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Phineas and FerbPhineas Flynn and his stepbrother, Ferb Fletcher, are determined to make every day of their summer vacation fun. They try building a full-scale roller coaster, becoming musicians, building a backyard beach, and traveling back in time to meet dinosaurs. Their family pet, Perry the Platypus, doubles as a secret agent and battles evil. Meanwhile, older sister Candace is tattling on them to Mom and Dad, though she can never seem to catch them in the act.
S3, EP4 "The Belly of the Beast; Moon Farm"Phineas and Ferb make a mechanical version of a historical shark; the boys take some cows to the moon.
S1, EP1 "Rollercoaster; Candace Loses Her Head"The boys build the world's greatest roller coaster; Candace is surprised during a trip to Mount Rushmore.
S1, EP8 "Are You My Mummy?; Flop Starz"The boys capture Candace, who is wrapped up like a mummy; Phineas and the Ferb-Tones become a one-hit wonder.
S1, EP3 "Raging Bully; Lights, Candace, Action!"Phineas enters a thumb-wrestling contest with Buford; Candace tries out for the lead in her favorite play.
S3, EP2 "Run, Candace, Run; Last Train to Bustville"Phineas and Ferb invent a pair of boots that make the wearer extraordinarily fast; the kids decide to create and race a giant hot air balloon.
S3, EP1 "The Great Indoors; Canderemy"Phineas and Ferb build a huge biodome; Candace pays a visit to Jeremy's house.
S3, EP3 "Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!"Ferb puts together a clip show of the gang's favorite moments in celebration of Phineas' birthday.
S1, EP9 "Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!; Tree to Get Ready"The boys scare Candace with a fake Bigfoot; Phineas and Ferb create treehouses for themselves and Candace.
S1, EP12 "It's About Time!"Dr. Doofenshmirtz makes Perry the Platypus jealous with his new nemesis; Phineas and Ferb travel back in time.
S1, EP7 "Jerk de Soleil; Toy to the World"Phineas and Ferb create a circus for the neighborhood; the boys market a wooden toy version of Perry the platypus.
S1, EP4 "A Hard Day's Knight; I, Brobot"Candace joins a jousting tournament at the Renaissance festival; the boys build robot clones of themselves to complete more projects.
S1, EP11 "Mom's Birthday; Journey to the Center of Candace"The boys undermine Candace's birthday gift for their mother; a shrinking sub excursion into Isabella's dog ends up in Candace.
S1, EP5 "Run Away Runaway; I Scream, You Scream"Candace models clothing created by Phineas and Ferb; the boys cheer up Isabella after her tonsils are taken out.
S3, EP5 "Ask a Foolish Question; Misperceived Monotreme"Candace discovers that Phineas and Ferb have invented a computer that can answer anything; Candace takes Perry to the Charity Pet Wash with her.
S3, EP6 "Candace Disconnected; Magic Carpet Ride"The phone the boys invent for Candace sends her back to Easter Island; Dr. Doofenshmirtz's new invention picks Vanessa up from class.
S3, EP7 "Bad Hair Day; Meatloaf Surprise"Candace gives herself a bad haircut; Doofenshmirtz enters a family meatloaf recipe with a secret ingredient into a competition.
S3, EP17 "Tri-Stone Area; Doof Dynasty"Phineas and Ferb are cavemen and invent something useful; Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to remodel his place; Phineas and Ferb must rescue Princess Isabella.
S1, EP10 "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World; The Ballad of Badbeard"The boys create a monster truck for Candace to practice her driving skills; Grandpa tells the boys about Badbeard the pirate while on a camping trip.
S1, EP13 "Dude, We're Gettin' the Band Back Together!"When Dad forgets his wedding anniversary, the children must find their parents' favorite band; Dr. Doofenshmirtz plans a birthday party for his daughter.
S1, EP21 "Ready for the Bettys; The Flying Fishmonger"Phineas and Ferb stumble upon Perry's secret lair; the boys help their grandfather jump a gorge on his motorcycle.
S1, EP14 "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted"Phineas and Ferb get shipped off to reform school; investigative talk show host Morty Williams prepares an eye-opening report on the school.
S1, EP15 "Greece Lightning; Leave the Busting to Us"Phineas and Ferb re-create a chariot race; a reality show records the brothers building a white-water rafting ride.
S1, EP16 "Crack That Whip; The Best Lazy Day Ever"The boys build a roller-derby rink so that their grandmother can compete against an old rival; Phineas and Ferb take the day off, to Candace's dismay.
S3, EP8 "Phineas and Ferb Interrupted; A Real Boy"Candace spends the entire day in the backyard so that she can bust her brothers; Dr. Doofenshmirtz thinks Vanessa overhears him say he would rather have a son to do his evil bidding.
S3, EP9 "Mommy Can You Hear Me?; Road Trip"Candace injures her ankle and is told to stay in bed; Phineas and Ferb decide to build a truck stop diner on top of the RV.
S3, EP10 "Skiddley Whiffers; Tour de Ferb"The kids build a giant version of their favorite childhood game; Baljeet confesses that he is part of a long line of bicycle race losers.
S3, EP11 "My Fair Goalie"Ferb's cousins visit from England and challenge him to a soccer match.
S1, EP17 "Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C.; Voyage to the Bottom of Buford"Phineas and Ferb unearth a real caveman who falls for Candace; the boys help Buford retrieve his pet goldfish.
S1, EP20 "Put That Putter Away; Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?"Candace asks Stacey to bust the boys and their new golf course; a teleporter accident switches Perry and Candace's brains.
S1, EP18 "Traffic Cam Caper; Bowl-R-Rama Drama"Perry tries to destroy traffic cam footage sought by Candace; Phineas and Ferb build the world's largest bowling ball and pins.
S1, EP26 "Unfair Science Fair; Unfair Science Fair Redux"Baljeet's science project.
S1, EP25 "Out to Launch"Phineas and Ferb create a rocket ship to explore a star that was named after them.
S1, EP19 "Got Game?; Comet Kermilian"The boys create "The F Games" to help Buford and Isabella settle a disagreement; Candace has an encounter with Jeremy's little sister Suzy.
S3, EP12 "Perry the Actorpus; Bullseye!"Perry wins a contest and becomes the spokesanimal for Totally Tools.
S3 "Escape from Phineas Tower; The Remains of the Platypus"The boys have fun with an escape tower until it becomes self aware.
S3, EP15 "Ferb Latin; Lotsa Latkes"Phineas and Ferb create their own language, Ferb Latin; Phineas and Ferb clone potatoes when all of them go missing in Danville.
S3 "What a Croc!; Ferb TV"Crikey the Crocodile has gone missing.
S1, EP24 "Out of Toon; Hail Doofania!"Phineas and Ferb create a cartoon where they are the heroes and Candace is the villain; the boys create a Rainbow-inator to help Isabella see her first rainbow.
S2, EP28 "The Beak Parts 1 and 2"When the boys are mistaken as a super hero, a villain arrives in town to challenge them.
S1 "Flop Starz"The boys write a hit song and perform it on "Super American Pop Teen Idol Star"; Dr. Doofenshmirtz builds a giant robot.
S1 "The Fast and the Phineas"The boys enter the family car in an auto race; Perry must stop Doofenshmirtz from deflating every inflatable in the world.
S3 "Delivery of Destiny; Let's Bounce"Paul the Delivery Man on a journey.
S3 "Quietest Day Ever; Bully Bromance Breakup"When Mom asks the kids to be quiet, Phineas and Ferb create ninja outfits.
S3 "The Doonkleberry Imperative; Buford Confidential"The boys search for doonkleberries for mom's famous doonkleberry pie; Phineas and Ferb create an amazing run-through-the-sprinkler experience.
S3, EP31 "Sleepwalk Surprise; Sci-Fi Pie Fly"The boys create a Perry that can go anywhere and do everything with them; Candace's plans to watch over the boys backfire.
S3, EP26 "Meapless in Seattle"Meap returns to save Phineas and Ferb from his nemesis Mitch; Dr. Doofenshmirtz decides to revisit his former nemesis, Peter the Panda.
S3 "The Mom Attractor; Cranius Maximus"Candace asks the boys to invent a device; the boys invent a brain booster.
S3, EP32 "Sipping With the Enemy; Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets"Candace tries to bust the boys; the boys help their father unearth a piece of history.
S4, EP3 "Der Kinderlumper; Just Desserts"Candace is picked to be rutabaga princess.
S4, EP6 "Bee Day; Bee Story"The boys make a giant inflatable wading pool for Mom; Isabella and the Fireside Girls attempt to get their Bee Keeping patch by turning themselves into bees.
S4, EP4 "Sidetracked"Agent P teams up a human agent to stop a hijacked train.
S4, EP10 "Knot My Problem; Mind Share"Candace believes she will have an easy day; the boys ask her to get mom.
S4, EP5 "Primal Perry"When Perry comes face to face with an Australian platypus hunter named Liam set out on destroying him, his unwavering demeanor is threatened and his life is put in danger.
S4, EP11 "La Candace-Cabra; Happy Birthday, Isabella"The boys set out to prove the existence of the elusive Chupacabra; Phineas and the gang celebrate Isabella's birthday in a big way.
S4, EP8 "Great Balls of Water; Where's Pinky?"When Candace thinks Jeremy is bored with their usual hangouts, she sets out to find something unique to do with him; When Pinky goes missing, Phineas and Ferb create a machine that will amplify Buford's senses to those of a dog's.
S4, EP17 "Thanks But No Thanks; Troy Story"Candace discovers that a neighbor has witnessed all of Phineas and Ferb's summer antics.
S4, EP14 "Love at First Byte; One Good Turn"Phineas and Ferb's mom needs help; Candace and Stacy compete.
S4, EP18 "Cheers for Fears; Just Our Luck"Candace asks for Phineas and Ferb's help making Jeremy's birthday gift.
S4, EP19 "Return Policy; Imperfect Storm"Phineas and Ferb create a wind amplification device.
S4, EP24 "Steampunx; It's No Picnic"Phineas and Ferb discover an old coin and go back in time; Isabella plans a picnic for Phineas.
S4, EP32 "Tales From the Resistance"After Doofenshmirtz is defeated, a new threat in the 2nd Dimension emerges, leaving it up to Phineas, Ferb, Candace and her resistance fighters to defeat this new foe.
S4, EP29 "Lost in Danville; The Inator Method"A mysterious capsule falls into Phineas and Ferb's backyard; a model solar system.
S4, EP27 "Star Wars"In a parallel universe far, far away, Phineas and Ferb are tasked with returning the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance before Storm Trooper Candace catches up to them; complications arise when Perry is trapped in carbonite.
S4, EP26 "Operation Crumb Cake; Mandace"Isabella sends a letter to Phineas admitting her true feelings; Doof invents an "-inator" to disguise himself as the local pizza delivery boy.
S4, EP25 "The Klimpaloon Ultimatum"Phineas and the gang help Love Handel prove the existence of Klimpaloon, the magical bathing suit that lives in the Himalayas.
S4, EP23 "The Return of the Rogue Rabbit; Live and Let Drive"When Isabella and the Fireside Girls' marionette show turns out less than spectacular, Phineas and Ferb offer their help; Perry tries to stop Doof from winning the Grand Prix.
S4, EP22 "Doof 101; Father's Day"With summer vacation at hand, Phineas and Ferb decide to make each day more exciting than the last with outrageous adventures.
S4, EP7 "Bully Bust; Backyard Hodge Podge"Buford must keep Phineas and Ferb's invention from disappearing.
S4, EP2 "Fly on the Wall; My Sweet Ride"Candace is turned into a fly.
S4, EP1 "For Your Ice Only; Happy New Year!"NHL superstar Luc Robitaille offers his assistance when Phineas and Ferb take an ice hockey game to the extreme; Phineas and Ferb plan their own New Year's Eve ball drop.
S3 "This Is Your Backstory"Norm, a host of an odd reality show, looks at the eventful life of Dr. Doofenshmirtz.
S2, EP39 "Make Play; Candace Gets Busted"Candace switches places with a princess who looks just like her; Linda and Lawrence take a trip and they entrust Candace to be in charge of the house.
S2, EP38 "Rollercoaster: The Musical! Part I & Part II"In this musical, Phineas and Ferb revisit the day they built their gigantic rollercoaster.
S2, EP37 "Split Personality; Brain Drain"Candace is split into two Candaces; Phineas and Ferb make a sick day triathalon.
S2, EP36 "The Secret of Success; The Doof Side of the Moon"Phineas and Ferb build a powerful ATV: Phineas and Ferb plan to create the world's tallest building.
S2, EP35 "We Call It Maze; Ladies and Gentleman, He Is Max Modem!"Phineas and Ferb create a life sized maze filled with fun obstacles; Linda is asked to do a Lindana reunion concert.
S2, EP34 "Wizard of Odd, Part I & II"Phineas and Ferb spin the house in order to paint it more quickly.
S2, EP33 "Nerds of a Feather, Part I & II"At the annual Comic Book Convention, Phineas and Ferb are caught in the middle of a duel between the fantasy fans and the sci-fi fans, and the boys must get them to set aside their differences so that they can get back to having fun.
S2, EP31 "Summer Belongs to You - Part 1"Phineas and Ferb plan to travel around the world on the longest day of the year; Mom and Dad leave for the weekend leaving Candace in charge.
S2, EP30 "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation"Candance finds a lava rock necklace and Phineas and Ferb ride some waves.
S2, EP29 "She's the Mayor; The Lemonade Stand"Candace becomes mayor for the day; ultimate lemonade stand.
S2, EP27 "The Lizard Whisperer; Robot Rodeo"The boys' chameleon grows to a dinosaur's size; Phineas and Ferb put on a rodeo with robotic bulls.
S2, EP25 "Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers; Ain't No Kiddie Ride"Candace becomes convinced that Ferb is an alien; Phineas and Ferb trick out the kiddie rides at the grocery store.
S2, EP24 "Undercover Carl; Hip Hip Parade"Carl intercepts blueprints for an anti-gravity fun launcher; the boys encourage the neighborhood children to build customized floats.
S2, EP23 "I Was a Middle-Aged Robot; Suddenly Suzy"Candace wants to win the father-daughter obstacle course; Candace baby-sits for Jeremy's little sister.
S2, EP22 "Just Passing Through; Candace's Big Day"The boys create an orb that allows them to pass through solid objects; Candace is excited to be the Maid of Honor at her aunt's wedding.
S2, EP21 "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation"The boys work on turning the city of Danville into a giant thank you card for Santa Claus.
S2, EP20 "What Do It Do?; Atlantis"Candace blames the boys for an abandoned device; while at the beach, the boys and other neighborhood children locate the city of Atlantis.
S2, EP19 "Picture This; Nerdy Dancin'"The boys invent a transporter to retrieve any object; Candace convinces Jeremy to be her dancing partner for a hit TV show.
S2, EP18 "The Bully Code; Finding Mary McGuffin"Dad accidentally sells Candace's favorite doll at a yard sale; after Baljeet saves him, Buford vows to become Baljeet's slave.
S2, EP17 "Cheer Up, Candace; Fireside Girl Jamboree"Phineas and Ferb give Candace a makeover; Candace hopes to join the Fireside Girls before the Paisley Sideburn Brothers perform.
S2, EP16 "Bubble Boys; Isabella and the Temple of Sap"Baljeet goes around town in a giant bubble; the Fireside Girls go on an adventure to obtain a patch for sap collecting.
S2, EP15 "Phineas and Ferb's Musical Cliptastic Countdown"Major Monogram and Dr. Doofenshmirtz host a countdown of the top 10 musical numbers from the series.
S2, EP14 "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo, Part I & II"While in the future to obtain a new tool, Phineas and Ferb run into future Candace.
S2, EP13 "No More Bunny Business; Spa Day"Candace finds a rabbit that is actually an undercover spy; Phineas and Ferb build their own spa.
S2, EP12 "The Baljeatles; Vanessessary Roughness"Phineas and Ferb help Baljeet by forming a band; Vanessa Doofenshirtmz tries to convince her dad she is a responsible adult.
S2, EP11 "Hide and Seek; That Sinking Feeling"Phineas and Ferb shrink their friends to play indoor hide-and-seek; Baljeet enlists Phineas and Ferb to help him impress an old friend.
S2, EP10 "Oh, There You Are, Perry; Swiss Family Phineas"Phineas and Ferb build a musical device to find Perry; the family becomes marooned after a storm shipwrecks them on an island.
S2, EP9 "Let's Take a Quiz; At the Car Wash"Candace finds out that Jeremy will star in a television commercial; Phineas and Ferb help Isabella and the Fireside Girls by building an automatic carwash to help with fundraising.
S2, EP8 "Thaddeus and Thor; De Plane! De Plane!"The Flynns' neighbors have relatives visiting who are very similar to Phineas, Ferb and Candace; the boys set out to build a bigger plane than Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose.
S2, EP7 "The Chronicles of Meap, Parts I & II"Phineas and Ferb accidentally knock an alien space craft while playing baseball.
S2, EP6 "Perry Lays an Egg; Gaming the System"Phineas and Ferb care for an egg they believe belongs to Perry; the boys create their own video game starring themselves.
S2, EP5 "Don't Even Blink; Chez Platypus"Candace tries to find where her brother's wild creations go when they disappear; Chez Platypus becomes the most-trendy restaurant in town.
S2, EP4 "Day of the Living Gelatin!; Elementary, My Dear Stacy"Phineas and Ferb are inspired by Candace's dessert club; Candace and Stacey assume the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Watson to try to bust the boys in London.
S2, EP3 "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister; Backyard Aquarium"Candace uses Phineas and Ferb's newest invention to gain height she needs for a modeling career; the boys build an aquarium in their backyard.
S2, EP2 "Interview With a Platypus; Tip of the Day"Phineas and Ferb invent an animal translator; the boys produce a huge concert event to raise awareness for the plastic thing at the end of shoelaces.
S2, EP1 "The Lake Nose Monster"Phineas and Ferb work to rescue the Lake Nose monster from the effects of zinc-free water after Dr. Doofenschmirtz removes all the metal from the water.
S2 "The Beak"Phineas and Ferb build the ultimate extreme skate track obstacle course; they meet trainee reporter Isabella and decide to invent a machine to turn them into ultimate superhero The Beak.
S2 "Not Phineas and Ferb; Phineas and Ferb-Busters!"When Irving's brother, Albert, calls Phineas and Ferb fakes, Buford and Baljeet pretend to be the boys so that Irving can prove Albert wrong; Candace runs a bust camp in her backyard to prep for busting Phineas and Ferb.
S1, EP6 "The Magnificent Few; S'winter"Phineas and Ferb herd stampeding cattle back to a carnival; the boys create a winter wonderland in the middle of summer.
S1, EP2 "The Fast and the Phineas; Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror!"The boys enter the family automobile in a car race; then, a tropical beach paradise in the backyard goes awry.
Phineas Flynn and his stepbrother, Ferb Fletcher, are determined to make every day of their summer vacation fun. They try building a full-scale roller coaster, becoming musicians, building a backyard beach, and traveling back in time to meet dinosaurs. Their family pet, Perry the Platypus, doubles as a secret agent and battles evil. Meanwhile, older sister Candace is tattling on them to Mom and Dad, though she can never seem to catch them in the act.
Original Air Date: Aug 17, 2007
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
4 seasons available on demand (51 episodes)
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