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The TexanThe Texan, a Civil War Veteran whose reputation of being the fastest gun in the west precedes him, roams across Texas from town to town, not looking for trouble, but trouble finds him.
S2, EP24 "Captive Crew"A group of convicts take over the work train and hold the entire construction crew hostage; Bill, who the convicts believe is dead, makes it back to the site and tries to stop them.
S2, EP25 "Showdown"Bill is planning to leave the railroad worker camp and move on, but a former crewman shows up to make trouble; Bill learns the man is working as field agent for the company that the workers hoped to get a new contract from.
S2, EP27 "The Governor's Lady"Bill saves a government agent from an ambush; the agent is carrying a list of landowners who are refusing to pay their taxes, and Bill learns the daughter of one of those landowners arranged the ambush.
S2, EP28 "Town Divided"Bill finds a town engulfed in a feud between two ranchers; he also learns that his former commanding officer is now a doctor who's turned to drinking, and a young man blames him for crippling his arm.
S2, EP29 "The Guilty And The Innocent"A lynch mob wants to hang a young man convicted of killing a family of homesteaders; Bill rides in with a stay of execution from the governor just as the mob is about to break into the jail; the desperate prisoner escapes.
S2, EP30 "Presentation Gun"Bill stops to visit his friend, a well-respected sheriff, only to find that the whole town has turned against him and he's been jailed for killing an unarmed kid; Bill seeks to discover the real truth.
S2, EP32 "The Nomad"Bill comes to the defense of an unassuming man who is being bullied and tries to encourage him to stand up for himself; soon after, the man asks Bill to teach him how to use a gun.
S2, EP33 "Killer's Road"Bill takes the job of escorting a convicted killer to his hanging, knowing that the man's sons and gang members are planning to free him.
S2, EP34 "Lady Tenderfoot"An Easterner and his daughter hire Bill to guide them searching for a wild stallion to breed; however, an old enemy plans to follow them and rob the horse breeder to get revenge on Bill.
S2, EP35 "The Invisible Noose"Bill goes after the three men who had forced him to accompany them on a bank robbery then framed him for it after.
S2, EP37 "Johnny Tuvo"Bill befriends an overeager young man, Johnny Tuvo, who plans to challenge him in the upcoming horse race; however, two men at the event have more sinister plans.
S2, EP38 "The Accuser"Bill is captured by a posse and accused of being one of the men who robbed a bank and shot the banker; only the sheriff, whom the banker hates for being in love with his daughter, is inclined to believe Bill.
S2, EP39 "Mission To Monterey"Bill is sent into Mexico to investigate and put an end to a counterfeiting ring that's been operating there making phony American currency; the lawman he was to contact is ambushed and killed, leaving Bill to handle the situation alone.
S2, EP40 "Badman"Bill escorts a prisoner to Pueblo for trial; he is also to deliver money to the prisoner's mother for his daughter, whom she has custody of; the two men encounter a dust storm, which forces them to take refuge in a ghost town.
S2, EP41 "24 Hours To Live"Bill hopes to prove that his friend Steve Murrow is innocent of killing the man who married the girl he was hoping to marry, but he only has 24 hours to do it before Steve is hung; the town sheriff has threatened to kill Bill if he frees Steve.
S1, EP1 "Law of the Gun"Bill Longley arrives in a small Texas town with the intention of helping Les Torbit, an old army buddy, in his range war with Kyle Richards' outfit.
S1, EP2 "The Man With the Solid Gold Star"Professional gambler Jake Romer wins big in a poker game, taking thousands of dollars in IOUs from Jim Caldwell, an ex-lawman.
S1, EP3 "The Troubled Town"Hot-headed Johnny Kaler, embarrassed that he's been caught cheating at cards, provokes Bill Longley into a barroom brawl and is quickly thrashed.
S1, EP4 "The First Notch"Bill Longley meets an old, but beautiful, friend who currently owns the local saloon and is happy to renew her acquaintance.
S1, EP5 "The Edge of the Cliff"Orin and Ruth McKnight's May/December romance hits a rough spot when Bill Longley returns from a cattle drive.
S2, EP23 "Buried Treasure"Bill finds an old prospector almost dead from thirst and brings him to the railroad workers' camp; men from a rival outfit talk the old man into spreading a story about finding gold, hoping to lure workers away from their jobs.
S2, EP22 "Quarantine"After Bill turns down a bribe from a landowner to detour the track through his town, the man forces a doctor to quarantine the railroad workers with false claims.
The Texan, a Civil War Veteran whose reputation of being the fastest gun in the west precedes him, roams across Texas from town to town, not looking for trouble, but trouble finds him.
Original Air Date: Sep 29, 1958
Genres: DramaTV Series
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (2 episodes)
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