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The Critical Hour: Shock TraumaRescue and treatment for people in life-threatening situations.
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EP5 "Times of Terror"A woman is beaten and tortured by her former boyfriend; a man is stabbed in the neck; a pedestrian suffers a serious head injury when struck by a minivan.
EP1 "Night Game Nightmares"A high-school football player is hurt on the playing field; a cheerleader falls and injures her head; a couple is hit by a car.
EP1 "Too Young to Let Go"A student is shot while shielding a classmate from a gunman; a man crashes his new car; a youth is stabbed at a high school dance.
"Crash Out Victims"A teenage girl is a passenger in a car that crashes; a car hits a pedestrian; a 400-pound man is trapped beneath his car when it flips.
EP7 "Shattered Worlds"People are injured in motorcycle accidents; two girls are stabbed.
EP3 "Trooper Medevac"Teens are involved in car accidents; a young man gets drunk and loses consciousness in a field.
"One Fatal Fall"A hiker falls down a 30-foot cliff; a middle-aged man is kicked by a horse; a woman falls down the stairs; a teenager falls from the roof of a house.
"Attack by City Violence"A young man is shot; shots are fired during an attempted robbery; man shot during argument.
"To Live or Die"A youth suffers from hypothermia after a boat capsizes; a high-school wrestler injures his neck during a match; a person with a head injury needs a transfusion; a woman leaps from an upper window to escape an apartment fire.
"The Critical Hour: Shock Trauma"Rescue and treatment for people in life-threatening situations.
EP2 "Inner Circle of Trauma"A man rips his arm in a fall from a ladder; a man's footwear causes a car accident; a woman passes out while driving; stabbing victim; an elderly woman falls down stairs.
EP6 "The Final Farewell"A woman is in a coma following a car accident.
EP3 "Adrenaline Junkies"A skydiver gets in trouble when he takes an unexpected twist.
EP8 "Maniac Moments"A man is shot while gassing up his car; a teacher is attacked by a neighbor; a young man is shot.
EP2 "9 Miles of Chaos"Interstate 95 closes down after 92 vehicles are involved in accidents.
EP4 "The Body Destroyers"A man cuts his foot with a circular saw; a hay baler rips open a person's abdominal skin graft.
Rescue and treatment for people in life-threatening situations.
Original Air Date: May 4, 2005
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