Surprising Family Discovery

S1, EP13 "Surprising Family Discovery"

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Three people take journeys of family discovery in this special look at some of the year's best episodes: Craig learns about his ancestors after his mother's death; Joseph learns if he has a famous relation; Lauren discovers a surprising heritage.

Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2020 • NBC • 20m
A Commitment to Family Histories

S1, EP12 "A Commitment to Family Histories"

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Newlyweds John and Peter want to present each other with more knowledge about their families' similar Greek histories; they discover fascinating common threads in their grandfathers' stories and share them with loved ones at a wedding celebration.

Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2020 • NBC • 20m
Saint's Arrival

S1, EP11 "Saint's Arrival"

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Wanting to share family stories with her new grandson, Saint, first-time grandmother Sylvia discovers her father's African-American heritage and learns about her ancestors' lives in the years after slavery was abolished.

Original Air Date: Feb 08, 2020 • NBC • 20m
New Baby and New Family History

S1, EP10 "New Baby and New Family History"

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Jessica is eager to choose a name with family meaning for her first baby, and her search into the roots of her family history uncovers her ancestors' experience through Ellis Island -- and a few inspired names to share at the gender reveal party.

Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2020 • NBC • 20m
Hidden Family Heritages

S1, EP9 "Hidden Family Heritages"

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Three families search their hidden heritage: Steve and his son Remy trace their ancestors to create a school family tree project; Nadia unlocks her mom's African American roots; Allison fills in some family history gaps for her son's bar mitzvah.

Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2020 • NBC • 20m
A Golden Family Anniversary

S1, EP8 "A Golden Family Anniversary"

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Heidi Ashcraft wants to honor her 50th wedding anniversary with husband Daniel by sharing her family history with her children but lacks information because her mother was adopted; with Daisy's help, Heidi learns about her surprising Swedish roots.

Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2019 • NBC • 20m
A Family Loss

S1, EP6 "A Family Loss"

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After the sudden loss of his mother, Craig Victor vowed to learn more about his family tree. With Daisy Fuentes' help, Craig discovers new information about his ancestors and can't wait to share with his family, who Daisy has secretly flown in!

Original Air Date: Nov 09, 2019 • NBC • 20m
Coming of Age

S1, EP5 "Coming of Age"

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Single mom Allison Bluestein decides to put together a book of family history in honor of her son's bar mitzvah; Daisy Fuentes helps Allison fill in the gaps on her family tree and reveal everything she's learned to her son and their family.

Original Air Date: Nov 02, 2019 • NBC • 20m
Father and Son Family Tree

S1, EP4 "Father and Son Family Tree"

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Nine-year-old Remy and his dad, Steve, team up to create a family tree for Remy's school project and search all the way back to the Mayflower; they learn that they're related to some fascinating people who achieved remarkable things.

Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2019 • NBC • 20m
A Famous Family

S1, EP3 "A Famous Family"

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Daisy Fuentes works with Joseph Carnegie to solve the mystery that has puzzled Joseph and his father for decades: whether they are related to famous philanthropist and railroad tycoon Andrew Carnegie.

Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2019 • NBC • 20m
Finding the Funny in Family

S1, EP2 "Finding the Funny in Family"

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Stand-up comic Anthony and his wife, Jasmine, want to start a family, but Anthony doesn't know much about his own family history; his search uncovers incredible details about his Southern ancestors, which he presents in an all-new comedy routine.

Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2019 • NBC • 20m
A Dedication to Dance

S1, EP1 "A Dedication to Dance"

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College student Nadia needs to choreograph a dance audition for graduate school; she wants to dedicate the dance to her mother and incorporate her African American ancestry, but needs help with the details.

Original Air Date: Oct 05, 2019 • NBC • 20m