RTL Miami Reunion Part 2

S6, EP14 "RTL Miami Reunion Part 2"

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The "Ready to Love" Miami reunion concludes with Randall's romances, the ups and downs of Swasey and Kadian, and the true romance of Mike and Brandi.

Original Air Date: Oct 28, 2022 • OWN • 42m
RTL Miami Reunion Part 1

S6, EP13 "RTL Miami Reunion Part 1"

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The "Ready to Love" cast spills the tea about their journey but just can't let go of the drama, sending multiple cast members running from the stage.

Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2022 • OWN • 42m
The Finale

S6, EP12 "The Finale"

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The final brunch starts off with mimosas but ends with one couple self-eliminating in a shocking implosion; five people remain, but only four will find love; the men introduce their dates to their brothers; the final two couples are revealed.

Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2022 • OWN • 42m
Call in the Reinforcements

S6, EP11 "Call in the Reinforcements"

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With final decisions looming, the women set up dates for the men to meet their families; Kayla's parents interrogate both Mike and Randall; Kadian struggles to get Swasey to discuss their relationship goals; a relationship comes to a turbulent end.

Original Air Date: Oct 07, 2022 • OWN • 42m
The Dating Game

S6, EP10 "The Dating Game"

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After a painful elimination, Tommy lightens the mood with a dating game; Randall and Tranika share an experience that has him question everything; Kayla feels ignored by her strongest connections; when Shareese and Sampson get close, he pulls back.

Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2022 • OWN • 42m
Ready to Getaway

S6, EP9 "Ready to Getaway"

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At a weekend getaway, Randall feels pressure from Jamala to cut off other connections; Mike lets Brandi and Kayla know where he's leaning; Tommy throws the group a curveball, and when LJ is MIA it leaves Tranika alone to fight for time with Randall.

Original Air Date: Sep 23, 2022 • OWN • 42m
The Truth Will Set You Free

S6, EP8 "The Truth Will Set You Free"

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The guys put the ladies on the hot seat and introduce their strongest connections to a Truth Teller; Swasey and Kadian try to get back on track; Sampson gets the confirmation he's been seeking; LJ learns the hard way that truth will always come out.

Original Air Date: Sep 16, 2022 • OWN • 42m
A Little Help From My Friends

S6, EP7 "A Little Help From My Friends"

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Not everything is friendly when the men meet the ladies' friends; Kayla ends up in tears; Kadian's BFF offends Swasey so much their entire relationship is in jeopardy; Justice gets served when Tranika's friends compare him to animal excrement.

Original Air Date: Sep 09, 2022 • OWN • 42m
Real-er Than You've Ever Been

S6, EP6 "Real-er Than You've Ever Been"

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Fearing some singles aren't taking the process seriously, Tommy asks the men to set up dates before opening the floor at a group dinner; Randall and Mike are torn over their respective connections; Shakyra and Kadian argue about a past exchange.

Original Air Date: Sep 02, 2022 • OWN • 42m
It's Barbecue Time

S6, EP5 "It's Barbecue Time"

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A fight on go-karts contrasted with a romantic picnic; someone is stood up.

Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2022 • OWN • 42m
Miami White Party

S6, EP4 "Miami White Party"

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The ladies have the power this week, and Tommy pulls out all the stops to throw a classic white party; new connections are explored, and old ones are strengthened; jealousy and betrayal crash the party; someone sneaks out before the night is over.

Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2022 • OWN • 42m
Opposites Don't Always Attract

S6, EP3 "Opposites Don't Always Attract"

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The power shifts to the fellas' hands this week, and Tommy encourages the guys to get creative and go for someone who isn't their normal type.

Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2022 • OWN • 42m
Miami Mixer

S6, EP1 "Miami Mixer"

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When 20 singles arrive in Miami for a pool mixer, Tommy advises them to seek love over lust; curveballs fly as one single leaves in an emergency, another is eliminated, and two more face the chopping block.

Original Air Date: Jul 29, 2022 • OWN • 42m