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BreakthroughDeep looks at developments in physics, astronomy and other sciences.
"Breakthrough"Deep looks at developments in physics, astronomy and other sciences.
S1, EP86 "ECHO: The Penguin's Bodyguard"In Antarctica, a state-of-the-art robotic penguin, called ECHO, is changing the way scientists monitor wildlife. The autonomous yellow robot has been integrated into the penguin colony and is using remote sensing technology to monitor these now-endangered penguin colonies.
S1, EP85 "Gravitational Waves: A New Universe"Arguably the most significant breakthrough of the century, a new type of astronomy is detecting gravitational waves throughout our universe.
S1, EP83 "The Great Seaweed Invasion"A giant mass of floating seaweed is invading popular beaches in the US and the Caribbean; scientists are racing to figure out how to protect the coast while tracking and studying this natural wonder.
S1, EP82 "Forecasting the Big One"Earthquakes can leave a path of destruction with no warning.
S1, EP81 "Jupiter's Moons and the Search for Life"A look at a new pair of missions to get closer to Jupiter's icy moons; exploring whether the conditions for life exist beyond Earth.
S1, EP80 "Fusion: Harnessing the Power of Stars"Humanity is closer than ever before to a perpetual clean power source after a team of scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory successfully produced a nuclear fusion reaction resulting in a net energy gain.
S1, EP79 "Voyage Into the Sun"For the first time in history, NASA's Parker Solar Probe has pierced the Sun's corona and is orbiting above its surface.
S1, EP78 "Reefs of Hope"With new state-of-the-art tools and technologies that include curious underwater vehicles and hydrodynamic modeling, scientists have hope of better understanding the threats to coral communities while finding the source to restock reefs worldwide.
S1, EP77 "Tomorrow's Flying Cars"A sleek ride, capable of circumventing the chaos of city driving, soaring above coastal roads, or even the coast itself.
S1, EP76 "Year of the Asteroid"While humans debate which is worse, dwindling resources or planet-killing celestial bodies, new breakthroughs in extra-planetary surveying and rocket propulsion are revealing the dichotomy of asteroids.
S1, EP75 "Artemis: First Launch"An inside look at NASA's Artemis Program, the spacecraft and the people who could bring humanity one step closer to the moon, Mars and beyond.
S1, EP74 "First Images: The James Webb Telescope"The dawn of a new era in astronomy has begun as the world gets its first look at the full capabilities of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.
S1, EP73 "Into the Volcano"Forecasting volcanic eruptions is notoriously challenging, but teams of scientists from around the globe may soon be utilizing cosmic rays to diagnose when a volcano is about to blow.
S1, EP72 "Capturing a Black Hole in Our Milky Way"Exploing a supermassive black hole in the heart of our own Milky Way Galaxy.
S1, EP71 "Immortal Alligators"New research reveals how incredible these ancient reptiles are, partly because of what's called negligible senescence; this means that alligators show almost no signs of aging, they are "biologically immortal."
S1, EP70 "Building the James Webb Telescope"Scientists recount the challenges of developing the James Webb Space Telescope, the most expensive, largest and most advanced ever built.
S1, EP65 "Egypt's Lost City"Archaeologists uncover ancient Egypt's lost city of Luxor.
S1, EP64 "First Human Link"A team of scientists believe there was a witness to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs who survived to allow humans to exist today.
S1, EP62 "Drones in Space: Mars to Titan"Drones head into outer space with the Mars Helicopter's success paving the way for Dragonfly, a daring future mission to Titan.
S1, EP61 "Noah's Ark for the Humans"Human bodies are habitats for bacteria, and many of the microbes are beneficial to us.
S1, EP60 "Decoding Megalodon"By examining countless megalodon teeth from around the world, scientists have concluded that the prehistoric shark was able to achieve its gargantuan proportions by starting its carnivorous diet early in the womb.
S1, EP59 "Saving the Right Whale"The North Atlantic Right Whale is on the verge of extinction; the leading cause of death and injury to the whales is from ship strikes or entanglement in fishing lines.
S1, EP58 "The West Is Burning"The history of forest management coupled with climate change behind how the Western United States has become a hotspot for devastating forest fires.
S1, EP57 "Peru's Mysterious Cloud Warriors"Archaeologists and geneticists uncover surprising details about one of the most mysterious civilizations in pre-Incan South America; while many are familiar with the Incas, few have heard of the Chachapoyas, the people known as the Cloud Warriors.
S1, EP56 "Perseverance: Countdown to Impact"In its final cruise stages, the Mars Perseverance rover prepares for its historic Feb. 18, 2021 landing on the red planet; inside the harrowing landing, the science mission and cutting-edge technology, including the first-ever Martian helicopter.
S1, EP55 "OSIRIS-REx: Asteroid Hunter"NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is designed to land on an asteroid to collect samples.
S1, EP54 "Hunting for Martian Life: The Perseverance Rover"NASA's Perseverance rover heads to Mars to determine whether life has existed on the red planet.
S1, EP53 "Saturn: The Moon King"With new moons recently spotted orbiting Saturn, the gas giant has taken the lead in our cosmic neighborhood's moon count.
S1, EP52 "Raising Dinos From the Dead"Scientists try to unlock DNA from a 75 million-year-old dinosaur skull that has been sitting in a museum for more than 20 years.
S1, EP51 "Return of the Wolves"Relocating wolves to Isle Royale National Park.
S1, EP50 "Coronavirus: Don't Blame Bats"Examining whether bats are to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic.
S1, EP49 "Flight of the Dragon"On May 30, 2020, NASA launched SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule from Cape Canaveral - the first manned flight from American soil in nearly a decade.
S1, EP48 "World Without Water"The recent discovery of a massive fresh water aquifer hidden beneath the U.S. coastline may offer hope for humanity.
S1, EP47 "Coronavirus: Psychology of a Pandemic"Exploring mental health concerns raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.
S1, EP46 "Coronavirus: Treating the Disease"Delivering new information about what the COVID-19 virus does to the human body and touching bases with medical experts searching for techniques to treat the illness.
S1, EP42 "The Corona Virus Epidemic"Examining how the corona virus developed and how close doctors are to creating an effective vaccine.
S1, EP40 "Building the Sun: The 250 Million Degree Problem"Scientists study the way the sun builds its power through fusion hoping to find a less dangerous and radioactive waste-producing path to energy than fission.
S1, EP39 "World's Best Dinosaur Fossil"The discovery of a pristine and complete dinosaur fossil reveals a new species that roamed during the late Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
S1, EP38 "Cassini: The Grand Finale"The Cassini spacecraft rewrites the textbook on Saturn, its moons and the solar system before its 20-year mission ends.
S1, EP36 "Homo Naledi"Small-skulled fossils of Homo naledi discovered in 2013 have scientists trying to understand whether they lived at the same time as Homo sapiens.
S1, EP35 "The Eighth Continent: Zealandia"Geologists in New Zealand create a stir by declaring their discovery of the eighth continent of the world.
S1, EP34 "Reversing Alzheimer's"A U.K. team might have cracked a method to reverse Alzheimer's disease.
S1, EP33 "Miami Beach Underwater"Parts of Miami Beach are under serious threat from sea level changes.
S1, EP32 "Gravitational Waves: Rewinding Time"Gravitational waves from 3 billion light years away reach Earth, the latest discovery in a new branch of astronomy.
S1, EP31 "Asteroid Belt Discovery"New evidence from NASA's Dawn mission to Ceres, a dwarf planet the size of Texas, is changing understanding of not only the Asteroid Belt, but might also hold the key to deciphering the solar system's early life.
S1, EP30 "Exoplanets"The Spitzer Telescope makes a groundbreaking discovery of exoplanets that could be similar to Earth.
S1, EP29 "The Mystery of the Longest Living Vertebrate"New information from a Greenland shark's eye confirms it is the longest-living vertebrate on Earth.
S1, EP28 "What Is CRISPR?"Genetics have advanced to gene editing, a technique which promises to pave the way to cure genetically carried illnesses, such as certain forms of cancer.
S1, EP27 "Gravitational Waves"A primer on gravitational waves shows how Einstein's theory has been confirmed.
S1, EP26 "Drilling for Marsquakes: Mars InSight"The InSight lander will dig deep into Martian soil and perhaps reveal the planet's origins.
S1, EP25 "Mars InSight: Seven Minutes to Touchdown"The fate of the Mars InSight lander will all come down to a fiery seven-minute freefall into the Red Planet.
S1, EP23 "New Horizons: The Kuiper Belt Target"The New Horizons spacecraft revolutionizes understanding of the solar system by rocketing past Pluto and approaching its next target: Ultima Thule.
S1, EP22 "Direct From an Asteroid"The Hayabusa2 spacecraft completes an intricate procedure.
S1, EP21 "Recovering From Extinction"Scientists dig through fossil clues in Norway's Svalbard archipelago to uncover revelations about life rebounding after a major mass extinction.
S1, EP20 "The First Picture of a Black Hole"For the first time, scientists have captured a photograph of a black hole which verifies one of the most important theories in physics and might help unlock the greatest mysteries of the cosmos.
S1, EP19 "Shark Family Tree"Evolutionary biology unlocks mysteries about great white sharks.
S1, EP18 "Resurrecting Tasmanian Tigers"After Tasmanian tigers were almost wiped off the face of the earth by humans nearly a century ago, geneticists are now working on resurrecting them.
S1, EP17 "Making Babies"Scientists believe that they are steps away from making healthy babies from stem cells, opening the doors for those with health limitations to become parents; examining the legal and ethical implications of this breakthrough.
S1, EP16 "Private Moonshot"A nonprofit, private organization established in 2011 aims to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon.
S1, EP15 "T-Rex Timeline"A 180 lb. deer-sized ancestor to the T-Rex can be linked to the 19,000-pound Scotty, the largest T-Rex ever discovered.
S1, EP14 "Fixing a Broken Heart"Researchers invent new ways of imaging the body and explore 3D printing of functioning heart to combat heart disease -- the No. 1 cause of deaths worldwide.
S1, EP13 "Little Foot: Exploring Our Origins"An almost complete hominin skeleton dating back more than 3 million years is found in a cave near Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1994.
S1, EP11 "Hayabusa2: Asteroid Explosion"The Hayabusa2 probe has taken subsurface samples from an asteroid and will begin its journey back home.
S1, EP10 "Space Junk Dangers"With 900,000 pieces of debris currently orbiting Earth, space trash jeopardizes missions, as evidenced by a recent Indian ballistic missile test shooting down one of its own communications satellites.
S1, EP9 "Climate Crisis"Scientists explain what to expect from climate change, and what steps might still be taken to reverse the crisis.
S1, EP8 "Escaping Rip Currents"The dangers of rip currents and how to escape them.
S1, EP7 "Herculaneum Scrolls: Unraveling History"Scientists using the latest technology try to unravel papyrus scrolls carbonized when the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum was destroyed by volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79.
S1, EP6 "Saber-Tooth Brawl"New fossil evidence shines a light on the violent lives of saber-tooth cats.
S1, EP5 "Extreme Wildfire Combat"Wildfires have greatly increased in size and intensity over the past few years; after record-setting conflagrations erupted in the region's prized forests, new tools using cutting-edge technology are being developed to help save property and lives.
S1, EP4 "Touching the Sun"NASA's Parker Probe Plus is on a mission to fly through dangerous radiation to become the closest spaceship to orbit the enigmatic sun.
S1, EP3 "Greenland Is Melting"The Greenland ice sheet, the last remnant of the Ice Age, is melting at an unprecedented rate which could become a global catastrophe.
S1, EP1 "Opportunity: A Life on Mars"The Opportunity rover's 15-year mission on Mars and how it revolutionized understanding of the red planet and solar system at large.
S1 "Zealandia; Extinction"Geologists believe they've uncovered a massive eighth continent: Zealandia; Norwegian fossil clues reveal how animals recover from mass extinction.
S1 "Ark for Humans; Rip Currents"Scientists store vanishing microbes in a vault to preserve them for the future.
S1 "Super Spider Silk"Science reveals new understanding of spiders, their super strong and flexible silks, and their predatory behavior.
Deep looks at developments in physics, astronomy and other sciences.
Original Air Date: Jan 1, 2021
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: 12
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