The Election
S5, EP13 "The Election"
Katie pushes Cooper to share his passion for the culinary arts and ambition of becoming a chef with his autocratic father; Greg and Principal Ablin go head-to-head when the election results offer an interesting twist; the Otto family gets a surprise.
Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2021 • ABC • 21m
How Oliver Got His Groove Back
S5, EP12 "How Oliver Got His Groove Back"
Katie plays matchmaker by impersonating Oliver on his social media account to win over a girl; Lonnie helps Greg dig up dirt on his political rival.
Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2021 • ABC • 22m
The Guardian
S5, EP11 "The Guardian"
Katie and Greg secretly test Kathryn to see if she would make a good guardian for Anna-Kat in the unlikely event something should happen to them; after tracking down J.D.'s potential egg donors, Tami and Katie scheme to learn more about them.
Original Air Date: Mar 03, 2021 • ABC • 21m