Classic and Comfort
S41, EP8 "Classic and Comfort"
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In a classic, comfort-filled joyride, Guy Fieri finds mozzarella sticks and gravy fries at a retro diner in Leavenworth, Wash.; homestyle fried chicken and grits in Draper, Utah; and stellar meatless chorizo at a vegan spot in Nashville, Tenn.
Original Air Date: Nov 26, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Tacos, Tots and Chops
S41, EP7 "Tacos, Tots and Chops"
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Guy Fieri enjoys a fun, filling fiesta, kicking off in Grand Junction, Colo., where a pub serves a real deal Reuben; a spot in Salt Lake City elevates tacos; an outrageous joint in Nashville, Tenn., cooks up Middle Eastern specialties.
Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Traditional Twists
S41, EP5 "Traditional Twists"
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Bend, Ore., where a funky spot stuffs their buns with unexpected flavors; a Puerto Rican oasis in Utah cooks real deal mofongo, and a Nashville joint serves coal-fired pizza.
Original Air Date: Nov 05, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Sandwiches and Spice
S41, EP4 "Sandwiches and Spice"
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In Bend, Ore., a bagel shop is loading up pastrami; a Venezuelan spot in Salt Lake City is making amazing arepas; a Nashville joint is putting their twist on Jamaican specialties.
Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Meat and Heat
S41, EP3 "Meat and Heat"
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Guy Fieri rolls into a tucked-away panini paradise in Chehalis, Wash.; a Korean spot in Brentwood, Tenn., gets spicy with its chicken and bulgogi; in Houston, a barbecue joint throws Tex-Mex into the mix with brisket tacos and jalapeno sausage.
Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Regional Flavors
S41, EP1 "Regional Flavors"
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Guy Fieri digs into righteous regional flavors where you may not expect to find them, like Cajun jambalaya in Bend, Ore.; Pakistani oxtail in Chehalis, Wash.; a tiki joint in Houston serves elevated dumplings and honey butter chicken biscuits.
Original Air Date: Oct 01, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m