One Night Only
S2, EP10 "One Night Only"
After setbacks, Gigi pulls off her last performance on the pole to fund her dream restaurant; after meeting with Ty to discuss co-parenting, Lyric visits her mother and digs into the childhood trauma that causes her to form toxic relationships.
Original Air Date: Aug 05, 2021 • WE tv • 43m
Stripped Down to Lies
S2, EP9 "Stripped Down to Lies"
Gigi's One Night Only is in jeopardy when a dancer goes MIA; Lyric faces Ty for the first time after their shocking fight; Empress spills secrets about her love affair to Angel; a lie detector test divides the group when deception is exposed.
Original Air Date: Jul 29, 2021 • WE tv • 43m
Bitter Betrayal
S2, EP8 "Bitter Betrayal"
Lyric finds out that Yaya is spreading a rumor that Lyric had AIDS; Dime tries to develop a possible romantic relationship with Milk Marie; Angel enlists the help of entertainment veteran Shanti Das to create a podcast about mental health.
Original Air Date: Jul 22, 2021 • WE tv • 43m
Re-Squeeze & Receipts
S2, EP7 "Re-Squeeze & Receipts"
Lyric's revelation about her relationship with Ty shocks the ladies; Dime's new business faces a major setback and a devastating financial loss; Angel's re-squeeze event erupts into chaos when Dime brings the receipts.
Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2021 • WE tv • 43m
Sex Party Secrets
S2, EP6 "Sex Party Secrets"
Gigi's lingerie party reveals shocking sex secrets, but Dime's big surprise causes major drama; Empress confesses to Angel about her secret love affair; Virgo's audition goes left; Gigi stuns the ladies with her plan to return to the pole.
Original Air Date: Jul 08, 2021 • WE tv • 43m
Who's Your (Baby) Daddy?
S2, EP5 "Who's Your (Baby) Daddy?"
Empress reveals the shocking identity of her baby daddy; Dime and Lyric's beef comes to an explosive head; Angel is at odds with Empress when she makes a surprising choice; a gender reveal party is threatened when it turns into an intervention.
Original Air Date: Jul 01, 2021 • WE tv • 43m
Poles to Polls
S2, EP4 "Poles to Polls"
Gigi calls the ladies to action to twerk for votes; Empress reveals baby daddy to Dime; Lyric confronts Ty about his cheating; Angel reaches out to a mentor; Gigi's podcast is a fail when Empress gets politically ratchet; Lyric's apology goes left.
Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2021 • WE tv • 43m
We're All Broken Toys
S2, EP2 "We're All Broken Toys"
Lyric and Yaya face off after the tea party disaster, and Lyric loses it when Yaya crosses a line; Dime makes money moves with a new hustle but breaks down under pressure; Virgo's husband gives her a shocking ultimatum that may shatter her dreams.
Original Air Date: Jun 10, 2021 • WE tv • 43m