The Adventures of Puss in Boots

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The Adventures of Puss in BootsPuss in Boots must guard the previously hidden city of San Lorenzo's famous treasure from invaders after he accidentally breaks an ancient spell which made the land invisible to outsiders.
S1, EP8 "Golem"The Golem, a giant clay enemy Puss has been outrunning for years, comes to San Lorenzo; with Artephius' help, Puss may be able to defeat his foe.
S1, EP9 "Boots"Jack Sprat steals enchanted boots from the Treasure House and triggers a dangerous "devil wind" that threatens to consume San Lorenzo's treasure.
S1, EP10 "Sword"Dulcinea pulls a magical sword from a stone and becomes enchanted with heroic powers; Puss must help her learn how to control her newfound strength.
S1, EP11 "Mouse"Puss is obsessed with catching an adorable mouse, but when strange things happen around town, he thinks the rodent may be more than a delicious meal.
S1, EP12 "Goblin"A young goblin arrives and Puss tries to convince the orphans that she is more than a troublemaker.
S1, EP13 "Star"Dulcinea secretly discovers a wishing star and tries to make things better but makes them worse.
S1, EP14 "Pigs"Toby's brother, Brandt, begs Puss to help his brothers reunite.
S1, EP15 "Luck"A bad luck curse turns Puss into a black cat and he is run out of San Lorenzo.
S2, EP1 "Dragon"Puss promises to kill a dragon that is scaring a nearby town; when he meets it face to face, he changes his plans.
S2, EP2 "Moles"When Puss and his friend, Jack Sprat, look for treasure underground, they discover an odd kingdom.
S2, EP3 "Mermaid"To prove that he is a ladies' hero, Puss saves a mermaid from a thief who quickly falls in love with him... and becomes a big problem.
S2, EP4 "Bees"Puss gets scared when angry bees invade the town, so he calls on the Piper who has helpful powers.
S2, EP5 "Squad"While Puss trains the orphans to work as a team to protect San Lorenzo, a villain comes to town and kidnaps him.
S2, EP6 "Spells"Puss tries to bring back the magic spell that protects the town, but he makes a mistake and strange things start to happen.
S2, EP7 "Scimitar"While Puss looks for items missing from the treasure house, he gets help from the Scimitar, an evil sword.
S2, EP8 "Stories"An angry thunder god demands to be let into the treasure house or else he will destroy San Lorenzo.
S2, EP9 "Sphere"The Mole King's treasure is missing and he won't give it up unless Puss helps him get his ex-girlfriend back.
S2, EP10 "Si"Puss fights the Duchess for an object that can help him bring back the magic spell that protects the town.
S2, EP11 "No?"Puss sneaks back into town so he can get rid of someone who is pretending to protect San Lorenzo.
S3, EP1 "Bootless Cries"When the town of San Lorenzo is threatened by the Bloodwolf, Puss feels like he has failed as a hero.
S3, EP2 "Sullen Earth"Uli has information about the Bloodwolf, but the Mole King imprisons him.
S3, EP3 "Ugly Duckling"Puss swallows his pride and asks his mentor for help in defending San Lorenzo.
S3, EP4 "The Muscle"Puss and his friends look for the powerful Golem to help save San Lorenzo, but Puss feels like he doesn't have enough strength and power to meet the challenge.
S3, EP5 "Sword's Man"Puss agrees to recruit Goodsword to join his army, but the powerful blade isn't easily convinced.
S3, EP6 "Escape Goat"Now that his team is complete, Puss quickly realizes that he has no idea how to lead them into battle.
S3, EP7 "Copy Cat"Puss accidentally agrees to ride for two different groups in the town's horse race.
S3, EP8 "Coin Toss"Dulcinea must save the town from thieves when Puss and the townspeople become obsessed with a gambling game and forget to protect San Lorenzo.
S3, EP9 "King Pickles"When Kid Pickles is feeling down on his birthday, Puss and Artephius create a magical scroll that names Kid Pickles as heir to the San Lorenzo throne.
S3, EP10 "Pirate Booty"After pirates invade San Lorenzo searching for mystical treasure, Puss leads them on the hunt, hoping his share will defend against the Bloodwolf.
S3, EP11 "Cat Fish"When pirates force Puss to face his fear of water by walking the ship's plank, he is rescued by his ex-girlfriend and fish monster, Feejee the Mermaid.
S3, EP12 "Parrot Booty"When Puss and the pirates find the treasure of San Luis Rey, they must find a way to escape the attack of Bonky the Parrot and his skeleton army.
S3, EP13 "Skeleton Town"Puss returns to San Lorenzo with the Crown of Souls, accompanied by a band of skeletons which make the residents feel unsettled.
S4, EP1 "Familiar Feeling"An important gem is missing from the Crown of Souls, so Puss and his friends set off to find it; however, the gem is in pieces and each is owned by a different witch.
S4, EP2 "In Dreams"While hunting for the second gem, Puss and friends meet a witch who sends Puss into a deep sleep filled with crazy dreams.
S4, EP3 "Fluteus Maximus"Puss and his friends must defeat a flute-playing witch who guards a piece of the missing gem; once they have the stone, something amazing occurs.
S6, EP2 "Save the Cat"Puss rallies the San Lorenzans to save their town before El Moco blows it to bits, but building an army requires Puss to swallow his pride.
S6, EP3 "Lost and Foundlings"The orphans compete in a high-stakes contest at the Duchess' command; a strange rumbling shakes things up in San Lorenzo.
S6, EP4 "The Scarlet Panther"A notorious loan shark shows up in San Lorenzo and insists that Puss' boots belong to him, but without them Puss isn't the same.
S6, EP5 "Pajuna Serves Spirits"It began as a harmless parlor trick, but when Pajuna summons ghosts from the other side, vengeful spirits start taking over the townsfolk.
S6, EP6 "One Last Jobs"Assuming it will be easy, Puss offers to run the Cow and Moone for Pajuna while she's off on an adventure with her old pal Roz.
S6, EP7 "Like a Fox"A handsome face stirs up jealousy when famed treasure hunter Guy Fox asks star-struck Dulcinea to join him on his next adventure.
S6, EP8 "Not a Date"Puss and Dulcinea decide to go on a vacation together, though neither of them will admit it's a date -- especially when the whole town comes along.
S6, EP9 "Flock the Boat"The townsfolk look to Puss to stop San Lorenzo's earthquakes, but first a mission to rescue a pirate captain from the Island of Doom.
S6, EP10 "All Hail, Puss!"When the sky gods grant Puss divine powers to calm the earthquakes, his oversized ego threatens to turn the town against him.
S6, EP11 "The Moving Finger Writes"With the future of the world at stake, Puss and his friends head to the Forbidden Citadel on a mission to find the Great Mage Sino.
S6, EP12 "And, Having Writ, Moves On"The Great Mage Sino reveals the full history of San Lorenzo -- and the only way to save it, which requires Puss to give up everything.
S1, EP1 "Hidden"Puss must protect the magically veiled city of San Lorenzo after he exposes it to the world by accidentally reversing an ancient protective spell.
S1, EP2 "Sphinx"Puss accidentally gives the orphans a magic sugar that proves to be dangerous, and the only cure is guarded by a powerful sphinx.
S1, EP3 "Brothers"When Toby's ninja brothers try to get him to steal San Lorenzo's treasure, he must decide between them and his friendship with Puss.
S1, EP4 "Duchess"The Duchess, who wants to rule the world by harnessing the power of sorcerers, captures Artephius and it is up to Puss to rescue him.
S1, EP5 "Adventure"Puss is tricked into going on a quest with an old friend, Jack Spratt. What starts out as a mission to save a princess soon turns dangerous.
S1, EP6 "Fountains"Puss and Dulcinea embark on an adventure to find the Fountain of Youth to save Puss' old mentor, El Guante Blanco.
S1, EP7 "Bravery"Tired of the mayor's needy cowardice, Puss tries to reassure him that he is a hero - but being "brave" quickly goes to the mayor's head.
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Puss in Boots must guard the previously hidden city of San Lorenzo's famous treasure from invaders after he accidentally breaks an ancient spell which made the land invisible to outsiders.
Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2015
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY
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