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Everyday EdisonsInventors explain how they came up with their ideas.
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S5, EP1 "Inventors, Start Your Pitches!"Three inventors compete to have their invention made, marketed and sold to consumers around the world.
S4, EP13 "Happy Trails (and Trials) to You"The inventors receive updates on product development.
S4, EP12 "I Can Finally Grasp It!"Mark Stark invents an artificial hand for his friend.
S4, EP11 "A Hot and Steamy Clean"A kitchen gadget scrubs counters, sinks and appliances with the power of steam.
S4, EP10 "Hey, Good Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin'?"The Continuous Convection Grill allows the cook to watch what is cooking without lifting the lid.
S4, EP9 "Are You Wearing a Battery Charger?"Clothing that can charge electronic devices.
S4, EP8 "Scrub a Dub Dub, One Dog in the Tub"A dog washing invention.
S4, EP7 "Up in the Air Tubes"Exercise device uses two walking sticks.
S4, EP6 "This Invention Really Sucks! (Your Carpet)"The team works on Ken Joyner's carpet sucker invention.
S4, EP5 "Kitties' New Place to Go"Disposable kitty litter box.
S4, EP4 "Who Let the Dogs Out?!"Controlling the speed at which retractable leashes hold back dogs.
S4, EP3 "Row, Row, Row, Your Row"A way for surfers and rowers to exercise at home.
S4, EP2 "Finally! Finalists!"How the inventors come up with their ideas.
S4, EP1 "An Idea, an Invention, an Opportunity"The finalists are chosen.
S3, EP13 "Over the Cliff (Hanger)"The featured inventions of Season 3.
S3, EP12 "Over the Cliff (Hanger)"The featured inventions of Season 3.
S3, EP11 "Twenty Four in Three"Multifunctional tool set includes three wrenches which replaces 24 wrenches in the standard toolbox.
S3, EP10 "How Slowly Doth the Turtle Moveth"Dimmy the Turtle combination timer and night light.
S3, EP9 "Don't Cry Over Spilled ..."Non-spill technology prevents splashing when pouring liquids from bottles, jugs or large containers; coffee lid keeps the beverage temperature constant.
S3, EP8 "Night, Night, Nightbeams"An image projection system sends comic book heroes and cartoons directly to a child's bedroom wall.
S3, EP7 "Know When to Fold 'em, Pan"Phil Avery presents a variety of folding baking pans and a case for storage.
S3, EP6 "Drawing a Car-clusion"Jonathan Frank's G-Car invention was inspired by his son.
S3, EP5 "I've Got Friends in Tight Places"Stephen Marquardt's Advanced Tool System.
S3, EP4 "So Many Shoes, So Little ... Storage"Inventor Holly Tucker presents the Shoe Skirt, a unique shoe storage concept.
S3, EP3 "Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Star"Two guys unveil their dryer ball designed to take wrinkles out of clothes.
S3, EP2 "How Do I Get to Be Chosen?"Inventors pitch their ideas to the judges.
S3, EP1 "I Just Know I'm an Everyday Edison!"Thousands of inventors pitch their ideas to judges at five casting calls held around the U.S.
S2, EP13 "The Happy Beginning"Groups of inventors see the introduction of their products to the marketplace.
S2, EP12 "Take My Breath Away"Groups of inventors see the introduction of their products to the marketplace.
S2, EP11 "Prototypes & Web Sites"The marketing team presents branding and packaging concepts to the final four inventors.
S2, EP10 "Engineers Gone Wild"The inventor group meets the development team; Cord X designs compete for aesthetics and functionality.
S2, EP9 "Ideation Creation"Work begins on the electrical storage, alarm clock, skateboard and picture-hanging inventions.
S2, EP8 "Tiny Bubbles"Sheldon's bubble fountain gets a name; Mary and Lisa's product gets brand name, but it's not what they envisioned.
S2, EP7 "Squeeze Me"Futuristic book product; perfect prototype for the bubble device; the team struggles to save the fitness product.
S2, EP6 "Drawing and Bread Boards"An innovative bubble machine; making a book flashy enough to entice the pre-teen market; pet product is tested with real dogs.
S2, EP5 "The Name Game"Logos and brand names for cat post, bandages, shopping bag and table game; work begins on Web sites and packaging.
S2, EP4 "Cat Scratch Fever"A multi-faceted design is pared down; the new bandage idea moves ahead; the table game has become a fast-paced one.
S2, EP3 "Designing Dreams"The cat post invention moves ahead; engineers turn the game of ping-pong upside down; consumer-friendly form of the shopping bag.
S2, EP2 "The Dream Team"Bubble machine; a pet accessory; alarm clock; a solution to an electrical cord problem.
S2, EP1 "I'm an Everyday Edison"A cat's scratching post; a new take on pingpong; a first-aid bandage; a textbook invention; new fitness product.
S1, EP14 "A New Beginning"Chuck Foley's emotional reaction to the last-minute change to his shredder game; whether Jon's oscillating spinners pass Department of Transportation regulations.
S1, EP13 "Show Me the Prototype!"The final prototype of the grading pen; a name and a final prototype for the cutting-board system; the final prototype of the exercise device.
S1, EP12 "Hi, My Names Is ..."Oscillating spinners; the branding team turns Chuck Foley's toy into a game; the spillproof bowls' final design.
S1, EP11 "Mules and More"Rebecca's grading pen gets a name and a logo; the team redesigns Joe's cutting-board system; a form model of Jen's exercise apparatus.
S1, EP10 "A Fork in the Road"The design team modifies John's idea into a workable concept; Chuck Foley's toy shredder idea; spillproof bowl prototype; baby stroller.
S1, EP9 "Designing Success"Industry experts talk about what makes a successful invention; Rebecca's grading pen concept and Jen's workout device; prototype of Joe's cutting board system.
S1, EP8 "Meet and Greet"The new group of inventors includes Chuck Foley, the inventor of Twister; inventions include baby items, a toy, a workout apparatus and a kitchen product.
S1, EP7 "The Finish Line"The inventors find out which products make it to market; a preview of the next group of inventors and their inventions.
S1, EP6 "The Unveiling"Wendy and her daughter play the final prototype of her idiom game; a celebrity considers endorsing the scrapbook ladies' product.
S1, EP5 "Viva Las Vegas & China"Stan's T-square may be close to being licensed; Maria names her baby bag; the scrapbook ladies take their prototype to the country's largest trade show.
S1, EP4 "What's in a Name?"The scrapbook ladies choose a name and logo for their produce; package design for Wendy's idiom game.
S1, EP3 "Making the Cut"Stan's T-square invention; Russ and Brent's bone-zone chicken wing tray; a grandmother's redesigned three-in-one baby bag.
S1, EP2 "Patents and Pitfalls"The U.S. Patent and Trademark office; scrapbook ladies' invention comes through the industrial-design phase.
S1, EP1 "The Journey Begins"Seven amateur inventors are chosen.
Inventors explain how they came up with their ideas.
Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2007
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
5 seasons available on demand (54 episodes)
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