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The Outer LimitsIn the tradition of the 1960s cult show of the same name, this anthology series features different actors, many well-known from their previous work, in each episode. The episodes often explore eerie and often supernatural themes with a science-fiction element.
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S7, EP22 "Human Trials"A decorated soldier (Jason Gedrick) undergoes life-threatening tests for a mysterious mission.
S7, EP21 "The Human Factor"A space commander (Robert Duncan McNeil) must convince an android assistant that humanity is worthy of existence.
S7, EP20 "Dark Child"An alien abductee (Nora Dunn) tries to protect her daughter from the same fate. With Katharine Isabelle and Andrew Airlie.
S7, EP19 "The Tipping Point"A computer whiz must destroy a deadly artificial intelligence.
S7, EP18 "Lion's Den"A high-school wrestling coach takes a chance by giving his team an experimental drug to help get them into the state championships.
S7, EP17 "Rule of Law"A judge tries to establish law and order on a remote alien mining colony. With Michael Rooker and David Cubitt.
S7, EP16 "Abduction"Five students in high school face a choice between life or death at the hands of a mysterious alien. With Zachary Ty Bryan.
S7, EP15 "Time to Time"A chance at changing her father's destiny gives a young woman (Kristin Lehman) the incentive to travel back into time.
S7, EP14 "Mind Reacher"Dr. Candace McGuire puts her sanity on the line when testing a psychological tool allowing her to enter her patients' minds.
S7, EP13 "Free Spirit"The spirit of a man killed in a science experiment confronts the scientist who was forced to take his life.
S7, EP12 "Flower Child"A young couple faces their greatest challenge when an alien plant species assumes the form of a powerful female seductress.
S7, EP11 "In the Blood"A female astrophysicist takes a journey with a crew investigating the flip side of a quantum hole in space.
S7, EP10 "World's Within"A scientist stricken with a terminal illness uncovers a mysterious connection to a boy trapped between life and death.
S7, EP9 "Alien Shop"Unsuspecting patrons of a mysterious store receive strangely empowering objects from the alien shopkeeper. With Jonathon Schaech, Michelle Harrison and Alex Diakun.
S7, EP8 "Think Like a Dinosaur"A space station technician lives with aliens to learn the secrets of long-distance space travel.
S7, EP7 "Replica"A biogeneticist illegally clones his comatose wife.
S7, EP6 "Mona Lisa"A lonely woman (Rachel Ticotin) seeks to help an android assassin (Laura Harris) find a higher purpose than killing people.
S7, EP5 "The Vessel"A best-selling author, who is the lone survivor of a space shuttle crash, undergoes a personality metamorphosis.
S7, EP4 "The Surrogate"A struggling artist (Heather Donahue) undergoes terrible nightmares after she agrees to become a surrogate mother. With Erich Anderson and G. Patrick Currie.
S7, EP3 "A New Life"A stressed-out businessman and his girlfriend leave town to join an influential cult.
S7, EP2 "Patient Zero"A man travels from the future to find and kill the carrier of a plague threatening to annihilate mankind.
S7, EP1 "Family Values"A man believes all his family problems will be solved when he purchases a robot to help around the house.
S6, EP21 "Final Appeal"A time traveler accused of violating laws against technology receives a death sentence in a sequel to the episode "A Stitch in Time.".
S6, EP20 "The Nest"A pair of old buddies must overcome their haunted past while battling a strange infestation at an Arctic research station.
S6, EP19 "Zig Zag"A cybercolumnist leads a daring attack against supercomputers that have taken control of society. Stars Frank Whaley, Leslie Hope, John Amos and J.R. Bourne.
S6, EP18 "Something About Harry"A youth becomes suspicious of his mother's new boarder when three townspeople suddenly disappear. Stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Chalk, Judd Nelson and Barbara Tyson.
S6, EP17 "Gettysburg"A pair of Civil War re-enactors are transported through time to 1863 Gettysburg on the eve of battle.
S6, EP16 "Revival"A faith healer bites off more than he can chew when his gifted protege turns out to be a man-eating alien.
S6, EP15 "The Grid"Investigating his brother's murder, a man discovers a mind control project operated by a computer. Stars D.B. Sweeney, Jessica Steen, Colleen Rennison and Brent Strait.
S6, EP14 "Abaddon"A space salvage crew gets a deadly history lesson from a genocidal militia leader supposedly executed 150 years earlier.
S6, EP13 "Decompression"A mysterious woman visits a presidential candidate on his plane, saying she has come from the future to save his life.
S6, EP12 "Glitch"An intelligent military android makes a bid for freedom, guided from beyond the grave by its pacifist inventor.
S6, EP11 "Inner Child"After recovering from a near-fatal head injury, a woman realizes her body is being taken over by a second brain -- the remnants of a Siamese twin that was absorbed into her body.
S6, EP10 "Down to Earth"A mysterious stranger who claims to have a piece of an alien spaceship causes paranoia and chaos at a UFO convention.
S6, EP9 "Stasis"Two lovers living in an oppressive future society try to connect even though they've only seen each other as holograms.
S6, EP8 "Simon Says"A man builds a robot to replace his deceased son. With Joel Grey, Mikela J. Mikael, Cathy Weseluck and Hiro Kanagawa.
S6, EP7 "Seeds of Destruction"A small-town vet probes links between fast-breeding tumors and genetically engineered corn.
S6, EP6 "The Beholder"A blind man regains his sight, discovering he can see an alien woman who is invisible to others. With Mackenzie Astin, Rebecca Jenkins, Obba Babatunde, Clarie Rankin and Peter Wingfield.
S6, EP5 "Breaking Point"Traveling forward in time, a scientist discovers his wife has been murdered and he is the prime suspect.
S6, EP4 "Manifest Destiny"A rescue crew starts going suicidally insane after boarding a derelict interplanetary battleship.
S6, EP3 "Skin Deep"A man finds a device that allows him to change his image. With Adam Goldberg, Christina Cox, Antonio Sabato, Deanna Milligan and Linden Banks.
S6, EP2 "The Gun"A mysterious stranger arrives in a small town bearing weapons that turn people into killing machines.
S6, EP1 "Judgment Day"A man convicted of murder tries to prove his innocence while being hunted by the victim's sister on a top-rated TV show.
S5, EP22 "Better Luck Next Time"A detective investigates which one of two unusual suspects has committed a series of murders, and whether they are even human.
S5, EP21 "The Star Crossed"Cosmic "Casablanca" tale of a cynical cafe owner who encounters an old flame in a world dominated by alien invaders.
S5, EP20 "Fathers and Sons"A man tries to rescue his grandfather from a rest home where a doctor is conducting sinister brain experiments.
S5, EP19 "Stranded"Neglected by his father, a boy (Adam Hann-Byrd) finds comfort with an alien whose spaceship crash-lands on Earth. With Chris Potter, Daniel Hugh Kelly and Linda Boyd.
S5, EP18 "Essence of Life"An agent assigned to nab a doctor illegally peddling a drug that can bring the dead back to life becomes hooked on it himself.
S5, EP17 "The Inheritors"Killed when a meteor explodes over their city, three people come back to life as geniuses with a single mission.
S5, EP16 "Deja Vu"While trying to open a controlled wormhole, a scientist (Kevin Nealon) becomes caught in a time loop. With Ronny Cox.
S5, EP15 "The Haven"A high-tech building malfunctions disastrously, compelling its previously isolated inhabitants to work together to get free.
S5, EP14 "Descent"After injecting himself with primitive DNA, a mild-mannered professor becomes bold and powerful. With Leland Orser, Jenny Levine and Greg Thirloway.
S5, EP13 "Summit"Negotiators for Earth and Gregocia, a planet inhabited by a genetically engineered race, try to build trust after a summit goes wrong.
S5, EP12 "The Tribunal"A concentration camp survivor (Saul Rubinek) relies on a time traveler to bring a Nazi war criminal to justice. With Alex Daikun and Lindsay Crouse.
S5, EP11 "Ripper"A doctor in Victorian London discovers Jack the Ripper is an alien. With Cary Elwes, David Warner and Clare Sims.
S5, EP10 "The Shroud"A religious order secretly implants an embryo created with DNA from the Shroud of Turin into an unsuspecting woman.
S5, EP9 "What Will the Neighbors Think?"Chaos erupts when a woman develops the power to read her neighbors' minds.
S5, EP8 "Blank Slate"A brilliant doctor being pursued by government agents recovers memories stolen by a top-secret program.
S5, EP7 "Human Operators"A woman inspires an enslaved man to rebel.
S5, EP6 "Joy Ride"An aging astronaut returns to space to right a wrong turn in his life.
S5, EP5 "The Other Side"A doctor discovers a parallel consciousness.
S5, EP4 "The Grell"A government official and his family are shot down over slave territory.
S5, EP3 "Small Friends"Inmates blackmail a brilliant inventor jailed for murder to get his secret invention. With Ralph Waite and Roddy Piper.
S5, EP2 "Donor"The first recipient of a full-body transplant starts having mysterious visions about strange people and a murder.
S5, EP1 "The Alien Radio"A radio host pooh-poohs callers' UFO encounters until one caller kills himself.
S4, EP26 "In Our Own Image"An android goes on a killing spree and takes Celia hostage.
S4, EP25 "Black Box"A war veteran envisions his traumatic final mission.
S4, EP24 "Phobos Rising"Soldiers on Mars fear an explosion on Earth marks the end of a long truce between opposing alliances.
S4, EP23 "Origin of Species"Trying to communicate with aliens, a scientist and his students are drawn into a black void.
S4, EP22 "Balance of Nature"A doctor finds a way to reverse the process of aging, but at a cost.
S4, EP21 "Promised Land"Human survivors terrorize a handful of aliens who remain on Earth after an interplanetary war.
S4, EP20 "Nightmare"A voice interrogates aliens' captives and probes their weaknesses.
S4, EP19 "Sarcophagus"Archaeologists make what they believe is the find of the century.
S4, EP18 "Monster"A CIA experiment using telekinesis in assassinations backfires.
S4, EP17 "Lithia"A man held in suspended animation reawakens on a planet inhabited only by women. Stars Julie Harris and David Keith.
S4, EP16 "Final Exam"A college student blackmails the government with a cold-fusion bomb.
S4, EP15 "Mary 25"A desperate inventor uses his family as guinea pigs to test a nanny robot.
S4, EP14 "To Tell the Truth"No one believes a discredited scientist when he claims that the world must be evacuated.
S4, EP13 "The Joining"To survive in a hostile environment, a scientist combines his DNA with that from creatures from Venus.
S4, EP12 "Fear Itself"A man being treated for extreme fear resulting from a traumatic incident ends up with startling powers.
S4, EP11 "Vaccine"A dozen survivors of a fatal plague must decide who will get the only three vaccinations available.
S4, EP10 "Identity Crisis"A rival kills a soldier whose mind has been transferred into an android.
S4, EP9 "Glyphic"Hypnosis unravels the mystery of an ailment that killed a town's children.
S4, EP8 "Rite of Passage"Two humans (James Marsden, Emmanuelle Vaugier) wonder if their "mother" is a monstrosity or a savior.
S4, EP7 "Josh"A reporter in the company of military officers comes into contact with a higher, and possibly alien, power.
S4, EP6 "Relativity Theory"A biologist (Melissa Gilbert) discovers a race of aliens but loses control of her ship to a mutinous crew.
S4, EP5 "In the Zone"An experimental treatment makes an athlete unbeatable but costs him his life.
S4, EP4 "In Another Life"A suicidal man is transported to another dimension to kill a homicidal alter ego.
S4, EP3 "Hearts and Minds"Soldiers battle insectlike aliens trying to steal an energy source from Earth.
S4, EP2 "The Hunt"After animal hunting is banned, sportsmen hunt androids which are no longer useful.
S4, EP1 "The Criminal Nature"Genetic engineering creates two strains of newborns, one eminent, one deformed and violent.
S3, EP18 "A Special Edition"Mysterious forces try to prevent a journalist from broadcasting his story about cloning.
S3, EP17 "Feasibility Study"Aliens take a human community into space to see if they will make good slaves.
S3, EP16 "Bodies of Evidence"When the crew members of a space station die, the captain is accused of murder.
S3, EP15 "The Revelations of Becka Paulson"A woman (Catherine O'Hara) suffering an accidental gunshot wound to the head later discovers she can talk to pictures. Steven Weber stars and directs.
S3, EP14 "Music of the Spheres"A music broadcast from distant planets turns young listeners on Earth into aliens. With Kirsten Dunst.
S3, EP13 "Dead Man's Switch"A soldier inhabits a bunker with doomsday devices as aliens land on Earth.
S3, EP12 "Double Helix"A reckless scientist's experiments initiate a close encounter.
S3, EP11 "New Lease"A resurrected scientist ignores his family to seek revenge on his killer. Starring Michael Ontkean and Stephen Lang.
S3, EP10 "Awakening"A brain transplant allows a woman (Lela Rochon) to experience feelings after a lifetime devoid of emotions.
S3, EP9 "Tempests"While bringing medicine to his plague-infested colony, an astronaut enters alternate realities after his ship crashes.
S3, EP8 "Heart's Desire"An alien visitor gives four Old West outlaws the power to disintegrate their enemies. With Esai Morales.
S3, EP7 "The Camp"A prisoner learns the truth about the alien invaders that have enslaved mankind for centuries. With Harley Jane Kozak.
S3, EP6 "Dark Rain"Two parents try to prevent a government agency from using their healthy newborn in a plan to repopulate mankind.
S3, EP5 "Stream of Consciousness"A virus program threatens a computer-controlled society of the future.
S3, EP4 "Last Supper"An ageless woman falls in love with a young man whose father rescued her from terrible experiments 20 years earlier.
S3, EP3 "Regeneration"A woman learns a horrifying secret after she impregnates herself with cells from her dead child. With Daniel Benzali and Kim Cattrall.
S3, EP2 "Second Thoughts"A mentally challenged man undergoes a dramatic transformation thanks to a mind-transference device. Starring Howie Mandel and Jennifer Rubin.
S3, EP1 "Bits of Love"The lone survivor of a devastating war meets again with a holographic lover. Stars Natasha Henstridge.
S2, EP22 "The Sentence"A doctor invents a virtual reality device that allows convicts to mentally serve a life sentence in a few hours.
S2, EP20 "Out of Body"A scientist becomes trapped in another dimension while testing theories concerning out-of-body experiences.
S2, EP18 "The Light Brigade"Three astronauts fight to save humanity from destruction. With Wil Wheaton, Robert Patrick and Graham Greene.
S2, EP17 "Paradise"A sheriff investigating the disappearances of several elderly women finds they are not actually missing.
S2, EP16 "The Deprogrammers"A rebel leader concocts a plan for freedom on a dark future Earth that has been conquered and programmed for slavery by aliens.
S2, EP15 "Afterlife"A convicted murderer (Clancy Brown) agrees to participate in a secret military experiment to avoid being executed.
S2, EP14 "The Heist"An embittered former Army officer helps hijack what he believes is a missile shipment, only to find the cargo is much deadlier.
S2, EP13 "From Within"When townspeople are infected with ancient parasites unearthed by miners, their only hope for survival is a mentally challenged boy.
S2, EP12 "Inconstant Moon"A lonely physics professor discovers the sun is burning out and uses the Earth's final hours to make up for lost time.
S2, EP11 "The Refuge"A man finds himself in a desolate world where the ruler, a sadistic industrialist, pits his "guests" against one another for his own entertainment.
S2, EP10 "Worlds Apart"A presumed-dead astronaut from a doomed mission 20 years past re-establishes contact with Earth from another world.
S2, EP9 "Trial by Fire"Alien ships are headed for Earth, and a newly sworn-in U.S. president must make his first foreign-policy decision.
S2, EP8 "Straight & Narrow"A new student at a renowned academy discovers his classmates are being controlled by computer chips implanted in their brains.
S2, EP7 "First Anniversary"A man's relationship with his wife drastically changes following the celebration of their first year of marriage.
S2, EP6 "Beyond the Veil"Thoughts of alien abduction continue to torment a troubled patient undergoing therapy at a medical institute.
S2, EP5 "Mind Over Matter"A doctor (Mark Hamill) uses his revolutionary virtual-reality device to enter the mind of a comatose colleague. Also starring Debrah Farentino and Peter Breck.
S2, EP4 "I Hear You Calling"A persistent reporter latches onto the trail of a deadly stranger after she overhears a message on her cellular phone.
S2, EP3 "Unnatural Selection"Two expectant parents who desire a perfect child opt for an illegal and risky procedure designed to genetically enhance their baby.
S2, EP2 "Resurrection"Two androids (Nick Mancuso, Heather Graham) try revitalizing mankind after biological warfare eliminates all human life on Earth. With Dana Ashbrook.
S2, EP1 "A Stitch in Time"An FBI agent's investigation of a baffling 30-year string of murders leads her to a doctor's laboratory.
S1, EP22 "Voice of Reason"A man with strong military connections tries to convince a powerful committee that aliens are trying to take over the human race.
S1, EP21 "Birthright"Following a press conference, Sen. Richard Adams is involved in a serious car accident and his doctor discovers he is an alien.
S1, EP20 "If These Walls Could Talk"A haunted house develops an appetite for a grieving mother (Alberta Watson) and a scientific researcher (Dwight Schultz).
S1, EP19 "I, Robot"A humanoid robot (Jake McKinnon) is accused of murdering its creator; with Leonard Nimoy, Cyndy Preston; directed by Adam Nimoy.
S1, EP18 "The Message"A woman who has been deaf since birth receives coded messages from aliens after having a revolutionary device implanted in her ear.
S1, EP17 "The New Breed"A scientist's experimental potion yields disastrous results when his close friend decides to test it upon himself.
S1, EP16 "The Voyage Home"Astronauts (Matt Craven, Jay O. Sanders, Michael Dorn) returning from Mars carry an alien in their craft.
S1, EP15 "Caught in the Act"An alien presence invades the body of a chaste woman, forcing her to crave sex and prey on willing partners.
S1, EP14 "Quality of Mercy"A fighter pilot is taken prisoner during an intergalactic war and locked in a cell with a woman who is being transformed into an alien.
S1, EP13 "The Conversion"Aliens teach a bitter, greedy man (Frank Whaley) how to treat humanity after his release from prison. With Rebecca DeMornay, John Savage.
S1, EP12 "Dark Matters"The crew members of a commercial space transport vessel become distressed when their ship drops into a black void and encounters two other vessels.
S1, EP11 "Under the Bed"A little girl's (Colleen Rennison) bizarre claim of a bogeyman is the only clue in a search for her missing brother. With Laura Bruneau, Timothy Busfield, Barbara Williams.
S1, EP10 "Corner of the Eye"A disillusioned priest (Len Cariou) is approached by three aliens who claim they want to help mankind. With Chris Sarandon, Justin Louis, Bill Croft, Callum Keith Rennie.
S1, EP9 "Living Hell"An armed robber's 35-year-old victim learns his only chance of survival is to have an experimental chip implanted in his brain.
S1, EP8 "Virtual Future"A billionaire's ambitious dreams of power are fueled by a graduate student's accidental discovery of time travel.
S1, EP7 "The Choice"Parents face a difficult decision when their young daughter exhibits psychic abilities and is kicked out of school.
S1, EP6 "White Light Fever"An eccentric billionaire (William Hickey) finances a research project in a selfish attempt to prolong his life. With Bruce Davidson, Michelle Beaudoin.
S1, EP5 "Second Soul"Aliens exchange advanced technology for human cadavers, which they use as hosts for their dying spirits.
S1, EP4 "Blood Brothers"Two brothers wrestle for control of their late father's pharmaceutical company and a newly discovered vaccine.
S1, EP3 "Valerie 23"A robotic companion's emotional shortcomings prove dangerous when a paraplegic scientist becomes involved with his therapist.
S1, EP1 "The Sandkings"A scientist searches for a way to continue his experiments when the top-secret government project he is working on is shut down.
In the tradition of the 1960s cult show of the same name, this anthology series features different actors, many well-known from their previous work, in each episode. The episodes often explore eerie and often supernatural themes with a science-fiction element.
Original Air Date: Mar 26, 1995
Genres: Sci FiTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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7 seasons available on demand (150 episodes)
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