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Get Tammy BruceTammy Bruce delivers commentary about the left's talking points and identity politics.
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""Creepy Joe" Acts Up"Tammy comments about a remark made by President Joe Biden during a virtual COVID-19 conference.
"Sudan Crisis"Tammy speaks about the crisis in Sudan.
"Attacked by Antifa"A discussion on Antifa and protests that have occurred since the Democrat debates.
"Portland's Pandemonium"Tammy discusses the happenings in Portland, Oregon for the city and Mayor Ted Wheeler.
"The Katie Hill Scandal"Katie Hill's resignation from Congress following a sex scandal and the implied double standard.
"Alec Baldwin's Prop Gun Mishap"Tammy discusses the accidental shooting of Halyna Hutchins and why it has turned political.
"New FBI Headquarters"Tammy shares her thoughts on the FBI building a new headquarters that will cost billions of dollars.
"Victimhood in Identity Politics"Tammy discusses victimhood in identity politics and how dangerous that can be.
"Stick to Sports"Analyzing the U.S. women's soccer team's devastating defeat.
"The Political Theater"Examining the outcome of the January 6 trials.
"Elon Musk's Big Plans"Tammy examines what will become of Twitter now that Elon Musk owns the platform.
"Threats to Democracy"Tammy shares her views on threats to democracy.
"Get Woke, Go Broke!"Tammy questions whether the turnover rate is enough for the GOP to win the next round of elections.
"Bad Sports"The U.S. women's soccer team's political stance.
"The Scully Scandal"C-SPAN suspends journalist Steve Scully after he admits to lying about his Twitter being hacked; Tammy breaks down what one can learn from this scandal and why it matters.
"Failure of Gascón, "Fight Not Over""A petition to recall the Los Angeles County District Attorney, George Gascón, has failed; Tammy discusses regulations that banned observers from watching the recount.
"Matt Taibbi Fires Back"The IRS shows up at journalist Matt Taibbi's house and Tammy dives deep into everything 'IRS' in today's episode.
"Smash and Grab"Tammy discusses the smash-and-grab robberies trend.
"Recapping Rose McGowan's Interview"Recap of an interview with actress/activist Rose McGowan.
"Britney's Battle"The controversy over singer Britney Spears' conservatorship.
"New York's Bail Reform"Discussing New York's new bail reform law.
"The Democrats' Fantasy"Mainstream media reports President-elect Biden will have an all-female communications team, seeming to forget that President Trump and others in the Trump administration have done so already.
"The Menace of the SPLC"Tammy breaks down the "Cop City" attack in Atlanta.
"United States of Greenland"President Trump suggests buying Greenland.
"Pregnant Male Emoji"A new emoji depicting a pregnant man was released in the newest iPhone update; Tammy shares her thoughts on the decision and why it matters.
"Biden's Blunders"A discussion on Joe Biden, who is currently ahead of his fellow Democratic presidential candidates despite his gaffes and a video from 2017 featuring a strange anecdote.
"Scholarship Scandal"Tammy discusses a scholarship scandal at a high school in Virginia.
"Not-So-Shocking Suspicions"Tammy weighs President Trump's claims of voter fraud.
"A Win Against the Mob"Trader Joe's sticks with packaging petitioners deem "racist."
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy answers views' questions about political issues.
"New IRS Agents, Old IRS Schemes"The IRS is expected to hire 87,000 new agents.
"The Squad's Influence"Tammy comments on "The Squad's" influence on Democrats.
"Who We Are: Christmas Edition"Tammy shares heartwarming stories to get in the holiday spirit.
"Raid on Mar-a-Lago, "It's Gone Past Politics""Former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in Florida is raided by the FBI; Tammy shares her thoughts.
"Promises Made, Promises Kept"Tammy shares her column as a final argument for President Trump as Election Day nears.
"Biden's Blunders"Tammy critiques President Joe Biden.
"The Police Force and COVID-19"The Police Benevolent Association of New York wants to stop enforcing social distancing rules.
"Victims vs. Victors"Tammy claims the left makes people feel like victims.
"An "Incredible Transition" or an Economic Hit?"Tammy weighs in on rising gas prices.
"Medical News You May Have Missed"Tammy Bruce delivers commentary about the left's talking points and identity politics.
"Staffing Struggle"Tammy shares her thoughts on Build Back Better, the COVID-19 surge, economical struggles and the White House staffing issue.
"Elitist on the Left"Tammy discusses Nancy Pelosi.
"Watch What You Tweet"Tammy calls for being skeptical of those in power.
"Year of Republican Women"A record number of Republican women have seats in Congress after the 2020 election.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy answers viewers' burning questions.
"The Real Threat Within"Kamala Harris recently compared the current status of domestic terrorism to the actions of September 11th.
"LA's New DA"Discussing Los Angeles County's new district attorney George Gascón's directive to prosecutors.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy discusses trusting an ex-Democrat and protecting elections.
"The Second Sham-peachment"The second impeachment of former President Donald Trump ends in his acquittal; however, some disastrous news on the left emerges that tells Tammy this second witch hunt was used to cover up their tracks.
"Meltdowns and Removals"Tammy discusses Ilhan Omar's removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee.
"Haley's Deep State Revelations"Discussion of Republican politician Nikki Haley's new memoir and "deep state" politics.
"Police Protest, Progress Is Not Possible"North Carolina police officers protest against their new manager by quitting their jobs; Tammy discusses leftist discourse.
"Americans Give Back"Despite the economic turmoil the pandemic's shut-downs brought, Americans remained the most charitable people and donated at a record high in 2020.
"What You Missed"The destruction of monuments, memorials and statues.
"BLM Marxist Millionaire"One of the founders of Black Lives Matter buys a home.
"Concealing COVID"Tommy shares her thoughts on COVID-19 data and the omicron variant's spread.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy answers questions surrounding Trump and other politicians.
"Where Is the Baby Formula?"Baby formula is not exempt from the food shortages affecting the nation; Tammy examines the magnitude of this issue and the White House's reaction to the scarcity of this product.
"Nudge Theory"Tammy talks about the Colonial Pipeline.
"Children Are Not Property"Tammy dives deep into the recent discussion of the 'parental rights movement'.
"Mask Mandate No More"Tammy shares her thoughts on mask mandates.
"The Overlooked Pandemic"Tammy discusses nationwide shortages of antibiotics and children's medicine.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy answers viewers' questions regarding her writing process, a Clinton and Trump showdown in 2024, and whether New York is safer with a new mayor.
"Military Meals Scandal"A number of National Guard troops were sickened by the food served while stationed at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
"The Bright Side"In Texas, parents start taking back control over their children; Tammy discusses this movement and many others.
"House of Identity Politics"The House passes a rules package for the new session of Congress that includes eliminating gendered language such as "mother" and "father."
"Mainstream Media Mistakes"Analysis of media coverage of COVID-19 and the Wuhan lab leak theory.
"What Will Happen to Our Country?"Tammy discusses the future of the country and government.
"The GOP's Failure"Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) forgets to cast a proxy vote for Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) that would have killed the $1.9 billion security spending bill.
"The Terrible Teens"Tammy discusses the devastating statistics of teenagers going through depression and mental health issues.
"MLB's Bad Move"The MLB moves their All-Star Game out of Atlanta in protest of Georgia's voting law; Tammy says the victims of this decision are workers and businesses, already struggling from the pandemic.
"Catch and Kill"Tammy dives into the revelations made in Ronan Farrow's new book, "Catch and Kill."
"Death of Right & Wrong"Two boys behind the deadly attack on 13-year-old Diego Stolz do not receive jail time; Tammy says this is a grotesque example of the death of right and wrong in society.
"Flip-Flop Fauci Bids Farewell"Tammy discusses Anthony Fauci's decision to step down and why his approaching exit matters.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy answers viewers' questions.
"No Consent Needed"Discussing a bill that would allow kids as young as 12 to be vaccinated without parental consent.
"President Trump Tests Positive"Reactions to President Trump testing positive for COVID-19.
"First Presidential Debate"Tammy reacts to the first 2020 presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.
"Justice Served?"Tammy revisits the tragic death of Kate Steinle as the man who killed her faces new charges.
"New COVID Strain Unmasked"Researchers at Boston University's National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory have created a new strain of coronavirus and insist it is not gain-of-function research; Tammy breaks down what this means and why it matters.
"Maxine Waters Eggs on Protests"Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) emboldens protestors in Brooklyn Center, Minn., telling them to "get more confrontational."
"Kidnapping Plot Case Collapses"Tammy discusses the men in the alleged plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer walking free.
"COVID and Control"Discussing talks of launching a door-to-door effort to vaccinate Americans.
"Biden's Identity Politics"Tammy discusses Joe Biden's recent radio interview.
"Biden Denies Allegations"Tammy breaks down the latest on the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.
"The Yovanovitch Testimony"Former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testifies before Congress.
"Australia in COVID Captivity"Tammy discusses Australia's handling of the pandemic.
"Kamala's ID Opinion"Tammy comments about Vice President Kamala Harris.
"Truth Social"Former President Donald Trump releases a new social media app, "Truth Social," after being banned from the majority of other sites; Tammy explains why this matters.
"Biden's Anti-Gun Agenda"Tammy talks about the Biden administration.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy discusses whether Republicans can win a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020 and the Ukrainian controversy whistleblower.
"Government Micro-Management"Berkeley, CA is the first U.S. city to pass a "healthy checkout" ordinance.
"Big Tech's Conservative Censorship"Tammy discusses President Trump and his removal from social media services.
"Canceling Cancel Culture?"Discussing how Don Lemon has once again made headlines.
"Transgender Swimming Ruling Makes Waves"Tammy gives her take on the transgender women ban from elite swimming competitions.
"A.I. Takeover"Tammy dives deep into A.I.
"What You Missed"With all eyes looking ahead to November 3, Tammy shares some important news and other stories one may have missed.
"Arming Teachers in the Name of Safety?"Tammy discusses House Bill 99 approved by the Governor of Ohio.
"Person of the Year"Time magazine chooses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for "Person of the Year," rather than honoring health care heroes and other front-line workers.
"It All Starts With Their Vote"A look at Boston officials' push for sixteen and seventeen-year-olds to vote.
"Civil Rights vs. Government"Tammy shares her opinion on keeping an eye on civil rights.
"The Biden Administration's Chaos"From the crisis at the border to economic decisions, Tammy breaks down the Biden administration.
"NSBA Claims Parents are Domestic Terrorists"Tammy discusses the letter claiming certain parents are potential domestic terrorists.
"Biden's Approval Continues to Drop"Tammy discusses Biden's approval rating.
"Taking Away Trophies"Tammy discusses how North Carolina's lawmakers are seeking to ban any participation trophies in youth sports.
"Disaster for the Bidens"Tammy breaks down scandals.
"FBI Targets Catholics"Tammy breaks down the facts and gives her opinion about the news of the FBI coming after traditional catholics.
"Combatting Critical Race Theory"Tammy weighs in on critical race theory and how to fight it.
"Biden Blasts, "Justice Has Been Delivered""Tammy speaks about the drone strike that killed Ayman al-Zawahiri.
"Crime During COVID-19"Tammy reveals burglaries are on the rise in New York and prison inmates are being released early.
"Escape From Afghanistan Continues"Tammy tackles the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
"Dr. Fauci vs The American Spirit"Tammy discusses Dr. Anthony Fauci and his references to the American spirit during the pandemic.
"'Tis the PC Season"Tammy discusses PC culture.
"Liz Cheney's True Colors"Tammy talks about Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney.
"Cyberattack Risks at Home"Tammy discusses her theories on potential cybersecurity threats.
"Lockdowns Looming?"Doctors have identified a new variant of COVID-19; Omicron is sparking discussion on vaccine efficiency, holiday travel, and another lockdown.
"AOC's Identity Politics"Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez shares her experience of the insurrection at the Capitol using victimhood, the key to identity politics, which Tammy says was in an effort to manipulate people politically.
"Maintaining Law and Order"Tammy discusses President Trump's reaction to the removal of monuments, memorials and statues.
"Dogs Trained to Sniff Out COVID-19"The story of how dogs might be able to sniff out COVID-19.
"Wet Markets Exposed"Tammy dishes on why she feels wet markets should be shut down worldwide.
"What's at Stake in 2020"A look at what may be at stake in the 2020 election.
"GOP Donor Buys Twitter Stake"GOP donor Paul Singer buys a major stake in Twitter.
"No More New Normal?"Tammy discusses the new normal and why Dr. Fauci's latest statement matters.
"MAGA's Far From Over"Former President Donald J. Trump took to the stage at CPAC on Sunday night and made it clear that he wasn't going anywhere.
"Paying for Good Behavior"Tammy shares her thoughts on paying criminals.
"Atheism in America"American public spaces and religious symbols.
"Demise in Baltimore"Tammy asserts that there have been decades of mismanagement by Democrats in Baltimore and other U.S. cities.
"The Soleimani Strike"Tammy explains why she stands by President Trump's decision to kill Iranian military leader Gen. Qassem Soleimani.
"First Amendment Win"A professor who refused his school's order on a transgender student's preferred pronouns wins in court.
"Why the Gabby Petito Case Matters"Tammy explains why she feels the Gabby Petito case matters.
"Vaccination Segregation"New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces that vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans will be seated separately at baseball games and other events.
"Illegal Child Services"Tammy discusses incidents happening with children.
"Chaos at the Capitol"Tammy reacts to last week's Capitol Hill riot.
"What About Unity?"President-elect Joe Biden makes what Tammy calls a weak statement denouncing "all violence" at the "Million MAGA March" in Washington, D.C., over the weekend.
"Don't Forget Your Mask!"Discussing new instructions for Americans to social distance and mask if there is a nuclear fallout.
"2020's Election Integrity"As the race to 270 continues, President Trump alleges foul play in election integrity; Tammy breaks down the latest and why it matters.
"The Anti-Semitic Epidemic"An intruder stabs five people during a Hanukkah celebration at a Hasidic Jewish rabbi's home in New York state.
"What You Missed"Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) shares her experience of the insurrection at the Capitol using victimhood, the key to identity politics, which Tammy says was in effort to manipulate people politically.
"Alarming Assembly Bill"Tammy likens a proposed New York state public health law to "fascism."
"Democrats and Identity Politics"Tammy discusses Democrats and identity politics.
"Goya & Guilt by Association"Tami discusses a controversy involving Goya Foods.
"Continuing Biden Hypocrisy"Tammy discusses classified documents and the Biden family.
"Humanity's Response to Coronavirus"The importance of maintaining human connections while social distancing.
"Stories You May Have Missed"Tammy talks about some news that might have been missed.
"Kamala's Border Crisis"Analysis of Vice President Kamala Harris' trip to Central America.
"Maskless Super Bowl"Tammy discusses lifting the mask mandate for the Super Bowl.
"The People Have "Booed," Pelosi Is Out"Nancy Pelosi makes a surprise appearance to speak about climate change at the Global Citizen music festival in New York City and is booed by the crowd; Tammy shares her thoughts.
"Violence in D.C."Today Tammy discusses the breaking news of Rand Paul's staffer who was stabbed multiple times in Washington D.C.
"From the White House to Our Atmosphere"Tammy discusses the White House's new initiative related to geoengineering.
"White House Reporters' Strife"A Politico report says correspondents are angry with the Biden White House.
"Fauci Fights Federal Courts"Tammy discusses Dr. Fauci, the CDC and mask mandates.
"Rose McGowan Denounces the Dems"Rose McGowan showcases bravery.
"The Transition of Power to the Parents"Governor Glenn Youngkin reexamines the Virginia Department of Education's model policies.
"FBI Backlash"Individuals are held hostage at a synagogue by a man demanding the release of "Lady Al-Qaeda"; Tammy discusses the FBI's statement and explains why it matters.
"This Is Not About Racism"Tammy breaks down the news about Tyre Nichols and the consequences of police involved.
"China Caught In Action"Tammy discusses the recent China spy balloon that was shot down near the South Carolina coast.
"Child Exploitation"Tammy comments on the Netflix film "Cuties" and sexual exploitation of children.
"Floridians Fighting Back"Tammy comments on Florida Republican politicians' actions.
"CNN Mocks Trump and Supporters"The host asserts that CNN mocked President Trump and his supporters at a rally.
"Elections Have Consequences"President Trump gives his farewell and Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States; Tammy shares her thoughts on Trump's legacy and what's to come.
"Never Say Never"After talking to Pete Hegseth, Melania Trump drops hints of another run for office; Tammy shares her thoughts.
"NYC Public Schools Reopen"New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reverses a decision to close public schools.
"Barrett Holds Her Own"Tammy shares her take on the Amy Coney Barrett hearings so far, evaluating Judge Barrett's performance before the Senate committee members.
"2021 Wrap Up"Tammy shares memorable moments from 2021 and looks ahead.
"Fleeing Fauci"Anthony Fauci announces his retirement.
"Daylight Savings Debate"Tammy Bruce examines the bill and talks about her feelings regarding the Sunshine Protection Act.
"A Judge's Buzzworthy Ruling"Tammy discusses Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle's ruling to overturn a federal mask mandate.
Air Date: February 23, 2021Disney+ adds a disclaimer to warn viewers about "offensive content" on select episodes of "The Muppet Show."
"Taxpayers' Puppy Experiments"Tammy shares her opinion on Dr. Anthony Fauci.
"Political Peace Prize"The Black Lives Matter movement is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize despite riots amounting to over $1 billion in damages across the United States in 2020.
"Melania Trump's RNC Message"Tammy addresses First lady Melania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention.
"Fauci's Inconsistencies"Tammy asserts that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been inconsistent.
"Democrats Demand Dollars"Tammy discusses how the democrats are demanding an 8.7% pay hike for federal workers.
"More Mask Mandates?"Tammy takes a closer look at the revised guidance from the CDC on masking.
"G7 Gaffes"Discussing President Biden at the G7 Summit.
"Social Media Censorship"Tammy decries social media censorship.
"The Fauci Emails"Tammy eyes Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails about COVID-19.
"Southwest Scandal"Tammy discusses Southwest Airlines cancellation of thousands of flights.
"Biden Campaign Collapse"Tammy breaks down recent presidential stats and compares them to past presidential elects.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy tackles viewers' questions.
"Bloomberg Enters the Race"Tammy's reaction to Michael Bloomberg officially entering the 2020 presidential race as a Democrat.
"CNN Cuts Cuomo"Tammy comments on CNN firing Chris Cuomo.
"President Trump's Legacy"President Trump gives his farewell and Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States; Tammy shares her thoughts on Trump's legacy and what's to come.
"Relief for Some or Relief for All?"Tammy weighs in on Kamala Harris' recent rhetoric concerning equity and Hurricane Ian, and the response it has generated.
"Woke Warriors"Military recruit numbers are dropping; Tammy weighs in.
"Midterms Unmask McConnell's Motives"Tammy discusses Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.
"Charles Manson Murders Revisited"Tammy examines new developments regarding the Charles Manson murders and shares her concerns.
"Handing Out What We Have Left"Tammy assesses both liberal and conservative responses to the use of resources from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
"Cuomo's Fall From Grace"New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment and assault; Tammy offers comments regarding the claims.
"Leadership Letdown"Tammy voices criticism of President Biden.
"Politics Aren't Everything"Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, announces her departure from the White House.
"Smile: It's Time for Good News"From a community saving a man's life to a tiny terrier's pleas to be adopted going viral, Tammy shares some good news.
"Put America First"Discussing President Biden's priorities and his recent trip to Ukraine.
"The Border Crisis on Tape"Tammy shares her thoughts on the Haitian migrant surge in Del Rio and Texas.
"The Need to Have a Standard"Tammy shares her thoughts on the response to the Texas mass school shooting.
"Elon Musk Invests in Twitter"Tammy examines Elon Musk's investment in Twitter and the implications for the platform's future.
"The Queen's Legacy to the World"The world has united as one in mourning Queen Elizabeth II; Tammy breaks down the legacy of this leader and what will become of the British monarchy.
"Memorial Day"Following Memorial Day, Tammy highlights a recent recipient of the Medal of Honor, making him one of the most decorated soldiers in U.S. history.
"The Appeals"Tammy reviews how Alex Murdaugh was declared guilty for murdering his wife and son; she also discusses the possibility of Ghislaine Maxwell filing for an appeal.
"Tiki Torch Stunt"Tammy discusses the demonstrators in Virginia.
"A Thankful Holiday"Tammy takes time to focus on what she's thankful for this year.
"What You May Have Missed"Tammy talks about some news that may have been missed.
"Caucus Chaos"Discussion of delayed Iowa caucus results and Democrats.
"The Left's Last Resort"Tammy comments about rioting, Democrats and President Trump.
"NYC Vaccine Mandate Not for All"New York City Mayor Eric Adams announces a rollback on some vaccine mandates, but only for performers and athletes; Tammy discusses fairness.
"Tammy's Thanksgiving Thoughts"The left and the mainstream media insist that Thanksgiving is forgotten; Tammy evaluates the adverse response to the one true holiday that is central to America at its core.
"Bush's Bad Comments"On the 20th anniversary of September 11th, former President Bush spoke in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
"Spice Company Boycott"Penzeys Spices is asking customers to purchase gift cards to help business after receiving backlash; Tammy shares her thoughts on mixing business with politics and explains why this matters.
"Impeachment Round 2"The House impeaches President Trump for the second time in wake of the Capitol riot, with less than one week left in his term.
"PayPal Pull Back"Tammy discusses PayPal and free speech.
"Lack of Leadership"Tammy criticizes Democrats' support of protests.
"Biden's Lack of Leadership"President Joe Biden has yet to give a solo news conference, but that's just the issue on the surface; Tammy breaks down what this reveals about his leadership and why it matters.
"Ask Tammy Anything"A question is raised about whether Tammy would ever run for president.
"Cancel Culture"Discussion of "cancel culture" and the left's latest form of boycotts.
"Biden Builds The Wall, Breaking Promises"Tammy weighs in on the southern border crisis.
"Cargo Catastrophe"Tammy shares her thoughts on supply chains falling behind on consumer demand.
"Free Stuff & Revenge"A discussion on Democrat social programs and revenge.
"Biden Switches Stances"Tammy discusses how Joe Biden uses his platform.
"USPS Controversy"Tammy discusses reactions across the political spectrum to changes in the U.S. Postal Service.
"Netflix Takes a Stand"Tammy discusses a memo that Netflix issued to its employees.
"Solvang Stands Up"Discussing how the city of Solvang, CA rejects Governor Newsom's stay-at-home order.
"Protecting Your Second Amendment"Tammy discusses the second amendment and the Biden administration.
"War on the Middle Class"With the U.S. being hit with the largest inflation rate in 40 years, the Senate responds by passing the Inflation Reduction Act; Tammy weighs in on just how much the bill will help or hurt middle-class Americans.
"Wuhan Lab Leak"The U.S. Health and Human Services secretary urges the World Health Organization to launch a second investigation into the origins of the pandemic as the "lab leak" theory gains traction.
"Fight For Your Country"Tammy shares why leadership matters and how it is significant to the state of our country.
"Divisive Leadership"Tammy's take on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio encouraging snitching on social distancing violators.
"Professor Prevails Over Preferred Pronouns"A professor wins a federal court case after refusing to call a student by their preferred pronouns.
"Biden's Inflation Issue"Tammy shares her concerns about the U.S. economy as a number of products bear a higher price tag.
"A Closer Look at Democratic Donors"Tammy examines Democratic Party donors.
""Let's Go, Brandon"""Let's go, Brandon" was a misheard chant at a sporting game; Tammy shares her thoughts and explains why it matters.
"Pandemic Politics"Tammy discusses pandemic politics about large gatherings.
"Democrats' Appropriation and Inaction"Tammy discusses identity politics and an exchange between the mayor and alderman of Chicago.
"Ric Grenell Named Acting DNI"Discussing Ric Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence.
"Rittenhouse Verdict Reaction"Tammy shares her thoughts on why the Kyle Rittenhouse case matters.
"Biden's Bungled Plan"President Biden campaigns on having "a plan" and "following the science" to fight the pandemic, but now says there's "nothing we can do."
"The Blame Game"Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot gets confronted with her city's violent uptick.
"The Left's Extreme Failures"Tammy discusses policy reform in law enforcement and recent social protests.
"Abominable FBI Behavior"Tammy gives her input on accusations against the FBI by a judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.
"Remembering the Taliban Takeover"Tammy discusses President Biden's call to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
"Dance Competition Ignites Liberal Meltdown"Backlash over Sean Spicer's casting on "Dancing With the Stars."
"Crime on the Rise"Tammy breaks down the upswing of crime surges in the U.S.
"The F.B.I.'s Negligence in Nassar Case"Exploring an explosive report in the Larry Nassar abuse investigation.
"President Trump's Impeachment"Analysis of President Trump's impeachment.
"No More Grades"Colleges are deciding to get rid of grading and Tammy dives deep into her opinion.
"Palin Enters Congressional Race"Tammy discuses Sarah Palin's chances of winning with an endorsement from Former President Trump.
"Safety for the Supreme Court"Tammy talks about safety.
"Students Told To Avoid Police"Tammy discusses the police.
"Space Force Future"The U.S. Space Force unfurls its flag and launches its first mission.
"Empty Threats"Tammy discusses Democrats' "empty threats" over the GOP replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.
"Aztec Chants No More"Tammy shares her thoughts and explains how parents played a role in California removing the "In Lak Ech Affirmation" from the state curriculum.
"Power of the People"The power of everyday Americans using their voices should not be taken for granted.
"Chauvin Found Guilty"The nation witnesses the highly anticipated verdict after months of unrest following the killing of George Floyd, as former officer Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all counts.
"A Firearm Database?"Tammy discusses speculation that the Biden administration is stockpiling records of U.S. gun owners to create a database.
"What You May Have Missed"Paying for immigrants' room service; the National Park Service has requested that people stop licking toads.
"SAT Sparks Controversy"The SAT's new adversity score.
"Kamala's Questionable Words"Tammy shares her thoughts on Kamala's trip to Paris.
"Trump Whistleblower Saga"Examining the Trump whistleblower timeline and questions raised.
"The Power of Prayer"Tammy explores the power of prayer.
"Trouble for Trump"Tammy discusses the potential arrest of former president Donald Trump.
"Forcing Children to Take the Jab"Tammy examines the consequences of forcing children to get vaccinated.
"A Step For Free Speech or a Step Too Far?"Tammy examines the potential impact of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter.
"Democrat's Pandemic Hypocrisy"Some Democratic governors and mayors who have implemented strict guidelines laying out how their constituents should live their lives due to COVID-19 are caught violating their own rules.
"The Women's March"The Women's March and identity politics.
"Biden's Miami Mishaps"Tammy analyzes remarks made by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in Miami.
"Debunking Identity Politics"The left loves to play identity politics until someone doesn't agree with their agenda, such as when Caitlyn Jenner came out against biological males playing in girls' sports.
"Trump's New Platform"Former President Trump launches a new communications platform on his website, while Twitter and Facebook uphold their ban on his account.
"Democrats Exploit Disasters"Tammy asserts that Democrats try to exploit disasters.
"Will Trump Triumph?"Former President Donald Trump has officially announced that he is running in the 2024 presidential election; Tammy Bruce shares her thoughts on what he must do to succeed.
"Coronavirus Panic"People's fear of the coronavirus.
"Hunter Biden Allies Aim to Thwart Investigation"Tammy discusses what she thinks the GOP should do about the Biden family.
"Rent & Violence"Dissecting whether the inability to pay rent can lead to violent behaviors.
"Fauci's Fearmongering"Discussing Dr. Fauci's position on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
"Get Tammy Bruce"Tammy Bruce delivers commentary about the left's talking points and identity politics.
"Life-Saving DNA"DNA has recently been saving lives; Tammy gets into the reasons why DNA can be used for good.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy answers questions surrounding Governor Cuomo and more.
"No Race For Rice"Tammy speaks on the latest news of Susan Rice stepping down as President Biden's Domestic Policy Adviser.
"Controlling California"Discussing California's state law that requires large retailers to have gender-neutral toy aisles.
"What You May Have Missed"Tammy catches up on a few breaking news stories.
"Broadway's Mask Mandate"Tammy comments about Broadway theaters reopening with a mask mandate in New York City.
"Hollywood Hypocrisy"Tammy shares updates on Hollywood crime scandals.
"Jussie's Justice"Tammy comments on actor Jussie Smollett's trial.
"Bureaucrats & Responsibility"Dr. Deborah Birx announces her plans to retire after a travel "scandal."
"Ukraine Tension"Tammy discusses the situation unfolding in Ukraine.
"Identity Politics in Education"A school board in San Francisco puts school names that include figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on the chopping block; a movement to cancel Shakespeare from the classroom gains traction.
"Tesla Plant Reopens"Controversy over reopening a Tesla plant in California.
"Toys for the Soul"Statistics show that adults are buying themselves Christmas gifts this year; Tammy discusses why this is healthy and shares some of her favorite board games.
"The Democrats' Double-Standard"A newly surfaced video from 1993 appears to add credibility to Tara Reade's sexual assault allegation against then-senator Joe Biden.
"The Shelley Luther Case"Shelley Luther, a Dallas salon owner who was jailed for reopening and defying heath orders.
"Teacher's Union Under Fire"A teachers union jokes about using COVID-19 relief money to book a trip to Hawaii; Tammy says even a joke in this context matters, and breaks down what it reveals.
"Lab Leak Crisis"Tammy discusses the lab leak crisis.
"Masks For Children: Science or Politics?"Tammy shares her thoughts on the decision to mask children under five years of age in New York City.
"Who We Are"Tammy shares some amazing stories that are reminders of who people are in this season of giving.
"The "Radicalization" of Parents"Tammy discusses school board meetings across America.
"Perils of a Porous Border"For thousands of migrants rushing into the country at the U.S.-Mexico border, only a few are tested for COVID-19 and those who test positive continue unimpeded into the country.
"Victory for America"Discussion of media coverage of the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
"No Selfie Needed"The IRS website will not require a selfie to log in after receiving backlash for the decision to implement a new third-party identification system.
"The Loathing Left"Tammy breaks apart the significance of the Fourth of July and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
"Planned Parenthood Quits Title X"Planned Parenthood quits the federal Title X program.
"The Left vs. Non-Conformists"Evan Rachel Wood talks about her social media backlash and deactivating her Twitter account.
"Vaccine Mandate Deadline Arrives"Tammy shares her thoughts on the vaccine mandate and explains why it matters.
"Boris Johnson's Win"Tammy breaks down why British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party victory in the general election matters to Americans.
"Confronting the Mob"Tammy asserts that leaders facing protests need to "stand up to the mob."
"Fauci Flips on Mask Mandate"Dr. Fauci flips on the COVID-19 mask mandate again; Tammy takes a closer look at why it matters and how the mask mandate on outdoor activities could be harmful.
"What You Missed"Tammy shares a variety of interesting stories viewers may have missed as 2020 and its wild news cycle comes to an end.
"Real Progress vs. Identity Politics"NASA unveils plans to have the first woman walk on the moon and astronaut Jeanette Epps is to be the first black woman joining the International Space Station.
"Californian Health Care"Californian proposal to give immigrants who are in the country illegally free health care.
"Merrick Garland's Non-Answers"D.C. Circuit Judge Merrick Garland is President Biden's pick to lead the Justice Department, but Tammy says his answers (or lack thereof) to two important questions show how his politics may override common sense.
"England's Interesting Developments"Tammy discusses how England has been making headlines for pronoun badges and same-sex bathrooms.
"Anonymous Lies"Tammy discusses a recent article from "The Atlantic" magazine about President Trump.
"Packing the Court"Evaluating comments made by Vice President Joe Biden on the size of the Supreme Court and whether he might change that if elected president.
"The White House's Fantasy"White House press secretary Jen Psaki tells reporters that aside from a "dead on arrival" peace plan, the Trump administration didn't do "anything constructive" to end the conflict in the Middle East.
"Democrats' Destruction"Amid statues being destroyed across the U.S. in protest, NYC Mayor de Blasio announced the Teddy Roosevelt statue is to be removed from the Museum of Natural History.
"The Left's Purge List"President-elect Joe Biden speaks of unity and coming together while Democrats curate a "purge list" of Trump supporters.
"VP Harris & the Border Crisis"Vice President Kamala Harris is appointed to manage the border crisis, but has yet to go down there.
"The Weight of Will Smith's Slap"Tammy shares her thoughts on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars and whether or not the actor was in the right; she examines how this incident relates to cancel culture and the trajectory of entertainment.
"The Good News You May Have Missed"Focusing on some good news that may have been missed.
"Chinese Spy Craft"Tammy provides an update on the Chinese balloon craft.
"COVID Relief Ridiculousness"Tammy follows COVID-19 relief money to see where it is being spent.
"Crime Hits Coffee Chain"Starbucks closes multiple locations in dangerous cities due to increase in crime; Tammy shows the correlation between these incidents and the nation as a whole.
"DNC Mixed Messages"Tammy senses some mixed messaging from the 2020 Democratic National Convention; for instance, the Biden campaign condemned one their chosen speakers.
"Killers on Parole?"Tammy shares her thoughts on the potential release of Leslie Van Houten and Sirhan Sirhan.
"Daunting Dangers to Democracy"Tammy discusses recent New York Times polls.
"Ask Tammy Anything"Tammy fields viewers' questions.
Tammy Bruce delivers commentary about the left's talking points and identity politics.
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