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Hot BenchMany popular court shows are on TV. How can the genre improve? How about using a three-judge panel? That's the concept of "Hot Bench," created by Judge Judy Sheindlin. After hearing each case, the judges discuss it among themselves before rendering a verdict. The show's title comes from a term describing a court action in which a judge frequently interrupts lawyers with questions.
S10, EP166 "Don't Lien on Me"A missing person case turned into a homicide investigation, and ownership of the deceased's car was evidently transferred to her mechanic, but after he sold it to his best friend, the original lien holder repossessed it, and things got messy.
S1, EP45 "Eviction Education!; Gift or a Loan?!"A tenant accuses her landlady of sneaking into her home; a woman sues her ex for repayment of loans.
S1, EP48 "Ex-Lovers' Battle; Boyfriend Sells Fun!"Women sue their ex-lovers for repayment of loans.
S10, EP60 "Parking Problems"A woman says her neighbor hit her car over and over while pulling into his parking spot, and others in their complex witnessed it but didn't want to get involved.
S10, EP29 "Don't Play-Date Me"A playdate organized by two young moms turns ugly fast: their anger escalates into a confrontation involving pepper spray and a candy bar jammed into a gas tank; the defendant says the vandal must have been another of the plaintiff's many "enemies."
S9, EP97 "Babysitting for Beers"A stay-at-home mom agreed to babysit her friend's son, but not for free; she says he never paid her, but he says he did -- in beer and vape pods.
S10, EP104 "Daycare Swindler"When a property owner learned her tenant was running a daycare out of her unit, she became concerned about her own liability; the tenant says she did everything above board and filed a restraining order for what she considered harassment.
S1, EP47 "Landlord Tenant Chaos"A man's criminal record is submitted as evidence.
S1, EP49 "Flooding Damage; Attack in a Dog Park!"A landlord accuses a single mother of causing flooding damage to her home; dog owners fight over whose animal was responsible for an attack.
S10, EP55 "LIEcensed Driver"A man says he had to undergo back surgery after a teenager rear-ended his car -- but he has a history of back injuries and didn't bring any paperwork linking this surgery to this accident.
S10, EP14 "Copped at the Beauty Shop"A woman thinks the stylists at a salon stole her purse; a series of mishaps ruined her anniversary celebration, and on top of everything, she hated her hairstyle.
S9, EP75 "Bee Bang Boom!"When a bee flies into a car, the unlicensed driver crashes into a parked truck.
S10, EP106 "Storage Wars"A mother had power of attorney when her son went to jail but says the property manager of his apartment refused to let her collect his belongings; the manager moved everything to the shared garage, and items subsequently went missing.
S1, EP50 "Fishing Trip and a Pit Bull; Landlord Accused of Theft"Former friends fight over a pit bull attack and the sale of a scooter; a landlord and tenant feud over missing and damaged property.
S1, EP51 "Wardrobe Malfunction Mash-Up!; When Cat Lovers Fight"One motorist says another smashed her car door in an attempt to squeeze by; potential roommates fight over a stop-payment rent check and the "smell of sadness."
S10, EP58 "From Best Friends to Frenemies"A woman lets her friend sublease a bedroom behind her landlord's back, thinking the friend will move out when she marries a neighbor, but she stays put and stops paying rent.
S10, EP30 "Counter Intelligence"A homeowner accuses a handyman of stealing her deposit and being involved in a check washing scheme against her.
S9, EP67 "Neigh-sayer"A mother and daughter say their horse was abused; the buyer is offended and backs out of the sale.
S10, EP7 "Friendship Fallout"After a disastrous fashion-show trip to Ghana, friends and business partners bring their atrocious bookkeeping before the court for a determination of who owes what.
S1, EP52 "Flight From Toxic Health Scare; Church Friends Turned Lovers"A man says lead dust in their rented home forced him to move his family into a shelter; ex-lovers feud over repayment of loans and accusations of cheating.
S1, EP53 "Suicide's Unanswered Questions; Ex-Lovers Trade Blows?"A man sues his late son's friend for the unpaid balance on property she purchased from his son; a woman accuses her ex-boyfriend of assault.
S9, EP162 "Handyman Damage"Bullet holes in the windows, holes punched in the doors, holes dug in the yard by an unauthorized dog -- ex-tenants have explanations for all of them, but the landlord is hoping he can find a hole in their defense and recover his repair costs.
S10, EP15 "Don't Vent, Just Pay Your Rent!"After a nine-year tenancy, a man says his landlords became condescending and retaliatory when he was hospitalized and fell behind on rent.
S9, EP40 "Wish Upon a Car"A used car's engine starts smoking 15 minutes after a family buys it; the seller says they must have caused the massive coolant leak in that short time.
S10, EP167 "Family CON-nection"A young woman says her mother and stepfather tried to force her to make car payments by holding her son hostage.
S1, EP54 "Misplaced Meth Pipe?; Flirtatious eBay Power Play?"Ex-lovers feud over ownership of a meth pipe; an online buyer and seller fight over vintage model airplane kits.
S1, EP55 "Casino Payout Gone Bad!; Teen Motorcyclist Test-Drive Crash?"Co-workers dispute ownership of a truck; a teen admits he lost control of a motorcycle he wanted to purchase.
S9, EP92 "Whoopsie Daisy"A woman describes a harrowing incident in which several intimidating dogs attacked her Chihuahua-mix on a walk; their owner says they were provoked.
S10, EP31 "In Despair With In Vitro Fertilization"After losing her unborn child, a distraught woman wants the man who began the IVF journey with her to pay his half of the medical bills.
S9, EP99 "Real Roommates of Long Beach"A deaf woman awakes in the middle of the night to police and firefighters breaking down her bedroom door; her landlord charges her for damages.
S10, EP168 "Truckin or Duckin? What's Your 20?"The owner of a trucking company says she's shocked that her former employee has the nerve to sue her for emotional distress: he's the one who stole gas, drove the truck into a ditch and left marijuana in the cab.
S1, EP56 "Last Will & Testament Wedding Drama; Child vs. Adult Bike Race Disaster!"A woman presents her will as evidence that her nephew owes for a wedding-ring loan; a man is injured in a bike race with a 7-year-old.
S1, EP57 "High-Speed Brake Fail?!; Texts Escalate to Restraining Order"A woman accused of falling asleep at the wheel blames her crash on a mechanical failure; a woman says she was so scared of her former employee's threats that she filed a restraining order.
S9, EP88 "A Tale of Two Tenants"A fistfight broke out between a hairstylist and his subtenant, whose witness calls the hairstylist the most evil human being she's ever met.
S10, EP32 "All Bite No Bark"A man's midnight jog on the beach with his Chihuahua turns scary when a 110-pound Akita attacks; the Akita's owner refuses to pay the veterinary bill.
S9, EP39 "Blinded by the Light"A truck driver regains his vision after nine eye surgeries to find his ranch looking like a junkyard; he had let a friend stay in a mobile home on his property, and now he wishes he hadn't; he says the friend caused him to lose wages.
S10, EP94 "Trouble Brewing"A man sues a coffee shop manager for a $5 refund.
S1, EP58 "Emergency Anxiety Meds; World's Best Stepmother?"A woman accuses her former landlord of rifling through her underwear drawer; a woman supports her stepdaughter in an emotional family feud.
S1, EP60 "Explicit Photos Lure Vietnam Vet?; I Don't Flirt With Short Women!"A woman admits to sending intimate photos to an older man but denies taking advantage of him; an insurance agent says her client harassed her when an automatic payment did not go his way.
S9, EP115 "Party Girls' Party House"A landlord claims raucous parties caused extensive filth and fire damage to an apartment; the tenants deny having a party or a fire.
S10, EP13 "Sin City Shakedown"When a woman found out her subletter wasn't paying rent because of a government subsidy, she decided it was unfair for herself to have to pay; she says the subletter is an "evil genius" who also owes her $5 for fast food.
S9, EP74 "Brought Up On Charges"A man's mom paid for a lawyer to keep him out of jail, but the loan agreement she had him sign included a six-month celibacy clause; after a fight over banana pudding and being "evicted" from her house, he doesn't think he owes her the money anymore.
S10, EP107 "Phoney Marriage"After discovering that their marriage certificate was never registered, a husband of nearly a decade takes it as a pass to be with other women; it doesn't fly with his wife, who sues for thousands of dollars over his cell phone bill.
S1, EP59 "Come to Court With Clean Hands!; Hookah Lounge Fallout"A woman accuses her ex-roommate of breaking a rental agreement she had no right to enforce; friends who met at a hookah lounge drive over a large rock.
S1, EP61 "Guns and Ex-Girlfriends!; Party Foul!"A "restraining-order wedding proposal" comes into play when ex-fiancees fight; a man says his former friend threw a party at their home without permission, which resulted in a theft of his property.
S9, EP87 "Dude Hit My Car"A reportedly distracted driver rear-ends a couple at high speed; the car holds sentimental value to them, so they ask for more money than it's worth.
S10, EP69 "Car and Driver Missing Wire"A teen's dad accuses a used car's seller of stealing parts while it was in his possession for repairs.
S9, EP68 "You Bought It! You Fix It!"A used-car salesman purchases a deceased man's vehicle "as is"; he accuses the seller of violating the smog test laws, but that's not the reason he is suing; the judges try to decipher just what it is that he wants.
S10, EP108 "Tenant Runaway"A Nevada landlady says she let her tenant pay the security deposit in installments, but she didn't keep a ledger, so she struggles to prove what money is missing.
S1, EP62 "Family Tragedy; Scary Behavior?"Time served for a felony turns into a stolen-identity credit disaster between sisters; a landlord accuses a tenant and her four children of causing more than $5,000 in damages to the home.
S1, EP63 "Bikinis and Breast Implants"A bikini fitness competition and a loan for breast implants come into play when ex-lovers call it quits.
S9, EP157 "Insurance Pole-icy"A man's barn collapses, and he accuses the elderly couple who sold it to him of being deceptive about insurance coverage; they say that it was his responsibility to get homeowner's insurance, and that his own neglect caused the damage.
S10, EP73 "Love Freight Relationship"A trucking business owner sues one of her drivers, accusing her of not following federal transportation guidelines.
S9, EP159 "You Cabinet Be Serious"A clothing designer hired a carpenter to build laundry cabinets but didn't hear from him for months; the carpenter says the designer never reached out -- then admits to blocking his number.
S10, EP169 "That's Gonna Leave a Park"A young man says he helped his longtime mentor move things out of her garage, but now she's suing him for damaging the garage with his truck.
S1, EP64 "The Nurse or the Hairdresser?; Sister's Damning Testimony!"A man regrets not listening to his wife; a woman testifies in defense of her sister but ends up sending her down the river.
S1, EP65 "DUI Fallout; Goggles Goof-Up!"A man confesses to breaking his DUI probation to repossess a car and sues his former friend, saying she damaged the vehicle; ex-roommates fight over snowboarding goggles and a security deposit.
S10, EP51 "Caster of the House Party Disaster"A self-proclaimed party girl is on the hook for damages to her landlord's rental property; she says he knew the kind of late-night soirees she likes to throw, and it's not her fault he took forever to fix the holes in the walls.
S10, EP66 "Long Live the Kyng"A pet sitter says a businesswoman's beloved Pomeranian was killed by another client's dog, but the owner suspects that the sitter's pit bull is the real attacker and that she took care of the cremation to cover it up.
S9, EP69 "Storage for a Car"A recently incarcerated woman trades everything in her storage unit for a friend's car, then her ownership of the items is called into question.
S10, EP165 "Shoes Clues"A sneaker reseller says he trusted his friend to get him five pairs of a specific kind of basketball shoes, but when they failed an authentication test, the friend told him he trusted his supplier, and the sale was "as-is."
S10, EP105 "Under Fire"A man having a medical emergency crashed into a fire hydrant, and his landlady got stuck with the bill; he denies responsibility and says she should be suing the HOA for poorly kept roads.
S10, EP33 "Door Jam"The judges debate the issue of who is more at fault after a woman cleaning her car left her doors open into the street, and a man driving by hit one.
S9, EP128 "Not 50/50"An insurance provider determined that liability for a crash was 50/50, but each driver says the other is entirely to blame.
S9, EP85 "Are You Faux Real?"Masked thieves, a run-over foot, security cam tampering: accusations fly in a dispute over a storage property; video evidence shows that the situation got nasty.
S9, EP76 "Couch-Surfing Cousin"A woman who moved to Denver for a new job and temporarily stayed with her cousin says the cousin's children stole her credit card and damaged her cellphone, and a mountain of clothes went missing.
S9, EP73 "Double-Cross Training"A man gave a business loan to his personal trainer, who resists paying him back and claims the man defamed him by telling a prospective client he's a con artist.
S9, EP37 "Loan Snark"When a personal loan enters the mix, sweethearts turn sour, and the terms of the deal may be usurious.
S1, EP46 "Handsome Contractor Woes; Parking Sideswipe!"A client sues a contractor for a TV cabinet he never finished; a woman sues her neighbor for hitting her car.
S1, EP44 "Burned Property Blowout!; Co-Worker War"A woman says her in-laws and her neighbor broke into her home, stole her property and burned it; a woman sues her co-worker for destruction of property and thousands of dollars in emotional distress.
Many popular court shows are on TV. How can the genre improve? How about using a three-judge panel? That's the concept of "Hot Bench," created by Judge Judy Sheindlin. After hearing each case, the judges discuss it among themselves before rendering a verdict. The show's title comes from a term describing a court action in which a judge frequently interrupts lawyers with questions.
Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2014
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