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The Real Housewives of Orange CountyThey may live in the lap of luxury, but life isn't always perfect for the women who reside in one of the wealthiest enclaves of the U.S. They continue to focus on living large; plastic surgery, working out, shopping, drinking, dancing, and dining out top their agendas. Ladies come and go through the show's run, with entrepreneur Vicki Gunvalson having been a series regular for each season. Other ladies who have been featured for multiple seasons include Tamra Judge -- previously known as Tamra Barney -- and Heather Dubrow.
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S17, EP18 "Reunion Part 2"The reunion concludes with new details about Shannon's relationship with ex-boyfriend John Janssen; the group has a fiery debate over what really went down at BravoCon, leaving Heather at odds with the rest of the ladies.
S17, EP17 "Reunion Part 1"Tamra tries to prove that Jennifer's relationship is not what it seems; Emily questions Heather's true feelings about the group; things get heated when Gina contemplates her future on the show after revisiting Shannon's comment about her family.
S17, EP16 "Welcome to the Freak Show"Gina hosts a circus party to get the group to move on from the disastrous end to their Mexico trip; Tamra and Heather's heated argument results in them ending their friendship.
S17, EP15 "The Tipping Point"The ladies enjoy their final days in Mexico and travel to Tulum; Jennifer questions all of her relationships and hopes that a shaman can bring her clarity; Heather feels alienated by the group and her frustration comes to a boiling point.
S17, EP14 "Viva La Tres Amigas"The trip continues as the ladies head to the Mexican jungle; Heather keeps herself in the hot seat after offending Emily; Shannon finally opens up to the group about her relationship with John; Vicki's surprise arrival turns sour.
S17, EP13 "Big News, Bigger Secret"Heather throws a party to launch her HD Network, but tensions arise when Emily reveals an issue from the past; Jenn introduces Ryan to her mother; Tamra plans a trip to Mexico.
S17, EP12 "Pumpkins & Paparazzi"Taylor hosts a pumpkin-carving party where Gina confronts Shannon for starting rumors about her past indiscretions; the ladies question Heather about recent paparazzi photos; Jenn raises concerns about marrying Ryan; Shannon confides in Tamra.
S17, EP11 "It's My Fiesta and I'll Cry If I Want To"Shannon prepares for a fiesta party while dealing with the aftermath of her relationship issues going public; Tamra, Jenn and Taylor support Shannon at her party; Emily and Gina attend a fundraiser for the California Innocence Project.
S17, EP10 "A Doppelgänger Disaster"Jenn and Tamra co-host a party where the ladies dress as each other; Heather informs Gina that Shannon is talking about Gina's relationship; Vicki brings a keg to the party; Shannon confronts Heather about revealing too much about her relationship.
S17, EP9 "Loose Lips and Relationships"Jenn and Tamra put their issues to rest and plan a triple date; Eddie confronts Ryan about all the rumors; Shannon strategizes how to handle discussions of her romantic relationship; Emily and Shane work through parenting issues.
S17, EP8 "Backyard Bikini Clash"Emily throws a pool party, and Tamra brings a surprise guest; Gina works through personal issues with her ex; Heather and Emily make peace; Shannon discovers that Heather may be discussing her relationship issues with John Janssen.
S17, EP7 "Oh Nobu You Didn't"Gina questions her friendship with Heather; Emily reconnects with her estranged mom; Heather throws a dinner party at Nobu, but the fancy ambiance quickly turns tense when Emily and Gina confront Heather about her behavior.
S17, EP6 "Big Trouble in Big Sky"The adventure continues in Montana when the ladies partake in fly-fishing and white-water rafting; Heather helps Gina deal with pent-up emotion, but later feels betrayed and contemplates their friendship moving forward.
S17, EP5 "Campfire Confessions"While the ladies take on ranch-hand tasks, Gina warns Heather about Tamra, whose comment about Heather's career puts Taylor in the hot seat; Gina and Jenn hash out feelings about infidelity; Shannon and Tamra give their friendship another shot.
S17, EP4 "You Can't DB Serious"Tamra takes the women to a ranch in Montana; tensions arise when Heather learns that her career is being dissected; Gina makes a point to connect with Jenn; Emily helps her daughter Annabelle with her aspiring modeling career.
S17, EP3 "We Cut It Close(ed)"Tamra regrets her behavior toward Shannon, and Jenn urges her to apologize and invite Shannon to the closing party; with her twins' college departure looming, Heather contemplates the next chapter of her life.
S17, EP2 "Friendship Overboard"Gina and Emily bond with Jenn and learn about the reality of her complicated relationship; Heather prepares for her twins to leave for college; Shannon and Tamra meet to hash out their issues; Tamra throws her composure overboard.
S17, EP1 "Here Comes the Judge"Tamra Judge is back, but her return to the group proves rocky when she accuses Shannon of ghosting her; Emily adjusts to being a full-time mom; Heather wants to know where her friendship stands with Gina; the ladies meet Jennifer Pedranti.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1714"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1716"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1701"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1703"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1706"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1702"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1715"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1710"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1711"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1713"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1704"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1705"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1708"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1707"A special episode of "Real Housewives of Orange County" featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1709"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S17 "Never Before Scene 1712"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S16, EP7 "Wild Cards"Heather charters a private jet to Cabo San Lucas for the ladies; Noella ends up trailing behind after receiving a last minute invite from Gina.
S16 "Never Before Scene 1612"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S16 "Never Before Scene 1614"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S16 "Never Before Scene 1608"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S16 "Never Before Scene 1613"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S16 "Never Before Scene 1610"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S16 "Never Before Scene 1615"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S16 "Never Before Scene 1611"Featuring bonus footage, extended scenes and never-before-seen content.
S15, EP16 "Reunion Part 2"Braunwyn struggles to come to terms with her past behavior involving Shannon's daughter; Gina shares an update on her relationship with Travis; Andy questions Kelly about her social media posts; Elizabeth opens up about growing up in a cult.
S15, EP15 "Reunion Part 1"Tensions flare when Kelly and Emily call out Braunwyn for deflecting after her accusation about Shannon; Andy presses Kelly about her comments surrounding the pandemic; Emily gets emotional about Shane and their experience with Covid-19.
S15, EP14 "Making Waves"Emily throws an elegant beach party; this is the first time the ladies have been together in months, and the gloves quickly come off when unfinished business surfaces.
S15, EP13 "Trouble in Newport Beach"Shannon preps her oldest daughter, Sophie, for college; Emily reveals a surprising rumor; Braunwyn and Sean discuss their marriage problems; Shannon and John work through their issues from quarantine; Elizabeth opens up about her past to Emily.
S15, EP12 "The Unmasking of Elizabeth Vargas"As the ladies continue to enjoy their getaway in Lake Arrowhead, Gina and Kelly attempt fly fishing; Elizabeth discloses her deepest, darkest secrets to Braunwyn; Shannon calls the ladies with surprising news; Emily welcomes home Shane.
S15, EP11 "A Submerged Secret"On the second day of the trip in Lake Arrowhead, Gina receives emotional news; Elizabeth has issues with Braunwyn investigating her past; Elizabeth makes a shocking revelation; Shannon gets devastating news.
S15, EP10 "The Great OC Escape"Elizabeth plans a getaway trip to Lake Arrowhead for the ladies, but health concerns keep some of the ladies away.
S15, EP9 "The Lies That Bind"The ladies self-document their lives during the mandated lockdown; Elizabeth has a change of heart; Emily and Shane's relationship takes a turn; Kelly travels to be with her fiancé; Braunwyn struggles to keep her sobriety and marriage intact.
S15, EP8 "The Calm Before the Storm"On their last day in Palm Springs, Gina, Emily and Shannon are busy trying to untangle Elizabeth's ever-changing stories.
S15, EP7 "Renewals and Regrets"Braunwyn's vow renewal celebration continues; Shannon and Kelly can't come to an understanding; Shannon offers an olive branch to Braunwyn; Gina decides to stay sober to support Braunwyn; the ladies question Elizabeth's relationship with Jimmy.
S15, EP6 "The Vow Renewal"As coronavirus makes its way to California, Shannon stocks up on supplies, and Kelly gets bad news.
S15, EP5 "An Unexpected Guest"Braunwyn opens up to Gina about her struggle with alcohol; Jacob experiments with drag; Sophie continues writing her book; Elizabeth struggles to process her sister's issues; Gina deals with the next steps in the case against her ex-husband.
S15, EP4 "The Aftershock"Shannon's housewarming party continues; Braunwyn attempts to reconcile with Gina; After Braunwyn leaves, the ladies bond over some tequila shots; Kelly can't wait for Rick to be transferred from New York and move to California full-time.
S15, EP3 "The Splash Heard Round the OC"Shannon is ready to show off her new accomplishments; Emily is hopeful that she can finally make peace with Shannon; Kelly and Gina question Elizabeth's romantic relationship; Gina confronts Braunwyn and Shannon.
S15, EP2 "Tequila Truth Serum"Kelly focuses on Rick but wonders about Shannon; Elizabeth and Jimmy bond over shared heritage; Braunwyn struggles with her identity; Braunwyn isn't the only one making disparaging remarks about Gina's small house.
S15, EP1 "An Unexpected Secret"Shannon, Gina and Kelly celebrate new significant others and homes; Shannon vents frustrations about Kelly; Braunwyn and Kelly are shocked by Elizabeth's new unconventional relationship; Emily celebrates her anniversary with Shane.
S14, EP23 "Reunion, Part Three"Vicki tries to shame Braunwyn over her behavior; Andy wishes Vicki farewell; Emily talks about the worst year of her life, and Shane joins to provide his perspective; the women discuss a post-season incident involving Gina and police.
S14, EP22 "Reunion, Part Two"The ladies continue their debate about what went down at Miraval, including the rumors lobbed at Kelly; Braunwyn opens up about how the show has complicated her relationship with her mother; Vicki insists Braunwyn has destroyed the show she created.
S14, EP21 "Reunion, Part One"Shannon gives an update on her love life; Emily and Gina's friendship is dissected; Vicki grows agitated backstage; the women hear about Vicki's love tank and discuss the unforgettable trip to Miraval including the gong heard around the world.
S14, EP20 "Whooping It Up for Wedding Bells"Shannon goes on a date with a man whom she plans to invite to Vicki's engagement party; Emily helps Gina pack up her Coto house; Emily is surprised at a medical diagnosis; the ladies celebrate Vicki's engagement with a farmhouse chic party.
S14, EP19 "Some Fences Are Made to Be Broken"In Florida, Vicki returns from the hospital with a sprained ankle; Tamra and Shannon go parasailing, while Gina faces her fears of murky water; Kelly tries to make amends during a sunset cruise; Gina tells her mother she is calling off her divorce.
S14, EP18 "Wild, Wild Key West"In Key West, Fla., Gina and Emily worry about something Vicki has done in regards to Kelly and urge her to come clean; Vicki and Kelly have another argument, leading Vicki to explode; an accident occurs, resulting in an ambulance ride.
S14, EP17 "Florida Fun and Fury"Braunwyn convinces Kelly to go on the Florida trip; Shannon shares the results of her divorce hearing; the ladies head out for a night of clubbing; Kelly insults Shannon; Tamra and Kelly try to hash things out, but it blows up in their faces.
S14, EP16 "Viral Videos and Vendettas"A video of Tamra listing rumors about Kelly goes viral; Shannon prepares for divorce court; Braunwyn throws a weaning party to celebrate the end of 19 years of breast feeding; Braunwyn invites the ladies to join her on a trip to Miami and Key West.
S14, EP15 "The Orange Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree"Shannon and Braunwyn help their daughters prepare for college; Tamra attends one of Ryan's therapy sessions and is devastated by what she learns; Shannon and Tamra get together and hash things out.
S14, EP14 "Best Frenemies Forever"Gossip puts Braunwyn in Kelly's cross hairs, but Braunwyn defends herself against the accusations and comes clean about who truly talked about Kelly; Shannon gets a shock when she finds out someone has been negative towards her.
S14, EP13 "Spilling Tea and Throwing Shade"The ladies gather to celebrate Vicki's birthday with a royal tea party; Kelly refuses to attend; at the party, Gina and Braunwyn clash, while rumors about Kelly have the ladies up in arms.
S14, EP12 "Fashion Show Faux Pas"Braunwyn's daughter, Rowan, makes her debut at OC Fashion Week with her clothing line Dark Rabbit; Shannon coaches daughter Adeline on how to walk a runway; Braunwyn and Kelly back each other up in an argument about Dr. Deb; Gina gets a new look.
S14, EP11 "Hot Mess Express"For Shannon's birthday, the ladies celebrate with a train trip to Del Mar, where Shannon's goal is to find a man to kiss; Vicki and Meghan King Edmonds come along for the ride; Gina feels betrayed; Tamra and Braunwyn's flirtation comes to a boil.
S14, EP10 "Big O's and Broken Toes"Gina's date with Shane's cousin is canceled due to a broken toe; Emily goes to Tamra and Eddie for help losing weight; Shannon gets an O shot; Emily catches up with Alexis Bellino; Kelly tries to reconnect with brother Eric and mother Bobbi.
S14, EP9 "Miracle at Miraval"Vicki unleashes another rumor about Kelly; everyone goes beekeeping; Shannon flirts with the beekeeper; Emily and Gina hash out their issues; the ladies have fun in a hot tub; Braunwyn reveals how she celebrates Sean's birthdays.
S14, EP8 "Let's Get Metaphysical"At the Miravel resort, Tamra tries to mediate a peace between Kelly and Shannon; Vicki arrives and finds herself in hot water with Kelly; after an aerial yoga class, Tamra confronts Emily about not inviting her and Shannon to Las Vegas.
S14, EP7 "Dance Like No One Is Watching"Kelly invests in a new business and goes to a Wellness Expo to practice her pitch; Gina meets with a new lawyer about her DUI; the ladies travel to a wellness resort in Arizona; at a sound bath, Kelly bonks Shannon over the head.
S14, EP6 "Family Affair"Emily is threatened by Gina's growing friendship with Shannon; Tamra and Shannon coach Vicki on how to deal with Kelly on their upcoming trip to Arizona; Kelly deals with family issues; Gina is frustrated with Emily.
S14, EP5 "Liar, Liar, Friendships on Fire"The day trip to Beverly Hills continues and Shannon surprises the group with tourist clothes and a double decker bus ride through Hollywood; Tamra confronts Braunwyn; Emily leaves the trip early; Braunwyn has dinner with her mom.
S14, EP4 "Breakdown in Beverly Hills"Kelly and Brauwnyn watch Emily rehearse her anniversary dance number; Shannon plans a group day trip so Gina can visit Rodeo Drive for the first time; Emily breaks down; Shannon and Emily argue over a comment made during an interview; Kelly explodes.
S14, EP3 "All Aboard the Rumor Train"Kelly's tear-filled exit from Tamra's housewarming party prompts the other women to air their grievances; Gina confesses a painful secret to Emily; Shannon and Braunwyn bond over parenting challenges; a shocking new rumor comes to light.
S14, EP2 "(Not So Happy) Housewarming"Emily hosts her in-laws to celebrate their birthdays; Brauwnyn and Sean spend Valentine's Day at their love shack; Tamra invites the ladies to her housewarming party and warns Kelly that Vicki will be there.
S14, EP1 "New Friend, New Flames"Shannon feels better than ever after shedding over 40 pounds and the baggage of her marriage; Gina deals with the ramifications of a recent DUI; Emily takes on the role of single mother; Kelly becomes smitten with a successful plastic surgeon.
S13, EP21 "Reunion, Part Three"Emily, Shannon, Kelly, and Gina talk about Eddie's birthday party; the women relive the tension from their Jamaica trip; they explore what happened to cause Shannon's meltdown in Jamaica; the women share their list of regrets.
S13, EP20 "Reunion, Part Two"Kelly and Vicki continue to hash out their issues; the women chime in about Shannon's divorce; Emily opens up about the body shaming she received online; emotions run high as Tamra and Shannon tackle their fractured friendship.
S13, EP19 "Reunion, Part One"Vicki, Tamra and Shannon rehash their whirlwind trip to Mexico; Vicki reflects on her efforts to get Steve to propose; Gina opens up about her divorce; sparks fly when Vicki and Kelly go head to head, culminating in a shocking claim by Vicki.
S13, EP18 "Femme Finale"Emily plans a Femme Fatale party for the ladies, as her mother, Susan, visits Orange County for the first time in five years; Shannon has a very adult conversation with her 16-year-old daughter, Sophie; Tamra and Gina try to hash out their issues.
S13, EP17 "Friends and Enemas"Vicki is confronted by her son Michael for not letting him know about her most recent procedure; Tamra and Gina's conflict continues at Emily's Turkish coffee cup reader gathering; Kelly questions if Shannon may be manipulating the Tamra-Gina rift.
S13, EP16 "Twin Tweaks"Vicki and Shannon proceed with dueling plastic surgeries; Emily and Shane attend couples therapy and face a painful memory; Gina gets herself in hot water with Tamra after she confesses to Shannon about what the ladies were saying behind her back.
S13, EP15 "The Day After"Shannon continues to isolate herself; the women climb a gorgeous waterfall; Vicki coaxes Shannon to rejoin the group for a beachside dinner, where Shannon makes amends with only a few of the women; an unexpected phone call makes Emily emotional.
S13, EP14 "Blow Up"In Jamaica, Gina confronts Shannon at dinner about not being a good friend to Tamra during Eddie's health issues; Shannon feels betrayed when Tamra doesn't defend her; Shannon isolates herself from the group and misses bobsledding.
S13, EP13 "Heat Waves and Hot Flashes"In Jamaica, the heat gets to everyone; Shannon laughs it up in a salt scrub with Vicki and Kelly; Gina shares an emotional moment with the ladies; after some fun and games on bamboo rafts and rope swings, tension erupts between Shannon and Tamra.
S13, EP12 "Nice to Meet You... Again"Vicki wants to be a better friend to Gina, but questions her decision on getting divorced; Gina and Emily bond over their inability to get to know Shannon; Kelly stuns Shannon when she tells her Emily and Gina feel boxed out by her.
S13, EP11 "8 1/2 Minutes of Success"Shannon flies to Philadelphia with daughter Sophie for her first appearance on QVC; Kelly watches her daughter Jolie audition for a musical; Steve takes Vicki on her first ride on a motorcycle.
S13, EP10 "Italian Night Fight"Vicki sets the record straight after Kelly continues to tell stories about Steve; Gina's parents visit from Long Island; Vicki throws an Italian-themed party; an overwhelmed Gina sneaks off to the bathroom to call an unexpected person for help.
S13, EP9 "A Peace Treaty, a Blind Date, and a Divorce No One Understands"An explosive comment causes Eddie's birthday party to end in shambles; Shannon goes on a date; Vicki battles the rumors about her relationship with Steve; while the women react to Gina's marital news, Emily and Kelly try to work out their issues.
S13, EP8 "Seeing Red"Tamra hounds Steve to propose to Vicki; Gina makes a confession about her marriage; Tamra throws Eddie a birthday party; at the party, Kelly's plan to confront Steve goes awry and she ends up arguing with Emily's husband, Shane.
S13, EP7 "She Said/She Said"Hijinks ensue when Vicki decides to celebrate her birthday with a ladies' golf outing; Tamra and Eddie double date with Emily and her husband; a rumor about Emily's marriage sparks an unexpected confrontation between Tamra and Shannon.
S13, EP6 "Rumors"The women are surprised to learn how poker night ended; Vicki records radio commercials and ends up embarrassing her son; Shannon gets emotional as she goes to court; Tamra surprises Shannon with the gift of a matchmaker; Kelly dates the milkman.
S13, EP5 "Orange County Hold 'Em"New divorcees Shannon and Kelly bond during a night out on the town, making Tamra feel left out; Vicki pushes her son to marry his girlfriend; Shannon makes progress on her new business venture with QVC; Emily hosts a poker party.
S13, EP4 "Judge, Jury and Gina"Shannon gets her daughter's opinion on her new business venture; Tamra finds out her broken foot may require surgery; Gina's mother visits from Long Island, N.Y.; Emily's mother-in-law gives advice; Vicki gets raked over the coals at dinner.
S13, EP3 "Tres Amigas"Kelly's argument with Vicki continues; Tamra and Vicki fly to Mexico for a girls weekend to help break Shannon out of her shell; a night of dancing on the bars ends with a real injury and the trio opening up about their real vulnerabilities.
S13, EP2 "One Apology, Another Betrayal"In the wake of Vicki repairing her friendship with Tamra, Vicki must face one last hurtle and apologize to Eddie; Tamra teaches an exercise class and introduces her new friend Gina to the ladies; Emily and Shane celebrate their ninth anniversary.
S13, EP1 "The Next Chapter"The ladies work to rebuild their friendships and regain each other's trust; Tamra moves into a new home; Shannon and Kelly adjust to life as single mothers; Vicki has marriage on the brain, but her boyfriend, Steve, is in no rush to pop the question.
S12, EP21 "Reunion Part 2"The reunion continues with Kelly and Meghan reviving their text message feud; Peggy airs her grievances to Shannon; an unexpected turn of events leaves everyone in state of total shock.
S12, EP20 "Reunion Part 1"The ladies reunite; Lydia is taken to task for her outspoken opinions and actions; Vicki provides an update on her relationship with Steve; Kelly and Shannon open up about the state of their marriages.
S12, EP19 "Candle Wicks and Lunatics"Tamra attends her estranged daughter's high school graduation; the ladies celebrate the launch of Meghan's new candle line.
S12, EP18 "The Real Vikings of Orange County"Peggy reveals a secret video to Lydia; the women whoop it up at a Viking dinner; Tamra and Vicki continue to get along, much to Shannon's dismay; Peggy strikes out at Meghan; Shannon discovers her marriage is on thin ice.
S12, EP17 "A Case of the Vickis"As Vicki's health scare continues, Peggy shows a side to her personality that shocks the others; later, a broken friendship may be mended, while a drunken night causes fractures in another.
S12, EP16 "An Unexpected Thaw"The women explore everything in Iceland, from hiking a glacier to sampling the exotic cuisine; Tamra and Vicki reconnect, while Lydia and Tamra hit a bump in their friendship; the ladies are faced with a shocking medical emergency.
S12, EP15 "Mystic Mistake"Lydia and Doug plan an Iceland trip, and Doug urges Lydia to invite her friends at Meghan's dinner party; Peggy confronts Shannon about David, causing all hell to break loose; Shannon confesses to Tamra about the current state of her marriage.
S12, EP14 "Armenian Rhapsody"Vicki and Tamra meet face-to-face; Lydia discovers the joy of getting richer; Kelley discovers parallels between her parent's relationship and her own; Peggy and Diko celebrate their wedding anniversary; Shannon faces consequences.
S12, EP13 "Don't Rock the Boat"In spite of her hurt feelings, Lydia invites everyone to Doug's party; David questions Diko about her health; Shannon asks her mother for advice about her marriage; Vicki decides to meet with Tamra to end their feud once and for all.
S12, EP12 "Farm-to-Table Manners"Kelly undergoes breast reduction surgery; Tamra shares her concern over Shannon's behavior; Vicki and Shannon visit Kelly while she recovers; Peggy fends off digs from Kelly; Lydia discovers Shannon failed to invite her to dinner.
S12, EP11 "Breast Intentions"Kelly is having breast reduction surgery and decides to have a Boobs Voyage Party with all of the women except for former best friend Meghan; all hell breaks loose at Kelly's party when Tamra and Vicki finally talk face to face.
S12, EP10 "Loose Lips Sink Friendships"Meghan continues to reel from Kelly's attack; Tamra gets an unexpected phone call; Peggy prepares to send her daughters off to college; Shannon celebrates her birthday; details from Eddie's past are revealed.
S12, EP9 "Drag Bingo Bombshell"Kelly suspects Shannon of being up to her old tricks; Meghan investigates Vicki's issues with Shannon and Tamra; the women attend a Drag Bingo event, during which Lydia faces a moral dilemma; Kelly and Meghan tear into old wounds.
S12, EP8 "Run for Your Wife"Vicki turns green with envy after learning that Kelly is celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Shannon and Meghan; Lydia wonders if her son's prophecy will come true as she competes in a race; Meghan, Shannon and Kelly indulge in whiskey and whimsy.
S12, EP7 "Un-Noble Women"Lydia is hopeful everyone can get along for her magazine's launch party; Tamra struggles with the scars of her broken family; Tamra thinks Peggy is overstepping her bounds, and things end up not so noble at the Nobleman launch party.
S12, EP6 "The Sip-N-See Stand Off"Vicki tries to balance her life alongside her relationship with Steve; Lydia plans a launch party for her new magazine; Tamra organizes a sit down for Kelly and Shannon; Megan hosts a Sip-N-See for baby Aspen.
S12, EP5 "Moving In, Moving On and Moving Fast"Tamra and Shannon come fact to face with Meghan's new baby; Lydia's family takes a vacation full of uncomfortable conversations; Vicki meddles in her son's love life; Peggy invites her friends to the unveiling of her Lamborghini.
S12, EP4 "We Have a New Puppet Master"Shannon takes Sophie out for a driving lesson; Kelly seeks to improve her love life from the inside out; Lydia's mother throws a birthday party for her grandson; Tamra hopes to break the cycle of parental alienation and divorce in her family.
S12, EP3 "The Not So Quiet Woman"Vicki struggles with trust issues as she sets up her new office; Peggy and her family deal with her upcoming surgery; Tamra resumes her role as the "Rodney King" of the OC; Shannon contends with her weight gain as well as her nemesis Kelly Dodd.
S12, EP2 "It's Either My Way or the Feng Shui"Shannon enlists a feng shui expert to help bring balance to her chaotic life; Lydia launches her magazine; Kelly struggles to make her marriage work; Meghan settles into life as a new mother; Lydia and Shannon meet for the first time.
S12, EP1 "The Great Divide"Vicki expands her business and moves offices; Tamra reunites with an old friend; Shannon struggles with her weight and her marriage; Kelly worries her mother is becoming a hermit; Meghan returns after the birth of her baby, Aspen.
S11, EP21 "Reunion Part 3"The women recall their traumatic experience in Glamis; Meghan finds herself on the defensive over her lack of sympathy for Vicki; Shannon reaches her breaking point as the women revisit the ugly events that transpired in Ireland; Andy Cohen hosts.
S11, EP20 "Reunion Part 2"Kelly reveals shocking secrets about her past; Heather goes head-to-head with Kelly; Shannon talks about her rocky relationship with her mother-in-law; Vicki's daughter, Briana, dishes about her mother's relationship with the truth; Andy Cohen hosts.
S11, EP19 "Reunion Part 1"The women come together to grill Vicki on her outsider status; Tamra discusses her award-winning derriere; Meghan opens up about her baby blues and her relationship with Jimmy; Kelly stands her ground as accusations start to fly; Andy Cohen hosts.
S11, EP18 "Vicious Lies and Broken Ties"The women gather at Shannon's new house for a carb-loaded affair to celebrate Tamra's victory at the fitness competition; Tamra, Heather and Shannon decide to confront Vicki about her vicious rumors.
S11, EP17 "Puppet Strings and Tamra's Wings"The Ireland trip ends with a bus ride from hell; back in Orange County, the women try to make sense of their war on foreign soil; after months of diet and exercise, Tamra is ready to flaunt her body onstage at her long-awaited fitness competition.
S11, EP16 "Bringing Up Old Ghosts"After a bumpy start in Ireland, Meghan takes Kelly to nearby Greystones Village in an attempt to locate distant relatives, while Vicki, Tamra, Heather, and Shannon travel to a milk farm to get up close and personal with Ireland's finest cows.
S11, EP15 "Shamrocks and Shockwaves"The women jet off to Ireland to explore Meghan's heritage; on a pub crawl, over-drinking leads to a sobering exchange of words between Tamra and Kelly; the women try to salvage their first day in Ireland by enjoying a traditional Irish Hooley Night.
S11, EP14 "Secrets, Lies and Vicki's New Guy"Meghan throws a party to celebrate the grand opening of her candle store; Vicki threatens to expose a secret about Shannon; Heather throws a fancy party to celebrate the release of her book; Meghan proposes a trip to Ireland to explore her heritage.
S11, EP13 "Bye, Bye, Beadors"Michael and Kelly discuss their relationship since separating; Meghan goes to her first ultrasound appointment; Shannon packs up her house; Tamra treats Kelly, Vicki and Heather to a day of pampering at the spa; Kelly opens up about her marriage.
S11, EP12 "Stage Moms and Dropped Bombs"Shannon panics over her upcoming move; the women help Shannon purge her closet; Vicki makes it clear she is ready to fill up her love tank; everyone gathers to watch the Beador girls perform; an uninvited guest makes a shocking allegation.
S11, EP11 "The Moral Minority"The women recover from the accident in Glamis, Calif.; new alliances form in the wake of Meghan and Shannon's refusal to visit Vicki in the hospital; Tamra considers postponing her fitness competition.
S11, EP10 "Shock and Roll"Tamra, Vicki, Heather, and Kelly take an unforgettable ride through the sand dunes at the motor-sports mecca of Glamis, Calif.; Tamra and Heather remain wary of Kelly's filthy mouth; Meghan receives the results of her pregnancy test.
S11, EP9 "Woo Hoo Weekend"While Shannon heads to Cabo, Tamra and Kelly join Vicki at the luxurious Merv Griffin estate in La Quinta, Calif.; Heather and Terry go out to dinner on date night; Tamra arranges a meeting between Kelly and Heather to work out their differences.
S11, EP8 "Shannon Gets Her Groove Back"After the sushi dinner, Heather and Tamra discuss Kelly's volatile behavior; Meghan takes the next step in her in vitro fertilization process; Shannon celebrates with her friends and family; Vickie and Kelly bond over being the odd women out.
S11, EP7 "Something's Fishy"Vicki revels in the return of her family to Orange County; Heather strives to find a work-life balance; Tamra plans a sushi party as a last hurrah for Meghan, but the party goes off rails after Kelly loses her cool and crosses a line.
S11, EP6 "Frenemies of the State"Following her party, Shannon pays a visit to Dr. Moon to remove toxins; Kelly tries to make amends by inviting Shannon to sit down and discuss the night of the party; Meghan travels to Washington, D.C., to speak on behalf of colorectal cancer.
S11, EP5 "Boogie Fights"Shannon throws a 1970s-themed party, during which she gets into an argument with Kelly; Terry schedules a work trip on Mother's Day; Meghan seeks support from her friends during her in vitro fertilization treatments; Tamra stirs the pot.
S11, EP4 "Frozen Assets"As Kelly's beach party moves indoors, Vickie and Shannon have a chilly face-off over their friendship; Meghan meets Jimmy's frozen sperm for the first time; Heather laments the impact of Terry's schedule on their family; Briana lands in the hospital.
S11, EP3 "Lies in the Air, Sand in My Hair"Vicki and daughter Briana drive from Oklahoma to California; Meghan begins her in vitro fertilization shots without Jimmy; Kelly throws a beach party; Vicki and Tamra try to resolve their longstanding issues.
S11, EP2 "Making Friends but Not Amends"Heather travels to Turks and Caicos to help Terry reconnect with their children; Tamra tries to save Ryan and Sarah's relationship; Kelly decides to befriend Vicki; Meghan invites the women over to her new house to demolish her kitchen.
S11, EP1 "When the Ship Hits the Fan"Tensions run high at a boat party; Vicki fights to win the women back after a year of lies; Meghan starts in vitro fertilization with no help from husband Jimmy; new housewife Kelly Dodd's loud mouth gets her in big trouble.
S10, EP24 "Secrets Revealed"Never-before-seen footage from season 10 includes Shannon's unique luncheon, a wild ride in Tahiti and revelations about Vicki's history with Brooks.
S10, EP23 "Brooks Tells All"Andy Cohen interviews Brooks Ayers about the allegations regarding his health.
S10, EP22 "Reunion Part Three"The women share their doubts about Brooks' cancer; Shannon provides details regarding the validity of the PET-CT scan; Tamra and Heather discuss the possibility of blackmail; the women react to Andy Cohen's interview with Brooks.
S10, EP21 "Reunion Part Two"The women reminisce about season 10; Shannon faces scrutiny over her marriage and David's affair; Heather gets heated over Vicki's betrayal of Tamra; Jim Edmonds is grilled about his marriage to Meghan; Briana shares her opinion of Brooks.
S10, EP20 "Reunion Part One"The housewives gather on the couch to rehash the past year; Meghan clashes with Vicki over comments about stepmothers; Tamra discusses the family drama she has kept secret for the past year; Vicki shares funny memories of her late mother.
S10, EP19 "Baptism by Fire"The women come together to witness Tamra's baptism; Vicki is besieged by questions about Brooks' cancer; Shannon learns Vicki has committed the ultimate betrayal.
S10, EP18 "Satan Loves Confusion"Vicki's daughter, Briana, meets Tamra for lunch and imparts shocking information about Brooks; Shannon confides in Heather and Tamra; the women prepare for Tamra's baptism in unconventional ways.
S10, EP17 "Broken Records"Heather's E-Vine launch takes a turn for the worse when Terry botches the rehearsal; Meghan hosts a viewing party to celebrate Heather's big night, during which everyone is stunned by a new revelation about Brooks.
S10, EP16 "Suspicious Minds"Brooks and Vicki leave Shannon's party early, leaving the others to question his behavior; Heather and Terry disagree over a design for the new house; Tamra shows her son, Ryan, his new Orange County home; Shannon questions her friendship with Vicki.
S10, EP15 "Fire Signs"When Shannon throws an Aries-themed party, Brooks confronts Meghan about her persistence in digging into his past; Brooks makes an offhand comment that throws Tamra into a rage.
S10, EP14 "A Storm Is Coming"Vicki's attack on Meghan leaves the women in disbelief; Shannon's children cook up a plan to improve their parents' relationship; Tamra admits to Eddie she's been giving financial assistance to her son; Vicki pays a visit to Briana in Oklahoma.
S10, EP13 "Sex, Lies & Leeches"Upset with Meghan's queries about Brooks' cancer treatment, Vicki storms off and brings Heather's luncheon to an end; Shannon visits Dr. Moon to deal with pent-up resentment; Tamra hosts a sex party, where Vicki confronts Meghan face to face.
S10, EP12 "Racing to the Truth"Meghan, Heather, Tamra and Shannon go to NASCAR; Vicki has a birthday getaway with Brooks; Shannon tries to put on a happy face; Heather throws a luncheon at her home.
S10, EP11 "A Psychic Surprise"Shannon and David must discipline their children; Vicki learns that Brooks has made a life-altering decision; Tamra's psychic makes a shocking claim.
S10, EP10 "Girl Code"Vicki and Shannon discuss the details of David's affair; an excursion lands the women in deep water; Tamra sparks a controversy over "girl code" and "pot stirring"; Meghan has a surprise in store for the woman at their final dinner.
S10, EP9 "Swimming With the Sharks"In French Polynesia, the women travel to the island of Moorea, where they swim with sharks; Meghan discovers the real danger isn't in the water; while drinking shots, Shannon, Vicki and Tamra take a few shots at Heather and Meghan's friendship.
S10, EP8 "Judgy Eyes & Tahitian Skies"When Meghan hosts a couples' game night, her husband's absence becomes fair game as a topic of discussion; Shannon and David meet with their therapist; the women head off for a tropical getaway to French Polynesia.
S10, EP7 "Bowling in Heels"Vicki enlists a medium to communicate with her late mother; Shannon contends with weighty emotions while striving to shed pounds; Meghan learns a lesson about parenting while trying to teach her stepdaughter responsibility; the women go bowling.
S10, EP6 "Full Circle"The passing of Vicki's mother sends shock waves through the group, causing everyone to reflect on family; Tamra celebrates the birth of her granddaughter; Shannon continues to repair her marriage; Meghan tries to create a lasting memory for Hayley.
S10, EP5 "Game Changer"Vicki gets a telephone call that changes her life; Shannon extends an olive branch to Meghan when she hosts a Bunco party at her house; an unconventional date night turns bloody for Heather and Terry.
S10, EP4 "Charity Case"Tensions are high at the close of the Napa Valley trip; Vicki and Brooks consider some unconventional cancer treatments; Meghan puts the final touches on her first charity event; Heather faces the consequences of going over budget on her dream home.
S10, EP3 "Whine Country"Heather and the others travel to Napa Valley to celebrate the launch of her new sparkling wine, Collette; Meghan is excited about her first trip to wine country; Shannon continues to struggle with her emotions regarding David's affair.
S10, EP2 "Take a Swing"Shannon and David are pushed to new limits on the last day of the couples retreat; the piñata isn't the only thing that gets bashed at Vicki's party; Shannon realizes she has a history with Heather's friend Meghan; Vicki and Tamra come face to face.
S10, EP1 "Under Construction"Vicki announces that her boyfriend, Brooks, is living with her; Heather builds her dream house; Shannon and David try to repair their broken marriage; newcomer Meghan King Edmonds is ready to play ball; Tamra undergoes plastic surgery.
S9, EP21 "Secrets Revealed"Never-before-seen footage from season nine includes a painting party and a dinner in Bali; Vicki and Brooks attend a therapy session; Tamra takes baby Astro out on the town.
S9, EP20 "Reunion Part Two"Tamra faces her accusers who blame her for most of the season's conflict; Shannon explains her holistic ways; the women argue over whether Lizzie is more of a drama queen than beauty queen.
S9, EP19 "Reunion Part One"Hot issues and conflicts of the season are faced; Lizzie clashes with Tamra.
S9, EP18 "All Apologies"At dinner at Vicki's, tensions still run high; Tamra faces Brooks; an apology from Shannon's boyfriend starts a fight; Vicki's daughter and Tamra's son leave O.C.
S9, EP17 "Eat, Pray, Run"The ladies enjoy their time in Bali; Shannon and Lizzie realize Tamra has poisoned their new friendship; Vicki hears that Tamra has been talking about Brooks; the ladies confront Tamra.
S9, EP16 "Bali Highs & Lows"The ladies take a trip to Bali; Shannon receives shocking news; Vicki hears about a scandalous statement; Lizzie reveals her feelings about Tamra.
S9, EP15 "Valentines and Birthday Whines"Heather and Tamra decide to take a trip to Bali; Lizzie has a terrible birthday; Heather throws a Valentine's Day dinner party.
S9, EP14 "Fully Loaded"Tension rises between Shannon and Heather at Lizzie's dinner party; Vicki and Briana see a therapist; Ryan's news shocks Tamra.
S9, EP13 "Point `Break'"Lizzie invites the ladies to a dinner party, where Heather and Shannon come face-to-face; Vicki brings Brooks to the party; a big accusation is made.
S9, EP12 "La-Bomb-Ba"Shannon and David try to get back on the right track with Vicki's help; Heather's family expands with her new puppies; Tamra and Eddie make a final decision about Astro; Lizzie tries to take her business to the next level.
S9, EP11 "Making Woo-Hoo-Py"Shannon joins Vicki and Brooks on their trip; Lizzie tries to balance her job and her family; Heather hires a personal chef; Tamra's experiment backfires.
S9, EP10 "Skunk in the Barnyard"Shannon receives word that rumors are circulating about her and David's marriage; Lizzie gets caught in the middle of an argument between Shannon and Heather; Vicki and Brooks take a trip to Puerto Vallarta.
S9, EP9 "Not a Good Day LA"Tamra reveals why she is upset with Heather; Briana and Ryan tell Vicki the sex of their baby; Shannon seeks support from Tamra.
S9, EP8 "Not So Silent Night"Shannon throws her annual Christmas party; Vicki has trouble coping with her daughter's move; Tamra gets shocking news.
S9, EP7 "Choke-Lahoma"Vicki becomes emotional while helping her daughter house hunt; Heather and Shannon deal with the rift in their friendship; Tamra discovers something shocking about her son.
S9, EP6 "Showdown at the Hoedown"Tension remains between Heather and Shannon; Vicki struggles with her daughter's decision; Heather hosts a party; one of the ladies is injured.
S9, EP5 "I Couldn't Chair Less"Shannon takes Vicki to her holistic healer; Heather plans a party; Tamra pushes her son to take on more responsibility.
S9, EP4 "Pretty Ugly"Tamra and Heather meet Lizzie, a former beauty queen; Shannon is surprised; Vicki focuses on her business; Tamra and Eddie talk.
S9, EP3 "Fakes-Giving, Fake Friends"The dinner party at Shannon's continues; Heather leaves town for the holidays; the ladies air their grievances at a "Fakes-giving" Feast.
S9, EP2 "Meet & Potatoes"The ladies question Vicki and Brooks' relationship; Heather introduces the ladies to her future neighbor; Tamra is considering having a baby with Eddie; Shannon invites the ladies to her house for a home-cooked meal.
S9, EP1 "Hawaii 5 Uh-Oh"Vicki and Donn's divorce is finalized; Tamra worries about staying in shape; Heather prepares to build her dream home; Heather invites Vicki and Tamra to Honolulu.
S8, EP22 "Secrets Revealed"Never-before-seen footage, including Alexis preparing for her audition, Lydia confessing about herself and Doug, and Vicki and Gretchen battling for the title of Tamra's BFF.
S8, EP21 "Reunion: Part Three"Briana and Vicki's boyfriend confront each other, leaving Vicki in tears.
S8, EP20 "Reunion: Part Two"Gretchen confronts the other ladies; Heather confronts Gretchen about auditions; Gretchen is reduced to tears.
S8, EP19 "Reunion: Part One"Gretchen and Vicki vie for Tamra's friendship; Lydia is forced to defend herself; Lauri Petersen returns.
S8, EP18 "Cold Shoulders"Gretchen and Heather argue; when her husband faces the ladies, Alexis is brought to tears; Briana's husband verbally attacks a party guest; Tamra and Gretchen accuse each other of lies; Vicki and Lydia ambush Slade.
S8, EP17 "An Immodest Proposal"Gretchen proposes to Slade; Heather and Terry tell the kids that they've sold the house; Vicki hears Slade insult her on his radio show; Vicki's Winter Wonderland party is full of surprises.
S8, EP16 "Crossroads"Alexis comes face-to-face with Gretchen; Heather and Terry receive a surprising offer; Vicki struggles to keep things professional with Brooks; Gretchen plans a surprise marriage proposal for Slade.
S8, EP15 "Hold Your Tongue"Lauri's accusations cause a fight; Gretchen questions her friendship with Tamra; Heather guest stars on a new sitcom.
S8, EP14 "The Cold War"Lydia takes the ladies on a ski vacation; Heather and Gretchen argue; Tamra tells Vicki about the rumors Vicki is spreading.
S8, EP13 "Wedding Dress Stress"Heather lands another guest role on a sitcom; Tamra shops for a wedding dress with the ladies; Tamra and Heather question Gretchen's honesty.
S8, EP12 "Chicks and Salsa"Alexis and Heather come face-to-face; Briana and Ryan prepare for his deployment; Lydia throws a salsa dance party; rumors circulate about Lydia's love life.
S8, EP11 "Dirty Dancing in Mexico"In Mexico, Vicki takes Tamra and Lydia away from the group, leaving Gretchen and Heather angry; Tamra reveals secrets of her past to Gretchen; back home, Alexis begs Jim.
S8, EP10 "Viva Mexico"Tamra and Alexis confront each other; Heather and Gretchen disagree while planning Tamra's bachelorette party; as the ladies head to Mexico, Gretchen gets some shocking information about Vicki's past.
S8, EP9 "Speech Therapy"Vicki is torn between spending time with Brooks or babysitting her grandson; Lydia convinces Alexis to talk to Tamra; Gretchen visits a fertility doctor; Tamra gives a speech at the Los Angeles Women's Expo.
S8, EP8 "Hot in Orange County"Terry struggles at home while Heather is away; Alexis pursues her acting career; Lydia confronts her mother.
S8, EP7 "Whines by Wives"A fight between Tamra and Vicki ends their Malibu trip; Alexis and Jim open their trampoline park; Heather and Terry hit a roadblock.
S8, EP6 "A Star Is Reborn?"Alexis struggles after the events at Tamra's party; Vicki doesn't show at the new wine business, leaving Tamra angry; Lydia celebrates with her mom; Heather receives an exciting offer, which is soured by Terry.
S8, EP5 "The Party Is Done!"Tamra's explosion at the party has widespread effects, leaving Vicki torn between Tamra and Alexis; Gretchen goes to New York to support Slade; Lydia encourages Alexis to make amends.
S8, EP4 "It's My Party and I'll Scream if I Want to"Vicki invites Alexis to a party at Tamra's new gym; Gretchen and Slade deal with personal issues; Tamra rethinks her decision to invite Alexis to the party when things get out of control.
S8, EP3 "Making Up Is Hard to Do"Alexis is invited to be the first to meet Vicki's new grandson; Tamra tries to repair her relationship with Vicki; Heather wants to have her home featured in a magazine.
S8, EP2 "Evil Eyes and Evil Faces"Vicki becomes the topic of gossip; Vicki and Tamra try to repair their friendship; Gretchen visits Slade.
S8, EP1 "Bullies and Babies"Vicki's daughter gives birth; Tamra moves in with her fiancee; Heather hosts a clambake and doesn't invite Alexis.
S7, EP23 "Lost Footage Special"Never-aired footage from season seven includes a double date with Vicki, Brooks, Gretchen and Slade; reunion showdowns; Heather and Alexis pursue their dream careers.
S7, EP22 "Reunion"Brooks gives the women a piece of his mind; when Briana joins the group, new questions are raised about Vicki's fidelity and Brooks' motives.
S7, EP21 "Reunion"Alexis demands an apology for being called phony; Gretchen accuses Vicki of hypocrisy regarding her relationship with Brooks.
S7, EP20 "Are You In or Out?"Drama continues at Heather's party; Sarah acts strangely; Tamra and Gretchen commemorate their new friendship with a gift; Jim confronts Terry about calling Alexis phony; Vicki and Tamra fight.
S7, EP19 "Let Them Eat Cake"Heather celebrates her new last name with a fabulous party; Vicki flaunts an expensive gift from Brooks, which exacerbates the tension between her and Briana.
S7, EP18 "Will He or Won't He?"Alexis reports on-location for the news; Gretchen discovers Slade's plan to propose leading to a confrontation; Eddie surprises Tamra with a surprise romantic getaway.
S7, EP17 "Monkey Business"Heather and Tamra call Alexis phony; a white-water rafting trip shakes Vicki to her core, resulting in an emotional breakdown.
S7, EP16 "Rumble in the Jungle"The ladies travel to Costa Rica; Vicki's erratic behavior has the others worried; Alexis is confronted on her phony lifestyle.
S7, EP15 "Scream Therapy"Brooks tries to support Vicki; Tamra and Slade hash out their past; Gretchen and Slade go to couple's counseling.
S7, EP14 "Happily Never After"Slade's engagement ring shopping plans; Alexis throws a birthday party for her twins; Tamra gets a tattoo removed; Vicki and Briana fight.
S7, EP13 "Whine & Cheese"Slade has a talk with Gretchen's dad; Vicki and Tamra host a formal wine party; Vicki forces a meeting between Brooks and Briana.
S7, EP12 "Bombs Away"Gretchen performs; Alexis continues to pursue her career; Heather and Terry join Gretchen and Slade for dinner; Vicki takes Briana and Ryan out to dinner.
S7, EP11 "What's New Pussycat"Heather goes to Hollywood for an audition; Alexis hires a coach; the ladies go to Las Vegas to watch Gretchen perform.
S7, EP10 "Cabin Fever"Alexis plans a "glamping" trip with the girls, but then backs out; Vicki visits Tamra who is recovering from her surgery.
S7, EP9 "Bowling for Champs"Eddie stands by Tamra through her surgery; Jim wants Alexis to be a stay-at-home mom again; Heather invites the girls to a bowling party.
S7, EP8 "Dirty Housewives"Vicki find out about Briana's health; Alexis gets her nose cast removed; Tamra, Gretchen and Heather do a "Mud Run" for charity.
S7, EP7 "Under the Knife"Alexis gets surgery on her nose; Briana's surgery goes worse than expected; Gretchen gets nervous preparing for her Las Vegas debut.
S7, EP6 "The Party's Over"Slade and some of the OC men bring drama to the Bunco Party; Alexis gets a nose job; Vicki fears the worst about her daughter, Briana's surgery.
S7, EP5 "He Said What?"Tamra and Vicki are insulted by Slade's jokes; Alexis worries about her upcoming nose surgery; Tamra's Bunco Party hosts conflict.
S7, EP4 "Who's Laughing Now"Vicki and Briana have a heart-to-heart; Slade tries out a new career in comedy; Alexis and Heather try to reconcile their differences.
S7, EP3 "The Honeymoon is Over"Heather throws a painting party; Gretchen and Slade find shocking information about Vicki's new boyfriend.
S7, EP2 "Southern Hospitality"Peggy decides to end her friendship with the women; Gretchen poses nude; Vicki and Tamra go to Catalina.
S7, EP1 "Stranger Things Have Happened"The women deal with lingering drama from last year; Vicki finalizes her divorce; Alexis has a new job; Tamra and Gretchen try to bury the hatchet.
S6, EP16 "Lost Footage Special"Gretchen talks candidly about her battles with an eating disorder; Tamra discusses her oldest son's health issues; Vicki confides to her brother about what really led to the Gunvalson divorce.
S6, EP15 "Reunion"The ladies answer America's questions.
S6, EP14 "Reunion: Part 1"The ladies return to discuss the season.
S6, EP13 "Girl Fight"Drama ensues at Vicki's annual party.
S6, EP12 "Fashion Victim"Peggy surprises her husband with a trip to Vegas; Gretchen and Slade have a heart-to-heart; Vicki has been rushed to the emergency room.
S6, EP11 "Cutting Loose"A girls-only trip to San Antonio; Tamra's court case against her ex Simon heats up.
S6, EP10 "It's Not a Competition"Peggy and Alexis meet; Slade's mom comes to visit; Tamra, Vicki and Peggy head off to Temecula for a day.
S6, EP9 "Whine Pairings"Peggy and Micah throw their annual dinner party; Eddie meets the ladies; Alexis causes a scene.
S6, EP8 "Kiss and Tell"Slade surprises Gretchen for her birthday; Peggy and Tamra are excited to model; Fernanda shares a shocking secret.
S6, EP7 "Riches to Rags"Vicki visits Tamra at her hew house; Gretchen is upset that all the men in her life are fat; Vicki and Donn try to spend some quality time together.
S6, EP6 "What a Difference a Year Makes"Tamra and her boyfriend head to Spain; Gretchen surprises her parents; Peggy is having surgery; Vicki is planing a family excursion.
S6, EP5 "No Hate"Peggy consults with a plastic surgeon; Donn makes Vicki feel guilty; Fernanda celebrates her citizenship; Alexis hosts a party.
S6, EP4 "Body Shots"Tamara and Vicki visit Cabo San Lucas; Gretchen meets Alexis to get advice; Peggy reveals a serious health issue.
S6, EP3 "A New Lease On Life"Alexis, Gretchen and Peggy get together for shopping and socializing.
S6, EP2 "Shameless in Seattle"Gretchen doesn't know if she is ready for marriage again; Alexis spends time at the park with Peggy and their daughters.
S6, EP1 "Amped Blondes and Evil Eyes"Tamra throws a shopping party and invites all the ladies.
S5, EP17 "Reunion"The women reminisce about the season.
S5, EP16 "Reunion"The women reminisce about the season; host Andy Cohen.
S5, EP15 "Is That All There Is?"Tension between Tamra and Simon reaches a breaking point; housewives celebrate the end of a summer.
S5, EP14 "This Is How We Do It in the O.C."After the tongue-lashing Vicki endured from the other women during their San Francisco trip, she seeks comfort from her friendship with Jeana.
S5, EP13 "Let's Bow Our Heads and Pray"Everyone tells Vicki what they think of her; Raquel tells her friends about the eviction; Gretchen and Slade go to Palm Springs.
S5, EP12 "You Can Dish It but You Can't Take It"Lynne's daughters are home; Vicki gets bad news about her daughter's health; Alexis and Gretchen meet for dinner.
S5, EP11 "Nothing Is as It Seems"Tamra wants to tattoo Simon's name on her finger; Vicki and Donn go on a date; Lynne apologizes to Alexis; Gretchen and Slade discuss their relationship with the Curtins.
S5, EP10 "I Can't Stop"Gretchen prepares to launch her makeup products, but becomes concerned about the amount of money she is having to plough into the business and decides to ask Vicki for advice.
S5, EP9 "No Boundaries"Alexis and Tamra grow closer; Gretchen and Slade go to the races with Alexis and Jim.
S5, EP8 "Let Bygones Be Bygones"Lynne and Gretchen discuss drinking and depression; Vicki throws an all-girls slumber party; a psychic reads the auras of the women.
S5, EP7 "Love and War"Vicki has a romantic surprise for Donn; Alexis prepares her children for church; Tamra considers letting Gretchen into her life; Lynne allows Gretchen to take Alexa shopping.
S5, EP6 "All Girls Weekend"The women's weekend away causes arguments when Gretchen's boyfriend and Alexis's husband crash the trip.
S5, EP5 "Friends, Facelifts and Florida"Vicki schemes to surprise Donn for their anniversary; Alexis brings the twins for a mani/pedi; Lynne undergoes a facelift; Tamra shows her first house in several years.
S5, EP4 "It's All About Choices"Briana recovers from her breakup; Simon and Tamra attend a barbecue at the Gunvalsons; Gretchen flies to Michigan; Lynne settles into her new home.
S5, EP3 "It Ends in Coto de Caza"Jeana Keough makes the decision to spend less time with the housewives to concentrate on her real estate business, which is struggling in the tough economic climate.
S5, EP2 "Friends, Enemies and Husbands"Lynne's showing comes to a halt; a fight between Tamra and Gretchen forces the women to choose sides.
S5, EP1 "When the Times Get Tough, the Tough Get Blonder"Vicki works on strengthening her relationship with Donn; Jeana is forced to economize; tensions are high between Tamra and Simon; Gretchen tries to move on from her fiancé's death.
S4, EP14 "The Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Special"The postseason recap features interviews with the housewives; host Andy Cohen.
S4, EP13 "Bling Bling"Jeana Keough has her first real date; Lynne Curtin's daughter loves her new BMW but hates paying for gas; Vicki Gunvalson's daughter has a new life plan.
S4, EP12 "Are We There Yet?"Jeana Keough and her daughter drive to Berkeley; Tamra Barney visits her dad in Iowa; Gretchen Rossi visits her college friends when she returns to Dallas.
S4, EP11 "Vegas Baby"Lynne Curtin seeks her mother's advice on how to be a better parent; Jeana Keough travels back to Wisconsin to see her family; Jeff returns home.
S4, EP10 "The Girls Want to Come Out and Play"Vicki and Jeana travel to Chicago to visit friends; Gretchen worries about her finances; Lynne throws a cocktail party.
S4, EP9 "Why Are You Being So Mean to Me?"Ryan makes a move on inebriated Gretchen; Jeana finally moves her ex-husband out of her house; the ladies go shopping.
S4, EP8 "Naked Wasted"Vicki visits her family in Chicago; Gretchen takes care of her fiance; Tamra takes an etiquette class.
S4, EP7 "And They're Off..."Gretchen gets excited when her ring arrives; Vicki's son gets caught throwing a pool party; the ladies go to the races.
S4, EP6 "Cut!"Gretchen asks Jeff's children to come out from Michigan; Vicki accompanies Briana to donate blood; Kara gets a summer job.
S4, EP5 "120 in the Shade"Jeana, Vicki and Tamra celebrate the Fourth of July at Lake Havasu; Jeana brings Vicki's nemesis to lunch; Gretchen vacations with her family in the mountains of Bass Lake, Calif.
S4, EP4 "You Just Don't Get It"Gretchen hosts a burlesque party at her home; Vicki tours a million dollar yacht; Vicki, Jeana and Tamra have a girl's night out.
S4, EP3 "Love Tanks"Tamra and Simon celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary; Jeana attempts to rebuild her life after her separation; Gretchen and Jeff go to the Indianapolis 500.
S4, EP2 "Hold On to Your Daddies"Tamra's husband has quit his job to start his own business; Gretchen and Jeff shop for a motorcycle; Jeana attempts to make money by selling off the distressed properties of her friends.
S4, EP1 "Are They for Real"Vicki considers buying a yacht; Jeana allows her husband, Matt, to move back into the house; Tamra deals with new and old family issues; Gretchen meets with her real-estate agent to view a home in Coto.
S3, EP12 "The Real Housewives Confess"The ladies dish on the behind-the-scenes moments of season three.
S3, EP11 "Here Comes the Bride"The ladies celebrate Lauri's wedding.
S3, EP10 "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"Tamra celebrates her 40th birthday aboard Simon's new yacht; Jeana contemplates divorce; Quinn and Billy have different ideas about their relationship.
S3, EP9 "Frienemies"Vicki berates Jeana; Lauri asks her daughter to be her Maid of Honor; Quinn tries to force Billy to commit; Tamra helps Ryan move out of her house.
S3, EP8 "Family Vacation"Lauri and George plan a family vacation; Vicky invites Jeana and her children on their family vacation; Tamra struggles to find time with Simon.
S3, EP7 "Moving Violations"The housewives head to San Diego for time together; a conflict between Jeana and Vicki threatens their friendship; Lauri travels to Oklahoma to spend time with Sophie.
S3, EP6 "The Boys of Summer"Lauri and Ashley discuss wedding plans over lunch; Michael begins an internship in Seattle; Jeana and Colton travel to Vancouver to watch Shane play minor league baseball; Tamra's business leaves little time for her husband.
S3, EP5 "Rebels Without a Cause"Overprotective Vicki visits daughter Briana with an assortment of pepper sprays to give to her for her protection.
S3, EP4 "Pantry Raid!"All the housewives have dinner together; Vicki and Jeana are in week six of boot camp; Tamra gets Botox and goes clubbing with her husband and son.
S3, EP3 "Girls Gone Wild"McKenzie, Lindsey, Megan and Ashley head to South Beach, Miami; Vicki and Donn host a weekend at their vacation home; tensions build between Simon and Ryan putting Tamra in the middle.
S3, EP2 "My Baby Is All Grown Up"Vicki and Jeana make a pact to get in shape; Vicki has buyer's remorse after buying a smaller home; the Keoughs leave for northern California.
S3, EP1 "Behind the Orange Curtain"Vicki gives Briana a new car; Lauri is busy with wedding plans; Tammy and her daughters experience a tragedy; Kara graduates from high school.
S2, EP9 "Finale"Jo and Slade attend a therapy session; Shane ponders a career in baseball; Sophie and George throw a joint birthday-party for their daughters; Vicki and Donn look to reconnect.
S2, EP8 "Birthday Sex"Jo continues to pursue her career; Lauri confronts Ashley; Jeana does a provocative guest appearance on Playboy Radio.
S2, EP7 "Jo Jo the Housewife"Jo ponders a career in entertainment; Lauri plans on starting a jewelry business; Shane questions the strength of Steven and Kara's relationship; Vicki plans expanding her business.
S2, EP6 "Studio, Jewelry, and Babies"Jo ponders a career in the entertainment business; Lauri thinks about starting a business of her own.
S2, EP5 "Stranger in Your House"Slade is very generous to Jo on her birthday; Lauri and George take the family to Hawaii; Shane invites a girl he met on the Internet to stay at the house for a few days.
S2, EP4 "Relationships Are Better Than Your Head"Jo seeks advice from Jeana about her relationship with Slade, then learns the truth about Lauri's.
S2, EP3 "Watch Out B..."Jo's partying displeases Slade; Jeana tours the houses she currently owns.
S2, EP2 "Be Nice to the New Girl"Jo gets used to her newfound financial independence; Lauri enjoys her vacation with George.
S2, EP1 "The Housewives are Back!"Jo must decide between partying and Slade; Jeana and Matt work on their marriage; single mother Tammy struggles to raise three children.
S1, EP8 "Reunion"Join the ladies as they sit down to reunite and reflect during a union.
S1, EP7 "The Finale"Jeana takes Shane on a shopping trip before he leaves for college.
S1, EP6 "Shocking News"Kimberly waits to hear from her doctor; Slade's parents visit in their RV; Vicki goes to her high school reunion; Lauri hopes to get an invitation to a party at the Playboy mansion.
S1, EP5 "Cut the P and Lem out of Problem and You Get Rob"Jeana's son breaks his hand; Kimberly hires a "dog guru"; Jo struggles to keep up with her responsibilities around the house; Vicki interrupts Briana's date; Lauri's son is released from juvenile hall.
S1, EP4 "Talk, Talk, Talk"Jeana takes Kimberly and Scott house hunting; Shane takes an interest in Jo; Slade hires a sexy new assistant; Vicki and her husband argue over Briana's job; Lauri struggles with her children.
S1, EP3 "Upgrading Has Nothing To Do With You Honey"Shane visits a college in Arizona; Kara passes time by spending money; Vicki and Lauri get a Botox treatment; Vicki worries that Lauri isn't dedicated enough to her career.
S1, EP2 "Is It Hunting Season Yet?"Shane becomes the official "rabbit hunter" when the community is overrun with the animals; Kimberly feels pressure to upgrade her car; Vicki gets wild on a cruise.
S1, EP1 "Meet The Wives"Five women living in a wealthy gated community share their lives.
They may live in the lap of luxury, but life isn't always perfect for the women who reside in one of the wealthiest enclaves of the U.S. They continue to focus on living large; plastic surgery, working out, shopping, drinking, dancing, and dining out top their agendas. Ladies come and go through the show's run, with entrepreneur Vicki Gunvalson having been a series regular for each season. Other ladies who have been featured for multiple seasons include Tamra Judge -- previously known as Tamra Barney -- and Heather Dubrow.
Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2006
Genres: DramaRealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
17 seasons available on demand (310 episodes)
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