Cupid's Question Column

S1, EP22 "Cupid's Question Column"

On Demand

Blondie is asked to write an advice column for the local newspaper.

Original Air Date: May 31, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Blondie Redecorates

S1, EP19 "Blondie Redecorates"

On Demand

Dagwood hates the way the living room looks and wants it redecorated, but deciding who should design it, and in what style, complicates matters.

Original Air Date: May 10, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Made to Fire

S1, EP18 "Made to Fire"

On Demand

Blondie takes a job in order to afford a new washing machine, so she hires a maid to take care of the house while she's away. However, the maid's actions make the Bumsteads suspicious.

Original Air Date: May 03, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Puppy Love

S1, EP17 "Puppy Love"

On Demand

Blondie and Dagwood are concerned over Alexander, who appears to be dealing with a bad case of puppy love.

Original Air Date: Apr 26, 1957 • Crackle • 26m

S1, EP16 "Deception"

On Demand

Mr. Dithers mails his employees a picture of an important female client but mistakenly identifies Dagwood as the company president.

Original Air Date: Apr 19, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
The Rummage Sale

S1, EP15 "The Rummage Sale"

On Demand

When Mr. Dithers finds a closet full of lamps, clothes and various gadgets in his house and concludes that his wife, Cora, is a kleptomaniac.

Original Air Date: Apr 12, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
The Glamour Girl

S1, EP14 "The Glamour Girl"

On Demand

A publicity stunt for a famous actress claims Dagwood is her long lost love.

Original Air Date: Apr 05, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Blondie the Breadwinner

S1, EP13 "Blondie the Breadwinner"

On Demand

After refusing Dagwood a raise and letting him go, Mr. Dithers asks Blondie to fill the vacancy left by her husband.

Original Air Date: Mar 29, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Oil for the Lamps of Blondie

S1, EP12 "Oil for the Lamps of Blondie"

On Demand

The Bumsteads receive an ugly lamp from the Dithers for their anniversary and promptly return it to the store; when J.C. and Cora are expected for dinner, Dagwood and family scramble to buy it back.

Original Air Date: Mar 22, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
The Idol

S1, EP11 "The Idol"

On Demand

Blondie and Dagwood are given an Asian idol as a gift, but it has a reputation as a jinx; soon, the Bumstead family becomes plagued by one accident after another.

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
The Payoff Money

S1, EP10 "The Payoff Money"

On Demand

After shopping, Blondie and Harriet get one of their packages mixed up with a bundle of stolen money, and the thieves soon show up at the Bumstead's intent on recovering their loot.

Original Air Date: Mar 08, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Husbands Once Removed

S1, EP9 "Husbands Once Removed"

On Demand

Without a marriage certificate to prove they're married, Blondie takes advantage of the situation to make Dagwood court her a second time.

Original Air Date: Mar 01, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
The Quiz Show

S1, EP8 "The Quiz Show"

On Demand

Feeling like a failure because he hasn't done anything famous to make Alexander proud, Dagwood applies to compete in a nationwide quiz show.

Original Air Date: Feb 22, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
The Feud

S1, EP7 "The Feud"

On Demand

After Blondie and Harriet go to a woman's meeting and learn about international relations, they attempt to apply what they learned to resolve a fight between Dagwood and Herb.

Original Air Date: Feb 15, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Get That Gun

S1, EP6 "Get That Gun"

On Demand

Dithers promises his wife that he won't add any more antique guns to his collection; he enlists Dagwood to buy it for him and pretend to give it to him as a present.

Original Air Date: Feb 08, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Home Sweet Home

S1, EP5 "Home Sweet Home"

On Demand

Tired of doing repairs on their house, Dagwood is determined to sell until Blondie puts her foot down.

Original Air Date: Feb 01, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
The Other Woman

S1, EP4 "The Other Woman"

On Demand

Dagwood is on the outs with his whole family when he is suspected of seeing another woman.

Original Air Date: Jan 25, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
The Folks Who Came To Dinner

S1, EP3 "The Folks Who Came To Dinner"

On Demand

Stay-at-home mom Blondie takes care of the Bumstead children while her husband, Dagwood, deals with his friendly nemesis Herb Woodley and nosy, autocratic boss Mr. Dithers at work.

Original Air Date: Jan 18, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
It's for the Birds

S1, EP2 "It's for the Birds"

On Demand

Mr. Dithers is hospitalized and leaves Dagwood in charge of a construction project; when nesting birds cause a delay, Mr. Dithers is less than pleased.

Original Air Date: Jan 11, 1957 • Crackle • 26m
Dagwood's Ego

S1, EP1 "Dagwood's Ego"

On Demand

To boost his confidence so he can ask for a raise, Blondie sends a fake telegram to Dagwood making him believe he's inherited a large sum of money.

Original Air Date: Jan 04, 1957 • Crackle • 26m