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Basketball WivesThe best friends featured in this series have more than mutual companionship in common: They are either the wife, ex-wife or girlfriend of an NBA superstar. Though they drive expensive cars, live in mansions and wear designer clothes and jewelry, life is not always glamorous. Protecting what they have takes a lot of work ... like fending off groupies, dealing with the jealous kind and trying to find stable ground in their often unstable world. Shaunie O'Neal, Shaquille's ex-wife, is the show's featured star and one of its executive producers.
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S11, EP13 "The Reunion"The ladies come together to hash out their differences that have been brewing all season.
S11, EP12 "Love Lost & Love Found"The ladies go to Houston, where Pastor Keion helps Evelyn gain clarity about her relationship with Lavon; Vanessa is met with opposition when her basketball gym dream becomes a reality; Jen is shocked when Christian pops the question.
S11, EP11 "Shop Til You Pop"Evelyn throws a popup for her fashion line; Jen's boyfriend, Christian, checks Vanessa for gossipping about his kids; Brooke thinks about getting back with her ex; Brittany makes a decision about her place in the group.
S11, EP10 "Pain to Purpose"Brittany distances herself from the group. Brooke turns pain into purpose and finds herself growing close to her ex. As Vanessa's business endeavors come to a halt. And Evelyn works on her relationship.
S11, EP9 "Wrong Impressions"Evelyn wants to support Vanessa but gets the wrong impression; Brittany goes on a blind date and distances herself from the group; Jac'Eil makes progress with her business; Lavon comes to town.
S11, EP8 "Not So Magic Mike"Brooke prepares for a fundraiser in Los Angeles; in Arizona, the other ladies head out to an all-male review for their last night shenanigans; the evening takes a turn when Jen throws shade at Clayanna.
S11, EP7 "The Double Standard"Jackie promotes healing with a trip to a shaman; Brittany realizes there is a double standard while Evelyn and Jennifer rekindle their friendship; Clayanna tries to fix things with Jac'eil; Jennifer confronts Vanessa about investigating Christian.
S11, EP6 "Turning Up the Heat"Jackie brings the ladies on a healing trip to Arizona, but is unsure if everyone will come; Brittany begins to wonder if she started the body shaming with Brooke; things take a turn for the worse at Brooke's birthday bash.
S11, EP4 "Who Are You, Where Did You Come From?"Jen is skeptical when Clayanna invites her to lunch; when Lavon comes to town, Evelyn is faced with having a tough conversation; Jen introduces younger boy-toy Christian to the women; Jac 'Eil worries about the group dynamics.
S11, EP3 "Ice Queens"Brittany brings the wives ice skating for some wholesome fun, but her frustration over co-parenting causes a crack in her plan; Vanessa faces off with Evelyn one-on-one; Brooke battles with her anger over the loss of her daughter.
S11, EP2 "Homewreckers"Shaunie tries to broker peace between Evelyn and Vanessa; Evelyn gets cold feet in her relationship with Lavon; Brittany's motives are questioned after she is spotted out to dinner with Shaq; Jackie gets an unexpected olive branch by an old friend.
S11, EP1 "Back in the Building!"Evelyn Lozada is back in the fold but when Brooke Bailey throws her a party there are mixed feelings in the group; when Jackie Christie introduces newcomer Vanessa Rider into the mix, a surprising personal vendetta is revealed.
S10, EP26 "Reunion"The basketball wives return for one final ponderosa; receipts are brought and bombshells are dropped; Jackie and Jen attempt to repair their fractured friendship.
S10, EP25Brooke struggles with keeping a secret and is grilled by her friends; Duffey shocks Iman with a re-proposal, but the celebration turns to confrontation when Jen decides to take legal action against Jackie.
S10, EP24The ladies take a day cruise, Duffey arranges a group therapy session, Angel deliberates joining the group in Mexico, and Brooke deals with conflicting emotions over ending her marriage.
S10, EP23Duffey's plan for her surprise re-proposal to Iman in Mexico is in full swing, but Brittish worries her legal issues may prevent her from attending; Jen and Jackie's relationship takes a turn for the worse, and Brooke has second thoughts on divorce.
S10, EP22Jackie has strong feelings about Jennifer's documentary, Jennifer holds a casting call for her glamorous hair show, and Brandi struggles to forgive Duffey after their trip to Sacramento, CA.
S10, EP21Jackie sends one of the guests packing after a fight, Angel deals with a family emergency, and Duffey employs skills learned in therapy to handle her loyalty conflict with Brandi.
S10, EP20Brooke's husband tries to dissuade her from divorcing him; Brittish accompanies Angel to a postpartum depression support group; tensions rise as Jackie hosts the women in Sacramento, Calif.
S10, EP19Angel decides to prioritize herself and Amani, Jennifer vents to Jelani about Jackie's true intentions, and Brittish invites the ladies to blow off some steam with destructive therapy.
S10, EP18Tensions erupt at LA Fashion Week when Jackie tries to upstage Jennifer; Brandi and Duffey's issues escalate and cause a scene at the show; Angel leans on Brittish when she admits to struggling with postpartum depression.
S10, EP17Brittish is devastated by the addition of her ankle monitor; reality sets in for Brooke as she officially files for divorce; Brandi and Duffey seek other support after their blow up at the winery; Angel struggles to juggle mom life.
S10, EP16Brittish suffers a major setback in her legal situation, while Brandi and Duffey find themselves at odds as growing tension reaches a boiling point; Jackie's parenting skills are put to the test, and Malaysia makes a major decision about her future.
S10, EP15Jackie demands a ponderosa with the ladies to set the record straight; Brooke tries to sever ties with her husband; while Duffey and Iman encounter a relationship roadblock. Jennifer reveals a rumor about Malaysia which leaves everyone speechless.
S10, EP14After a shocking discovery, Brooke finds her marriage in crisis; Jennifer takes a bold leap forward in her relationship with Jelani; Malaysia takes small steps returning to the sisterhood; Jackie feels offended when Brittish calls out her meddling.
S10, EP13As the Palm Springs trip concludes, Brooke and Jackie struggle to resolve their issues; Jen receives a surprise visitor and a startling proposal; Malaysia makes a decision about her family's future; Angel enters the final days of her pregnancy.
S10, EP12Emotions flare amongst the group as Brooke tries to wrestle control of the trip away from Jackie; a bewitching activity catches Brandi off guard; Brittish relies on the sisterhood for comfort as she struggles to cope with her recent arrest.
S10, EP11Jackie tries to uplift the ladies' spirits with a secret, surprise trip; Jen ponders the next step in her relationship with Jelani; Brooke's plans for IVF take a turn; British reveals life changing news that may jeopardize her future.
S10, EP10Jackie advances into her acting career and lands a movie role; Angel struggles with her high-risk pregnancy; Jen hosts an event to launch her luxury hair line, but Malaysia brings a guest that threatens her relationship with the other women.
S10, EP9Malaysia and Brandi try to mend their friendship, but Brandi is still hesitant; while producing her first track, Duffey disagrees with Iman over her decision to continue being a DJ; the ladies go head-to-head at a basketball game soiree.
S10, EP8On the Vegas trip, tensions boil over as Nia attempts to apologize to Angel, but the other ladies aren't convinced she is sincere; Duffey plays her last DJ set but has second thoughts about ending her career for good.
S10, EP7Duffey kicks off her birthday by inviting the ladies to her final performance in Vegas, but needs to reconcile with Angel; Brandi has to make a life-changing decision about her health; Brooke needs her kids' approval before beginning her IVF journey.
S10, EP6Duffey asserts her need for a career; Angel preps her kids for the new baby; Jackie brings the ladies together on her podcast; Brandi has a health scare.
S10, EP5The women express concern for Angel's relationship; cheating accusations shock the group; Jen is unsure if she wants to pursue things with her new crush after an awkward first kiss; Brandi starts a passion project in her late father's honor.
S10, EP4Angel throws a gender reveal party and is rattled when Nia makes an inappropriate joke; Jackie faces the consequences of meddling in Brittish's relationship with her ex-fiance; Jen opens herself up to love and is surprised by what she finds.
S10, EP3Jen works through grief and finds peace; tensions escalate when Duffey hosts a matchmaking event; Malaysia's unexpected guest rattles Brandi, Brittish navigates new issues with her ex-fiance, and Jackie meddles with her friends' love lives.
S10, EP2Duffey finds herself torn between choosing her DJ career or family, while Brandi and Malaysia deal with the fallout from their former friendship in their own ways; Brooke hosts a fabulous party for her birthday.
S10, EP1Familiar faces return for an extravagant wedding celebration, but tensions between former friends threaten to derail the affair.
S9, EP7The staycation comes to a close; Feby returns, only to discover a few missing faces; Jackie makes plans for peace between Jen and Evelyn; the ladies reflect on the highs and lows of the the trip and the year.
S9, EP6Malaysia and Kristen's conversation with OG leaves the group wondering about the future of the sisterhood; Nia and OG spill some revealing tea about their relationship; Shaunie and Evelyn question their place in the group; Jackie loses her cool.
S9, EP5Malaysia and Jackie try to compromise; Nia reveals unexpected information about Feby's ex; Jen is over OG's attitude; Malaysia and Kristen are willing to give peace a chance.
S9, EP4Malaysia and Jackie come face to face; Liza is encouraged to move on from her ex; Nia and Noria Dorsey join the staycation; OG opens up about her childhood trauma.
S9, EP3A girls' getaway is just what the ladies need during these unprecedented times; Jackie dials up the volume on her peacemaking efforts; the group is in for an awakening after a highly anticipated conversation.
S9, EP2The ladies deal with the repercussions of the pandemic lockdown and flee to separate parts of the country; Kristen helps Malaysia find new ways of confronting her grief over her brother's murder; Evelyn suggests a girls getaway.
S9, EP1Evelyn tries to broker peace between Malaysia and Jackie; Feby has a new beau; OG takes a big step with Kwame; Shaunie makes a major announcement; Jackie's plans to get the ladies together are disrupted by the arrival of COVID-19 in Los Angeles.
S8, EP18 "Reunion Part 2"Jackie attempts to prove her innocence; Malaysia and Jen face off; one of the ladies makes an unexpected exit; Marc Lamont Hill sits down with Shaunie to discuss the impact of colorism within the African American community.
S8, EP17 "Reunion Part 1"Jennifer clears up what she said about Shaunie's relationship with her ex; Feby calls Jackie out on a lie; OG is forced to make a decision.
S8, EP16Evelyn has printed receipts that prove OG might not only be a cheater but a home wrecker too; Kristen makes a decision that will forever affect her future with Cece and Byron; Jackie finds herself in the middle of two opposing sides.
S8, EP15Shaunie, Evelyn, Malaysia, Feby, and Kristen may have lost the battle against the other ladies, but they are determined to win the war as they plot ways to take down Cece, OG and Jackie.
S8, EP14The ladies arrive in Costa Rica where the division among the group is worse than ever; Cece takes aim at Evelyn for butting into her family business; Feby takes shots at Jackie.
S8, EP13Jen finds herself at odds with Evelyn and Malaysia when photos from her Sip 'n Shop surface with her face edited out; OG feels burned by the group when no one shows support at her retirement gala.
S8, EP12Shaunie and Evelyn are ready to find Mr. Right; Kristen and Thomas call a final family meeting in efforts to fix things once and for all; Jackie receives devastating news that may change her friendship with Evelyn for good.
S8, EP11Malaysia and Evelyn question Jennifer's motives for getting back in the circle; Kwame returns home to find OG planning moves for their future together; a malicious article hits the blogs about Malaysia.
S8, EP10Peace may still be possible for the Scotts after Byron and Thomas take a step forward in their relationship; Evelyn faces her ex's daughter after years of estrangement; Malaysia and Jen air out their issues.
S8, EP9Someone is spreading rumors about Malaysia and her kids; OG and Cece reach a crossroads in their friendship.
S8, EP8Shaunie and the entire O'Neal family celebrate a huge milestone in Shareef's recovery; Tami dives head first into a new creative venture; Jackie forces Feby to face the music.
S8, EP7Byron sets the record straight about his role in the Thomas rumor; Malaysia refuses to forgive and forget her issues with Jennifer.
S8, EP6Kristen's hope for a Scott Family resolution is renewed when she receives some promising news about Byron; Jen's plus one raises eyebrows; Evelyn and Jen come face to face in San Diego no one is safe.
S8, EP5The Scott family is noticeably absent at Cece and Byron's engagement party, leading Malaysia to confront OG; Shaunie plans a getaway to calm the tensions amongst the group, but when Jen shows up, Evelyn has her boxing gloves ready.
S8, EP4A series of robberies causes Shaunie and her family to pick up and move; the group eyes Cece as the source of the rumor about Thomas.
S8, EP3Evelyn hosts an event for her new business venture, but things go completely haywire when OG drops a bomb on the Scott Family; Tami deals with the reality of her ex's serious health scare.
S8, EP2Tami faces her daughters after getting secretly married without them; Malaysia's attempts at mending the peace with her family lead to more drama; Jen battles emotional demons from her past.
S8, EP1Shaunie deals with her son Shareef's devastating diagnosis; Tami keeps a major secret from the ladies; Kristen's invite to Cece's wedding gets revoked; Jen returns to reignite old flames.
S7, EP17 "The Reunion"It's time for a ponderosa as the ladies sit down for the "Basketball Wives" reunion; they rehash the drama from the past season, throw some new shade, and will give viewers two of the biggest surprises of the season.
S7, EP16Bringing Jen to Amsterdam backfires in spite of Evelyn's good intentions; Jen's presence ignites a firestorm that no one could have expected; Malaysia reaches her breaking point; Evelyn hears rumors about her family that Jen has been spreading.
S7, EP15Kristen and CeCe's family issues finally come to a head; Shaunie continues her weed research while the other women enjoy the sights of Amsterdam; Jen finally makes her arrival in Amsterdam, making sure to bring plenty of drama along.
S7, EP14Kwame makes a grand gesture for OG; the ladies are excited to arrive in Amsterdam, but tempers quickly erupt; Evelyn convinces Jen to fly to Amsterdam to defend herself.
S7, EP13Tami drops the bomb on Reggie that she wants to call off their engagement and fears he will end their relationship; tension between Kristen and CeCe continues to build; Shaunie wants to boost her marijuana education with a trip.
S7, EP12After her poor behavior at Jackie's event, Jen focuses on her love life; Kristen's stress at home has her thinking twice about more children; CeCe and Kristen keep their distance from each other.
S7, EP11Malaysia attempts to face her fears and meets with a police officer; Tami's cold feet about marriage get icier; Jackie hosts a premiere party for her Public Service Announcement, but things go left when Tami and Jen go head to head.
S7, EP10Evelyn's trip to Puerto Rico becomes a more emotional experience than she bargained for; Jen enlists professional help to solve her love life issues; Malaysia has a difficult talk with her son.
S7, EP9Jackie stars in a play, but her nerves threaten to get the best of her; OG deals with the death of her brother and the loss ultimately brings her and an enemy close; the wives come out to support Jackie's play.
S7, EP8Tami lashes out at Evelyn, leaving the entire group taking cover and taking sides; as an escape, Evelyn puts together a charity event, but Shaunie refuses to welcome Jen; Malaysia tries to get CeCe and Kristen past their conflict.
S7, EP7Shaunie investigates a rumor that could blow up the group, but it results in more questions than answers; Malaysia is pleasantly surprised when Cece and Byron set her up on a blind date; Tami lashes out.
S7, EP6OG and her man discover they're not seeing eye to eye on marriage; Malaysia tries to keep her family from tearing itself apart; an explosive rumor threatens to destroy a friendship within the group.
The best friends featured in this series have more than mutual companionship in common: They are either the wife, ex-wife or girlfriend of an NBA superstar. Though they drive expensive cars, live in mansions and wear designer clothes and jewelry, life is not always glamorous. Protecting what they have takes a lot of work ... like fending off groupies, dealing with the jealous kind and trying to find stable ground in their often unstable world. Shaunie O'Neal, Shaquille's ex-wife, is the show's featured star and one of its executive producers.
Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2010
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Rating: TV14
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