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Hot BenchMany popular court shows are on TV. How can the genre improve? How about using a three-judge panel? That's the concept of "Hot Bench," created by Judge Judy Sheindlin. After hearing each case, the judges discuss it among themselves before rendering a verdict. The show's title comes from a term describing a court action in which a judge frequently interrupts lawyers with questions.
S10, EP16 "Life's a Beach"A woman says a young man on an electric scooter collided with her electric bike, causing her to fly through the air and slide across concrete; he admits he was riding with one hand and smoking a cigarette with the other.
S1, EP159 "Marijuana Money Madness!"A woman sues her property manager after a marijuana-growing tenant damages her home.
S1, EP161 "Teen Takes Cheap Shot at Mom's Ex!; Renter Beware!"Ex-lovers feud over sexual harassment, surveillance cameras and a tutu business; a young renter neglects to ask the landlady if she actually owns the property.
S9, EP35 "Poodlemonium"A poodle named Saucy goes missing, and a feud suddenly arises between a man's wife and girlfriend.
S9, EP123 "The Father, the Son & the Unpaid Ticket"A man laments that his father would rather spend time with his emotional support snakes than his own grandchildren.
S9, EP16 "Kitchen Chaos"A West Hollywood contractor is accused of butchering his client's kitchen; he wants to defend his name and take back the money he now owes to the bonding company.
S10, EP17 "Gold-Hearted Snake"A friend from high school offers to get the plaintiff's heirloom jewelry repaired, but an unrelated fight sours the relationship; the friend says she returned the jewelry by tossing it in the bushes outside the plaintiff's apartment.
S1, EP160 "Nude Photo Offends Sheriff; When Coyote Look-Alikes Attack!"Sexting among co-workers; neighbors say it was coyotes, not their German shepherd mix, who mauled another dog.
S1, EP162 "The Brooklyn Nightmare; Good-Hearted Father Fail"Heirs to a brownstone fight over a rent settlement and heating costs; a good Samaritan is sued for not fixing a college student's car fast enough.
S9, EP37 "Loan Snark"When a personal loan enters the mix, sweethearts turn sour, and the terms of the deal may be usurious.
S9, EP113 "A Loan of Bull; Red Light Disaster"A tattoo artist's ex-girlfriend says he's coming after her for a loan repayment because he went through her phone and thinks cheated; Judge Michael imparts a serious warning to a nursing student not to ruin her future by making reckless mistakes.
S9, EP17 "Loan Him & Leave Him; Where Is My Money?"The initial reason for a husband and wife's legal separation was financial, but it became more complicated; a plaintiff just feels like being repaid for his loan.
S10, EP18 "Friendship Cat-astrophe"A man needed a primary residence to comply with his parole officer, so he moved into a friend's spare room, but the shrine she kept to her cat -- which included its dead body -- made him uncomfortable, and he moved out earlier than agreed.
S1, EP163 "Jaw-Dropping Interest Rate Rip-Off!"A huge interest rate is applied to a woman's desperation loan, leading to a much-disputed bailout from her ex.
S1, EP164 "Guns, Germs and a Steal?!"A man arrested for drug possession accuses his former landlady of stealing his family heirloom musket.
S9, EP75 "Bee Bang Boom!"When a bee flies into a car, the unlicensed driver crashes into a parked truck.
S9, EP121 "A Loan Again, Naturally"A woman lends her new boyfriend $600 for marijuana, and he never pays her back; she wants an additional fee for the inconvenience.
S9, EP18 "Rent No More"Four years ago, a man leased his house to a homeless Navy veteran, and now he wants him to pay for a single month of unpaid rent; the veteran says he was asked not to pay.
S10, EP19 "Rental Disorder"A hit-and-run survivor does his own detective work to track down the person responsible and almost gets stabbed because of it; he sues the sister of the accused because she rented the vehicle; she says it was stolen by someone unknown to her.
S1, EP165 "Beauty and the Benefits"Forgotten texts come back to haunt a former "friend with benefits" who denies owing an engaged woman $2,000.
S1, EP166 "The Kennel Disaster!"The wife of a handyman who didn't finish the job sues his client for harassment because she wants the construction completed.
S9, EP67 "Neigh-sayer"A mother and daughter say their horse was abused; the buyer is offended and backs out of the sale.
S9, EP135 "Rushed Remodel"A woman hires a contractor to glam up her van with a custom interior, then gets impatient and pulls the plug.
S9, EP19 "No Security From a Flooded Mess"An ex-tenant whose son punched holes in the doors doesn't understand why the landlord won't return his security deposit.
S10, EP20 "The Long-Term Tenant"A 20-year tenant leaves rotten food in the refrigerator, furniture in the garage, and an inoperable vehicle when he moves out; he says trash removal was included in his rent.
S1, EP167 "No Ringy, No Dingy!; 420 Room Rental Ruckus"A woman who found out her boyfriend is married wants repayment for a loan; a tenant says he offered to pay rent in order to get a bed instead of a couch -- not because he smoked marijuana.
S1, EP168 "Take My Kidney, Judge Acker!"A married woman who admits she was wooed with lavish gifts by another man offers up an organ to demonstrate her goodness.
S9, EP71 "Business Casual"Things weren't going well in a business partnership, so one partner lied to entice the other into a buyout; now the ousted partner feels cheated.
S9, EP155 "A Messy Move"A landlady evicts a single mother from a room that is not up to code and has, the mother says, termite droppings raining down on her child's bed.
S9, EP20 "Basement Blues"A restaurant owner who gave up his "man cave" so that his cook and her family could have a roof over their heads says she burned his furniture in a bonfire.
"Hot Bench"Many popular court shows are on TV. How can the genre improve? How about using a three-judge panel? That's the concept of "Hot Bench," created by Judge Judy Sheindlin. After hearing each case, the judges discuss it among themselves before rendering a verdict. The show's title comes from a term describing a court action in which a judge frequently interrupts lawyers with questions.
S1, EP169 "Social Club Caught on Tape!"The defendant is surprised to see video evidence of his involvement in an assault.
S1, EP170 "Street Racing Scam?; Sick Friend in Need or Greed?"A street racer's ex-girlfriend says she bought him the $30,000 car he illegally raced and then ditched; a young woman with lupus says her former friend gave her money as a gift, and she owes her nothing.
S9, EP72 "Credit Card Madness"A construction worker offered to remodel his girlfriend's mother's bathroom for only the cost of materials; then, they say, they discovered that he was using their credit card for other jobs.
S9, EP21 "Duplex Neighbors ... Complex Eviction"A woman's accusations against her 80-year-old landlord run the gamut from trespassing to harassing, vandalism, defamation, and the theft of her quartz crystal, which is supposed to help maintain emotional stability.
S1, EP171 "Judge Bakman Breaks It Down!"The defendant denies borrowing money from a troubled teen.
S1, EP172 "Dog Meets Cat?!; Debilitated Boyfriend Heartbreaker"A rescue dog mauls the family cat; a woman says she nursed her ex back to health after an accident, then he went on to lie, cheat and steal from her.
S9, EP39 "Blinded by the Light"A truck driver regains his vision after nine eye surgeries to find his ranch looking like a junkyard; he had let a friend stay in a mobile home on his property, and now he wishes he hadn't; he says the friend caused him to lose wages.
S9, EP12 "Lexus a Mess; Accident After Accident"A premium car's purchaser discovers later that the vehicle is a mechanical nightmare; according to a single mother's amateur detective work, she didn't cause the damage to the car she rear-ended.
S1, EP174 "I'm Not the Baby Daddy!; Teary BFF Break-Up"A mom's ex-boyfriend says she is suing him only because he got back together with his wife; a woman sues a former friend for repayment of a loan and a gym membership.
S1, EP173 "Ruined Wedding Vow Renewal?; Suicide Threat? Pay Back the Debt!"A bride accuses a videographer of ruining her big day; a woman sues her daughter's ex-boyfriend for money owed on a vehicle.
S9, EP40 "Wish Upon a Car"A used car's engine starts smoking 15 minutes after a family buys it; the seller says they must have caused the massive coolant leak in that short time.
S9, EP24 "Go Car Go"Car sellers accused of forging signatures and hiding registration status.
S1, EP175 "My Bench Should Not Be Hot!; Coco, the Matted and Mauled Terrier"A man studying law enforcement is accused of being a scammer; a groomer blames a little dog for its own serious injury while in her care.
S1, EP176 "Father of Twins No More!; Stop Talking Over Me!"A man admits to destroying property in a fit of rage because newborn twins did not look like him; a rude defendant denies breaching his apartment contract.
S9, EP62 "Gloom and Board"A reportedly non-paying subletter accuses a roommate of being one of the biggest drug dealers in the county.
S9, EP23 "Broken Soul"A case gives the judges a lot to debate -- a confusing car sale contract has them imposing conditions that the law implies.
S1, EP177 "Judge's Voice Slays Defendant; Cousins Call It Quits!"A man denies losing his roommate's dog, whom he claims he saved after she was left for dead; a monetary loan and a refusal to live up to a bargain divide cousins.
S1, EP178 "Toxic Lesbian Love"Ex-lovers fight over a dog, a car crash, assault and accusations of cheating.
S9, EP69 "Storage for a Car"A recently incarcerated woman trades everything in her storage unit for a friend's car, then her ownership of the items is called into question.
S9, EP25 "Security Breach"A tenant of five years says he kept the house in immaculate condition; the landlord tells a different story.
S10, EP15 "Don't Vent, Just Pay Your Rent!"After a nine-year tenancy, a man says his landlords became condescending and retaliatory when he was hospitalized and fell behind on rent.
S10, EP14 "Copped at the Beauty Shop"A woman thinks the stylists at a salon stole her purse; a series of mishaps ruined her anniversary celebration, and on top of everything, she hated her hairstyle.
S10, EP13 "Sin City Shakedown"When a woman found out her subletter wasn't paying rent because of a government subsidy, she decided it was unfair for herself to have to pay; she says the subletter is an "evil genius" who also owes her $5 for fast food.
S9, EP159 "You Cabinet Be Serious"A clothing designer hired a carpenter to build laundry cabinets but didn't hear from him for months; the carpenter says the designer never reached out -- then admits to blocking his number.
S9, EP108 "Bump-Her Car"A food delivery driver whose father's karate instructor damaged her car can't work until her car is fixed, but she can't fix the car if she's not working, and dealing with insurance has been unproductive.
S9, EP107 "Better Truck Next Time"The purchaser of a used truck says he was told it was in excellent condition with no major repairs needed, but after the engine started knocking, he found a mechanic's invoice in the cab that said otherwise.
S9, EP57 "Property Smothers"A landlady inherits rental property from her husband, claims it had been mistreated, and evicts a nine-months-pregnant tenant.
S9, EP54 "The Friendship Union"A film worker's late employer's wife lent him money to join a union and wants him to pay her back.
S9, EP46 "It's Mice House"A tenant is appalled at her landlord's accusation that she invited vermin with her mess.
S9, EP15 "Turf Concrete Con Job"A woman hires her neighbor as a handyman and gives him her credit card for supplies; he uses it to buy himself some new power tools.
S9, EP13 "Friends & Business Don't Mix"A tough businesswoman lends $25,000 to a longtime friend because she believes in him then is disappointed when he fails to pay her back the interest.
S9, EP9 "DoorCrash Delivery"A young delivery driver backs into a disabled woman's convertible, converting into a dinged-up eyesore; he tries to explain why it's her fault he didn't see her.
S1, EP158 "Church Friend Turned Manny Menace?; Best Friend Burnout!"A young man's babysitting stint ends when he crashes car; a woman shares incriminating evidence after her best friend kicks her out.
S1, EP157 "Caught in the Nude?!"A man accuses his landlord of harassment; his young daughter must leave the courtroom for the judges to respond.
S1, EP156 "Fighting Instead of Grieving; Mom Coaches Children's Testimony?!"Three sisters fight over property after their mother's death; a mother's plan to use her children's testimony against her contractor backfires.
S1, EP155 "Punch List Fail!; Gimme Cash! Not a Lifetime of Haircuts!"An unlicensed subcontractor is sued for failing to complete work; a young couple promise to give their relatives unlimited hair services in repayment for a loan.
S1, EP154 "Tiger Mom Cheerleader Style!; Ex-Lover Pigsty Protest"A mother sues cheerleading coaches for her child's pain and suffering; a woman sues her ex for the mess he left in their home.
S1, EP153 "Disturbing Graffiti Vandalism"A teen's artwork, 2,000 pounds of trash in an apartment and a disabled child's testimony come into play when former friends fight over damages.
Many popular court shows are on TV. How can the genre improve? How about using a three-judge panel? That's the concept of "Hot Bench," created by Judge Judy Sheindlin. After hearing each case, the judges discuss it among themselves before rendering a verdict. The show's title comes from a term describing a court action in which a judge frequently interrupts lawyers with questions.
Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2014
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVG
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