Making Me Mad"Kai joins the G-Revolutions and demands a rematch with Brooklyn using his new blade, Dranzer MS.
S3, EP46 "The Return of Kai"Tyson trains intensively for his two consecutive matches against Brooklyn and Garland; a lifeless Kai visits Tala in the hospital and finds Dranzer MS beside him.
S3, EP45 "Max to the Maxx"The first two matches of the 'Justice 5' tournament are complete. BEGA's team is up two games to one in the best-of-five series. If they lose another match, BEGA will win.
S3, EP44 "Refuse to Lose"The second match against BEGA begins as Ray does battle with the towering Crusher. Crusher must win to pay for his sisters medical expenses.
S3, EP43 "Sing Ming Ming Sing"Ming Ming wins over the crowd with an impromptu pop concert during her Beybattle with Daichi.
S3, EP42 "When You Wish Upon a Star"The BEGA team has been decided, and Tyson's team, the newly-named G-Revolutions, must act accordingly.
S3, EP41 "And Justice-Five for All"Kai challenges Brooklyn to a Beybattle for the right to face Tyson; Tyson waits for the Metal Series to be completed in time.
S3, EP40 "Back to Basics"The good news is, the Hard Metal Beyblades are ready to go...the bad news: no one knows how to control them! Tyson, Daichi, Ray and Max each spend the day trying to learn the delicate new intricacies of the Hard Metal Beyblade.
S3, EP39 "Rebel Alliance"Past teams join the recent tournament.
S3, EP38 "Bega on the Rise"Tyson and the team get to work on creating their own blades; BEGA tries to charm the public.
S3, EP37 "The BEGA Challenge"In response to Tyson's challenge, Boris counters by suggesting a five-on-five match; Tyson wants to accept but the odds are stacked against him; Kai has now joined the BEGA Bladers.
S3, EP36 "Boris, the Blade Stops Here"A match is announced in town featuring Blader's from the new BEGA League run by Boris; Tyson and his crew are skeptical of this new band of Blader's, so they decide to go scope out the event.
S3, EP35 "Pros and Ex-Cons"Tyson is unsure whether he should join forces with Boris; the Blitzkreig Boys come to BEGA to shut them down.
S3, EP34 "The Mysterious Mystel"A mysterious stranger wanders the woods of White Tiger Hills, the headquarters of the White Tiger X team, and although this strange young man performs incredible good deeds, Lee and the rest of the team are suspicious.
S3, EP33 "Out of Their Leagues"Boris returns after two years of traveling, and explains what he has seen has changed him and inspired him to create BEGA.
S3, EP32 "Beyblade Idol"The BBA has been sold out; Tyson, Daichi, and Max challenge BEGA's mascot to a battle; Tyson meets a familiar face.
S3, EP31 "Runaway Daichi"An old wound opens in Daichi as he watches Tyson get all the attention once again.
S3, EP30 "Let the Games Begin ... Again"The World Beyblading Championships reach the final battle which pits Kai against the defending world Champion, Tyson.
S3, EP29 "And Then There Were Two"Daichi and Tala have both been thrown from the dish at the same time, so the next match will determine the new champion.
S3, EP28 "Changing Gears"Daichi has to stretch out his match with Tala to give Kenny the time he needs to fix Dragoon.
S3, EP27 "What a Blast"Tyson and Daichi want to dethrone the tag-team champions and intend to use some of the twins' own moves.
S3, EP26 "Familiar Faces"Tyson and the rest of BBA Revolution must face F Dynasty once more to reach the dominating team, the Blitzkrieg.
S3, EP25 "Max Attacks"Tyson and Max face off in the semi-final of the world championships.
S3, EP24 "Down Under Thunder"In Australia, the PPB All Starz compete against Tyson and the BBA Revolution.
S3, EP23 "Ray and Kai: Ultimate Face Off"Ray and Kai go head to head, and the winner gets to face Tyson.
S3, EP22 "Sibling Rivalry"Raul tries to convince Julia he should battle Matilda in their battle against Barthez Battalions.
S3, EP21 "Under Pressure"Tyson is feeling the pressure of being world champion.
S3, EP20 "Burdens of a Champion"The Egyptian leg of the World Championships ends with the final match highlighting F Dynasty against the BBA Revolution; the day before the match, Tyson has Daichi practice moves with him that they're not normally accustomed to doing.
S3, EP19 "One for All ... Free for All"The White Tigers battle the All-Starz.
S3, EP18 "Beyblade Like an Egyptian"The Barthez Battalion members must decide whether or not to cheat in their upcoming match against the Blitzkreig Boys.
S3, EP17 "Same Old Dirty Tricks"Mathilda reluctantly sacrifices her Beyblade to severely damage Daichi's Strata Dragoon.
S3, EP16 "Fire and Water"The Blitzkreg Boys battle the PBA All-Starz; the truth behind the Barthez Battalion blades is revealed.
S3, EP15 "Sleepless in Madrid"Lee of the White Tigers X suffers a lack of sleep due to nightmares; tired and fragile, Lee pushes himself hard enough to cause his Galeon to run out of control during the match.
S3, EP14 "Picking up the Pieces"Kenny against Tala in a best out of three match.
S3, EP13 "Kenny's Big Battle"Tyson is pulled from the battle against the Blitzkreig Boys and replaced by Kenny.
S3, EP12 "When in Rome ... Let It Rip!"The Bladebreakers arrive in Rome, searching for the mysterious Enrique.
S3, EP11 "The Blame Game"Tyson has been totally out of control since Kai transferred to the Blitzkreig Boys, can't admit his faults and gets into an argument with Daichi.
S3, EP10 "It's a Battle Royale"The BBA Revolution battles White Tiger X in the first match of the World Championships.
S3, EP9 "Swiped on the Streets"Kai has left the BBA Revolution and is looking for a new team.
S3, EP8 "Roughing It"The new BBA Revolution team will be complete when Kai finally makes his decision as to what team he's going to be on.
S3, EP7 "Take Your Best Shot"Max wins his match and finds himself partnered with a real bully of a blader named Rick.
S3, EP6 "You're the Man, Kai!"It's Kai versus Daichi in the block B final.
S3, EP5 "A League of His Own"An autograph seeker asks to examine Tyson, Kenny and Daichi's beyblades.
S3, EP4 "We Were Once Bladebreakers"Max and Ray quit the team, and Kenny must keep the remaining Bladebreakers together.
S3, EP3 "Invitation to Battle"Daichi continues to annoy Tyson with his constant battle challenges, which Tyson refuses to give into. Meanwhile, Jin sends Tyson an invitation to a private battle, but Ray intercepts the message, and arrives in Tyson's place.
S3, EP2 "A Team Divided"Tyson is confronted by a tough Blader named Daichi.
S3, EP1 "New Kid in Town"Tyson teaches blading to the boys in the neighborhood.
S2, EP51 "Destiny of the Final Battle"In the match between Zeo and Tyson it is revealed that Zeo is a cyborg.
S2, EP50 "Clash of the Tyson"The Championship finals begin with Tyson facing Gordo.
S2, EP49 "The Enemy Within"The stress of competing in the World Beyblade Championships has begun to fracture the bladebreakers.
S2, EP48 "Phoenix Falling"In the second semifinal round, Kai and Ray are pitted against Zeo and Gordo.
S2, EP47 "Deceit From Above"In the Semi-Final round Max and Tyson take on King and Queen. Doctor K tempts Queen into using a vicious new attack ring she's created called 'The Shredder'. Queen uses it against Max..
S2, EP46 "Black & White Evil Powers"The next round has Tyson and Max squaring off against Kane and Jim. Kane and Jim decide to have a little practice battle at the beach. But King and Queen show up and in a surprise attack.
S2, EP45 "Zeo vs. Ozuma"The shocked Bladebreakers see their old friend Zeo in the competition and Tyson confronts him to find out why he decided to compete against them.
S2, EP44 "The Calm Before the Storm"Zagart confronts Mr. Dickenson, forcing him to enter Zeo in the World Championship Finals; h reveals that Zeo is his son and that he won't show mercy when he confronts the Bladebreakers in the tournament.
S2, EP43 "Kai's Royal Flush"Kai can't stop obsessing about King and Queen; with a brand new Beyblade crafted for him by Max, Kai longs for a rematch; Kai isn't the only one with the royal pair on his mind.
S2, EP42 "Fortunes Dear and Dire"Zeo trains hard to be able to summon the most powerful rock Bit Beast, Cerberus.
S2, EP41 "Who's Your Daddy?"The BladeBreakers go to the World Championship Tournament to cheer on Zeo.
S2, EP40 "Squeeze Play"Dr. K gives a new Blader, Denny, a powerful rock Bit Beast named Clarken.
S2, EP39 "The Bit Beast Bond"It is revealed that Ozuma comes from a group sworn to capture all Bit Beasts.
S2, EP38 "The Fate of the Spark Battle"The Saint Shields have set their sights on capturing Kai's Dranzer.
S2, EP37 "Beybattle at the Bit-Beast Corral"The Saint Shields challenge the BladeBreakers in order to seal their Bit Beasts in rock.
S2, EP36 "Friends and Enemies"Mariam discovers that Dr. K is using a power injection to make Tyranno stronger after Max is ambushed.
S2, EP35 "See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast"There's a new Blader after Kai's Bit beast who is silent and deadly and ready for battle.
S2, EP34 "Itzy Bey-Itzy Spider"Ray's Driger has been taken from him and embedded in a rock by Dr. Zagart's minions; Tyson is determined to get it back, but before he can even attempt fighting anyone, he realizes he must train to get stronger or he too could lose his Bit Beast.
S2, EP33 "Rock Bottom!"Ray loses Driger to Dunga's Vortex Ape.
S2, EP32 "Lots of Questions ... Few Answers"The Rock is behind the attack on Foxy.
S2, EP31 "Attack of the Rock Bit Beast"The search for the missing rock and mysterious Dr. Zagart continues.
S2, EP30 "Get a Piece of the Rock!"Although Tyson has not mastered his new Beyblade, Dragoon V2, he accepts Ozuma's challenge to battle.
S2, EP29 "Bad Seed in the Big Apple"Max's friend Alan was part of the scheme to steal the powerful rock.
S2, EP28 "Hot Rock"Max's mother reveals an ancient rock, but he discovers all is not as it seems.
S2, EP27 "Building the Perfect Beast"Max realizes that Draciel is still inside the collapsing battle tower.
S2, EP26 "Cyber Dragoon Takes Control"Kane falls under the control of his Cyber Bit Beast.
S2, EP25 "Raising Kane!"Kane tries to resist unleashing his Cyber Bit Beast in his final battle with Tyson.
S2, EP24 "Ghost in the Machine"Upon finding a ghost of his friend Wyatt, Kai finds himself helpless.
S2, EP23 "The Bigger the Cyber Driger ... The Harder It Falls"Salima and Ray battle head to head in the second match up pitting Driger against Cyber Driger.
S2, EP22 "Max Takes One for the Team"Max faces a bit beast that can be continuously repaired in the first battle between Team Psykick and the Bladebreakers.
S2, EP21 "The Battle Tower Showdown"The Bladebreakers begin their battle with Team Psykick, with Max taking on Jim.
S2, EP20 "The Power Half Hour"Tyson's frustration with his new Beyblade leads him into battle with Ozuma.
S2, EP19 "Their Own Private Battles"Tyson vows to do whatever it takes to beat the Cyber Bit Beasts; an unexpected friendship.
S2, EP18 "When Friends Become Foes"Tyson learns that the Psykicks have recruited his new pal, Kane; Jim is the first to fall under the spell of the Cyber Bit-Beasts.
S2, EP17 "Hilary's Bey-B-Que"Tyson's impetuousness causes him to quit the Bladebreakers; Grandpa's fishing trip doesn't go according to plan.
S2, EP16 "Team Psykick's New Recruit"A Blader strong enough to challenge the perfected Cyber Bit Beast is needed.
S2, EP15 "Show Me the Bit Beasts"The team decides to prepare for battle after Kenny discovers someone has copied all of the Blade Breakers' Bit Beasts.
S2, EP14 "Gideon Raises Gerry"The first Cyber Bit Beast is revealed to the world and Gerry from Team Psykick is the first to wield this new Beyblade.
S2, EP13 "Testing One, Two, Three"Doctor B creates Cyber Bit Beasts using collected data from Sacred Bit Beasts.
S2, EP12 "Bring Me Dranzer"Gideon needs vital data on Dranzer to create his own Cyber Bit Beasts.
S2, EP11 "The Evil Island of Dr. B"Kai, Kenny, and Hilary go to the light house to signal for help.
S2, EP10 "The Island of No Return"The Bladebreakers find trouble while searching for a way to escape a mysterious island.
S2, EP9 "La Isla Bey-Nita"Max battles Chameleon while trapped on an island designed to capture four Bit Beasts.
S2, EP8 "Return of the Bladebreakers"Max brings the new MG Core to training practice.
S2, EP7 "The Reunion Begins"Dizzi and Chief figure out Snakey was using a Magtram-enhanced Beyblade during his battle with Tyson.
S2, EP6 "The Magtram Threat"Inside Gideon's training center, two of his henchmen discover a talented Blader named Snakey and offer to equip his Blade with the Magtram, which creates a magnetic field around the user's Beyblade, giving an unfair advantage to anyone using it.
S2, EP5 "Guess Who's Back in Town"Chief believes that Kai is the mysterious bladers next target after defeating Tyson, Ray, and Max.
S2, EP4 "Searching for Dragoon"Tyson searches for Hilary and Kenny after they are kidnapped.
S2, EP3 "Unseen and Unleashed"Chief is on his way to tell Tyson what he has learned about the three mysterious bladers.
S2, EP2 "Search for Mr. X"Tyson dreams of a rematch with Mister X.
S2, EP1 "Shot Down in Flames"The Bladebreakers go their separate ways after winning the Beyblade World Tournament.
S1, EP51 "Final Showdown"Tala and Tyson are deadlocked in the finals of the World Beyblading Championships in Moscow.
S1, EP50 "New and Cyber Improved"Tyson trains for his battle against Tala.
S1, EP49 "Wicked Wind Blows"After Kai's first-round loss to the Demolition Boys, it's Ray's turn to take on Bryan in a best-of-three match; Ray learns the hard way that Bryan is a nasty competitor who'll do anything to win.
S1, EP48 "Victory in Defeat"Kai insists on beybattling first in the World Championships.
S1, EP47 "Lesson for Tyson"The Bladebreakers get stranded on the Russian tundra.
S1, EP46 "First Strike"Kai returns the Black Dranzer to Boris.
S1, EP45 "Breaking the Ice"The Bladebreakers try to understand why Kai would betray them.
S1, EP44 "Losing Kai"The Beybladers storm the abbey in a desperate attempt to save their teammate.
S1, EP43 "Live and Let Kai!"It is the first day of the Beyblade World Championships in Moscow, and Kai is nowhere to be found.
S1, EP42 "Drawn to the Darkness"Kai is torn between escaping the abbey and exploring it further.
S1, EP41 "Out of the Past"The Beybladers run into old friends in Russia.
S1, EP40 "Hot Battle in Cold Town"The Bladebreakers arrive in Moscow in anticipation of the World Beyblading Tournament.
S1, EP39 "A Majestic Battle ... a Majestic Victory?"Match two at the Olympia Coliseum.
S1, EP38 "Olympia Challenge"The Bladebreakers refuse to leave Robert's mansion until the Europeans agree to a final battle.
S1, EP37 "Knight to Remember"Enrique and Oliver take the heroes to visit Robert's castle.
S1, EP36 "Deja Vu All Over Again"Tyson prepares for a rematch with Enrique.
S1, EP35 "When in Rome ...Beyblade!"Bladebreakers arrive in Rome, searching for the mysterious Enrique.
S1, EP34 "Art Attack"The Bladebreakers spend an extra day in Paris; Ray catches up with his uncle, Max goes on a wild shopping spree and Kai goes in search of information; Tyson and Kenny try to see the Louvre but end up Beyblading Oliver, the French champion.
S1, EP33 "Last Tangle in Paris"The Blade Breakers and the Dark Bladers battle in Paris.
S1, EP32 "Darkness at End of Tunnel"The children find themselves in the dark recesses of a tunnel.
S1, EP31 "London Calling"The children are tricked into missing their boat, forcing them to stay in London.
S1, EP30 "Cruising for a Bruising"The Bladebreakers deal with a gut-wrenching revelation.
S1, EP29 "Play It Again, Dizzi!"Kenny thinks back to the beginning of his friendships with the BladeBreakers.
S1, EP28 "Bottom of the Ninth"The final battle of the American Tournament.
S1, EP27 "The Battle of America"In the finals of the American Tournament it's the Beybladers vs. the All-Starz.
S1, EP26 "Catch a Shooting All-Star"The Bladebreakers realize that the All-Starz are a bigger threat than they thought.
S1, EP25 "My Way or the Highway"The Bladebreakers take on Spintensity in the semifinals of the American Tournament.
S1, EP24 "Viva Las Vegas"The Bladebreakers advance to the second round.
S1, EP23 "Showdown in Vegas"The Bladebreakers arrive in Las Vegas for the American Tournament.
S1, EP22 "Blading With the Stars"The Bladebreakers get a taste of the All Starz' prowess.
S1, EP21 "Practice Makes Perfect"The Bladebreakers go to a mountain retreat to train.
S1, EP20 "It's All Relative"Max learns more about his mother's job at the research facility.
S1, EP19 "Under the Microscope"The team discovers that they are being tested for weaknesses by a competing team.
S1, EP18 "A Star Is Born"Tyson comes home and finds he is in the news.
S1, EP17 "A Score to Settle"The final match of the tournament reaches an uncertain conclusion.
S1, EP16 "My Enemy, My Friend"Ray faces off against his old teammate.
S1, EP15 "Going for the Gold"Tyson sleeps in on the morning of the semi-finals.
S1, EP14 "The Race Is On"Team members compete at the Asian Beyblade Tournament.
S1, EP13 "Crouching Lion, Hidden Tiger"Ray opens up to his teammates about his past.
S1, EP12 "Adios Bladebreakers"Ray heads for the mountains in an attempt to get his bit beast.
S1, EP11 "Bye Bye Bit Beast"Kenny catches Kevin stealing data from his laptop.
S1, EP10 "Battle in the Sky"The Bladebreakers face-off against the Tall-Boys.
S1, EP9 "Showdown in Hong Kong"The group gets in a confrontation on a trip to Hong Kong.
S1, EP8 "Bladin' in the Streets"Tyson and his team prepare for the Hong Kong World Championships.
S1, EP7 "Thirteen Candles"Grandpa throws a surprise party.
S1, EP6 "Dragoon Storm"Tyson advances to the semi-finals.
S1, EP5 "Draciel of Approval"The beast Draciel emerges from Max's grandmother's pendant during a match.
S1, EP4 "The Qualifier Begins"The Beyblade Regional Qualifying Tournament gets underway.
S1, EP3 "Take It to the Max!"Max and Tyson become good friends which leaves Kenny feeling left out.
S1, EP2 "Day of the Dragoon"After losing earlier later that day, Tyson comes up with a strategy to beat Kai.
S1, EP1 "The Blade Raider"Tyson runs into complications when he's late for a beyblade battle.
Teenagers battle one another with tops.
Original Air Date: Jul 6, 2002
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY7
Playback: HD
3 seasons available on demand (154 episodes)
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