The Kingpin Next Door
S15, EP12 "The Kingpin Next Door"
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The story of a suburban Eagle Scout turned Dark Web drug lord; Aaron Shamo launches a new type of American drug ring, recruiting other Utah millennials to help him manufacture deadly counterfeit opioids and sell them online.
Original Air Date: Feb 02, 2022 • CNBC • 43m
The Biggest Theft of All Time?
S15, EP11 "The Biggest Theft of All Time?"
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Jho Low is accused of being one of the biggest thieves the world has ever seen; authorities say he's the mastermind of an international scheme to steal over $4 billion from the government of Malaysia.
Original Air Date: Feb 02, 2022 • CNBC • 43m
Boeing's Deadly Design
S15, EP10 "Boeing's Deadly Design"
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Two new Boeing 737 Max jets fall out of the sky five months apart, killing 346 people; investigators home in on a software program known as MCAS; some critics say the real culprit is a corporate culture that values shareholders over passengers.
Original Air Date: Jan 26, 2022 • CNBC • 43m
How WeWork Went Wild
S15, EP9 "How WeWork Went Wild"
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Inside the rise and near-collapse of WeWork, the startup co-founded by its former CEO, Adam Neumann, who mesmerizes venture capitalists with grandiose promises, even though WeWork turns out to be a traditional real estate leasing business.
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2022 • CNBC • 43m
Theranos CEO on Trial
S15, EP8 "Theranos CEO on Trial"
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Former employees, whistleblowers, and even a family friend-turned-foe provide new insights into the company's leadership and the mysterious long-term relationship between Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and her top deputy, Sunny Balwani.
Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2022 • CNBC • 43m
The Life & Crimes of Joel Greenberg
S15, EP7 "The Life & Crimes of Joel Greenberg"
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Joel Greenberg is a privileged millennial from a rich Florida family who one day decides to run for Seminole County Tax Collector and wins; once in office, he embarks on a breathtaking series of crimes, ranging from fraud to sex trafficking.
Original Air Date: Jan 05, 2022 • CNBC • 43m