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The WaltonsThe life of a Depression-era family in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains is the subject of this wholesome series. The show is seen from the point of view of eldest son John Boy, who eventually goes to college, serves in World War II and becomes a novelist.
S5, EP18 "The Hero"John-Boy is determined to create a memorial to mark the day that the Jefferson County Doughboys returned from the war.
S5, EP19 "The Inferno"John-Boy wins a newspaper contest to cover the landing of the Hindenburg; Curt wants more private time with Mary Ellen.
S5, EP20 "The Heartbreaker"Jason falls for Curt's sister (Linda Purl), who left her husband to become a singer. Directed by Ralph Waite.
S5, EP21 "The Long Night"Grandma's hospitalization troubles the family, especially Grandpa, who becomes depressed and withdrawn.
S5, EP22 "The Hiding Place"The Baldwins' niece arrives from war-threatened Vienna; John joins the National Guard, over Olivia's objections.
S5, EP23 "The Go-Getter"As an aggressive used-car salesman, Ben loses loved-ones' respect; Olivia plays Cupid for Sheriff Bridges.
S5, EP24 "The Achievement"John-Boy travels to New York to get his first novel published and is torn between the city and home.
S6, EP1 "The Hawk"Jim-Bob sets a trap for a troublesome hawk; Olivia has reservations about the choice for a new minister.
S6, EP2 "The Stray"An orphan (Todd Bridges) found hiding in the barn takes a liking to the Waltons and decides he wants to stay.
S6, EP3 "The Recluse"Graduate Ben leaves home to find work; John takes on a huge contract; Jason encounters a lonely recluse.
S6, EP4 "The Warrior"A startling revelation about the history of Walton's Mountain leads to the beginning of a new American Indian burial ground.
S6, EP5 "The Seashore"The family meets an English girl on a trip to Virginia Beach; Ben plans a night alone with Darlene.
S6, EP6 "The Volunteer"Erin's refusal causes G.W. to leave and join the Army; Maude seeks to market her paintings.
S6, EP7 "The Grandchild"The joy surrounding the birth of the Waltons' first grandchild is diminished when Mary Ellen's baby is stolen.
S6, EP7 "The Grandchild"The joy surrounding the birth of the Waltons' first grandchild is diminished when Mary Ellen's baby is stolen.
S6, EP8 "The First Casualty"World War II reaches Walton's Mountain as Curt is called to serve; Yancy decides to enlist; G.W. confesses his fear to Erin.
S6, EP9 "The Battle of Drucilla's Pond"The peace and serenity of Walton's Mountain is disturbed when it becomes the site for a round of realistic Army tactical maneuvers.
S6, EP10 "The Flight"Jim-Bob makes friends with a runaway boy and his little sister; Elizabeth finds elderly Maude to be a fine replacement for Grandma.
S6, EP11 "The Children's Carol"As Christmas approaches, Mary Ellen and the baby leave to be near Curt; the Baldwins shelter two English children.
S6, EP11 "The Children's Carol"Olivia's faith is tested; Verdie is attacked by a robber; the English children stow away in an Army truck.
S6, EP12 "The Milestone"Olivia visits a relative (Louise Latham) as she struggles with menopause; Jim-Bob considers using deceit to get a job.
S6, EP13 "The Celebration"One more big order will clear the Walton's sawmill of all debts; the girls busy themselves playing match maker for the Rev. Buchanan.
S6, EP14 "The Rumor"A newly arrived German family arouses suspicions that are increased by Elizabeth's overactive imagination. Directed by Ralph Waite.
S6, EP15 "Spring Fever"Mamie Baldwin fears it will be her last spring when she discovers her rosebush is dying; Jim-Bob and Ben date each other's girls.
S6, EP16 "The Festival"Despite prejudice, Jason encourages Josh Foster to audition with him for the Spring Festival; Elizabeth likes a new boy in her class.
S6, EP17 "The Anniversary"John makes secret plans to celebrate his and Olivia's 25th anniversary; Curt and Mary Ellen stave off temptation while separated.
S6, EP18 "The Family Tree"Jason helps Verdie investigate her family history; Elizabeth tells a soldier pen pal she is 18 and sends him a photograph of Erin.
S6, EP19 "The Ordeal"Ben and Jim-Bob feel guilty after Elizabeth breaks her legs in a fall from a log pile they stacked improperly.
S6, EP19 "The Ordeal"The Waltons adjust to Elizabeth's injuries after she returns from the hospital and devise ways to help her walk again.
S6, EP20 "The Return"John-Boy decides to revive his hometown's economy by opening an abandoned coal mine; Erin conceals her second job.
S6, EP20 "The Return"Erin's secret second job is revealed; a sudden cave-in traps John, Jim-Bob, Ben and others in the reopened mine shaft.
S6, EP21 "The Revelation"John-Boy announces his engagement to Daisy and is offered an assignment in London; Grandpa "helps" Elizabeth's lemonade business.
S6, EP22 "Grandma Comes Home"An unhappy Grandma returns home to a loving and excited family and an overprotective Grandpa; a shy boy makes plans to see Elizabeth.
S7, EP1 "The Empty Nest"John struggles to fill a huge lumber contract; Erin and Mary Ellen move to Charlottesville; guest Michael Conrad.
S7, EP1 "The Empty Nest"Both Matt Sarver (Michael Conrad) and the lumbermen at home offer John good business deals; Erin and Mary Ellen return.
S7, EP2 "The Calling"Jim-Bob's new love, the Baldwin's cousin, has more things than him on her mind; Ben unknowingly hires a drunkard to work at the mill.
S7, EP3 "The Moonshiner"Jason tries to reform disreputable relative Boone Walton (Morgan Woodward); Daisy, John-Boy's ex-fiancee, comes to Walton's Mountain.
S7, EP4 "The Obsession"Desperate to do well on her exams, Mary Ellen becomes dangerously dependent on amphetamines; Cissy walks out on her husband, Yancy.
S7, EP5 "The Changeling"Elizabeth's refusal to grow up causes strange occurrences around the Walton home; Jason conducts a radio show for the lovelorn.
S7, EP6 "The Portrait"Erin is strangely attracted to a troubled artist (Jared Martin) just returned from Paris; Grandma gets a canary that refuses to sing.
S7, EP7 "The Captive"Jim-Bob tries to teach Elizabeth to drive; Corabeth's business ventures are ruined by her secret drinking. Directed by Ralph Waite.
S7, EP8 "The Illusion"Verdie's daughter Esther (Joan Pringle) arrives with her child, bitter over the frustrations of being a college-educated black woman.
S7, EP9 "The Beau"Grandma is visited by a former suitor (Arthur Space); Jim-Bob starts a business with Yancy to produce fuel from alcohol.
S7, EP10 "Day of Infamy"The Pearl Harbor attack shakes everyone, especially Mary Ellen, whose husband, Curt, is stationed in Hawaii.
S7, EP11 "The Yearning"Elizabeth finds love when the Waltons house the new minister after a skunk strikes the parsonage; the Baldwins write their memoirs.
S7, EP12 "The Boosters"Ben decides to take advantage of a wartime increase in traffic by opening an auto court; Yancy studies barbering through the mail.
S7, EP13 "The Conscience"Jason grapples with his misgivings about joining the Army; Jim-Bob gets a military tattoo after being told he is too young to enlist.
S7, EP14 "The Obstacle"The Walton family takes in an old school friend of John-Boy's who is confined to a wheelchair after suffering an injury in the war.
S7, EP15 "The Parting"Olivia, worried John is overworking himself, suggests a vacation, only to learn disturbing news about herself after returning home.
S7, EP16 "The Burden"An incredible bit of luck saves reckless Jim-Bob from possible serious injury, causing a drastic change in his rebellious attitude.
S7, EP17 "The Pinup"Mary Ellen becomes overprotective of her son and neglects her career; Ben's photo of Erin is turned into Camp Lee's official pinup.
S7, EP18 "The Attack"Ike is hospitalized after a heart attack, leaving Elizabeth in charge of his store; Ben and Jim-Bob go into the molasses business.
S7, EP19 "The Legacy"Emily Baldwin thinks the Army-officer son of her old love is his father, returned to court her; Elizabeth struggles with adolescence.
S7, EP20 "The Outsider"Ben shocks the family with a new bride, and finds married life is not that easy; Ike surprises Corabeth with the wrong fountain.
S7, EP21 "The Torch"The Waltons try to protect their father from an old flame; Elizabeth and Cindy open a canteen for the soldiers of Camp Rockfish.
S7, EP22 "The Tailspin"Jim-Bob's dreams of flying in the Air Corps are shot down; Mary Ellen tries to match Erin with Curt's old friend, an Army sergeant.
S7, EP23 "Founders' Day"Jason composes a final music project for the conservatory; the families of Walton's Mountain argue over who was the first settler.
S8, EP1 "The Home Front"Olivia returns home to find many changes; John helps locate a recruit gone AWOL; Erin considers asking for a raise.
S8, EP1 "The Home Front"Erin confronts Pickett; Jason shapes up his recruits; a grieving father attacks Jim-Bob; John-Boy is missing in action.
S8, EP2 "The Kinfolk"Cousin Rose comes with her grandchildren and a determination to make Olivia's life easier; Ike enlists Jim-Bob for a secret project.
S8, EP3 "The Diploma"Mary Ellen substitutes as the county nurse; John searches for his diploma to prove to the Army that he graduated from high school.
S8, EP4 "The Innocents"Olivia campaigns for a day nursery; plans for the Godsey's anniversary are almost ruined by jealousy.
S8, EP5 "The Starlet"A director making a documentary about the Pickett Plant gains Erin's cooperation by telling her she could be a star.
S8, EP6 "The Journal"A publisher wants to print John-Boy's manuscript, although the author is missing in action; Jeff doesn't want Reckless put to sleep.
S5, EP17 "The Career Girl"Erin's high school graduation forces her to face adulthood, including a career direction.
S5, EP16 "John's Crossroad"Grandma's medical bills and the mill's deterioration force John to work in Charlottesville. Directed by Richard Thomas.
S5, EP15 "The Elopement"Erin decides to elope after her parents refuse her permission to marry; Jason runs into problems managing Ike's store.
S5, EP14 "The Ferris Wheel"An unconscious early memory of Elizabeth's returns as a dream to haunt the entire household and endanger her life.
S5, EP13 "The Rebellion"Grandma refuses to share church-organist duties with her arch rival; restless Olivia resolves to make a change in her life.
S5, EP12 "The Last Mustang"John-Boy is drawn into the controversial election of a sheriff; Grandpa opposes the capture of a lone wild horse.
S5, EP11 "The Best Christmas"Bad weather, calamities and emergencies threaten the family's plans to honor Olivia with a Christmas gathering.
S5, EP10 "The Pony Cart"A Walton matriarch, Aunt Martha, visits and imposes her way of doing things on everyone.
S5, EP9 "The Great Motorcycle Race"Jim-Bob enters a race on Ike's motorcycle; the Godseys decide to adopt a child. Directed by Richard Thomas.
S5, EP8 "The Cloudburst"John-Boy sells his Walton's Mountain acreage to meet printing-press payments; Mary Ellen faces a career crisis.
S5, EP7 "The Wedding"Mary Ellen reconsiders her wedding as her relationship with Dr. Willard deepens; the doctor vanishes with clinic funds.
S5, EP7 "The Wedding"Mary Ellen announces her engagement to David Spencer; Dr. Curtis Willard arrives at Walton's Mountain.
S5, EP6 "The Nightwalker"A night prowler panics Walton's Mountain, threatening the success of Jason's money-raising town dance.
S5, EP5 "The Firestorm"John-Boy becomes the target of public indignation when he insists on printing excerpts from Hitler's "Mein Kampf.".
S5, EP4 "The Baptism"A renowned evangelist (John Karlen) comes to lead the annual revival, exciting everyone but John. Directed by Ralph Waite.
S5, EP3 "The Comeback"A former musician (Merle Haggard) is encouraged to make a comeback as part of a plan for Jason to earn his conservatory tuition.
S5, EP2 "The Vigil"Mary Ellen diagnoses Grandma's abdominal pains as flu, but the elderly woman must be rushed to the hospital.
S5, EP1 "The First Edition"John-Boy plans to publish two sensational stories in his newspaper's first edition; guest Conrad Janis.
S4, EP24 "The Collision"An old love (Kathleen Quinlan) urges John-Boy to join the Spanish Civil War. Directed by Richard Thomas.
S4, EP23 "The Fledgling"John-Boy takes a full-time job to earn a down-payment for a printing press.
S4, EP22 "The House"Grandma joins with the Baldwin sisters, against her husband, to save a house in her hometown from demolition.
S4, EP21 "The Quilting"Defying Grandma, Mary Ellen refuses to take part in a quilting bee planned to mark her emergence into womanhood.
S4, EP20 "The Test"The offer of a full-time job as a dressmaker in a fashionable shop opens new opportunities for Olivia; guest Abby Dalton.
S4, EP19 "The Big Brother"A 12-year-old tries to con the Waltons and Baldwins out of $25 needed to free her swindler grandfather from jail.
S4, EP18 "The Burn Out"John-Boy works to rewrite his lost novel, and the Walton children learn lessons about themselves away from home.
S4, EP18 "The Burn Out"John-Boy struggles with guilt after fire destroys part of the Walton home and the family becomes temporarily separated.
S4, EP17 "The Fox"Despite his battle tales, Grandpa resists efforts to reunite him with his Spanish-American War comrades. Directed by Richard Thomas.
S4, EP16 "The Secret"Suspecting that he may be adopted, Jim-Bob investigates the circumstances of his birth and uncovers a long-hidden family secret.
S4, EP15 "The Search"Olivia, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth set out to visit a friend but wind up becoming lost on Walton's Mountain; guest Wilford Brimley.
S4, EP14 "The Intruders"Ben, his pride wounded by a girl, leaves home as the Waltons compete with another lumber company for an important railroad contract.
S4, EP13 "The Nurse"Mary Ellen learns about math, science and humanity as she works with a public-health nurse while preparing to enter nursing school.
The life of a Depression-era family in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains is the subject of this wholesome series. The show is seen from the point of view of eldest son John Boy, who eventually goes to college, serves in World War II and becomes a novelist.
Original Air Date: Sep 14, 1972
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (31 episodes)
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