Pop Pop the Question; Lynn and Order

S6, EP23 "Pop Pop the Question; Lynn and Order"

On Demand

When the kids discover Myrtle has a shady past, they try to expose her before Pop Pop proposes; Lynn and Liam butt heads when they're forced to partner up as the middle school hall monitors.

Original Air Date: Dec 25, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Snow Escape; Snow News Day

S6, EP22 "Snow Escape; Snow News Day"

On Demand

To make it to school, the Louds must survive a monstrous Lynn when the weather man declares it a Packing Day; when there are signs of a yeti in Royal Woods, the Action News Team sets out to prove its existence.

Original Air Date: Dec 20, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Great Lakes Freakout!

S6, EP21 "Great Lakes Freakout!"

On Demand

The Louds team up with the Casagrandes for a Halloween storefront decorating competition, but things get out of hand when they use Lucy's spell book to make the mercado extra spooky.

Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
The Loud Cloud; You Auto Know Better

S6, EP20 "The Loud Cloud; You Auto Know Better"

On Demand

Tired of Mom's sticky note system, Lincoln and Lisa create an app to keep track of the family's schedule; Lana creates an auto body shop to try and buy a new bike, but her shop turns corrupt when Flip becomes her mentor.

Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
The Orchid Grief; Forks and Knives Out

S6, EP19 "The Orchid Grief; Forks and Knives Out"

On Demand

When Lincoln and Clyde overwater Howard's rare orchid, the two embark on an adventure to replace it; Lynn Sr. is stoked to compete on a televised cooking show until he learns he's up against Rosa Casagrande.

Original Air Date: Sep 23, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Space Jammed; Crown and Dirty

S6, EP18 "Space Jammed; Crown and Dirty"

On Demand

Annoyed by Leni's intrusive babysitting, Lisa accidentally blasts herself and Todd into space; Lola tries to whip Mom into tip-top pageant condition for a mother-daughter pageant.

Original Air Date: Sep 16, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Cheer Pressure; Stroke of Luck

S6, EP17 "Cheer Pressure; Stroke of Luck"

On Demand

The cheerleaders challenge Lynn and her teammates to a cheer-off when Lynn dismisses them as athletes; Lori becomes a celebrity at school when she hits a hole-in-one on a notoriously difficult course.

Original Air Date: Sep 09, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Crashed Course; Puns and Buns

S6, EP16 "Crashed Course; Puns and Buns"

On Demand

The Loud siblings intervene when they think Lori is failing out of Fairway U; Benny struggles to rein in Luan and her practical jokes when she becomes his coworker at the Burpin' Burger.

Original Air Date: Sep 05, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Save the Last Pants; A Stella Performance

S6, EP15 "Save the Last Pants; A Stella Performance"

On Demand

Rusty tries to bring the fun of Gus' to Duds For Dudes when he's in charge of the store; Stella wins a school competition and is super excited until she learns she has to give a public presentation.

Original Air Date: Sep 05, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Hiccups and Downs; The Loathe Boat

S6, EP14 "Hiccups and Downs; The Loathe Boat"

On Demand

Luna needs to get rid of a nasty case of the hiccups before a big rock competition; the Morticians Club plans Bertrand's escape from the cruise ship his parents work on.

Original Air Date: Aug 06, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Lights, Camera, Nuclear Reaction; Food Courting

S6, EP13 "Lights, Camera, Nuclear Reaction; Food Courting"

On Demand

Lincoln and Clyde's David Steele movie turns high-stakes when Lisa builds a nuclear reactor; when Leni realizes Miguel has a crush on Gavin, the new food court employee, she sets out to help Miguel woo him.

Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Save Royal Woods!

S6, EP12 "Save Royal Woods!"

On Demand

When Royal Woods is in danger of being flooded to make room for a sixth Great Lake, the town comes together to prove that they're worth saving.

Original Air Date: Jul 01, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Cat-astrophe; Prize Fighter

S6, EP11 "Cat-astrophe; Prize Fighter"

On Demand

The McBrides plan a birthday party for Nana Gayle; Lola worries she's a washed-up pageant star.

Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Bummer Camp; Sleepstakes

S6, EP10 "Bummer Camp; Sleepstakes"

On Demand

When Gramps struggles to run Camp Mastadon, the kids come to his rescue; the Loud kids help Lana get over her fear of sleepovers.

Original Air Date: Jun 10, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Time Trap!

S6, EP9 "Time Trap!"

On Demand

When the kids break Mom and Dad's priceless vase, they decide the only thing to do is go back in time to their wedding day and prevent them from ever receiving it.

Original Air Date: Jun 03, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
The Last Laugh; Driver's Dread

S6, EP8 "The Last Laugh; Driver's Dread"

On Demand

Luan thinks Mr. Coconuts is out for revenge when she replaces him with Lola in her act; hoping to drive out to the outlets to meet Lori, Leni looks for alternative ways to get her driver's license.

Original Air Date: Apr 22, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Dine and Bash; Sofa, So Good

S6, EP7 "Dine and Bash; Sofa, So Good"

On Demand

After failing to make chef Guy Grazer a meal on his show, the kids try to erase the footage before it airs; the kids search all over Royal Woods to find the missing furniture they left outside while cleaning.

Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Scoop Snoop; Eye Can't

S6, EP6 "Scoop Snoop; Eye Can't"

On Demand

The Action News team struggles to find out how Katherine Mulligan is scooping their news leads; trying to avoid a trip to the eye doctor, Lisa makes a new pair of glasses that actually makes her eyesight worse.

Original Air Date: Apr 08, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
A Bug's Strife; All the Rage

S6, EP5 "A Bug's Strife; All the Rage"

On Demand

Dad tears the house apart trying to find the cricket ruining his peaceful day alone in the house; tired of getting pummeled during dodgeball, Lincoln and the gang use Clyde's untapped rage without him knowing.

Original Air Date: Apr 01, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Musical Chairs; The Taunting Hour

S6, EP4 "Musical Chairs; The Taunting Hour"

On Demand

Lincoln convinces his teacher, Mr. Bolhofner, to join the Doo-Dads in order to get a better seat in class; after Lincoln tries to help Lynn get over a heckler at her soccer game, the Louds realize they all have critics.

Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Flip This Flip; Haunted House Call

S6, EP3 "Flip This Flip; Haunted House Call"

On Demand

The Loud kids help Flip clean up his image to impress his middle school crush; when the Mortician's Club can't afford tickets to Casket Con, they decide to start a business to raise money.

Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Don't Escar-go; Double Trouble

S6, EP2 "Don't Escar-go; Double Trouble"

On Demand

When Clyde receives an opportunity to study cooking in France, the gang tries to keep him closer to home; Lola and Lana take on Cheryl and Meryl for the position of twin spokespeople for Auntie Pam's Parlor.

Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Present Danger; Stressed for the Part

S6, EP1 "Present Danger; Stressed for the Part"

On Demand

Dressed as David Steele, Lincoln is on the hunt for his stolen birthday present before it's destroyed; after landing a role in a Dairyland production, Luan must hide this news from Mrs. Bernardo, whom she beat out.

Original Air Date: Mar 05, 2022 • Nickelodeon • 23m