Goodbye Kentucky
S1, EP6 "Goodbye Kentucky"
On Demand
Jax and Brittany share a farewell dinner with Brittany's family and friends; Don questions Jax's intentions; Jax and Brittany have an explosive argument before departing for Los Angeles, and Brittany must decide whether to stay in Kentucky.
Original Air Date: Sep 26, 2017 • Bravo • 22m
About Last Night
S1, EP5 "About Last Night"
On Demand
Brittany fights with Jax over his drunken exploits; Jax and Brittany take an ATV ride in the woods; Brittany shares a campfire with her father who reveals he does not fully support her relationship with Jax.
Original Air Date: Sep 19, 2017 • Bravo • 22m
The Gospel According to Jax
S1, EP4 "The Gospel According to Jax"
On Demand
Jax goes to a church service in an effort to please Brittany's family; Brittany is shocked to learn Jax has made claims that she's depressed; Don takes Jax on a coyote-hunting excursion; Brittany's ex-boyfriend shows up at a local bar.
Original Air Date: Sep 13, 2017 • Bravo • 22m
Let's Make a Baby
S1, EP3 "Let's Make a Baby"
On Demand
Brittany's best friend confronts Jax for belittling Brittany; Brittany's brother and sister-in-law throw a fundraiser to have a baby via in vitro fertilization, but Jax's plan to be a hero backfires; Jax's claims about Brittany causes skepticism.
Original Air Date: Sep 06, 2017 • Bravo • 22m
First Comes Love...
S1, EP2 "First Comes Love..."
On Demand
Jax and Brittany must answer to Mamaw when she discovers they've been drinking; Jax and Brittany are tasked with babysitting her nephews; Brittany's father confronts Jax about his true intentions and gets a surprise response.
Original Air Date: Aug 30, 2017 • Bravo • 22m
Welcome to Kentucky
S1, EP1 "Welcome to Kentucky"
On Demand
Jax and Brittany visit her family on their Kentucky farm; while Brittany thrives there, Jax contends with aggressive farm animals, awkward sleeping arrangements and endless questions about marriage; Jax makes a grand gesture in regards to marriage.
Original Air Date: Aug 23, 2017 • Bravo • 22m