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Tyler Perry's House of PayneRetired Atlanta fire chief Curtis "Pops" Payne and his loving but no-nonsense wife, Ella, navigate the problems of life with their quirky modern-day family.
S7, EP32 "Stinging Payne"Curtis tries to help C.J. trap his boss; Calvin and Miranda have financial problems.
S7, EP33 "Worth Fighting For"Malik must face a bully to win the heart of an upperclassman.
S7, EP9 "Oh Christmas Payne"Family and friends share their own versions of the Nativity story when Jazmine fails to appreciate the real meaning of Christmas.
S7, EP34 "Who's Your Nanny"The mother of Calvin's child returns with some life changing news.
S9, EP1 "A Wise Man's Opinion"Malik is hesitant to give the news to his family about Lisa's pregnancy.
S9, EP2 "Delicious"Malik confesses to Curtis that he thinks Lisa is pregnant.
S9, EP3 "By Your Side"C.J and Janine find out that Lisa is pregnant; C.J and Janine decide to stand by Malik's side; Ella and Curtis are shocked that C.J and Janine are being so lenient.
S9, EP4 "The Old People Game"Jazmine believes that Janine may be expecting again; Jazmine learns that Malik is having a baby; Kaleb wants to have sex with Jazmine for the first time.
S9, EP5 "Women of Today"Jazmine gets a lesson on servitude from Ella; Jazmine is pressured to have sex before she is ready; Ella finds out that Curtis may have slept with her sister back in the day.
S7, EP35 "The Chef"Malik lies to his girlfriend about being a gourmet chef then must get Curtis' help to make a meal.
S7, EP36 "My Fair Curtis"Floyd tries win Claretha back with the help of Curtis and Ella.
S9, EP24 "Ya' Hearrrd Me"Ella finds that Malik and Lisa have deep-rooted issues; Ella reaches a new threshold with Curtis.
S9, EP25 "Woman of the Night"CJ is forced to put his Aunt Ella in her place regarding how he runs his household.
S7, EP37 "Rest for the Weary"Working two jobs puts Calvin in a dangerous situation, Janine gets a promotion.
S7, EP38 "Thug Life"Malik gets involved with the wrong crowd and pays a price, big Jesse returns.
S9, EP6 "Mixed Emotions"Lisa and Malik disagree about relationship roles.
S7, EP39 "Rehabilitation"Malik's partner in crime comes to pay a visit despite C.J.'s rejections.
S7, EP40 "A Payne in Need Is a Pain Indeed"Calvin and Miranda ask Tracie to stop visiting the house unannounced.
S9, EP7 "Love and Hate"Miranda has second thoughts about her and Calvin's divorce; Calvin runs into Miranda while visiting Janine; Calvin doesn't want Miranda around his family.
S9, EP8 "From Heart to Heart"Miranda takes Calvin to court for more child support; CJ has had it with Lisa; Calvin and Miranda have mixed feelings about their divorce.
S9, EP9 "Someone"Miranda's interested in giving Calvin a second chance; after his divorce, Calvin decides to date again; Miranda and Calvin's new woman know each other.
S9, EP10 "Something's Rotten"Calvin and Miranda's divorce drama grows; Jazmine gets candid with Ella about wanting to have sex for the first time; Calvin doesn't want anybody talking to Miranda, including Ella.
S7, EP41 "House Guest"Ella helps a victim of domestic abuse; Jazmine and C.J. prepare for the father-daughter dance.
S7, EP42 "Payne Showers"Miranda receives a baby shower, while Curtis gets the guys together for a man shower for Calvin.
S9, EP11 "Hard Lessons"Curtis upsets Ella and must change his tune; Calvin confronts Miranda about talking to Laura; Miranda tells Calvin how she feels.
S9, EP12 "Lucky Cards"Curtis revisits old habits; Laura and Calvin explore their new romance.
S7, EP43 "Playing With Fire"Janine creates tension between CJ and herself; Miranda takes steps to defend her family.
S7, EP44 "When the Payne's Away"Chemistry becomes apparent when Monica helps CJ while Janine is out of town.
S9, EP13 "Moving On"Miranda decides to turn the page with Calvin; Ella doesn't completely believe her; Curtis pursues a goal of his own concerning Miranda's friend.
S9, EP14 "Been a Long Time"Curtis rallies Calvin and CJ in planning a surprise birthday party for Ella; Ella takes charge of her birthday; Janine tells CJ she found a vape pen.
S9, EP15 "J. Boogie"C.J. and Janine try to get to know Jazmine's new boyfriend, Kaleb, but C.J. suspects that Kaleb is becoming a bad influence on Jazmine.
S9, EP16 "The Dinosaur and the Rabbit"She calls Floyd to help Curtis; Ella finds the vaporizer; Curtis and Ella try cannabis.
S9, EP17 "Dark Thirty"After taking a hit from a vape pen, Curtis seems to think he is now an addict.
S9, EP18 "Out of Character"Ella claims she didn't smoke although her lipstick was found on the vape pen.
S9, EP19 "The Package"Kaleb is putting extreme pressure on Jazmine to have sex with him for her first time but Calvin comes in and rains on their parade.
S9, EP20 "If You Loved Me"Kaleb tries to convince Jazmine that if she loved him she would have sex with him; Jazmine tells Kaleb that she isn't ready; Ella and Curtis return back from their vacation early.
S9, EP21 "The Big Game"Malik and Lisa have different must-watch television shows airing at the same time, but only one television; CJ and Malik suspect that Miranda is going on a date only to make Calvin jealous.
S9, EP22 "Give and Take"Miranda visits Ella with secret hopes of running into Calvin; Lisa goes to Curtis and Ella after her argument with Malik seeking advice; Curtis cuts down Ella's flower bed by accident.
S9, EP23 "Parenting 101"Lisa and Malik disagree about relationship roles.
S7, EP45 "Beginnings"Curtis considers selling the family home even though the other members of the family are not ready to give it up.
S7, EP46 "Payne-ful Resolution"Tracee's bank account is frozen; CJ and Janine consider other options regarding their relationship.
S8, EP1 "Payneful Resolution Resolution"CJ and Janine deal with marriage issues; Calvin get out of jail just as Miranda goes into labor.
S8, EP2 "Growing Paynes"Jasmine starts wearing lipstick and hanging out with the wrong crowd; Curtis and Ela have a weight loss competition.
S8, EP7 "Praying for Attention"Jasmine prays to pass a test; Calvin grows jealous of the baby.
S10, EP1 "Whiplash"The Payne family becomes concerned while searching for C.J. after learning he ran into a burning building.
S10, EP2 "A Payneful Lesson"Calvin goes out of his way to show Laura how wonderful their marriage will be despite what went wrong in his previous marriage.
S10, EP3 "All Lumped Together"During a routine mammogram, a lump is found in Ella's breast; Malik may lose his scholarship while helping take care of the family.
S10, EP4 "Back That Thang Up"C.J.'s recurring back problem forces him to face an even bigger issue.
S10, EP5 "Sauce Bosses"Floyd gets an offer to buy out he and Curtis's barbecue sauce after winning a contest, but C.J. raises concerns about the family's legacy.
S10, EP6 "Missing Mustard Seeds"Curtis puts Ellas' big day in peril, and Malik takes a class that doesn't go over well with the family.
S10, EP7 "In the Hot Seat"Calvin and Laura put their engagement to the test, joining pre-marital counseling.
S10, EP8 "Karen"Calvin becomes a victim of social injustice when he's accused of stealing car tags.
S10, EP9 "Me Against the World"Family game night at the Paynes' is crashed by a surprise guest.
S10, EP10 "Pow Wow at the Paynes"Ella is hesitant to tell Lisa what she thinks about her jewelry line.
S10, EP11 "Bearer of Bad News"Calvin wants his son in his wedding, but Miranda might not be on board.
S10, EP12 "Fake Newsletters"Tension arises between Curtis and C.J. as they face off in a contentious local election; and Ella tries her hand as a life coach to Lisa.
S10, EP13 "Home Invaders"Malik and C.J. are having trouble adjusting to a pregnant Lisa.
S8, EP3 "Payne Protection"Malik gets ready for college.
S8, EP10 "Dream Girls"A producer wants to sign Jazmine; Calvin is embarrassed about his new job.
S8, EP4 "Payneful Visit"Claretha reveals her leukemia; Vanessa hooks up with Calvin's friend.
S8, EP19 "So Hard to Say Goodbye"Malik leaves for college; Miranda falls asleep and the condo catches on fire.
S8, EP20 "Payneful Rescue"Calvin, Jr. is in the hospital and Tracie shows up.
S8, EP5 "Where There's a Will, There's a Way"Ella decides it's time for Curtis and Ella to do a will.
S8, EP12 "Payneful Assistance"Ella teaches Miranda how to bake cookies for the Women's Day Committee; Curtis can't speak after having his tonsils removed.
S8, EP14 "Brain Payne"Jayden may have autism; Janine blames herself; Curtis lives by the rules of the Bible.
S8, EP15 "Foster Paynes"Ella brings home a troubled youth to help pack; Janine and Miranda apply for the same daycare.
S8, EP6 "Epic Fail"Ella is overwhelmed and falls behind in her studies.
S8, EP8 "Shout Out"C.J. and Janine go to marriage counseling; Ella misses her graduation.
S8, EP9 "Love Thy Neighbor"The family befriends a sex offender who moves into the neighborhood and all hell breaks loose when they find out his secret.
S8, EP11 "A Payneful Night Out"Ella and Curtis consider breaking up Janine's dinner date with her boss; Calvin thinks Miranda spends too much on grooming.
S8, EP13 "House of Awkward"C.J. is offered a promotion; Floyd smokes weed Curtis found while packing; Curtis finds himself babysitting Christian and Floyd.
S8, EP21 "A Mother's Payne"Ella's mother visits; Janine texts C.J. a sexy picture.
S8, EP22 "Up From the Ashes"Calvin discovers that Tracie checked Calvin Jr. out of the hospital.
S8, EP17 "Going, Going, Gone"Janine is on the verge of a breakdown; Deshawn gets a lesson.
S7, EP20 "Firestorm"A routine fire becomes C.J.'s worst nightmare; Ella recommends a book to Miranda and Claretha.
S7, EP21 "Heartbeat"Calvin and Miranda have a pregnancy scare; Curtis and Claretha team up to make some quick cash.
S10, EP14 "DNAin't"Curtis has selfish motives for wanting the family to take a DNA test; it all backfires when he finds out about his heritage and when they discover Ella's family line.
S10, EP15 "Stop Shop and Roll"Ella's online shopping gets her in trouble; Lisa challenges Malik to stay off his phone.
S10, EP16 "Paynefully Honest"Calvin and Miranda are in uncharted waters as they begin navigating co-parenting; Ella and a reluctant Curtis work on their intimacy.
S10, EP17 "Wondering Prince"Lisa helps Miranda set up her online dating profile.
S7, EP22 "Through the Fire"Janine's mother takes over the house; Curtis's gig as the Safety Seal goes up in flames.
S7, EP23 "The Bible: King Payne's Version"Ella tries to fit in with the students in her study group; Curtis teaches Jazmine's Bible study group.
S10, EP18 "A Little Discipline"Miranda demands answers when Calvin leaves their son alone with Laura for the first time, and things don't go very well.
S10, EP19 "A Payneful Compromise"Following Curtis' medical checkup, Ella wants Curtis to improve his diet, prompting the Payne family to learn an important lesson in compromising.
S10, EP20 "Fine Wine"As Ella is spun into Laura's web of wedding plans, Calvin realizes he may not be as ready to get married as he thought.
S10, EP21 "The First Day"While Calvin and Laura make wedding plans, Miranda has made plans of her own.
S7, EP24 "Matured Investment"Miranda sees a different side of Calvin when he has to watch Calvin, Jr.; Curtis and Ella get new neighbors.
S7, EP3 "Wigging Out"Miranda returns with shocking news for Calvin; Claretha decides to start a home business.
S10, EP22 "Payneful Suffering"As the family prepares for Janine's return, everyone and everything goes awry.
S7, EP26 "Feet of Clay"Curtis gets a visit from an old friend; Calvin tries to impress a nursery school recruiter to get his unborn child enrolled.
S7, EP27 "Date Night x 3"Plans go awry when the Payne men are forced to take their wives out on a date.
S12, EP22 "True Measures"Calvin's openness with his passwords lands him in trouble with Laura; the dynamics of professor Louis' relationship with Jazmine change as he makes confession; Calvin Jr., on the other hand, is making Calvin's life difficult.
S12, EP21 "Double Trouble"To Curtis' horror, Floyd and Glo begin dating and want to double date with him and Ella; Pookie and Peanut ask CJ to mentor them when they decide to become firefighters.
S12, EP20 "Run Them Pockets"C.J. hosts his first ever poker night at him and Janine's place; Ella expresses her disappointment with the idea of gambling and how it negatively affects the community.
S12, EP19 "They Call Me Chef Payne"Curtis gets upset when Calvin and Laura don't want him to cater their wedding; CJ and Jazmine help Jayden get over his stage fright when he and Hayden have parts in the Black History Program at school.
S12, EP18 "To Jump or Not To Jump"Calvin and Laura debate the merits of traditional aspects of marriage versus creating new traditions; Ella presents them with the broom she and Curtis jumped over at their wedding.
S12, EP17 "El Capitan"Curtis becomes the neighborhood watch Captain and the power goes to his head, much to the demise of the family. Meanwhile, Jazmine tries to convince CJ and Malik that they can enjoy the games with healthy food.
S12, EP16 "Zaddy"Jazmine becomes a social media influencer and considers leaving college; CJ accidentally steals her thunder, revealing the fickle nature of internet fame; Calvin and Christian come down with a cold and Laura steps up to take care of them.
S12, EP15 "Out In the Open"The unfortunate news about a young firefighter forces C.J. to have a transparent conversation with Malik and Jazmine; Miranda discovers she's missing more than just the companionship of a man.
S12, EP14 "Say My Name"Calvin feels some type of way when Miranda gets swept off her feet, causing him to make an epic mistake; a chain letter changes C.J. and Ella's fortune.
S12, EP13 "Make It Rain"Calvin attempts to plan a bachelor party against Laura's will; Malik struggles with putting together a toy for his daughter.
S12, EP12 "I Am Handy Woman, Hear Me Roar"An argument between Malik and Lisa trickles down to C.J. and Janine. Ella chooses technology over a traditional handyman for home repairs.
S12, EP11 "Model Behavior"Curtis is convinced that a technologically advanced gift is determined to ruin his life; a local photographer approaches Lisa, but he may not be all he seems.
S12, EP10 "The New Praisers"Jazmin wants to create a Bible study on campus and enlists Ella to help her organize the service; Calvin and Laura request that Miranda return her emergency key to Calvin's condo.
S12, EP9 "Deena"Malik and family get introduced to Lisa's mom, Deena; Miranda attempts to produce a vlog for Ella.
S12, EP8 "Paynes in the Butt"Ella decides to go against the grain and use technology instead of paying someone to do repairs; Malik and Lisa's argument causes discord between C.J. and Janine.
S12, EP7 "Balancing Payne"When Miranda asks Calvin to switch weekends with the boys, he agrees, totally disregarding the fact that he and Laura have plans; when Curtis and Floyd have a fight about business, Floyd decides to open his own food truck.
S12, EP6 "Encouragement"Calvin hosts a dinner to meet Laura's parents for the first time; C.J. struggles with failing the physical aptitude test.
S12, EP5 "Forget Me Not"Curtis is involved in an accident that alters his personality; C.J. takes over the twins' school project and strives for excellence.
S12, EP4 "One Legged Funeral Director"Calvin's domineering side rears its ugly head when he begins coaching his son's soccer team; Miranda has everyone up in arms regarding a novel she's selfpublished.
S12, EP3 "Les Boss Sauce"Curtis becomes infuriated when his sauce gets bootlegged; Malik orchestrates a date night to rejuvenate his relationship with Lisa.
S12, EP2 "Just Payne Trippin"The family has trouble adjusting to Jazmine's new found independence. Miranda gets an offer that Calvin would like for her to refuse.
S12, EP1 "Like New Money"Curtis suspects his food truck was blown up intentionally, and he starts investigating the incident; Calvin must get to the bottom of Calvin Jr.'s mischievous deeds.
S11, EP22 "Payneful Patriach"Malik steps into his destiny when he gets the opportunity to campaign across Georgia for issues in the state; he hires Sauce Bosses as the official food truck and becomes Curtis' boss.
S11, EP21 "So Nice to Meat You"After Glo exchanges harsh words with Curtis she gives him 210lbs of pork that a butcher-friend gave her; Curtis is suspicious of the gesture and begins piecing together an unlikely tale of matricide and cannibalism.
S11, EP20 "Coco Parenting"Calvin and Miranda enter the world of hysterical parenting when Christian is having problems at school; they find out he is bullying which brings to the forefront their own tempers and issues.
S11, EP19 "Mr. Bills"When Curtis throws a fit about all the money he and Ella are spending, he implements drastic cost-cutting measures; things backfire when Ella follows his direction and begins cutting back on the things he enjoys.
S11, EP18 "Hashtag Help"Curtis wants to build his Sauce Boss brand and Ella needs to get women to register for the church's help center to receive a much-needed grant.
S11, EP17 "Insecurity System"When CJ brings home a new drone for the fire department, it is stolen in what he believes to be a burglary; to ward off any further intrusions, CJ installs a high-tech home security system with audio-visual capabilities.
S11, EP16 "Of Mice and Men"Everyone is excited for Malik when he finally gets a good-paying job, until they find out it's for a weed dispensary; Malik tries to educate them on all the benefits of marijuana as a medicinal drug.
S11, EP15 "The Paranoid and the Private"Someone breaks into Curtis' food truck, and a much-loved family heirloom, an old Hokie pot used to make his father's special sauce, is stolen.
S11, EP14 "Cracked Nest Egg"When Ella discovers the Help Center has fallen into disrepair, she talks Curtis into lending the church money from their savings to fix it up; the couple soon butt heads over the fastest way to get their money back.
S11, EP13 "Unwelcomed Neighbors"It looks like someone is occupying the old Caskey house; Curtis enlists C.J. to help him investigate it; when Curtis alerts C.J., Lisa overhears and adds fuel to the fire, stating she saw some suspicious activity happen outside that house.
S11, EP12 "Going to the Chapel and Not Getting Married"When Ella learns Curtis went behind her back and put Miranda on a $500 budget to plan their wedding renewal, she debates whether she should marry Curtis all over again.
S11, EP11 "Payneful Pain"Curtis shows Ella how much he appreciates her by re-creating their first date and planning a sweet surprise for their anniversary; Laura takes offense to Calvin's constant teasing.
S11, EP10 "It Was All a Dream"After a much-needed night on the town with his boy, Calvin finds himself in a sticky situation when he drunkenly sends sexual text messages to Miranda and invites her over.
S11, EP9 "Woman to Woman"When Christian wins Student of the Year, Laura gets him an autographed football jersey from a popular NFL player; Miranda takes umbrage with the gesture, citing the player's history of domestic violence.
S11, EP8 "A Payne-ful Interview"Curtis is ecstatic when one of the hottest online Atlanta news magazines wants to interview him about his BBQ sauce; but when he freezes up, Ella comes to the rescue causing the show to become more interested in her.
S11, EP7 "Payne-Ting"When Calvin, CJ, and Malik clean out Curtis and Ella's garage, they stumble upon Ella's secret diary filled with love poems she wrote to another man; thinking Ella is cheating on Curtis, they all start questioning their own relationship.
S11, EP6 "Good Will Nothing"CJ and the others begin sucking up to Curtis when they discover that he is updating his will following the sudden death of a friend.
S11, EP5 "Meme, Myself, and I"After Calvin has a bout of writers' block, he is inspired to use footage of Curtis having violent outbursts for a new ad campaign; when Curtis learns he's become a viral sensation he takes advantage of his internet audience.
S11, EP4 "H.O. Hate"Curtis is planning a block party to launch his food truck and business, Sauce Bosses, when Gloria, a new neighbor, and the new H.O.A. president, shows up and enforces violation codes, shutting down the party; Curtis declares war.
S11, EP3 "Bag Men"Curtis uses his street resources to acquire a beat-up food truck for his barbeque business, only to learn the truck was used for something other than food; Malik and Lisa fight over roles.
S11, EP2 "Major Payne"Lisa struggles with what classes to take in college and is afraid she may make the wrong choices.
S11, EP1 "What's in a Payne Name"With Lisa and Malik home with the new baby and Janine's plane status still unknown, tensions are very high; Ella and Miranda welcome the couple and the newborn home while Curtis, C.J., and Calvin are elsewhere.
Retired Atlanta fire chief Curtis "Pops" Payne and his loving but no-nonsense wife, Ella, navigate the problems of life with their quirky modern-day family.
Original Air Date: May 8, 2006
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (44 episodes)
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