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The Crocodile Hunter's Croc FilesSteve and Terri Irwin care for injured animals and release them back into the wild.
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EP26 "Aussie Legends"Visiting Australia's array of unique fauna, including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats and opossums.
EP20 "Pigs in the Outback"Steve and Terri have some hair-raising moments as they check out the destruction caused by wild pigs in the Outback.
EP17 "On the Road Again"Traveling the highways of Australia and the United States, Steve and Terri discover wildlife in conflict with roads.
EP5 "Small Desert Survivors"Steve and Terri head to the hottest, harshest interior of the United States to uncover the beautiful wildlife that has learned to avoid the heat and the harsh conditions.
EP6 "Dragons of the Outback"Steve and Terri try to catch a large male Perentie goanna for their zoo breeding program.
EP21 "Gators"Steve and Terri relocate zoo alligators in preparation for upgraded facilities.
EP1 "Lizards Rock"Steve and Terri admire all sorts of lizards, from the smallest of chameleons to Komodo dragons.
EP10 "Tasmanian Adventure"Cut off from the Australian mainland for thousands of years, Tasmania has become a living museum full of unique wildlife.
EP23 "Easy Tiger"Steve and Terri get chummy with Bengal tigers, snow leopards and lion cubs.
EP4 "Rattlers"Steve encounters all kinds of rattlesnakes in the United States.
EP2 "How to Catch a Crocodile"Steve demonstrates unique techniques used to catch and move rogue crocodiles.
EP19 "Fraser Island"Amazing landscapes and adventures are found on the world's largest sand island.
EP9 "Birds of a Feather"Exploring the home of pelicans at "Pelican Island.".
EP14 "Camel Training"Steve and Terri join a camel roundup in the Australian Outback.
EP14 "Mysteries of the Jungle"Steve and Terri observe creatures who have developed special traits to adapt to their jungle environment.
EP22 "Dangers of the Deep"Australia's coastal waters harbor some of the world's deadliest creatures, including stingers, sea snakes, stone fish and sharks.
EP20 "A Grain of Sand"Steve and Terri search out the stalwart creatures that inhabit deserts.
EP15 "Animal Rehab"Caring for injured animals and returning them to the wild when possible.
EP18 "Hidden Forest"Steve and Terri find some strange animals in a eucalpyt forest.
EP10 "Back to Nature"Encounters with animals that are released back into the wild.
EP8 "Leaping Lizards"Amazing reptiles thrive in harsh desert conditions in Australia.
EP9 "Pythons"Visiting bizarre places pythons call home.
EP27 "Monkey Around"Steve journeys across the globe in search of different types of primates, ranging from gorillas to macaques.
EP3 "Valley of the Reptiles"Steve and Terri visit their favorite valley in the Australian Outback to observe snakes, spiders, lizards and emus.
EP7 "Pacific Northwest"Steve and Terri trek throughout the Pacific Northwest looking at bears, beavers, bison, cougars, elk, otters and snakes.
EP2 "Monty"Profiling Monty, the longest resident crocodile at the Australia Zoo.
EP1 "Charlie"An aggressive crocodile named Charlie is rescued from life in a concrete pit.
EP21 "Vipers"Vipers have heat-seeking abilities.
EP13 "Dangerous Americans"Steve and Terri profile dangerous wildlife in the United States, such as scorpions, Gila monsters and snakes.
EP7 "Sharks"Steve shares the ocean depths with some of the types of sharks that cruise the waters around Australia.
EP24 "Rodent's Rising"Mouse and rat populations sometimes reach plague proportions in Australia.
EP8 "When Nature Calls"Steve and Terri rescue animals that have wandered into people's homes and backyards, including a koala bear and turtle.
EP12 "Freshies"Visiting freshwater crocodiles in North Queensland, Australia.
EP13 "Deadly Australian Snakes"Australia's tiger snakes, king snakes, copperheads, death adders and red-bellied snakes are some of the world's deadliest.
EP30 "In the Roar"Steve and Terri report on feisty crocodiles named Charlie, Graham, Acco and Murray.
EP11 "African Adventure"Steve studies African animals, including lions, giraffes, cheetahs.
EP24 "Strange Africans"Steve encounters more amazing wildlife, including strange snakes, scorpions and spiders, on his trek through Africa.
EP4 "World's Deadly Four"Steve and Terri set out to find the four most deadly snakes in Australia.
EP23 "Turtle Rodeo"Sea turtles are followed from hatching to the annual research roundup of the turtle rodeo.
EP5 "Making Crocodiles"Observing crocodiles as they mate, lay eggs and defend their nests.
EP11 "Dingo Fence"Steve and Terri go on a journey along Australia's Dingo Fence, the longest man-made fence in the world.
EP25 "It's a Jungle in Here"Behind the scenes at Steve and Terri's zoo, from feeding to cleaning and crocodile encounters.
EP19 "Research on Reptiles"Snake research charms some U.S. scientists who milk venom for study and antivenin, and sample lizard blood for genetic breeding.
EP15 "Big, Gray & Dangerous"Steve encounters four big, gray and dangerous animal species: hippos, elephants, rhinos and buffalo.
EP16 "Wild River Ride"Studying a remote section of a river where Steve once captured large rogue crocodiles for relocation.
EP28 "Land of the Headhunters"Steve visits headhunters in New Guinea and encounters many weird and wonderful species of animals.
EP16 "Marine Adventure"How dolphins and sea lions are trained and cared for at SeaWorld on Australia's Gold Coast.
EP3 "Web Sites"Visiting the domain of some of Australia's most venomous spiders.
EP18 "Giant Snakes"Pythons and boas are among some of the largest snakes in the world that Steve and Terri work with daily at their zoo.
EP26 "Trouble on the Hoof"Assessing environmental damage caused by hard-hoofed animals such as goats, horses, cattle and deer.
EP25 "Close Encounters"Steve and Terri meet some amazing zoo animals in Australia and the United States, including crocs and cougars.
EP5 "Bugs in the System"Steve and Terri travel the United States in search of all kinds of bugs, including desert scorpions and black widow spiders.
Steve and Terri Irwin care for injured animals and release them back into the wild.
Original Air Date: Jun 28, 1999
Genres: NatureTV Series
Rating: TVG
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