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Secret Nazi FilesThe catastrophic crimes of the Third Reich.
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S1, EP6 "Hitler's Messiah Complex"Examining how a series of psychotic episodes in his early life convinced Adolf Hitler he was a modern day Pharaoh, enabling the unremarkable drifter from Vienna to instigate the most devastating military conflict in the history of the world.
S1, EP5 "Nazi Jihad"Otto Skorzeny and Amin Al Husseini carry Hitler's vision beyond Germany from their Nazi stronghold in the Middle East.
S1, EP3 "Hitler and the Aryan Myth"Pseudo-history dreamt up by occult fantasists lay behind the myth of the Aryan super race, but it inspired the Nazis into war, legitimized the holocaust and led to the abduction of tens of thousands of young Aryan-looking children.
S1, EP2 "Hitler's Death Ray"Exploring whether a solar death ray that could obliterate any city and orbiting the skies 5,100 miles from the Earth was more than a Nazi dream.
S1, EP1 "High Hitler and His Nazi Supersoldiers"Exploring the huge drug program that fueled the Nazi war machine; possessed by narcotics, Hitler and the German troops consume tens of millions of crystal meth tablets throughout the war, driving them to extremes.
The catastrophic crimes of the Third Reich.
Original Air Date: Sep 10, 2012
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (5 episodes)
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