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Rat Patrol

Four Allied soldiers roam the North African desert in machine-gun-equipped Jeeps during World War II, harrying Rommel's Afrika Korps. Their frequent foe is honorable German officer Dietrich. Occasionally, the enemies join forces against a common foe.

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S2, EP26 "The Kill at Koorlea Raid"

The appalling brutality of a Nazi general makes him a prime target for an Allied offensive.

S2, EP25 "The Never Say Die Raid"

An Italian officer's sense of humor helps facilitate the escape of two Rats.

S2, EP24 "The Tug of War Raid"

Troy hurriedly disposes of microfilm but putting it in an open grave.

S2, EP23 "The Hickory Dickory Dock Raid"

Moffitt decides to risk everything to avenge his younger brother.

S2, EP22 "The Double Jeopardy Raid"

The arrival of a team of tough young guerilla fighters spells trouble for the Rat Patrol.

S2, EP21 "The Field of Death Raid"

A captured RAF pilot serves as the bait in a scheme to destroy the Rat Patrol.

S2, EP20 "The Touch and Go Raid"

The Rat Patrol falls prey to a clever Nazi scheme when they rush to the aid of a band of trapped Allied soldiers.

S2, EP19 "The Decoy Raid"

A sadistic SS captain arrests a Red Cross worker who is vaccinating a North African village threatened by typhus.

S2, EP18 "The Fatal Reunion Raid"

A French Resistance fighter joins the Rat Patrol to rescue a space scientist.

S2, EP17 "The Boomerang Raid"

A Nazi soldier posing as an Allied contact attracts Troy's attention by his reluctance to ambush some German soldiers.

S2, EP16 "The Pipeline to Disaster Raid"

The head of British Intelligence in the Near East bails out of his damaged plane behind enemy lines.

S2, EP15 "The Street Urchin Raid"

Troy acquires secret photographs showing vital German installations.

S2, EP14 "The Two If by Sea Raid"

Moffitt hijacks a truck in an attempt to sabotage a lighthouse off the coast of Nazi-held Africa.

S2, EP13 "The Fifth Wheel Raid"

The Germans kidnap a British colonel who has just been briefed on a crucial Allied operation.

S2, EP12 "The Life for a Life Raid"

A Frenchman blames his wife's death on a pregnant Arab woman.

S2, EP11 "The Violent Truce Raid"

Moffitt takes over a mission to warn a British convoy of the contaminated plasma they are carrying.

S2, EP10 "The Hide and Go Seek Raid"

Rescuing the kidnapped 13-year-old son of an Allied commander becomes the Rat Patrol's mission.

S2, EP9 "The Kingdom Come Raid"

Hitchcock sets out on a special mission to deliver some new secret anti-aircraft shells.

S2, EP8 "The Do Re Mi Raid"

Troy is responsible for freeing an American singer who has been captured.

S2, EP7 "The Death Do Us Part Raid"

The Patrol is ambushed when members go to meet an unknown contact and Troy is wounded in the process.

S2, EP6 "The Darkest Raid"

Capt. Richter is to convey a cache of "confiscated" diamonds to Berlin to help finance the Nazi desert campaign.

S2, EP5 "The Love Thine Enemy Raid"

A female nurse is the lone survivor of a Rat Patrol assault on two German supply trucks.

S2, EP4 "The Darers Go First Raid"

A heavily guarded German fort appears impervious to the Rat Patrol's efforts to destroy its big supply depot.

S2, EP3 "The Trial by Fire Raid"

An Arab family stands in Troy's way when the Patrol raids a German storehouse.

S2, EP2 "The David and Goliath Raid"

An ambush on a German courier yields charts of desert waterholes and oases previously unknown to either the Allies or the Nazis.

S2, EP1 "The Truce at Aburah Raid"

Captain Dietrich intercepts the Rat Patrol on their way to escort a supply convoy.

S1, EP32 "The Delilah Raid"

A young resistance fighter survives an assault on the German convoy in which she's riding.

S1, EP31 "The Fire and Brimstone Raid"

After planting charges with 3-minute fuses, the Rat Patrol tries to make a quick getaway.

S1, EP30 "Mask-A-Raid"

A wounded Luftwaffe ace is the only German who can identify the location of Allied troops standing ready to invade Sicily.

S1, EP29 "The Hour Glass Raid"

Dietrich and a captured Allied doctor are involved in a car crash.

S1, EP28 "Double or Nothing Raid"

Moffitt is slated for execution on the charge of espionage against the Third Reich.

S1, EP27 "Take Me to Your Leader Raid"

The Rat Patrol finds a man claiming to be a U.S. Army major who was captured en route to a meeting at divisional headquarters.

S1, EP26 "The Bring `Em Back Alive Raid"

Troy captures a prominent Nazi scientist but loses Moffitt, Pettigrew and Hitchcock.

S1, EP25 "The Wild Goose Raid"

The British and American high command schedule a top-secret conference in a desert town.

S1, EP24 "The Two Against Time Raid"

Moffitt and Troy make a telephoto copy of a map showing the location of a top-secret German munitions dump.

S1, EP23 "The Holy War Raid"

Captain Dietrich masterminds a plot to discredit the Rat Patrol involving the abduction of a revered Arab marabout.

S1, EP22 "The Exhibit "A" Raid"

Troy and Hitchcock capture an infamous Nazi POW camp commander.

S1, EP21 "The B-Negative Raid"

Moffitt loses blood after being seriously wounded during a raid on a German convoy.

S1, EP20 "The Last Chance Raid"

When a stray bullet wrecks his transmitter, Troy is unable to warn headquarters of a large ambush set up by the Nazis.

S1, EP19 "Two for One Raid"

The Rat Patrol must destroy an air-drop of German ammunition before a convoy arrives to pick it up.

S1, EP18 "The One That Got Away Raid"

A German radio operator who wants to defect sends secret information to the Americans on supply shipments.

S1, EP17 "The Last Harbor Raid"

A daring raid is made on the Nazi munitions and the POWs escape to freedom.

S1, EP16 "The Last Harbor Raid"

The Rat Patrol is ordered to use a fishing fleet to evacuate 5,000 Allied POWS.

S1, EP15 "The Last Harbor Raid"

The Rat Patrol must free prisoners of war being used as a repair force.

S1, EP14 "The Daredevil Rescue Raid"

When German artillery traps 2,000 Allied soldiers, their only chance of rescue is a massive armored attack.

S1, EP13 "The Lighthouse Raid"

Pettigrew and Moffitt transport a French general to a rendezvous in a deserted lighthouse.

S1, EP12 "The Gunrunner Raid"

The Rat Patrol soliders find themselves taken captive by a renegade American.

S1, EP11 "The Deadly Double Raid"

Moffitt and Pettigrew allow themselves to be captured in order to get Rommel's new battle plan.

S1, EP10 "The Moment of Truce Raid"

Determined to wipe out all the "infidels," fanatical Arabs attack the Rat Patrol and Dietrich's caravan simultaneously.

S1, EP9 "The Blow Sky-High Raid"

Troy decides to gamble on a risky plan to wreck a radar station.

S1, EP8 "The Fatal Chase Raid"

When one of the Rat Patrol's jeeps breaks down, the men are forced to take turns walking and riding to an oasis.

S1, EP7 "The Blind Man's Bluff"

During a skirmish, Troy suffers a concussion from an explosion.

S1, EP6 "The Do or Die Raid"

Unless a large Panzer unit is destroyed, it spells disaster to the Allies' advance.

S1, EP5 "The Chain of Death Raid"

After the Rat Patrol captures a German army truck, a man-to-man showdown nearly results between Troy and Dietrich.

S1, EP4 "To Kill or Be Killed Raid"

Moffitt uses his fluent German and knowledge of Arabian lore to get an old parchment out of Nazi hands.

S1, EP3 "The Wildest Raid of All"

The Rat Patrol allows itself to be captured in order to kidnap a German general.

S1, EP2 "The Life Against Death Raid"

During a desert skirmish with German tanks, Hitchcock receives a serious shrapnel wound.

S1, EP1 "The Chase of Fire Raid"

The Rat Patrol is instructed to destroy a British ammunition dump before the Germans reach it.

Four Allied soldiers roam the North African desert in machine-gun-equipped Jeeps during World War II, harrying Rommel's Afrika Korps. Their frequent foe is honorable German officer Dietrich. Occasionally, the enemies join forces against a common foe.
Starring: Christopher George, Gary Raymond, Lawrence Casey, Justin Tarr, Hans Gudegast, Milton Selzer, Gale Garnett
Original Air Date: Sep 12, 1966
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (58 episodes)
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