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American GreedStacy Keach narrates this dissection of the dark side of the American Dream, a survey of how far some people go to become rich, no matter the cost to themselves and those around them. Real-life cases are reviewed and involve such criminal activity as credit card scams, identity theft, counterfeiting and Ponzi schemes.
S12, EP10 "Florida Rehab Gone Wild"Kenny Chatman runs a string of corrupt drug rehab facilities in South Florida stealing millions by keeping insured addicts hooked on drugs; his plans include turning patients into prostitutes and sober homes into drug-fueled brothels.
S10, EP3 "A Mother's Costly Revenge"A financial fraudster seeks deadly revenge after being placed behind bars for propositioning his assistant's daughter.
S11, EP3 "Badge of Dishonor"Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz steals from a youth group and his death in the woods in Fox Lake, Ill., sparks a massive manhunt to find his killers.
S9, EP11 ""Vintage" Wine Fraud"A counterfeit wine dealer dominates the fine wine scene, making millions selling his cheap basement blends through elite auction houses.
S11, EP6 "Sticky Fingers; Life in the Fraud Lane"A famous Texas fruitcake bakery's accountant conducts a check writing scam; a self-proclaimed financial wiz rips off investors while he funds a professional race team with money stolen from his church.
S12, EP2 "Deadly Opioids, Dirty Doctors"Two doctors illegally prescribe opioids while destroying lives and pocketing millions.
S11, EP16 "Wine, Women and Fraud"A man steals millions from rich wine clients, and spends the money on fast cars and faster hookups, until he himself falls prey to a scheme.
S11, EP13 "Deadly Black Gold Riches"A man schemes to strike it rich in the North Dakota oil fields and he lets no one get in his way.
S10, EP16 "Hack Me if You Can; Goodfella Gone Bad"A 28-year-old hacker named Daniel Rigmaiden allegedly steals millions of dollars from the U.S. government; a wise-guy wannabe in witness protection creates a mortgage fraud scam.
S9, EP6 "The Dirtiest Con"A man claims to be reformed after serving seven years in prison for turning his carpet cleaning company into a multimillion-dollar scam.
S12, EP11 "Operation Crook, Line and Stinker"A crooked New York police officer cashes in as a high-tech burglary crew terrorizes homeowners and business owners.
S10, EP9 "Six Feet Plunder"Doug Cassity sells fake prearranged funeral contracts, amounting to $500 million, with the help of sexy saleswomen.
S11, EP12 "A Glamorous Showbiz Lie"A man convinces people that he is a movie producer and money management professional while collecting millions to promote his own image.
S11, EP18 "Fraud Collectors"Memorabilia legend Bill Mastro helps turn a childhood hobby into a billion dollar business and rigs bids to scam collectors and sellers.
S12, EP6 "Conn's Job"Superstar disability lawyer Eric C. Conn offers guaranteed client wins by cheating, scoring a massive Social Security fraud, then vanishes.
S13, EP1 "The College Admissions Scandal"College admissions coach Rick Singer accepts money from parents to have their kids admitted to elite colleges.
S13, EP12 "The Luxury Curse Scam"From penthouse apartments to a $10 million stadium luxury box, financial adviser Dawn Bennett orchestrates a $20 million scheme and conjures spells to silence investigators.
S14, EP2 "Nightmare at NXIVM"Using powers of persuasion, along with classic multilevel marketing techniques; amassing thousands of followers -- many of them rich and famous -- and hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions.
S14, EP5 "A Family Vanishes"When all four members of the McStay family seemingly vanish into thin air, a yearslong quest for answers begins; a biker in the Mojave Desert finds the family members' bodies in shallow graves; a close friend of the family falls under suspicion.
S14, EP12 "A Father's Fraud"Karl Karlsen is a hardworking man with what seems to be a terrible streak of bad luck, as his wife and son both die in accidents nearly 20 years apart; Karl has a secret: their suspicious deaths have been keeping his bank account full.
S15, EP2 "Theranos CEO on Trial"Former employees, whistleblowers, and even a family friend-turned-foe provide new insights into the company's leadership and the mysterious long-term relationship between Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and her top deputy, Sunny Balwani.
S15, EP4 "Boeing's Deadly Design"Two new Boeing 737 Max jets fall out of the sky five months apart, killing 346 people; investigators home in on a software program known as MCAS; some critics say the real culprit is a corporate culture that values shareholders over passengers.
S12, EP4 "The Polka King Con"Polka band leader Jan Lewan rips off his adoring fans with false promises of sizable investment returns.
S10, EP17 "Seattle Roasted; The Stealing Socialite"Darren Berg of Seattle scams several investors, procuring himself two yachts, a private jet and a lakeside mansion; New York socialite Dina Wein Reis executes a grey market selling scam.
S12, EP13 "The Fake Housewife of Orange County"In sunny Laguna Beach, social climber Elizabeth Mulder finances her plastic surgery, Arabian horses, and ocean view real estate worth millions by swindling her best friends.
S15, EP5 "The Biggest Theft of All Time?"Jho Low is accused of being one of the biggest thieves the world has ever seen; authorities say he's the mastermind of an international scheme to steal over $4 billion from the government of Malaysia.
S12, EP17 "Something's Fishy: The Codfather"Carlos Rafael makes millions as the owner of one of the largest commercial fishing businesses on the East Coast but his big mouth gets him hooked in an undercover IRS sting with agents posing as Russian mobsters.
S12, EP5 "Stolen Valor Scam"Idaho Guardsman Darryl Wright claims he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from his service in Iraq, but his story is an elaborate scam that allows him to live large without working and to steal resources from veterans who truly need help.
S11, EP19 "Lesson in Greed; Soldier Scam"A school supply vendor steals millions from Detroit public schools by enlisting shady school officials; heartless crooks use photos of real military men to lure women into sending them love and money.
S12, EP9 "Billion Dollar Fraud Goes Viral"By promising enormous returns on a work-from-home scheme selling TelexFree phone service, Carlos Wanzeler and James Merrrill entice nearly one million people in an extraordinary $1.7 billion internet scam.
S12, EP12 "Artistic License to Steal"A wannabe art dealer sells fake works by American masters of Abstract Expressionism in an $80 million scam, fooling rich collectors and pocketing millions.
S12, EP18 "Scams on Film; God and Gold"Fraudster John Rogers builds one of the most impressive photo archives in the world until his partner rats him out; while Larry Bates preaches about salvation through precious metals, his clients wind up investing in "fool's gold."
S12, EP19 "Baby-Faced Drug Lords"Florida teenagers cash in on the opioid crisis, then they expand their operation, jeopardizing their lives of sex, drugs and money.
S13, EP4 "Prophets of Greed"Leaders of a polygamous religious sect demand perfect obedience from followers, luring them into welfare fraud and stealing more than $2 million from American tax payers.
S13, EP5 "Black Market Dirty Gold"Three Miami salesmen import billions of dollars' worth of gold from South America, then learn it has connections to drug cartels and organized crime.
S14, EP1 "The Trials of Michael Avenatti"Attorney Michael Avenatti has legal troubles of his own when he represents porn star Stormy Daniels in her dispute with President Donald Trump.
S14, EP11 "Burned by Greed"How multibillion-dollar company Pacific Gas & Electric comes to repeatedly kill its customers by putting profits over safety as alleged by critics.
S11, EP17 "Neighborhood Inferno"Scammers blow up a house for insurance money, but end up engulfing dozens of homes in flames and killing a young couple.
S11, EP20 "Top Gun of Fraud"A man burns through $52 million from a trust he was hired to protect, buying helicopters, fighter jets, rocket launchers, and a fleet of WWII bombers to feed his fantasy of running "black ops" for the CIA.
S12, EP8 "Dangerous Luxury"Vitaly Borker scores $18 million selling designer knock-off eyewear as genuine from his website in Brooklyn, N.Y.; when customers complain, they are threatened with violence, even murder.
S15, EP24 "Lawyers, Lies, and a Housewife"Personal injury attorney Tom Girardi posits himself as a champion for the little guy, but jilted clients cry foul when they discover him cheating them out of millions in settlement money as his wife flaunts her wealth on reality television.
S15, EP23 "Fame, Fortune & Fraud"Jason Van Eman is a B-list actor from Oklahoma who decides to seek fame and fortune as a Hollywood producer.
S15, EP22 "Drunk With Power"With his long beard, ponytail, and ubiquitous advertising, Jamie Balagia - AKA The DWI Dude - is well-known in Texas as flamboyant defense attorney who can get drunk driving defendants out of a jam.
S15, EP21 "Preaching Pyramid Schemes"Marlon and LaShonda Moore are accused of exploiting vulnerable people during the pandemic and convincing thousands of their fans to invest in their illegal scheme; regulators claim the Moore's "blessed" themselves to the tune of millions of dollars.
S15, EP20 "VIP Schemers"Convicted fraudster and identity thief Tracii Show Hutsona is once again up on federal charges after a high-profile client discovers more than $1 million missing from her bank accounts.
S15, EP19 "Follow the Juul Money"When an epidemic of teenage nicotine addiction breaks out across the country, some people ask whether Juul's founders are intent on saving lives or targeting the next generation.
S15, EP18 "The Busted Mogul"Lobsang Dargey, a Tibetan Buddhist Monk, escapes Chinese oppression and claws his way to freedom in the U.S.; uneducated and broke, but rich with ambition, Dargey catapults from odd jobs to real estate development.
S15, EP17 "A Legacy of Fraud"A sprawling investigation into the prominent and powerful Murdaugh family uncovers years of unchecked power and privilege that has allegedly resulted in years of fraud, conspiracy, corruption and even murder.
S15, EP16 "The Decline of a Dynasty"A well-respected lawyer from a prominent family is accused of stealing millions from the suffering clients who turn to him for help.
S15, EP15 "Streaming and Scheming"Zachary Horwitz has dreams of making it big in Hollywood; while his onscreen career never quite flourishes, Horwitz acts his way into raising more than $600 million for an investment opportunity that is completely bogus.
S15, EP14 "California Schemin'"In sun-drenched San Diego, entrepreneur and real estate developer Gina Champion-Cain lures in investors with a glamorous, beachy image and promises of sky-high returns on short-term liquor license loans.
S15, EP13 "Million Dollar Prison Kickback"Chris Epps charms his way up the ladder, from prison guard to the top post of Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner. Once in office, he and his businessman buddy, Cecil McCrory set up shop, siphoning kickbacks and bribes.
S15, EP12 "The Spy Who Conned Me"A former weatherman claiming to be an undercover spy infiltrates Washington's intelligence circles where he collects millions with his tales of running a top-secret national security operation for the CIA.
S15, EP11 "Financial Infidelity"Purported entrepreneur Antonio Mariot Wilson changes his name, pitch, and act to play a series of roles, and the inveterate huckster fleeces unsuspecting investors for decades, including television star Jenifer Lewis.
S15, EP10 "The Accused Crypto Couple"Heather Morgan transforms herself into a business owner, journalist and fledgling rap artist known as Razzlekhan; She and her husband stand accused of laundering 4.5 billion dollars worth of stolen bitcoin, breaking a government record.
S15, EP9 "COVID Cons"While an estimated $100 billion in COVID relief funds is stolen, this seasoned family of fraudsters easily grabs millions of dollars Americans desperately need to buy themselves mansions, jewelry and gold.
S15, EP8 "Chasing Tesla"Serial entrepreneur Trevor Milton founds the electric vehicle company Nikola, which suggests it will be the next Tesla, but for long-haul trucks.
S15, EP7 "The Polygamist and the Bio Fuel Baron"CEO Jacob Kingston appears to be a rising star in Utah's fledgling biofuel industry, until a member of a secretive polygamist group called The Order reveals that Kingston is committing a 1.1 billion dollar fraud.
Stacy Keach narrates this dissection of the dark side of the American Dream, a survey of how far some people go to become rich, no matter the cost to themselves and those around them. Real-life cases are reviewed and involve such criminal activity as credit card scams, identity theft, counterfeiting and Ponzi schemes.
Original Air Date: Jun 21, 2007
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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