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Jim Henson's The Storyteller

A retelling of European folk tales.

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S1, EP7 "The Soldier & Death"

An honest soldier receives magic gifts for being kind to three beggars; after a successful career as a miracle doctor, the soldier manages to trick Death himself and trap him in his magic sack.

S1, EP6 "The Heartless Giant"

Prince Leo learns about a heartless giant imprisoned long ago by his father somewhere in his castle; the boy tries to befriend the giant, but the giant tricks him into setting him free; ridden by guilt, Leo decides to seek out the giant's heart.

S1, EP5 "The Luck Child"

When a cruel king hears about the birth of a luck child prophesied to one day rule in his stead, he seeks out the child; years later when the ruler tries once more to sentence the boy to certain death, he ends up becoming his son-in-law instead.

S1, EP4 "A Story Short"

The Storyteller recounts a time when he came upon a castle and made a deal to tell the King a story each night for a year; on the last day, he couldn't come up with a story but was saved by the timely arrival of a mysterious beggar.

S1, EP2 "Fearnot"

A young man named Fearnot sets out on a quest to learn how to shiver in fright; he meets a tinker who vows to lead the boy to frightening places; still, nothing on their path manages to put the shivers into Fearnot, no matter how frightening it gets.

S1, EP1 "Hans, My Hedgehog"

A barren peasant woman, desperately craving a child, naively says aloud that she wouldn't care what it looks like; soon enough, she gives birth to a baby who resembles a hedgehog, much to the father's dismay and the scorn of the villagers.

A retelling of European folk tales.
Original Air Date: Jan 31, 1987
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (6 episodes)
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