More Than a Number

S15, EP26 "More Than a Number"

On Demand

Mark and the Ghoulz count and catalog every significant restoration in series history, from the first 1970 Road Runner to the 1971 Phoenix 'Cuda; the restorations of the past are held up against the new restorations.

Original Air Date: Mar 03, 2023 • MotorTrend • 44m
One for the Road Movie

S15, EP25 "One for the Road Movie"

On Demand

A '70 Challenger R/T has been exposed to the elements for years, but now it's time to wrap up the metal work, which could spell a lot of work for the Ghoulz; Will experiences deja vu painting another '69 Road Runner that needs a vinyl top installed.

Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2023 • MotorTrend • 44m
A Reynolds 'Cuda Reunion

S15, EP24 "A Reynolds 'Cuda Reunion"

On Demand

Mark and Tony D'Agostino revisit the Reynolds 'Cuda, a Mopar that's considered the lowest-mile 1971 'Cuda; at the shop, Will wrangles the Ghoulz to complete the assembly on a rare A-body.

Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2023 • MotorTrend • 44m
This is a Crack Up!

S15, EP23 "This is a Crack Up!"

On Demand

The team takes on a big engine challenge trying to save a 1971 Cuda numbers-matching 383, which has multiple, massive freeze cracks in the block; in the metal shop, the Ghoulz tackle another tribute wing car, this time a Daytona.

Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2023 • MotorTrend • 44m
The Thunder From Down Under

S15, EP22 "The Thunder From Down Under"

On Demand

When the local junkyard closes, Mark and Dougie have to rescue an old friend from the earliest days of Graveyard Carz.

Original Air Date: Feb 04, 2023 • MotorTrend • 44m
Is That a Freckle?

S15, EP21 "Is That a Freckle?"

On Demand

Still exhausted from SEMA in Las Vegas, Mark and the Ghoulz get back to the grind; Will prepares to paint his first 1970 AAR 'Cuda; with Mark breathing down his neck and micromanaging his methods, Will's rebellious nature is stirred up.

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2023 • MotorTrend • 44m
The 'Cuda Has a Challenger

S15, EP20 "The 'Cuda Has a Challenger"

On Demand

The Ghoulz head back to SEMA, but first they must finish the 1970 Dodge T/A Challenger tribute; the year's show features competition from one a restored Phoenix 'Cuda that was nearly incinerated in a fire.

Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2023 • MotorTrend • 44m
Orange You Glad It's K2?

S15, EP19 "Orange You Glad It's K2?"

On Demand

The team powers through an epic SEMA build, a 1970 Dodge T/A Challenger tribute in Go Mango; the car is outfitted with a supercharged Mopar Hellcat Red Eye crate Hemi, along with custom vinyl graphics.

Original Air Date: Jan 07, 2023 • MotorTrend • 44m
Memento Mori

S15, EP18 "Memento Mori"

On Demand

For the first time, the car is revealed backwards; beginning with the final product, the crew peels back the stages of the restoration; revealing what makes this 1971 Hemi Shaker Cuda special.

Original Air Date: Dec 31, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Jonesing for a Road Runner

S15, EP17 "Jonesing for a Road Runner"

On Demand

When a local car dealer wants to bring back the car of his youth, he enlists Mark to create an identical twin to his 1969 Road Runner; this car will have one or two add-ons, including a sport hood treatment.

Original Air Date: Dec 24, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Another Dreamz Machine

S15, EP16 "Another Dreamz Machine"

On Demand

Mark and Justin begin assembly on a rare 1971 Mr. Norm's Dodge Demon; the team shifts gears to focus on a 1969 Charger tribute car that's made to order.

Original Air Date: Dec 17, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Flight of the Super Bee

S15, EP15 "Flight of the Super Bee"

On Demand

The crew races to finish a one-owner 1970 Super Bee that belongs to a decorated, retired Marine; as Mark and Justin forge ahead, a snafu on Will's side of the shop may cause a total mission failure.

Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
The Road Running Home

S15, EP14 "The Road Running Home"

On Demand

Mark gets good news that Allysa is pregnant and Mark will have a grandson; he also gets bad news that one of his clients is in the hospital and doesn't have long, so the crew bands together to finish the client's 1971 Road Runner.

Original Air Date: Dec 03, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Phoenix Rising

S15, EP13 "Phoenix Rising"

On Demand

The Ghoulz prepare to reveal the mythic Phoenix 'Cuda; caught in an explosive garage fire, this '71 Hemi 'Cuda is the greatest challenge they have ever faced.

Original Air Date: Jun 29, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
The Ice-Trey 200

S15, EP12 "The Ice-Trey 200"

On Demand

The Ghoulz go to a private vehicle museum to check out its vast collection and show off their favorites to commemorate the show's 200th episode.

Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
3 Amigos, 2 Road Runners, 1 Sun Roof

S15, EP11 "3 Amigos, 2 Road Runners, 1 Sun Roof"

On Demand

Three pilot pals want three custom-built Mopars, a '70 Barracuda, a '70 Road Runner and a '68 Charger, but they want them all done at the same time; the '69 Road Runner is in assembly and the '70 Charger R/T factory-sunroof car is ready for welds.

Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m

S15, EP10 "Trey-Magnifique"

On Demand

The '71 Road Runner is in assembly, ready for its drivetrain; Mark and Doug check out a valuable '69 Hemi Charger with walking Mopar encyclopedia Tony D'Agostino; Allysa showcases a '70 'Cuda; Mark introduces his newest innovation, the Trey-Cam.

Original Air Date: Jun 09, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
A-Body in the Graveyard

S15, EP9 "A-Body in the Graveyard"

On Demand

A stunning '69 'Cuda is in assembly for Justin and Allysa to apply the hood decals; the real Mr. Norm's '71 Demon is ready for Mark and Doug to install the drivetrain; Tony D'Agostino is loitering around the shop, but at least he's bearing gifts.

Original Air Date: Jun 01, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Family Ties

S15, EP8 "Family Ties"

On Demand

Two 1969 Hemi Charger R/Ts arrive at the shop, and Mark and Doug take one for a spin as they reminisce; back at the shop, Will continues to train his son Brody as they paint a 1970 Barracuda.

Original Air Date: May 26, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
The Road Runner is In-Violet, Dougie is Plum Crazy.

S15, EP7 "The Road Runner is In-Violet, Dougie is Plum Crazy."

On Demand

Will trains his son Brody as the newest painter as they lay out FC7 In-Violet on a 1970 V-Code Road Runner and A4 Silver on a 1969 Road Runner; Mark gathers evidence of Dougie's insanity as they install the drivetrain on the A4 Road Runner.

Original Air Date: May 12, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Yeah, It's Hopped Up to Over 160

S15, EP6 "Yeah, It's Hopped Up to Over 160"

On Demand

A dream project for Mark is to create a series of Alpine White 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T tribute cars modeled after the iconic Mopar from the film "Vanishing Point"; gaining momentum in the shop, this is the first Kowalski tribute he's ever produced.

Original Air Date: May 05, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Tiny Dancer Strikes Again

S15, EP5 "Tiny Dancer Strikes Again"

On Demand

Mark illuminates the ultra-rare option of Mopar sunroofs, while the team restores a 1969 Charger R/T SE power sunroof; Mark prepares for the epic reveal of a one-of-one 1969 Charger R/T, until everything backfires.

Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
A Hunk of Burning Love

S15, EP4 "A Hunk of Burning Love"

On Demand

What do you get when you cross a bird with a fish? The one and only Phoenix 'Cuda! A tragic explosion left an incredibly valuable '71 Hemi 'Cuda in the Graveyard, but now, under the care of Mark and the Ghoulz, it's blazing through the shop.

Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Mark's Little Demon

S15, EP3 "Mark's Little Demon"

On Demand

The famous 1971 Mr. Norm's Dodge Demon is cruising through the shop; while painting the engine and body, Will takes the opportunity to train his son, Brody, while Mark interrupts, inspires and indulges in his favorite vice: vanity.

Original Air Date: Apr 13, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
I'm a Ragtop Man!

S15, EP2 "I'm a Ragtop Man!"

On Demand

Mark assists Justin in buttoning up the rear-end details of the '70 Road Runner convertible; Justin applies a full-length dust trail stripe and finishes the Road Runner off with the application of factory assembly line markings.

Original Air Date: Apr 06, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m
Fake ID

S15, EP1 "Fake ID"

On Demand

The black 1971 Hemi 'Cuda is almost a roller, as Will and his team assemble the newly painted metal; Doug trains some new blood on the 'Cuda's drivetrain; Mark tests Allysa's Mopar expertise with a car that may or may not be carrying fake ID.

Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2022 • MotorTrend • 44m