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Southern Charm"Southern Charm" reveals a world of exclusivity, money and scandal dating back through generations of families in Charleston, S.C. The docuseries follows several Charleston singles as they pursue their personal and professional lives while trying to preserve their family names, because just one social faux pas can taint a family's name for generations. Members of the notoriously closed society unlock the gates of their centuries-old homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives. Viewers get a peek at a social scene which is bound by tradition and ostentation unlike any other culture in America, through a group of the city's most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern-belle equals.
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S9, EP17 "Reunion Part 2"The reunion continues as season newcomers Rod and Rodrigo join the group; after a surprising twist, Taylor and Olivia remain on tenterhooks.
S9, EP16 "Reunion Part 1"The charmers sit down for a reunion after a tumultuous season; Austen and JT see each other for the first time since their faceoff; Shep finds himself in the hot seat; Taylor and Olivia delve into the root of their broken relationship.
S9, EP15 "Beyond the Valley of the Southern Dolls"Whitney throws a bash to celebrate his new man cave; Shep finally works through his feelings with Taylor; Austen confronts Olivia about simmering tensions; the party goes south when Austen and JT go head-to-head.
S9, EP14 "Playing House"As the trip to Jamaica winds down, Olivia and Taylor's relationship comes to an explosive head; back in Charleston, Madison plays host for Paige and Craig, who are confronting tough questions in their relationship.
S9, EP13 "Choppy Waters"The crew spends a day partying on a yacht; despite their fun in the sun, Austen and Shep finally come to blows.
S9, EP12 "Chasing Waterfalls"The Charmers first day in paradise is overshadowed by a salacious article that causes Olivia and Austen's progress to backslide; Madison enjoys her last hurrah before trying for baby #2.
S9, EP11 "Jamaican Me Crazy"Craig decides that the perfect way for Paige to get to know his friends is a group getaway to Jamaica; as they touch down in paradise, Olivia questions where she stands with Austen; Shep keeps his distance from Taylor.
S9, EP10 "A Royal Reckoning"Whitney is forced to host the annual Gentleman's Dinner solo; Craig once again questions the timeline of Austen and Taylor's dalliance.
S9, EP9 "Strange Bedfellows"The guys' weekend of fishing and debauchery is interrupted when Olivia and Taylor crash their mountain getaway; tensions flare and Shep erupts after a game of ping pong goes terribly wrong.
S9, EP8 "Bra-gate"Shep decides the guys need a break from the chaos of Charleston, S.C., so they escape to his family home in the North Carolina mountains; when Rod finds out about a secret rendezvous between Olivia and Austen, all bets are off for a tranquil getaway.
S9, EP7 "The Naked Truth"Shep and Taylor try to move forward as friends, while Olivia and Rod's romance continues to blossom; when JT hosts an intimate dinner party, Southern etiquette is stripped away after Madison exposes Taylor's secret.
S9, EP6 "Family Bonds"The drama comes to a halt when a tragedy affects the Charmer's close circle and they rally to support Olivia.
S9, EP5 "Party Fowl"Shep attempts to put the group's messiness aside and host a proper Southern dinner for his closest friends; when Olivia learns the truth from Taylor about what really happened with Austen, emotions boil over and Austen gets skewered.
S9, EP4 "In Vino Veritas"After Olivia hears what went down between Austen and Taylor, she's unsure how to move forward; Taylor brings the group together for her first big work event and more rumors bubble to the surface; Shep wastes no time confronting Austen.
S9, EP3 "He Said, She Said"The girls decide Taylor needs a good old-fashioned Southern soiree, swapping tales and spillin' tea; Shep kills the fun, however, when he delivers a scandalous rumor to Olivia's front door.
S9, EP2 "Spilling the JT"The spotlight is on the aftermath of accusations spilled at Madison's wedding party, but attention quickly turns when newcomer JT vocalizes his suspicions about Austen and Taylor to Shep.
S9, EP1 "Vows, Vendettas and Vibrators"The Charmers celebrate Madison's marriage to her Prince Charming, but everyone isn't in a festive mood; Austen comes face-to-face with multiple exes; Craig gets caught in the crossfire of an icy reunion between Shep and Taylor.
S8, EP17 "Reunion Part 2"Craig faces the consequences of his actions; Venita comes to terms with a harsh truth; Taylor shares a significant piece of news about her love life.
S8, EP16 "Reunion Part 1"The cast members come together to look back at the season, including highs and lows.
S8, EP15 "Wreck the Halls"Craig prepares for the gala; Shep reflects on his actions; Venita worries about her friendships; Austen and Olivia make strides in their relationship.
S8, EP14 "Trawlin' and Brawlin'"Austen finds it hard to bite his tongue when Shep feels attacked by the group; Naomie leans on her friends for support when Craig lashes out but finds Venita's allegiance is elsewhere.
S8, EP13 "St. Simon Says Fight!"Shep tries to right his wrongs from Auldbrass; Austen expresses concern for Taylor's future with Shep; Craig loses his temper.
S8, EP12 "Guys and Dolls"Patricia invites the guys over for a gentlemen's dinner; the ladies get together for a night out; the girls take the time to face their issues head on.
S8, EP11 "Guess Who's Coming to Friendsgiving"The holiday season is off to a rocky start when the gang gets together for a Friendsgiving feast; Austen hosts and leaves certain people off the guest list; a newly single Kathryn searches for things to be grateful for; Paige comes to town.
S8, EP10 "Walking on Eggshells"Tensions continue to rise on the group's trip to Auldbrass; Craig demands apologies; Olivia wrestles with her feelings about Austen; Whitney deals with the repercussions of breaking bro code; an egg toss scrambles Shep and Taylor's relationship.
S8, EP9 "Auldbrass Glitters Is Not Gold"The gang takes a much-needed break from Charleston and heads to Auldbrass, an estate designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright; Naomie divulges her new love interest to Leva and Austen, who prove they are not the best at keeping secrets.
S8, EP8 "Holy Mutt-rimony"The wedding countdown begins for Lil Craig and Peaches; Shep opens up to Whitney about his marriage fears; Austen sulks when Olivia arrives with a date; Craig and Naomie bump heads on boundaries; maid of honor Madison and best man Austen bump heads.
S8, EP7 "Clean Slates and Secret Dates"After being excluded from Olivia's oyster roast, Venita looks within and spends time with her mom in hopes of gaining insight to her family's secret past; Craig may have a new secret of his own when he goes against Paige's wishes and meets Naomie.
S8, EP6 "Shuckers and Sinners"Shep and Craig help Austen move things out of his childhood home; Taylor voices concerns about Shep's past infidelity back in Charleston; Olivia prepares to throw an oyster roast, and one guest's presence causes Austen to spiral.
S8, EP5 "Exes and Uh Oh's"Madison and Venita's joint party takes a turn for the worse; Paige sets ground rules for her relationship with Craig; Shep struggles to get Taylor to trust him while he's away; Kathryn sets up a girls night out to celebrate her new status.
S8, EP4 "It's My Party and I'll Fight if I Want To"Austen gets emotional when he learns his parents are selling his childhood home; Chleb leans on his cousin for support in the wake of his breakup with Kathryn; Shep's past comes back to haunt him when Taylor voices her concerns for their future.
S8, EP3 "Barbecues, Breakups & Betrothals"The boys have a barbecue and while the grill gets hot, the drama does too; Craig looks to Paige for advice on how to mend his friendship with Austen, but Austen's got bigger fish to fry when he learns some shocking news about Madison.
S8, EP2 "Suspicious Minds"Chleb is on the receiving end of Kathryn's anger and makes a big decision; Austen is hurt that Craig didn't tell him about hooking up with Naomie and suspects the former couple is hiding an even bigger secret.
S8, EP1 "Great Ex-pectations"After a tumultuous year, the Charleston crew is back and ready for a fresh start; Kathryn throws herself a 30th birthday party to celebrate another decade and a clean slate with a new man by her side.
S8 "Never Before Scene 807"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 809"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 808"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 813"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 801"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 802"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 812"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 810"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 805"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 803"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 804"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 811"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 814"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 815"A special episode featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S8 "Never Before Scene 806"Bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S7, EP13 "Secrets Revealed"The group celebrates Republic's seventh anniversary; Pat's struggle to hire Michael; what the guys really got up to during lockdown; what Madison and Kathryn really think of Shep; Craig's personal hygiene.
S7, EP12 "Reunion Part 2"The reunion concludes with a roller coaster of emotions.
S7, EP11 "Reunion Part 1"Craig holds nothing back when confronting Madison for a snide comment she made about his relationship; a scorned Austen questions his ex-girlfriend's motives; Shep's fidelity to his girlfriend is called into question.
S7, EP10 "Treehouse of Cards Pt. 2"Madison learns Austen has been hooking up with another woman; Kathryn finally confronts her DM scandal; fractures in the group threaten friendships.
S7, EP9 "Treehouse of Cards Pt. 1"Pringle and Shep co-host a pool party; Leva finally calls out the boys on their unyielding defense of Kathryn; Austen looks to close the chapter on Madison for good.
S7, EP8 "It's My Party and I'll Go If I Want To..."On the heels of their breakup, Madison invites everyone to what was supposed to be Austen's birthday party; Kathryn struggles in her friendships with Danni and Madison Simon.
S7, EP7 "Low Country Broil"Shep tries to charm his way out of the doghouse with Taylor; after an apology tour, Kathryn continues to face backlash for her exchange on social media; Austen refuses to accept that his relationship with Madison is over.
S7, EP6 "Love Sick"John cozies up to Madison as she reaches a decision about Austen; after Craig debuts his HSN line, Patricia has an announcement of her own; Shep and his girlfriend struggle with the pressures of quarantine; Leva confronts Kathryn.
S7, EP5 "Monumental Challenge"Charleston reopens with big changes due to the pandemic and social unrest; everyone comes to grips with the new normal.
S7, EP4 "Single and Ready to Pringle"Despite tensions among the guys, they prepare for Patricia's annual dinner party; John follows Patricia's advice and decides to pursue Madison, even though he would be breaking bro-code with Austen; Charleston deals with the onset of coronavirus.
S7, EP3 "A Pair and a Spare"Leva hosts a Persian dinner for the girls; the boys discover John doesn't honor bro-code; Shep and Taylor double-date with Austen and Madison; Kathryn finds out a secret about Thomas.
S7, EP2 "Charleston Whine and Food Festival"Shep continues to spread gossip at his party, upsetting Madison and ultimately affecting his friendship with Austen; Leva comes to Cameran's defense and confronts Kathryn for igniting the rumor mill; Patricia suggests John pursue Madison.
S7, EP1 "The Good Shephard"Austen and Madison's bond is stronger than ever; Kathryn reveals a bit of gossip to Craig; with a new girlfriend and a therapist in tow, Shep's new and improved attitude leaves him determined to keep his nose out of his everyone's business.
S7 "Watch With Craig and Madison 711"Craig and Madison, from "Southern Charm," react and give commentary on the first part of "Southern Charm Reunion."
S7 "Watch With Craig and Madison 712"Craig and Madison, from "Southern Charm," react and give commentary on the second part of "Southern Charm Reunion."
S6, EP16 "Reunion Part 2"Danni tells Kathryn she is hurt by her newfound friendship with Madison; Madison, Danni and Shep go head to head; Austen has to answer the question of whether or not he made up the rumor about Shep and Danni.
S6, EP15 "Reunion Part 1"Naomie defends her boyfriend from accusations that he is controlling; Shep admits he has anger issues that stem from his elitism; Cameran accuses Craig of having an Adderall addiction; Austen questions Kathryn's sobriety.
S6, EP14 "White Gloves Off"The socialites get ready for another grand event hosted by Miss Patricia; battle lines are drawn when Austen learns that Shep and Craig's dates are the women from his infamous threesome video; Ashley considers crashing the event.
S6, EP13 "Outfoxed"Shep's ultimatum to Austen is tested after he and Madison reconcile; Ashley asks for another chance, and Eliza invites her to the fox hunt; Ashley and Kathryn come face to face for the first time in a year, and the gang prepares for a brawl.
S6, EP12 "Who Put the Mad in Madison?"After a raucous night in Colorado, Cameran and Whitney hightail it back to Charleston, while the others hit the hot springs; Austen and Madison's road to reconciliation is a rocky one; Madison repeats a rumor that throws Shep and Danni under the bus.
S6, EP11 "Rocky Mountain High Part Two"Chelsea, Cameran, Eliza, Danni, and Kathryn hit the slopes for their first-ever ski lesson, while Craig, Austen and Madison go snowboarding; Austen and Madison's relationship heats up; tensions arise during a cannabis-infused dinner.
S6, EP10 "Rocky Mountain High Part One"Kathryn confronts Whitney about a rumor; Cameran reveals to Shep that she's invited Madison to her birthday ski trip in Colorado; the trip gets off to a rocky start as a frustrated Craig unleashes his pent-up fury.
S6, EP9 "Sorry Not Sorry"The group decides to take a trip to Colorado to help Cameran rediscover her mojo; Naomie refuses to go; Eliza hosts the gang for a day of skeet shooting at her family's plantation and invites a blast from the past, which backfires big time.
S6, EP8 "New Craig, Who Dis?"Shep adjusts to life with his new puppy, Little Craig; Chelsea holds Austen's feet to the fire; Kathryn and Naomie get enlightened; when Cameran hosts an oyster roast for her 35th birthday party, she gets "turnt," and Craig the human gets livid.
S6, EP7 "Dick Moves and Dick Pics"The guys hit the town in Nashville, Tenn., in their attempt to get Austen over Madison; Patricia hosts a female-only dinner party that is even raunchier than the boys' night out, as the women share some secrets of their own.
S6, EP6 "A Salt and Battery"To get Austen's mind off his ex, the guys rent an RV and head into the great outdoors; Chelsea steps up her hair game; Eliza tries to mend fences; Cam finally asks for help with Palmer; Kathryn and Danni's friendship is at an icy standstill.
S6, EP5 "In Sew Deep"Kathryn and Danni leave the girls' trip on frosty terms; Cameran realizes she needs to get back to work; Craig decides to host a party to trick his friends into helping him sew pillows; Chelsea lays into Austen for talking behind her back.
S6, EP4 "Barking Up the Wrong Tree House"Austen has second thoughts about breaking up with Madison; Chelsea learns Austen has been badmouthing her around town; a shocking experience gives Eliza a new lease on life; Kathryn pulls another one of her stunts before the girls' trip.
S6, EP3 "Slide Into Your DMs Like..."Naomie juggles her clothing company and her family's restaurant empire; as Kathryn opens up about her new boyfriend, Craig becomes the town gossip, spreading rumors about Kat's new man and Austen's girlfriend.
S6, EP2 "Kat's Out of the Bag"Cameran gives Eliza an earful about her behavior at Patricia's party; Whitney is in the hot seat over rumors about his relationship status; Chelsea hosts a house warming party; Cameran spills the beans about Whitney and Kathryn's secret liaison.
S6, EP1 "RSVPeeved"As Charleston reels over Thomas' arrest, Kathryn deals with conflicting emotions; Cameran struggles to balance motherhood and her career; the friends gather at Patricia's dinner party, during which they are shocked by the revelation of a secret romp.
S5, EP16 "Reunion Part 2"On the dramatic conclusion of the "Southern Charm" reunion, Austen and Chelsea finally put to rest whether they will ever be more than just friends.
S5, EP15 "Reunion Part 1"After a season of betrayals, accusations and stunning revelations, the cast of "Southern Charm" come together to face the music and each other, minus one Charmer.
S5, EP14 "Ho, Ho, Ho"After five years of constant tension, Patricia finally extends an olive branch and invites Kathryn to her Winter Ball; the truce between Craig and Naomie blows up when he brings a date to the ball.
S5, EP13 "Game Changer"Thomas continues to pressure Ashley to get a job in Charleston, S.C.; Chelsea and Austen come to terms with the state of their friendship; Thomas invites the gang to watch him play in his last polo match at Brookland Plantation.
S5, EP12 "Gone Girl"After basking in the glory of his successful beer event, Austen is hit with romantic reality; Craig faces some harsh truths; Thomas and Ashley struggle to resolve their issues.
S5, EP11 "Beer and Trembling"Austen prepares to debut his beer to his family and friends; Craig makes progress on his pillows for Patricia; Cameran tries to adjust to her new life with baby Palmer.
S5, EP10 "Family Ties"As the Hilton Head trip comes to an end, Shep visits his mom and finally admits some truths about himself; Chelsea takes a trip down memory lane and opens up about her past.
S5, EP9 "Hilton Head-ache"Emotions run high during the gang's first night in Hilton Head, S.C., when Ashley confronts Kathryn; after the group is forced to pick sides, everyone walks on eggshells for the rest of the weekend.
S5, EP8 "What da Fuskie"Cameran plays the pregnancy waiting game; the gang prepares for a trip to Shep and Chelsea's hometown; feuding exes, Craig and Naomie, attempt to act civil; Austen decides to rekindle his romance with Victoria, but fears Chelsea's reaction.
S5, EP7 "Kat's Got Your Tongue"Cameran suspects that she may be experiencing labor pains; Kathryn prepares for her first day of work; Craig helps Austen realize things are over with Chelsea; Patricia tries to make Ashley into the perfect Southern Belle and hosts a dinner party.
S5, EP6 "Exes on the Half Shell"Naomie prepares to open her family's new restaurant, and finally comes to terms with the fact that she isn't over Craig; Patricia and Craig have a heart-to-heart; Cameran tries an old-fashioned trick to get baby Palmer to make an appearance.
S5, EP5 "Pulp Friction"Patricia encourages Thomas to propose; Austen's parents push him to make some strides professionally; Craig hires a coach to help him get his life on track; Naomie comes face to face with Craig's new crush.
S5, EP4 "All Talk No Action"Kathryn takes the high road by inviting Thomas' new girlfriend, Ashley, to lunch; as Cameran's due date approaches, her anxieties over becoming a mom subside; Chelsea begins to fear motherhood may never be in her future.
S5, EP3 "Groovy Baby"Patricia surprises Cameran by planning a glamorous retro baby shower, where Craig and Naomie fall back into old habits and an unexpected guest turns the event on its head; Thomas considers his future with Ashley.
S5, EP2 "The Break-Up Bunch Part 2"Shep hosts his first adult dinner party, where Craig's anxieties over seeing Naomie mount and Austen remains hopeful that he can win Chelsea back; Kathryn finally meets Ashley, the woman determined to be the next Mrs. Ravenel.
S5, EP1 "The Break-Up Bunch Part 1"Cameran prepares for the birth of her baby; Shep confesses to the downfall of his relationship following his quest to find love; Kathryn celebrates her second year of sobriety; Thomas has a new love interest.
S4, EP15 "Reunion, Part Two"Kathryn and Landon argue over the details of Landon and Thomas' alleged tryst; Chelsea confronts Shep about the night at the Commodore; Whitney reveals why he thought Austen was overreacting; host Andy Cohen previews the new series, "Relationshep."
S4, EP14 "Reunion, Part One"Cameran unveils her latest accessory; Craig and Naomie discuss their relationship; Shep gives Craig and Landon a hard time; Austen proves himself to be a more sympathetic version of his mentor; Thomas issues a threat that leaves the cast speechless.
S4, EP13 "Ain't No Thang Like a Chicken Wing"Landon and Kathryn's Key West apology sends shock waves through the South; Chelsea and Austen strive to define their relationship; Craig and Naomie decide the fate of their relationship; old tensions reemerge at JD's party.
S4, EP12 "A Tribe Called Key West"The gang heads to Key West for Cam's birthday trip; Austen questions Chelsea's commitment to their relationship; Craig finds himself on thin ice with Naomie; Kathryn reveals shocking new information about Thomas and Landon's relationship.
S4, EP11 "Boys Gone Wild"Thomas agrees to let Kathryn do a photo shoot with Kensie; Craig and Naomie question whether they should continue to be a couple; when Chelsea tells Austen about a late-night encounter with Shep; friendships are pushed to the brink.
S4, EP10 "The Hangover"Thomas and Kathryn end their standoff to celebrate their son's birthday; Cameran begins to rethink motherhood; Craig proves he's finally all grown up when he gets the keys to his new house; Shep decides he needs move out of downtown.
S4, EP9 "Guess Who's Coming to Lunch"After the chaos of Patricia's dinner, some fortunes begin to come true; Cameran agrees to see if Kathryn has really changed; Austen and Craig discuss whether Shep still has his heart set on Chelsea; Landon prepares to quash a potential relationship.
S4, EP8 "Sari, Not Sari..."Craig and Naomie visit a therapist; Austen and Chelsea continue to grow closer; Shep runs into Austen and Landon at a bar; Kathryn writes Thomas a letter; Patricia hosts an Indian-themed dinner and invites an Indian healer who reveals the future.
S4, EP7 "Fowl Play"As Kathryn contemplates a reunion with the father of her children, Patricia pushes Landon and Thomas closer together; Craig and Naomie attempt to reconcile; Shep plans a hunting getaway for the group; Chelsea falls for Austen's hunting prowess.
S4, EP6 "To Liver and Die in Charleston"Shep receives shocking news about his health; Austen and Chelsea deepen their romantic bond; Thomas and Landon's connection is tested; Jennifer hosts a Sip and See to celebrate her new baby; Craig finally seals the deal on an investment property.
S4, EP5 "Craig of All Trades, Master of None"Cameran turns to the supernatural in hopes of finding her life's purpose; Thomas asks Landon out on a date; Shep confronts Austen about his "bro-code" violation; Naomie reaches her boiling point when she learns of Craig's latest endeavor.
S4, EP4 "Shepwrecked"Kathryn struggles to cope with supervised visitation; Craig's life with Naomie starts to fall apart; Whitney confronts Landon about her true feelings for Thomas; Cameran tries to convince Shep it's not too late to win Chelsea back.
S4, EP3 "Step and Release"Craig helps Naomie throw a fundraiser, but the differences in their planning styles threatens to expose the cracks in their relationship; Thomas decides to rekindle his friendship with Landon; Shep and Chelsea share a romantic evening.
S4, EP2 "Roamin' Holiday"Cameran gets a sneak peek at motherhood; Kathryn's trip to Malibu, Calif., proves to be more than just sunbathing and surfing; Shep confronts Craig about the nature of his legal career; Thomas realizes he needs a stepmother for his children.
S4, EP1 "While the Kat's Away..."Thomas rises to the challenge of being a single father; Shep continues to be Charleston's perennial bachelor and has a new wingman, Austen; Cameran is convinced she knows the woman who can reel Shep in; Landon is back with a new boyfriend.
S3, EP14 "Reunion Part Two"Kathryn and Landon continue to argue over the details of Landon and Thomas' alleged relationship; Jennifer Snowden makes a shocking admission about her liaison with Thomas; a surprise reconciliation between two former foes leaves Cameran speechless.
S3, EP13 "Reunion Part One"Cast members rehash the tumultuous season; Cameran gets called out for being a "mean girl;" Shep recounts a stint in prison; the resentment between Landon and Kathryn causes a cast member to walk off the set.
S3, EP12 "Founder's Brawl"Kathryn appreciates that Thomas finally had her back; JD and Whitney stage an intervention to air their concerns over Thomas' erratic behavior; the gang gets together at the second annual Founder's Ball, where simmering tensions come to a boil.
S3, EP11 "Words of Wisdom"Thomas wants to prove that Kathryn and the children should not be overlooked; Patricia takes Landon under her wing and shows her how to make Shep swoon; Thomas hosts a dinner party during which a toast drives the gang apart.
S3, EP10 "From Here to Paternity"After the birth of their son, Thomas and Kathryn take baby steps towards a reconciliation; Landon makes a surprising declaration; Thomas has few reasons to rejoice after shocking revelations and fiery accusations are made during a celebratory dinner.
S3, EP9 "Saint and Sinners"As Thomas and Kathryn prepare to welcome their son into the world, JD questions whether Thomas is actually the father; Craig heads to Los Angeles for a guys' weekend; Landon reveals to Cameran the feelings she harbors for her best friend.
S3, EP8 "Whit's End"The trip puts a strain on group dynamics; Craig attempts to salvage his friendships with Cameran and Whitney; Kathryn breaks the news that the baby is coming ahead of schedule, thwarting Thomas' plans to go away to Los Angeles with the guys.
S3, EP7 "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues"Craig digs into the past to find the source of the animosity aimed at Kathryn; Cameran reveals more than expected at her therapy session; the gang enjoys the serenity of the Blue Ridge Mountains until secrets are revealed and friendships tested.
S3, EP6 "Beast of Bourbon"Kathryn reaches out to an old friend to make amends; Landon heads to New York for an opportunity; Thomas grows fearful about the health of his unborn child; Craig receives a crushing blow at work, while taking a big step forward with Naomie.
S3, EP5 "Invite-gate"Craig continues to question why Kathryn is on the outs and Shep considers settling down; Kathryn comes to terms with her volatile past and tries to make her way back into the group; Landon prepares for a Shepic birthday party.
S3, EP4 "Birds of a Feather..."Kathryn experiences complications related to her pregnancy, motivating Thomas to cosign her lease; Cameran considers seeing a therapist about her reluctance in regards to motherhood; Craig challenges Thomas' commitment to Kathryn.
S3, EP3 "Hold Your Horses"As Craig settles into his new job, Cameran recruits Shep to be her real estate partner; Landon hits her father up for money; Kathryn begs Thomas to cosign the lease on her new house; a family day spent watching Thomas play polo turns into a showdown.
S3, EP2 "Miss Domesticated"Thomas realizes he must co-parent with Kathryn in a harmonious way; Cameran decides to show off her domestic skills by throwing a dinner party; Craig comes to Kathryn's defense; Shep plays the field; Landon feels pinched economically.
S3, EP1 "Hashtagnewcraig"Craig throws himself a welcome back party and invites the gang to get back together again; Thomas and Kathryn have officially called it quits, and their tumultuous relationship continues to create a wedge between them and their friends.
S2, EP12 "Reunion"Everyone comes together to tell host Andy Cohen what's new in their lives and to discuss some of the most talked about occurences from season two.
S2, EP11 "Dysfunction Junction"As Thomas adjusts to his new post-election life, Kathryn cannot seem to let go of the past; Patricia organizes a charity event to benefit Wounded Warriors; Shep and Craig agree to participate in a date auction; relationships are pushed to the brink.
S2, EP10 "Election Day"Thomas deals with the aftermath of the accusations as election day approaches; Kathryn makes a far-reaching decision; Whitney suspects Kathryn is behind the allegations; the gang gathers at a restaurant to hear the election results.
S2, EP9 "Jekyll and Snide"Landon invites the gang to her hometown for a weekend getaway; Kathryn upbraids Whitney; after Craig and Kathryn spend a night on the beach alone, an explosive accusation threatens to upend Thomas' political aspirations.
S2, EP8 "Unaware in Delaware"After the Founders Ball, Craig encounters his boss and learns the consequences of his partying ways; Kathryn resolves to become a different person; when Shep and Whitney head to Delaware, secrets are revealed and friendships tested.
S2, EP7 "Better Late Than Never"Patricia hosts an all-male dinner party to avoid drama, but Whitney and Thomas wind up fighting; Craig invites Shep and Whitney to his parents' house; the gang gets dressed in formal attire to attend a ball; Kathryn ends up home alone.
S2, EP6 "In the Cups"As Shep plans his birthday party, Cameran decides it may be time to get a dog so she can put off having a baby; Thomas and Kathryn move downtown as the campaign heats up; the gang gets together to celebrate at Shep's birthday party.
S2, EP5 "Shep-Istotle"After another fundraiser goes awry, Thomas realizes it's time for Kathryn to get a hobby; Shep decides to stage an intervention for Craig; Whitney vows to avoid Kathryn at the fashion show.
S2, EP4 "No Good Deed"After Thomas tells Kathryn about his "Raise the Roof" campaign ad, she ditches him to spend the night with a friend; Landon helps Cooper prepare for his fashion show; Craig decides not to study for the bar; Whitney comes face to face with Kathryn.
S2, EP3 "Raising the Roof"Kathryn confronts Jennifer Snowden about the true nature of her relationship with Thomas; when Thomas enlists Whitney's help in making a campaign commercial, his relationship with Kathryn takes a turn for the worse.
S2, EP2 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"Thomas invites the gang to a dinner party, where he and Kathryn announce some big news; Cameran continues to chase after her real estate dreams; Craig refuses to settle into office life; Landon is ready to adopt a Southern lifestyle.
S2, EP1 "Return to Neverland"Kathryn and Thomas plan a second christening because their daughter's first godmother may have gotten too frisky with Thomas; Shep invites an old friend, Landon, to join him for the big day; Whitney makes a point of showing up late.
S1, EP9 "Reunion"The cast discusses the season; Kathryn and Thomas discuss their relationship.
S1, EP8 "One of the Lost Boys Leaves Neverland"Whitney shows off his new apartment; Shep brings all of the women he's sleeping with to Whitney's party.
S1, EP7 "The Third Man"The crew goes to Shep's family plantation; Whitney reveals a secret to Thomas.
S1, EP6 "The Glass Menagerie is Half Full"Thomas hosts a dinner to share his thoughts on his friends' lives.
S1, EP5 "White Ties and White Lies"A white tie party for Carolina Day; Thomas brings Kathryn as his date; Whitney brings his assistant; Jenna and Cameran go together; Shep doesn't bring MJ.
S1, EP4 "Is She or Isn't She?"Kathryn might be pregnant with Shep or Thomas' baby; white tie Carolina Day party.
S1, EP3 "In the Cups"Thomas gives it another try with Danni; Shep discusses his future with an old girlfriend; Jenna hosts a pool party at her new home; Kathryn arrives with Whitney and drops a bomb on Thomas.
S1, EP2 "Sh-epic Fail!"Thomas thinks he's found the one until she questions his past; cocktails cause Shep to make questionable decisions; Whitney starts looking for a place of his own.
S1, EP1 "Peter Pan 'Sin'Drome"Whitney Sudler-Smith hosts a garden party; one Charmer brings home a young society girl.
"Southern Charm" reveals a world of exclusivity, money and scandal dating back through generations of families in Charleston, S.C. The docuseries follows several Charleston singles as they pursue their personal and professional lives while trying to preserve their family names, because just one social faux pas can taint a family's name for generations. Members of the notoriously closed society unlock the gates of their centuries-old homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives. Viewers get a peek at a social scene which is bound by tradition and ostentation unlike any other culture in America, through a group of the city's most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern-belle equals.
Starring: Craig Conover, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Shepard "Shep" Rose, Austen Kroll, Leva Bonaparte, Madison LeCroy, John Pringle, Naomie Olindo, Venita Aspen, Olivia Flowers, Taylor Ann Green, Chleb Ravenell
Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2014
Genres: DramaRealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
9 seasons available on demand (146 episodes)
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