Fanning the Flames

S6, EP3 "Fanning the Flames"

Airs: Jun 15, 2023

Single black women navigate their complicated love lives, careers and friendships through the ups-and-downs of the modern world, which includes social media and unrealistic relationship goals.

BET • 60m
Full Circle Moments

S6, EP2 "Full Circle Moments"

Airs: Jun 08, 2023

Preston shows up for Danni when she needs him the most, but it doesn't seem to extinguish her anger toward him; Fatima sets Tamara straight about compensation for the role she's been tapped to play.

BET • 60m
Straight No Chaser

S6, EP1 "Straight No Chaser"

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Danni wallows in self-pity until an encounter with Preston threatens to send her off the deep end.

Original Air Date: May 31, 2023 • BET • 41m