The Rebel

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The RebelA former Confederate soldier travels the turbulent post-Civil War West.
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S2, EP39 "The Hostage"A man kidnaps the sheriff's brother in order to free his brother from jail.
S2, EP38 "The Found"Johnny helps a young woman give birth, then finds himself held at gunpoint by the child's father.
S2, EP34 "The Uncourageous"While in Mexico, Johnny accidentally shoots a young boy who turns out to be the son of a famous matador.
S2, EP31 "The Proxy"Johnny and two volunteers track a banker who escaped to Mexico with his depositors' savings.
S2, EP25 "The Burying of Sammy Hart"Johnny meets a man who is heading into town to report the kidnapping of his son.
S2, EP24 "The Last Drink"Johnny's young cousin decides he wants to become a gunslinger and seeks vocational guidance.
S2, EP20 "Paperback Hero"Johnny impresses a woman when he turns the tables on a bully.
S2, EP18 "The Promise"Johnny tries to help a woman who is scheduled to marry a gunslinger against her wishes.
S2, EP14 "Berserk"Johnny passes through a frontier town and visits the sheriff, his old Army officer.
S2, EP13 "Scalp Hunter"A man saves Johnny from Apache bandits, then asks for help tracking a renegade Indian.
S2, EP9 "The Legacy"Johnny gets framed for murder, and the man who set him up is the trial judge.
S2, EP4 "The Waiting"Johnny enters a saloon and encounters a bartender, a bounty hunter and a barmaid.
S2, EP3 "The Champ"Johnny runs into an old Army buddy, currently competing as a prizefighter.
S1, EP36 "The Earl of Durango"Johnny gets hired as a bodyguard, but when he reports for duty, he finds his employer has been shot.
S1, EP33 "Grant of Land"Townspeople make it known that a former Union soldier is not welcome.
S1, EP32 "Paint a House With Scarlet"Johnny learns a former dance-hall girl is having problems with her self-righteous neighbor.
S1, EP31 "In Memory of a Son"Charlie Burton wills his property to four of his dead son's wartime friends.
S1, EP29 "Absolution"Johnny rushes to the bedside of a dying young woman, evoking memories of when they loved each other during the war.
S1, EP27 "The Captive of Tremblor"A doctor who saved Johnny's life remains in prison, even though he has never been convicted of a crime.
S1, EP26 "Unsurrendered Sword"Johnny travels to Mexico to retrieve a sword for the widow of a Confederate general.
S1, EP25 "Fair Game"Johnny must guard an outlaw named Belle Kenyon while tracking the killer of a bounty hunter.
S1, EP23 "The Rattler"When a rattler bites Johnny, the man who comes to his aid may have ulterior motives.
S1, EP22 "Take Dead Aim"Johnny encounters a husband-and-wife shooting team and ends up in the line of fire.
S1, EP20 "Land"Johnny testifies at a trial, then finds he has unwittingly helped pull off a land swindle.
S1, EP19 "Noblesse Oblige"Johnny discovers that his former commanding officer plans to hang an apparently innocent man.
S1, EP10 "In Memoriam"Johnny rides into Lassiter City to return a keepsake medal to a dead soldier's family.
S1, EP9 "Misfits"Three young boys ambush Johnny and tell of their plan to rob a bank.
S1, EP8 "The Dark Secret"After being goaded into a gunfight, Johnny must explain a man's death to the widow.
S1, EP6 "The Scavengers"A band of murderous scavengers besieges a homesteader family, intent on taking over the home for the winter.
S1, EP5 "Panic"Johnny comes upon a squatter family who needs help, but the townspeople fear they have diphtheria.
S1, EP4 "Vicious Circle"Two former Union soldiers think Johnny knows the whereabouts of a cache of gold.
A former Confederate soldier travels the turbulent post-Civil War West.
Original Air Date: Oct 4, 1959
Genres: ActionTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (31 episodes)
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