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Pit Pony

The adventures of a young coal miner and his horse.

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S2, EP18 "Securities"

A crowd rallies behind Ned as he battles with Mr. Crowe over the future of the mine; Willie is accepted at a photography school in Boston.

S2, EP17 "Small Steps"

Ned and Nellie argue about adoption when Nellie takes in an abandoned baby; Stringy returns home and encourages Willie to apply to a photography school.

S2, EP16 "The Price of Change"

The new machinery Ned gets for the mine causes Spider to loose his hearing; Rufus and Scotty have trouble maintaining their machine.

S2, EP15 "Chasing Shadows"

Willie and Charley capture a wild stallion; pressure is on Ned to teach the men how to tame the modern coal cutters.

S2, EP14 "Fiddler's Fall"

A stunning female fiddler (guest star Natalie McMaster) causes a stir in Glace Bay during the annual Fiddler's Fall.

S2, EP13 "Lost"

The mine's modernization plans cause layoffs, and the townspeople become bitter; Willie, Maggie and Spider are missing.

S2, EP12 "That Special Spark"

Stringy Borso leaves Glace Bay for baseball camp and Nellie's choir plans a farewell performance in his honor.

S2, EP11 "Sarah's Return"

Sarah infuriates Maggie upon her return from Halifax; Sarah develops a sophisticated attitude.

S2, EP10 "In Harmony"

Ned learns a hard lesson about his new job when there is a collapse in the pit; Nellie teaches Ned a lesson in teamwork.

S2, EP9 "Taking Chances"

Charley and Miss Harper (Denny Doherty, Rhonda McLean) hope to bring Willie and Maggie (Alex Wrathell, Ellen Philpotts Page) closer; Ned (Shaun Smyth) prepares for the overman's exam.

S2, EP8 "The Game"

The Ponies break up just before their championship game due to a conflict between Dr. Tony Moressa and Ned.

S2, EP7 "Company Business"

Ned decides to take the overman's exam after Nellie loses the farm; Charley is rushed to the hospital.

S2, EP6 "Home"

Willie (Alex Wrathell) discovers Spider's (Matthew Harris) secret; Ned (Shaun Smyth) takes Spider in when his home burns.

S2, EP5 "Gone Fishin'"

Charley (Denny Doherty) is injured on a fishing trip and Willie (Alex Wrathell) has to rely on his friends to get things done.

S2, EP4 "A Weighty Matter"

Willie is torn between his love for Sable and his duty at the mine.

S2, EP3 "Coal Dust"

An explosion at the mine causes tension on the baseball field; Nellie (Jennie Raymond) discovers a new hobby.

S2, EP2 "Two Sides of the Coin"

Nellie learns that the new doctor is her old boyfriend; Willie campaigns to get the mine to hire Dr. Moressa permanently.

S2, EP1 "Power Plays"

Willie is elected the first president of the Junior Mine Worker's Association; Nellie tries to persuade Maggie and Sarah to go back to Halifax.

S1, EP26 "Our Sons and Daughters"

Willie (Alex Wrathell) organizes a pit-boy walk out, bringing Ned (Shaun Smyth) and the other miners to follow suit. With Jennie Raymond.

S1, EP25 "Into the Dark"

Willie is concerned he will lose Nellie and Ned to illness; Rose and Sarah help Willie make a difficult decision.

S1, EP24 "Sunshine and Shadows"

Willie and Maggie have to fill in at the school for an ill Nellie, who has confided to Ned that she is pregnant.

S1, EP23 "Charley's Secret"

Willie (Alex Wrathell) helps Charley (Denny Doherty) overcome the two deaths that have been haunting him.

S1, EP22 "Homecoming"

Feeling like an outsider, Maggie runs away, only to find that life in her old hometown is not what it used to be.

S1, EP21 "Connections"

Mrs. MacTavish wants to get Nellie out of the telegraph office and into the classroom -- as a teacher.

S1, EP20 "Transformations"

Molly asks Nellie to help make her more feminine; Ned is reluctant to help the miners after he lost the election to Doyle.

S1, EP19 "Night Into Day"

Charley nurses Spider's horse back to health, only to see Doyle place the animal back in the constricting mines.

S1, EP18 "The Truth About Heroes"

Willie's fear of the mines keeps him from giving Ned important information about a new machine that will cost miners their jobs.

S1, EP17 "Evolution"

Ned, Nellie and Willie find that working extra hard to build the farm fund leaves little time for their other responsibilities.

S1, EP16 "Where There's a Will"

Things start to look up when Ned returns to work and Nellie opens a laundry service; Mr. Frawley closes the school.

S1, EP15 "Making Their Way"

Aunt Rose offers to buy Nellie a farm; Willie takes a job with Mr. Frawley against Nellie's warnings.

S1, EP14 "Reunion"

Ned, still suffering from burns caused by a mining accident, returns to work early to pay for Willie's birthday party.

S1, EP13 "Winds of Change"

Against her husband's wishes, Nellie (Jennie Raymond) looks for work when Ned (Shaun Smyth) is laid off.

S1, EP12 "Famous"

A crusading reporter takes Nellie (Jennie Raymond) into the mines with her to expose the cruelty of child labor. With Alex Wrathell and Shaun Smyth.

S1, EP11 "A Ghost in the Lens"

Willie hopes his new camera will capture his father's ghost on film, but it leads him to another of Lingermore's spirits instead.

S1, EP10 "Calling Mr. Bell"

Willie wants to meet Alexander Graham Bell after Glace Bay gets phone service; Nellie is disappointed with her anniversary present.

S1, EP9 "Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Willie (Alex Wrathell) is surprised to find out who stole Sable. With Jennie Raymond and Shaun Smyth.

S1, EP8 "The Mine's Mark"

Willie (Alex Wrathell) must face his fear and rescue Sable from a pit.

S1, EP7 "The Phantom Ship"

Willie spots a ghost ship off the coast; his friendship with Molly and Angus is strained when a treasure mysteriously disappears.

S1, EP6 "Endings and Beginnings"

A famous fiddler visits the MacLean household just as Nellie and Ned are leaving for their honeymoon, catching Aunt Rose off-guard.

S1, EP5 "To Have and to Hold"

Willie (Alex Wrathell) confronts Mr. Frawley; the MacLeans are evicted when Ned (Shaun Smyth) is fired.

S1, EP4 "The Ball Game"

Willie learns about power while honoring the victim of a mine flood; Ned and Nellie attend a funeral.

S1, EP3 "Forerunner"

Willie (Alex Wrathell) finds more than expected while ghost hunting.

S1, EP2 "Best Laid Plans"

Wedding preparations test the MacLean resolve; Willie is unhappy because Ned now has no time for him.

S1, EP1 "The Light to the Future"

Willie (Alex Wrathell) and his pony train for the horse pull; Nellie (Jennie Raymond) tries to decide whether to marry Ned Hall (Shaun Smyth).

The adventures of a young coal miner and his horse.
Starring: Alex Wrathell, Jennie Raymond, Shaun Smyth
Original Air Date: Feb 5, 1999
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (44 episodes)
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