Light at the End of the Tunnel
S4, EP10 "Light at the End of the Tunnel"
On Demand
After returning home to face their new reality, the group struggles with their decisions to return Amish or stay in the English world.
Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2014 • TLC • 42m
Seizing the Moment
S4, EP9 "Seizing the Moment"
On Demand
Matt's first live musical performance; Venus brings unexpected news; Vonda begins to move past her late boyfriend; Bates deals with life changing news.
Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2014 • TLC • 42m
What Tomorrow May Bring
S4, EP8 "What Tomorrow May Bring"
On Demand
The family is brought together by Miriam's return to New York, but not for long; Bates focuses on his acting career but misses his mother's support.
Original Air Date: Nov 06, 2014 • TLC • 41m
Make Things Right
S4, EP7 "Make Things Right"
On Demand
Matt and Bates return to the Amish and Mennonite country for the women they love; Bates visits his mother, who he has not seen since he left.
Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2014 • TLC • 42m
Out With the Old
S4, EP6 "Out With the Old"
On Demand
The group decides to ditch their Amish clothes, but one of them goes missing. Miriam focuses on her dreams, Matt's marriage takes a drastic turn and Bates is blind-sided by his girlfriend back home.
Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2014 • TLC • 42m
Forgive and Forget
S4, EP5 "Forgive and Forget"
On Demand
Miriam tells Matt's wife the truth about their hookup and the group deals with the fall out. Meanwhile, Bates works on launching his acting career and Vonda tries online dating.
Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2014 • TLC • 42m
House Divided
S4, EP4 "House Divided"
On Demand
The group explores Central Park and the Statue of Liberty, but when an unexpected guest arrives things reach a boiling point.
Original Air Date: Oct 09, 2014 • TLC • 42m
Bright Lights, Big Sinners
S4, EP3 "Bright Lights, Big Sinners"
On Demand
The group spends their first night in a Brooklyn youth hostel, then sets out to explore the city. Experiencing Times Square does not prepare them for the drama that is about to unfold.
Original Air Date: Oct 02, 2014 • TLC • 42m
On the Run
S4, EP2 "On the Run"
On Demand
Reality begins to set in as the group prepares to leave the Amish world for New York City; some learn their past may be coming along for the ride.
Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2014 • TLC • 42m
Road Not Taken
S4, EP1 "Road Not Taken"
On Demand
A group of five young Amish men and woman find out that chasing their dreams is easier said than done.
Original Air Date: Sep 18, 2014 • TLC • 42m