Space Force Declassified
S7, EP11 "Space Force Declassified"
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Outer space has been transformed from a realm of scientific endeavor to the U.S. military's newest battlefield; from anti-satellite missiles to laser technology, there is a cutting-edge race to build the ultimate space weapon.
Original Air Date: May 12, 2021 • Science • 42m
Bermuda Triangle of Space
S7, EP10 "Bermuda Triangle of Space"
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Astronauts have detected a mysterious region of space that's dangerous for reasons they have yet to understand, and scientists believe the long-term effects of this danger zone may have implications for the future of humanity.
Original Air Date: Apr 21, 2021 • Science • 42m
The Giant Ice Planets
S7, EP4 "The Giant Ice Planets"
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Astronomers are finally unlocking the mysteries to the alien underworlds of Uranus and Neptune; experts reveal how an ancient mega-collision and a missing twin planet could uncover the secrets of these strange and frozen worlds.
Original Air Date: May 05, 2021 • Science • 42m
Curse of the White Holes
S7, EP3 "Curse of the White Holes"
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Einstein predicted strange cosmic phenomena known as white holes, but scientists have yet to prove they exist; as experts investigate the tiny black holes that hide in the most ancient parts of the universe, they might finally find the smoking gun.
Original Air Date: Apr 14, 2021 • Science • 42m
Space's Great Wall
S7, EP2 "Space's Great Wall"
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Astronomers make an extraordinary discovery when they uncover a cosmic megastructure that's 1 billion light years long, and investigators race to decode the hidden forces that shape the most massive and mysterious structure known in the universe.
Original Air Date: Apr 07, 2021 • Science • 42m
Mystery of the Dead Planets
S7, EP1 "Mystery of the Dead Planets"
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Astronomers are laying the groundwork to locate a new planet for the human race to inhabit, and the more alien worlds they discover and encounter, the more they unmask the mysterious and truly destructive nature of the cosmos.
Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2021 • Science • 42m