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CheatersIs your significant other cheating on you? This show dispatches a surveillance team to follow the partner suspected of cheating and gather incriminating video evidence. After reviewing the evidence, the offended party has the option of confronting the unfaithful partner.
S5 "Lily Renaldo"Lilly catches her boyfriend with her cousin.
S5 "Robin Smythe"Robin finds her boyfriend with her tenant.
"Raquel Beatty"Raquel's boyfriend gets into his job, and a married woman's pants.
S7 "Sharon Bolton"A woman finds out her husband has been cheating with her best friend.
S5 "Constance Washington"Constance kicks out her boyfriend of five years.
S15 "Angelica Cruz"Angelica's husband has a girlfriend.
S8Sabrina discovers that a strange woman has tainted the home she shares with her boyfriend.
S2 "Charlotte Rae"Charlotte discovers the truth about her lover.
S21 "Chuck Murphy"Chuck Murphy finds out about his wife's conspiring ways.
S6 "Shauna Sorolla"Shauna goes to the hospital after confronting her husband.
S7 "Courtney Jackson"A woman discovers how her soccer-playing husband scores off the field.
S5 "Juan Cavalla"Juan loses his girlfriend.
S4 "Nick Ogene"Nick finds his girlfriend's trainer is turning her onto more than fitness; a follow-up with Freddy Ramirez.
S6 "Cameron Spaulding"Follow-up with Cameron.
S5 "Michael Jurgeon"Michael discovers why his girlfriend is too busy to spend quality time with him.
S9 "David Lord"David's girlfriend has a ball with his best friend.
S8 "Danielle Williams"Danielle's boyfriend's new workout regimen is merely an excuse to mingle with other women.
S5 "Kyra Zeigler"Kyra gets rid of her boyfriend.
S2, EP19 "Brian Riddle, Jennifer Bailey, Kim Harber"Brian is suspicious of his girlfriend's behavior; Marty surprises Jennifer with secrets; follow-up with Kim Harber.
S8 "Eric Stubman"Eric's girlfriend has no respect for the home they share.
S8 "Angela Stein"Angela receives evidence that her boyfriend is unfaithful.
S5 "Robert Grishem"Robert tells his girlfriend to get out.
S5 "Kimberly Woodward"Kimberly finds her boyfriend with his assistant.
S8 "Shannon Hannet"Shannon learns his live-in girlfriend's gigantic secret.
S6 "April Yezerino"April's girlfriend may be involved in extracurricular activities.
S4 "Patricia Major"Patricia Major views hard evidence of infidelity about her husband of 10 years; a follow-up with Tina Moffit.
S8 "Coco Stewart"Coco Stewart discovers her boyfriend running around town with a new female companion.
S3 "Fred Calhoun"Fred discovers the truth about Latasha.
S8 "Zach Kentwood"Zach's girlfriend encourages his long hours at work.
S7 "Bill McCloud"Lightning McCloud discovers that his gold-digging girlfriend cons him for his inheritance.
S5 "Veronica Castillo"Veronica catches her boyfriend with an old flame.
S4 "Chase McLendon"Chase discovers his girlfriend is more than a kissing cousin.
S6 "Allan Coursey"Allan's live-in girlfriend may be making deals with other men.
S14 "Lavell McBride"Lavell's girlfriend wants some brotherly love.
S8 "Bob Hamil"Bob's girlfriend has one foot stuck in a previous relationship.
S9 "Findechia Hawkins"Findechia finds out that her husband has been interviewing for a new position as another woman's man.
S5 "Chris Carlyle"Chris leaves his ex-wife with his best friend.
S4 "Mario Hewitt"Mario Hewitt leaves his fiance after fighting his cousin; a follow-up with Beau Eastman.
S7 "Jacqueline Usman"Follow-up with Jacqueline.
S6 "Toni Palmer"Toni finds her husband in the back seat of his ex-wife's car.
S8 "Doris Warren"Doris' husband lies about his extra hours on the job.
S6 "Angel Angelo"Angelica fears infidelity is causing the recent changes in her husband's personality.
S2 "Juanisha Richard"A father-of-three denies the allegations until he sees the surveillance footage.
S6 "Shontel Hollingsworth"Shontel catches her husband on a dinner date with another woman.
S6 "Mike Hawthorne"Mike finds his wife with her ex.
S21 "Lindsay Stewart"Lindsay makes her boyfriend's secret life public knowledge.
S21 "Ryan Burton"Ryan confronts his girlfriend at their house.
S6 "Jonathan Daniels"Jonathan finds his girlfriend making use of their home as a bordello.
S5 "Chloe Swain"Chloe gains freedom from her boyfriend's betrayal.
S3 "Allen Williams"Allen discovers his girlfriend's secret.
S6 "Christina Ramirez"Christina's fiancee fields phone calls from unknown females.
S8 "Rachel Perez"Rachel Perez finds out that her boyfriend loves quality time -- with another woman.
S4 "Robert Lucas"Robert discovers his fiancee sees another man while he travels.
S4 "Christine Preston"Christine Preston finds her husband seeking "professional" help from a dominatrix; a follow-up with Leon Hester.
S8 "Tiffany Willis"Tiffany Willis discovers her boyfriend inking up another woman's most intimate of areas.
S5 "Sara Hayes"Sara's boyfriend's secret shocks her.
S6 "Jandy Thompson"Jandy is suspicious of her boyfriend's evasive behavior.
S5 "Derrick Jameson"Derrick finds his girlfriend with her boss.
S8Precious McCoy discovers her boyfriend's secret double life.
S5 "Fernando Estrada"Fernando's girlfriend carouses around with another male suitor.
S14 "James Jessup"James' wife is the belle of the ball with numerous suitors.
S8Jodi learns what her lover does in the most intimate of moments.
S5 "Norma Norman"Surveillance cameras reveal that a 30-years-married man lives across town with another woman.
S6 "Dave Hauser"Dave discovers that his girlfriend may be dissolving their relationship for bigger and better things.
"Brenda Martinez"Brenda learns about her boyfriend's after-hours activities.
S9Angie catches her karaoke-crazed husband singing a different tune.
S15 "Antonio Gutierrez"Antonio learns the reason for his wife's busy schedule.
S15 "Devon Jessop"Devon's boyfriend has a cult following and an overactive libido.
S10 "Jamie Isaacs"Jamie finds out that her boyfriend does not understand the meaning of a committed relationship.
S10 "Timothy Gordon"Timothy finds out that his wife does more than just hang out with her co-workers.
S8 "Kelsey Cobb"Kelsey's boyfriend is in a hit-and-run.
S10 "Josh Hader"Josh finds out his wife is smoldering for an old flame.
S2 "Crash Parks"Crash is hurt by his wife's betrayal.
S9 "Sharon Lockhart"Sharon finds out that her boyfriend wines and dines another woman -- at a strip club.
S5 "Annette Frymire"Annette's boyfriend may be defaulting on his commitments by seeing another woman.
S6 "Rose Tackett"Rose discovers that her husband of 40 years has decided to re-enter the dating pool.
S3 "Dwayne Wilson"Dwayne's girlfriend may be having an improper liaison with another man.
"Stacy Hammond"Stacy learns why her boyfriend's priorities have changed.
S3 "Eugene Stein"Eugene suspects his longtime live-in lover is dating another man; follow-up with Ryan.
S14 "Ginger Franklin"Ginger's husband might have a dental fetish.
S10 "Crystal Lange"Crystal catches her boyfriend clowning around with someone new.
S15 "Juliette Anders"Juliette's boyfriend gets his sugar from another woman's honey pot.
S16, EP6 "Lexi McLeod; Pierre Terry"Lexi wants to know what's behind her boyfriend's bazaar behavior; Pierre wants to investigate his girlfriend after finding a bite mark on her rear-end.
"Tim Arnold"Tim's girlfriend is not into their relationship for the long haul.
S8 "Ron Bush"Ron fears that his wife is playing doctor during her "overtime" hours.
"Eddie Mayes"Eddie's wife's ambitions include the company of a younger man.
S10 "Benjamin Kelly"Benjamin uncovers the truth regarding his girlfriend's late-night absences.
S7 "Falon Michaels"A woman discovers her boyfriend dates other women.
S2, EP9 "Aramis Kudryashov, Kristen Cone, Renee Lewis"Aramis speculates his fiancee is being unfaithful; Brent is nurturing the needs of another woman; follow-up with Rene.
S2 "Kristen Cone"Brent is nurturing the needs of another woman.
S6 "Lauren Moran"Lauren's longtime boyfriend may be making the grade with her best friend and college roommate.
S10 "Tony Painter"Tony discovers that one cannot always keep work out of the home.
S6 "Michael Chance Harper"Michael's fiance and his cousin may be late-night carousers.
"Fatima Everheart"Fatima contemplates a life without her two-timing lover.
"Celeste Farrar"Celeste's girlfriend is the alpha dog to another woman.
S11 "Lisa Goodman"Lisa discovers that her husband's indiscretions are the cause of their marital crisis.
S6 "Margie Rios"Margie's husband's lack of physical contact suggests that he is warming up to another woman.
S11, EP2 "Natasha Athens, Krystal Colburn"Natasha learns that her husband's after-hours meetings are not always work-related; Krystal discovers that her boyfriend has been experimenting with the laws of attraction.
S11 "Krystal Colburn"Krystal discovers that her boyfriend has been experimenting with the laws of attraction.
S11 "Crystal O'Neil"Crystal discovers that her boyfriend still lives the bachelor life.
S8 "Betty Maddox"Betty's husband's priorities have changed since she fell ill.
S8 "Glenn Weaver"Glenn's girlfriend sneaks around truck stops to see a secret acquaintance.
S4 "Gloria Jones"Gloria Jones makes her husband regret crossing her angry side; a follow-up with Mario Carreno.
S8 "Tony Parker"Tony discovers his wife's been seeing another man.
S2 "Teri Cox"Terri learns the truth about her boyfriend.
S4 "Tanisha Johnson"Tanisha Johnson reconciles with her estranged boyfriend; a follow-up with Marty Greenstein.
S10Brian discovers the shocking truth about his girlfriend and his best friend.
"Cheaters"Is your significant other cheating on you? This show dispatches a surveillance team to follow the partner suspected of cheating and gather incriminating video evidence. After reviewing the evidence, the offended party has the option of confronting the unfaithful partner.
S11, EP9 "Jeffery Keeter, Irene Thapa, Henrietta Trotter"Jeffery sees where his wife spends her nights; Irene learns the reason behind her husband's fitness kick.
S11 "Shay Johnson"Shay discovers her boyfriend has a new friend.
S11 "Amber Avery"Amber discovers why her partner sought a trial separation.
S10 "Chaska Zachary"Chaska discovers that her lover has the talent of impersonation.
S11 "Tiera Harrison"Tiera finds her man with another woman.
S11 "Keon Clark"Keon's boyfriend is cheating on the job.
S11 "Faye Weathers"Faye realizes that her beau takes the club home with him.
S21 "Lynn Skinner"Lynn Skinner worries her husband has the seven-year itch.
S21 "Ashley Santos"Ashley Santos discovers the disconnect between her boyfriend's actions and words.
S9 "Wendy Shapiro"Wendy discovers that her husband puts on a show with another woman.
S21 "Jasmine Washington"Jasmine Washington is concerned about her boyfriend's backsliding behavior.
S21 "Lindsey Johnson"Lindsey Johnson fears her unemployed boyfriend is not using his time wisely.
S21 "Mondo Brown"Mondo Brown discovers why his girlfriend has been so out of pocket lately.
"Jasmine Skiles"Jasmine Skiles is betrayed by her husband during their trial separation.
S21 "Jade Goodwin"People who think their significant other is cheating on them hire a hidden camera crew to investigate their suspicions.
"Nicki Parsons"Nicki Parsons fears her husband-to-be has developed a case of cold feet.
S21 "Deondre Bradford"Deondre Bradford discovers the source of his girlfriend's new secretive behavior.
S21 "Meca Jackson"Meca Jackson worries that his girlfriend is slipping away right before his eyes.
"Alex Montoya"Alex Montoya discovers her girlfriend models with and without her clothes.
S21 "Pedro Green"Pedro Green worries about his girlfriend's shady ways after she moves in with him.
S21 "LaShan Hudson"LaShan Hudson finds out why her girlfriend only wants to work out alone.
S21 "Nadia Freeman"Nadia Freeman discovers the reason behind her boyfriend's unbalanced behavior.
S21 "Nia Deon"Nia Deon learns her boyfriend has a wife.
S21 "Asia Jones"Asia Jones worries her boyfriend is getting too much attention from a lady bartender.
S21 "Byron Tut"Byron Tut is betrayed by his girlfriend and his best friend.
S21 "Deonte Prince"Deonte Prince discovers his girlfriend has her own girlfriend on the side.
S21 "Riyah Evans"Riyah Evans worries her boyfriend's distant behavior only means one thing.
S21 "Keirsten Lacie"Keirsten Lacie uncovers her girlfriend spending too much time with her stepsister.
S11 "Sayuri Zoldyck"Sayuri Zoldyck learns the truth about her boyfriend's visits to the strip club.
S3 "Brian Willard"Brian's girlfriend may be warming up to someone else.
S3 "Carolyn Pretzel"Carolyn realizes her beau is dishonest.
S5 "Iliana Sanchez"Iliana walks away from a two-year relationship.
S21, EP7 "Wendy Spring"Wendy Spring learns out why her husband is suddenly interested in yoga.
S5 "Dan Newberry"Dan catches his wife in a compromising position.
S8 "Trisha Ludall"Trisha's fiance gets too friendly with someone close to her heart.
S21, EP8Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S8 "Laura Fitzgerald"Laura's boyfriend makes up excuses to cover up secret activities.
S8 "Nancy Bryant"Nancy's husband's affairs may involve more than just business.
S8 "Rafael Gutierrez"Rafael's wife warms up to another gentleman's advances.
S21, EP9Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S21, EP10Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S21, EP12Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S22, EP5Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
S8 "Caesar Villafuerte"The sweet smell of money leads Caesar's girlfriend away.
S14 "Danny McCormick"Danny discovers his girlfriend's unfaithful behavior.
S14 "Sanya Yip"Sanya's girlfriend digs wealthy men.
S14 "John Parks"John's barista girlfriend puts the cream topping on another man's coffee.
S14 "Jennifer Walker"Jennifer's boyfriend's late nights in the garage have little to do with car repairs.
S14 "Annette Reilly"Annette's salesman husband has sold her out.
S14 "Tom Leblanc"Tom's girlfriend likes to play on her business trips.
S14 "Christopher Schneider"Christopher's longtime girlfriend is reluctant to make commitments.
S14 "April Gomez"April's boyfriend dates her best friend.
S14 "Vanessa Upton"Vanessa's boyfriend gets intimate with his personal training sessions.
S14 "Claudia Adams"Claudia's husband sneaks around with another woman.
S14 "Roshada Grier"Roshada's boyfriend is up to no good.
S14 "Misti Elliot"Misti's live-in boyfriend steps out with another woman.
S14 "Jessica McCarthy"Jessica's injured boyfriend uses his time at rehab to be with another woman.
S14 "Katherine Oliver"Katherine's musician boyfriend teaches new chords to another woman.
S14 "David Stevens"David's girlfriend mooches smooches from another man.
S14 "DeJuanna Hayes"DeJuanna's boyfriend dodges her on Valentine's Day.
S14 "Daniel Cowen"Daniel's yoga girlfriend gets into strange positions with another man.
S14 "Cynthia Cole"Cynthia's boyfriend has become deceitful and dangerous.
S14 "Eli Marks"Eli's girlfriend denies all truth.
S14 "Krystal Ellis"Krystal's unborn baby's father has commitment phobia.
S14 "Shannon Sorensen"Shannon's boyfriend builds a campfire and a family with another woman.
S6 "Paige Garza"Paige discovers her husband is spending time and money on a former co-worker.
S6 "Joe Ingles"Joe sees his girlfriend studying another man.
S8 "Lupe Ramirez"Lupe must face the truth about her boyfriend.
S6 "Christi Lett"Christi's husband must be restrained with a stun gun.
"Carli Griffith"Carli's husband invests his time with another woman.
"Christina Albright"Christina's boyfriend gets frisky with a family member.
"Rebecca Efurd"Rebecca's boyfriend plays with fire.
S10 "Joe Dickson"Joe discovers his boyfriend running around town with another man.
S9 "Jessi Lowe"Jessi discovers her girlfriend is unfaithful.
S9 "Lola Burroughs"Lola faces the truth about her boyfriend's failing fidelity.
S9 "Blake Champion"Blake catches his wife giving all her loving to someone new.
S9 "Kim Navin"Kim discovers her boyfriend pushes their relationship aside to be with someone else.
"Roxy Salazar"Roxy realizes how much her fiance really likes her sister.
S10 "Sharonda Epps"Sharonda learns that what comes around goes around.
"Yo-Yo Daniels"Yo-Yo discovers that her boyfriend is not only a sandwich artist, but also a pick-up artist.
S15 "Corinne Johnson"Corinne's stage-director boyfriend acts like a sneak.
S15 "Abdul Noonan"Abdul's girlfriend boinks the maintenance man.
S15 "Tom Bickel"Tom's wife eats more than pizza with another man.
S15 "Tuneshia Vey"Tuneshia's boyfriend has a wife on the side.
S15 "Tony Jacobs"Tony's lover loves playing the field.
S14 "Karina Martinez"Karina's boyfriend is playing favorites with other women.
S14 "Pricilla Mayberry"Pricilla's tattoo artist boyfriend is using his needle to ink other women.
S14 "Alicia Shelton"Alicia Shelton uncovers her boyfriend's baby-mama drama.
S14 "Josh Sebastian"Josh observes his wife's childlike behavior.
S14 "Jennifer Irving"Jennifer's boyfriend is making extramarital deposits.
S14 "Cody Harlton"Cody's girlfriend plays fast and loose with his own cousin.
S14 "Charity Buck"Charity discovers her boyfriend trading up for a younger model.
S14 "Chelsea Phillips"Chelsea spots her boyfriend in a time warp with another woman.
S14 "Seth Hughes"Seth detects his wife dumping him for a dumpster diver.
S14 "Ethan Dalton"Ethan discovers that his girlfriend's music career moves included the horizontal mambo.
S14 "Jessica York"Jessica learns that her boyfriend is not only a gambler, but a cheater.
S14 "Jerry Jameson"Jerry discovers that his girlfriend's workout routine involves heavy petting.
S14 "Lindsay Riviera"Lindsay's barber boyfriend may be shaving too close to the edge.
S14 "Ashley Swanwick"Ashley's writer girlfriend is blogging and snogging with one of her sources.
S14 "Sheila Hodges"Sheila's longtime lover relaxes in a private hot tub with another woman.
S3 "Lionel Anthony"Lionel learns the truth about his wife.
S3 "Mary Benn"Mary discovers her live-in boyfriend's secret.
S12 "Todd Youngblood"Todd uncovers his wife's self-destructive behavior.
S5 "Jeremy Rogers"Jeremy's girlfriend may be disregarding her commitment to him.
S3 "Nicole Bradley"Nicole's boyfriend cheats on her.
S3 "Michelle Moss"Michelle learns her boyfriend's secret.
S21 "Ann Matthews"Matthews discovers her boyfriend in the midst of a tryst with a lady of the night.
S21 "James Freed"James discovers the depths of his girlfriend's deceptions.
S21 "Terrance Hardy"Terrance finds out his girlfriend likes to scream out more than just Bingo.
S21 "Kiki Hill"Kiki Hill faces the truth about her boyfriend, Bunky.
S21 "Lance Follette"A man discovers his wife getting friendly with someone close to his heart.
S16, EP5 "Rayne Brown; Amy Stajan"Rayne wants to find out where Abel is spending his time; Amy wants to know the source of Jonathan's childish behavior.
S14, EP22 "Jennifer Howard; Dochele Marshall"Jennifer's boyfriend leads a secret lifestyle; Dochele's boyfriend tries out new restaurants with another woman.
S10Dan finds out that his wife may not be the caring soul-mate he believes her to be.
S10 "Donna James"Donna suspects her handyman husband of making more than repairs in the homes of enticing women.
S10Iliana discovers that the reason for her boyfriend's reluctance to begin the married life is his secret life.
S9 "Robley Bogle"Robley discovers that his wife spends their time and money on a private dancer.
S9 "Luke Evans"Luke discovers that his girlfriend bares more than her soul in her photo shoots.
S9He catches his wife giving all of her love to another woman.
S9 "Mary Proles"Mary's fiance puts their relationship aside to try on someone new.
S9 "Chaz Tenbrick"Chaz finds his wife modeling for another man.
S9 "Daisha Jefferson"Daisha faces the truth about her boyfriend and his baby's mama.
S8 "Eva Brandovic"Eva discovers her fiance playing a game of musical women.
S8 "Pablo Lopez"Pablo Lopez finds out that his wife of twenty years has one foot stuck in her previous relationship.
S8 "Shanequa Jones"Shanequa discovers her boyfriend's top-secret tryst.
S8 "Phillip Rhodes"Phillip's wife's supposed friendship with a co-worker escalates with each passing day.
S8 "Vanessa Cleveland"Vanessa's boyfriend has no intention of leaving his days of promiscuity behind.
S8 "Mia Kross"Mia has to contend with her boyfriend's anger issues and more.
S8 "Martha Hollins"Martha's gambling husband lets their relationship ride.
S8Alma finds out how her husband expresses his respect for the opposite sex.
S8Rikkei discovers that her boyfriend skips work to romance a mysterious woman.
S8 "Bill Kennedy"Bill's wife plays Mrs. Robinson in her own version of "The Graduate."
S8Denise finds out whether her boyfriend has committed a foul in their relationship.
S8Christi finds her husband seeking out women instead of gainful employment.
S8Lindsay discovers that her boyfriend's overtime consists of picking up available women.
S8Paige finds out whether her husband has another family in the works.
S8 "Patrice Johnson"Patrice learns if her boyfriend really believes he has the freedom to date other women.
S8 "Jackie Woudsky"Jackie's young boyfriend will do anything for the finer things in life.
S8 "Heather Lynski"Heather's boyfriend sneaks around at odd hours of the day.
S8 "Zoe Mason"Zoë Mason uncovers that her musician fiancé lives the rock-star lifestyle to its logical conclusion.
S8 "Robert Robnett"Robert's girlfriend gives out a little Christmas cheer to his best friend.
S8 "Kamisha King"Kamisha's boyfriend cannot shake an old habit of courting attractive women.
S8 "Star Jacobi"Star's boyfriend's priorities have changed.
S8 "Iris Hernandez"Iris' boyfriend is fascinated by her pretty young cousin.
S8 "Lashonda Johnson"Lashonda Johnson discovers her boyfriend's "Boy's Night Out" consists of picking up women.
S8 "Kimber Sanders"Kimber learns that she is excluded from her husband's new business plans.
S8 "Sandra Ruiz"Sandra's husband lies about working extra hours.
S8 "Kathy Berry"Kathy confronts her boyfriend at a restaurant.
S8 "Greg Stephens"Greg's wife has a secret nightlife.
S8Joseph discovers that his fiance's list of pre-wedding errands includes spending some time with a groomsman.
S8Terry learns that his girlfriend may be having a slumber party with a member of the opposite sex.
S8 "Ben Govan"Ben fears that his girlfriend's routine includes the company of another man.
S8 "Chris Hancock"Chris' wife and girlfriend seek satisfaction from another man.
S8 "Wade Lynn"Wade Lynn discovers that his wife lets another man stay in bed while he's away at war.
S8 "Amber Hale"Amber wonders if her real-estate agent boyfriend has been inspecting other properties.
S8 "Michelle Jenkins"Michelle Jenkins reacts to her boyfriend's infidelity.
S8 "Jim Heeley"Jim's girlfriends build a secret relationship behind his back.
S8 "Raven Young"Raven's janitor boyfriend sweeps her under the rug to service another woman's needs.
S8Jacqueline learns that her husband has been shopping around for a younger woman.
S8 "Ashley Parramore"Ashley's boyfriend loves to spend money on a female friend.
S8 "Shanna Branson"Shanna's girlfriend loves to go out, but not with her.
S8Michael finds that his wife has plans to spread the love.
S8 "Alicia Smith"Alicia's boyfriend tends to mix business with pleasure.
S8 "Nina Davidson"Nina Davidson uncovers that her boyfriend tells her only what she wants to hear.
S8Toni learns that her husband still carries a torch for his former roommate.
S8 "Jason Eaton"Jason's girlfriend may build a secret relationship while he works.
S8Joe finds out whether his girlfriend's new course of study involves researching other men.
S8Angelica's husband makes a complete wreck of her life.
S8 "Lisa Abel"Lisa Abel discovers her hairstylist boyfriend steps out with someone close to her heart.
S7 "Chad Cash"A man confronts his wife and a fight breaks out.
S7 "Willie Johnson"Willie uncovers his lover's scandalous behavior.
S7 "Misty Love"Misty finds that her architect husband is drawing up sketches for a new relationship.
S7 "Vanessa Casablanca"Vanessa Casablanca finds out her biker boyfriend shares his seat with another woman.
S7 "Leslie Paramount"Leslie Paramount discovers her boyfriend has been busy with someone else.
S7 "Chris Barrows"A magician's girlfriend has something up her sleeve.
S7 "Jeff Conroe"A man confronts his girlfriend at a bar.
S7 "Shay Ethan"A woman discovers her boyfriend has been leading a double life.
S7 "Sara Reedy"A woman finds out her boyfriend is involved with the nanny.
S6, EP37 "Maribel Jasso"Maribell discovers that her husband's plans for the family's future include another woman.
S6, EP6 "Nancy Bryant, Rafael Gutierrez, Patrick Holloway"Nancy discovers her husband deceptively allocates his resources; Rafael discovers his wife's attraction to a captain in the police department; follow-up with Patrick.
S6 "Myra Aguilera"Myra finds out how hard her husband works at picking up young women.
S6 "Marvin Keel"Marvin's girlfriend may be filling her shelves with other men.
S6 "Jeff Nowell"Jeff's girlfriend may be looking outside their relationship for additional romantic excitement.
S6 "Crystol Laird"Crystol's boyfriend may be losing his mind over another woman.
S6 "Diane Espinoza"Diane is expecting her first child with a man expecting a good time with his ex-girlfriend.
S6 "Hampton Ledet"Hampton has a hard time coming to terms with his girlfriend's new alternative lifestyle.
S6 "Michael Torgenson"Michael is concerned his wife is having an internet affair. Follow up with Charles Hughes.
S6 "Sue Miller"Unknown to each other, two women contact the show about the same man.
S6 "Ethan Roberts"Ethan discovers that his life partner is unwilling to tame his appetite for the wild life.
S6 "Rene Valiente"Rene's wife may be experimenting beyond the boundaries.
S6 "Andy Wilkens"Andy learns that his lover may be playing single while he is away on business.
S6 "Johnny Navarez"Johnny questions his girlfriend about her liberal use of the word "friend."
S6 "Monica Tovar"Monica's girlfriend explores romance beyond the boundary of their commitment.
S6Juan learns that his girlfriend enjoys going out, as long as he is not there.
S6 "Tony Edwards"Tony's girlfriend may be playing a duet with the music man.
S6 "Brittany Cromson"Brittany's girlfriend may be offering pro bono tutoring sessions to another lover.
S6 "Brian Riddle"Brian's longtime girlfriend may be handling another man with care.
S6 "Shannon Oliver"Shannon thinks her abusive husband is having an affair.
S6 "Taylor"Taylor's boyfriend satisfies his needs with another woman.
S6 "Gabe Teague"Gabe's girlfriend's promise of loyalty may be nothing more than an exaggeration of the truth.
S5 "Shay Conwell"Shay's boyfriend's affection for her runs only skin deep.
S5 "Robert Andrew"Robert learns the truth about his fiancee.
S5Melanie thinks her live-in boyfriend is spending time with another woman; follow-up with Mystery.
S5 "Michael Faught"Michael puts his girlfriend and her belongings on the curb.
S5 "Sharonda Holloway"Shuronda finds out where her husband disappears to in the evenings.
S5 "Damien Borchardt"Damien finds his girlfriend spending money on another man.
S5 "James J.B. Travis"James' girlfriend trades him in for another man.
S5 "Sarah Salich"Shelby learns what her husband has been up to at the office.
S5 "Oscar Kopekne"Oscar takes back his girlfriend.
S5 "Serita Bronwyn"Serita can't be with a liar.
S5 "Robert Black"Robert's girlfriend tells the truth about her pregnancy.
S5 "Christine Moss"Christine sees her fiance's lies with her own eyes.
S5 "Shelby Baker"Shelby learns what her husband has been up to at the office.
S5 "Irene Carrizales"Irene tries to reconcile with her husband.
S5 "Judith Hughes"Judith ends her six-year marriage.
S5 "Nikki Simms"Nikki finds her boyfriend dating instead of job hunting.
S5 "Yazmine Franco"Yazmine's boyfriend may be doing a number on their relationship.
S5 "Marsha Johnson"Marsha watches her boyfriend's past come alive.
S5 "Tammy Basaldua"Tammy's husband physically abuses her for questioning his whereabouts.
S5 "Prince Slater"Prince finds his woman with his best friend.
S5 "Freddy Ramirez"Freddy's girlfriend betrays him.
S5 "Tracy Klitner"Tracy finds her fiance at another woman's house.
S5 "Michael Loflin"Michael kicks his girlfriend out.
S5A hidden camera reveals that Kenneth's fiancee was having sex with another man while Kenneth slept in the next room.
S5 "Sylvia McKenzie"Sylvia finds her husband eating out with another woman.
S5 "Joel Hines"Joel's girlfriend may be doing double time with another man.
S5 "Jerry Vielma"Jerry's live-in girlfriend heads to the cheating side of town.
S5 "Lynn Parker"Lynn catches his boyfriend and new beau at breakfast.
S5Falon has doubts about her boyfriend Ryan; follow-up with Danielle.
S5 "Danni Peskow"Danni's boyfriend may be selling their relationship short.
S5 "Stephanie Gutierrez"Someone else is soiling Stephanie's laundry when she is not around.
S4, EP10 "Daisy Durante, Vanessa Shaw, Jamal Smith"Daisy finds her boyfriend falling back into his old habits; Vanessa catches her husband with a younger woman; follow-up with Jamal.
S4 "Whitnee Stevens"Whitnee Stevens loses her high school sweetheart from his lack of care; a follow-up with "ID Withheld."
S4 "Maria Dominguez"Maria confronts her unfaithful husband at a haunted house.
S4 "Andrea Pleasant"Andrea Pleasant burns her cheating boyfriend's things; a follow-up with Margo Vargas.
S4 "David Lawrence"David Lawrence seeks closure with his wife of 20 years; a follow-up with Erich Dalrymple.
S4 "Erica Laton"Erica Laton is fooled by a married man; a follow-up with Carrie Hartley.
S4 "Kelli Manning"Kelli unleashes anger at her boyfriend.
S4 "Suzanne Ravazos"Suzanne Ravazos discovers the truth about her boyfriend; a follow-up with Jennifer McBride.
S4 "Paige Davis"Paige finds her boyfriend half-dressed.
S4 "Joey Cahill"Joey confronts his girlfriend and her so-called buddy.
S4 "Amanda Greyson"Amanda Greyson catches her boyfriend making content for an erotic website; a follow-up with Ivy Hicks.
S4 "Rashelle Reid"Rashelle Reid finds her boyfriend in the dumpster after a heart-pounding chase; a follow-up with Tracy George.
S4 "David Hendrick"David deals with an affair.
S4 "Brittany Caon"Brittany gets physical with her girlfriend's new beau.
S4 "Ronnie Warren"Ronnie Warren fights his fiance's young lover; a follow-up with Dana Christopher.
S4 "Antainette Dotson"Antainette Dotson gets physical with her fiance and his new girl; a follow-up with Evan Boykin.
S4 "Vanessa Shaw"Vanessa Shaw catches her husband of 20 years with a young woman; a follow-up with Lionel Anthony.
S4 "Candace Jefferson"Candace lets her baby's father go his own way.
S4 "Daisy Durante"Daisy finds her boyfriend falling back into his old habits with an ex-girlfriend; a follow-up with Allen Prince.
S4 "Kristin Walker"Kristin Walker's demeaning boyfriend paint balls the crew; a follow-up with "Tiny" Stevenson.
S3 "Jasmine Saleh"Jasmine believes her boyfriend is being unfaithful.
S3 "Vanessa Garza"Vanessa discovers the truth about her girlfriend.
S3 "Ava Lee"Ava believes her boyfriend may be seeing someone else.
S3 "Valerie Gonzalez"Valerie's boyfriend deceives her.
S3 "Marie Sullivan"Marie discovers the truth about her boyfriend.
S3 "Marie Lepak"Marie's boyfriend betrays her trust.
S3 "Hollie Blackhall"Hollie discovers the truth about her live-in boyfriend; a follow-up with Carl Burmeister.
S3 "Vincent Starling"Vincent's girlfriend betrays him.
S3 "Leonel Robles"Leonel suspects his wife is seeing another man; a follow-up with Kim Harber.
S3 "Melissa Ronquillo"Melissa learns the truth about her boyfriend.
S3 "Renee Trudgett"Renee discovers the truth about her boyfriend.
S3 "Kristopher Armstrong"Kristopher has suspicions about his girlfriend.
S3 "John Chapin"John's girlfriend betrays him.
S3 "Andrew Collins"Andrew's suspicions are correct.
S3 "Stacia Colvin"Stacia's suspicions about her fiance are correct.
S3 "Sandra Mattei"Sandra's boyfriend betrays her trust.
S3 "Drew Clover"Drew discovers the truth about his girlfriend.
S3 "Matthew Talamini"Matthew learns the truth about his girlfriend.
S3 "Lisa Easter"Lisa's suspicions are correct about her girlfriend. Follow up with Donna Rousseau.
S3 "Michael O'Connor"Michael's girlfriend betrays his trust.
S3 "Tony Zitnick"Tony discovers the truth about his wife.
S3 "Nicole Brown"Nicole's girlfriend betrays her trust.
S3 "Panessa Jones"Panessa's husband and sister betray her.
S3 "Meryl Gunn"Meryl's boyfriend betrays her.
S2, EP21 "Sandra Sanchez, Brent Frishmen, Jennifer McBride"Loved ones deceive Sandra Sanchez; Brent discovers the truth about Krystal; follow-up with Jennifer McBride.
S2 "Charlene Massie"Charlene confirms her suspicions.
S2 "Glenn Lunceford"Glenn is skeptical about his girlfriend.
S2 "Don Alexander"Don no longer trusts his wife to abide by her wedding vows.
S2 "Jube Marsh"Jube believes his wife is having second thoughts about their marriage.
S2 "Aramis Kudryashov"Aramis speculates his fiancee is being unfaithful.
S2 "Sylvia Vargas"Sylvia suspects her husband is being unfaithful.
S2 "Atisha Sharpe"Atisha's boyfriend deceives her.
S1 "Cindy Duffy"Cindy discovers the truth about her lover.
"Quincy Odems"Quincy's boyfriend seeks out other women while he is supposed to be working.
Air Date: February 24, 2017Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
Air Date: May 9, 2017Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
Air Date: February 27, 2017Cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners.
"Carl Tidwell"Carl's wife receives emergency sessions from her therapist -- in the bedroom.
"Michelle Baxter"Michelle's girlfriend does a tango around the truth.
"Drew Dean"Drew learns his girlfriend's real reasons for working late.
Is your significant other cheating on you? This show dispatches a surveillance team to follow the partner suspected of cheating and gather incriminating video evidence. After reviewing the evidence, the offended party has the option of confronting the unfaithful partner.
Original Air Date: May 20, 2000
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
14 seasons available on demand (185 episodes)
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