The End Is Nigh

S2, EP9 "The End Is Nigh"

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Caroline and Guy are engaged; Mac has little time to live; Statham and Joanna are on the run; the girls run riot in administration.

Original Air Date: Jan 04, 2007 • Crackle • 88m

S2, EP8

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Paranoia reaches breaking point for Joanna and Statham, and they're forced to take drastic action; Mac, Guy and Martin make an offer to Caroline that she can't refuse.

Original Air Date: May 19, 2006 • Crackle • 53m

S2, EP6

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Statham is unusually cheerful; Mac finds it hard to adjust to his new role; Martin hires a private detective.

Original Air Date: May 05, 2006 • Crackle • 51m

S2, EP5

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Dr. Statham enters politics; Caroline rethinks her choice of lodgers; Martin accidentally becomes a pimp.

Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2006 • Crackle • 49m

S2, EP2

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Caroline copes with Mac's loss of memory; Guy returns to work but without a drivers license; Alan tries to cope without sex; Mac discovers that Sue told the Sheffield hospital that he was dead.

Original Air Date: Apr 07, 2006 • Crackle • 49m