Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet
S2, EP22 "Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet"
On Demand
Drake is sent to investigate when British husband and wife scientists disappear while vacationing on the English coast.
Original Air Date: Mar 16, 1965 • Crackle • 49m
The Mirror's New
S2, EP21 "The Mirror's New"
On Demand
When a British diplomat disappears shortly after shooting a man, Drake is tasked with finding out what happened to him.
Original Air Date: Mar 09, 1965 • Crackle • 50m
Have a Glass of Wine
S2, EP20 "Have a Glass of Wine"
On Demand
Drake investigates a young lady who has been selling secrets; he follows her to France where she offers to help Drake find her mysterious employer.
Original Air Date: Mar 02, 1965 • Crackle • 49m
It's Up to the Lady
S2, EP19 "It's Up to the Lady"
On Demand
Drake is sent to retrieve Glover, who has defected to China; Drake follows Glover's wife to a remote Greek island near Albania where he encounters an Albanian agent trying to get Glover's wife over the border.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 1965 • Crackle • 49m
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
S2, EP18 "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove"
On Demand
After an accident, Drake is surprised to find he has a gambling debt at a club he's never been to; the club's manager, however, knows all about Drake's career.
Original Air Date: Feb 16, 1965 • Crackle • 49m
The Affair at Castelevara
S2, EP17 "The Affair at Castelevara"
On Demand
A former political leader returns to his home country to retire, but is arrested by the current president and faces the death sentence, something neither the British nor the American support, so Drake is sent to stop it.
Original Air Date: Feb 09, 1965 • Crackle • 49m
A Room in the Basement
S2, EP16 "A Room in the Basement"
On Demand
Drake must break into the Romanian embassy in Geneva, in defiance of the British ambassador, to save a friend who possesses sensitive information while avoiding an international incident.
Original Air Date: Feb 02, 1965 • Crackle • 49m
Whatever Happened to George Foster?
S2, EP15 "Whatever Happened to George Foster?"
On Demand
Drake discovers that a woman is financing political agitators in Santo Marco trying to bring down the government; he sets out to find out who employs her and why.
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 1965 • Crackle • 50m
Such Men Are Dangerous
S2, EP14 "Such Men Are Dangerous"
On Demand
Drake takes the place of an ex-convict recruited as a terrorist and is sent to an elegant school for assassins; he uncovers an ultraradical organization that believes its mission is to eliminate undesirable world leaders.
Original Air Date: Jan 12, 1965 • Crackle • 50m
That's Two of Us Sorry
S2, EP13 "That's Two of Us Sorry"
On Demand
Confidential papers go missing, and Drake travels to a small island off the coast of Scotland to find them and the thief.
Original Air Date: Jan 05, 1965 • Crackle • 49m
A Date With Doris
S2, EP12 "A Date With Doris"
On Demand
When a glamorous actress is murdered, an M9 agent whose cover has been blown is framed for her murder, and Drake must get him out of jail.
Original Air Date: Dec 29, 1964 • Crackle • 49m
Don't Nail Him Yet
S2, EP11 "Don't Nail Him Yet"
On Demand
Assigned to track down an agent suspected of selling secrets to a foreign government, Drake goes under cover as a bumbling teacher on leave.
Original Air Date: Dec 22, 1964 • Crackle • 49m
A Man to Be Trusted
S2, EP10 "A Man to Be Trusted"
On Demand
Two M9 agents have been tortured and murdered on a Caribbean island, and Drake's sent to find out who killed them and to determine how much information they divulged before dying.
Original Air Date: Dec 15, 1964 • Crackle • 49m
No Marks for Servility
S2, EP9 "No Marks for Servility"
On Demand
M9 believes an international financier may be an extortionist and murderer, so Drake goes under cover as a butler at the financier's rented villa in Rome.
Original Air Date: Dec 08, 1964 • Crackle • 50m
The Battle of the Cameras
S2, EP8 "The Battle of the Cameras"
On Demand
A woman in disguise steals some secret papers, which are then sold to the highest bidder, and Drake is asked to look into this and similar document thefts.
Original Air Date: Dec 01, 1964 • Crackle • 50m
The Colonel's Daughter
S2, EP7 "The Colonel's Daughter"
On Demand
While in India, Drake's old friend asks him to investigate the mysterious death of the employee of a retired colonel.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 1964 • Crackle • 50m
Fish on the Hook
S2, EP6 "Fish on the Hook"
On Demand
M9 receives a mayday signal from an agent in a Middle Eastern country who has been compromised and needs help getting out safely.
Original Air Date: Nov 17, 1964 • Crackle • 49m
Fair Exchange
S2, EP5 "Fair Exchange"
On Demand
Drake tries to stop a former agent from killing the East German government official who had tortured her beyond repair.
Original Air Date: Nov 10, 1964 • Crackle • 49m
Colony Three
S2, EP3 "Colony Three"
On Demand
Drake hunts for missing British Communists.
Original Air Date: Oct 27, 1964 • Crackle • 50m
S2, EP2 "Professionals"
On Demand
When a M9 agent vanishes, Drake must go undercover in Prague to search for him; while there, he finds himself as the target of a Czech spy.
Original Air Date: Oct 20, 1964 • Crackle • 49m
Yesterday's Enemies
S2, EP1 "Yesterday's Enemies"
On Demand
Drake investigates when it appears a former British agent is selling secrets.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 1964 • Crackle • 49m