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The NeighborhoodWhen Dave Johnson and his family arrive from Michigan, they're unfazed that their new dream home is located in a community quite different from their previous small town. However, their opinionated next-door neighbor Calvin Butler is wary of the newcomers, certain that they'll disrupt the culture on the block. Dave realizes that fitting in with the new community is more complex than he had expected, but if he can find a way to connect with Calvin, there's an excellent chance of making the new neighborhood a great place to live.
S1, EP8 "Welcome to Thanksgiving"Dave and Gemma host a memorable Thanksgiving in their new home; Dave's politically incorrect mother visits from out of town and meets the Butler family for the first time.
S1, EP6 "Welcome to the Anniversary"Nothing goes as planned when Dave sets up an anniversary celebration for Gemma and Calvin, and Tina baby-sits the Johnsons' son, Grover.
S1, EP7 "Welcome to the Barbershop"Dave is embraced by the patrons of the community barbershop, much to Calvin's dismay.
S1, EP16 "Welcome to the Big Payback"When Gemma has her car repaired at Calvin's shop, Tina insists she doesn't need to pay for the work, to Calvin's consternation; Malcolm and Marty find themselves on the same dating app and vie for the same woman's attention.
S3, EP4 "Welcome to the Rooster"The arrival of Wyatt, an eco-conscious new neighbor, and his pet rooster disrupts the community; when Tina stops by Marty's apartment for a surprise visit, the youngest Butler son is forced to come clean about a long-held secret.
S3, EP5 "Welcome to the Road Trip"Calvin and Dave embark on their first road trip together to a classic car show, only to hit an unexpected roadblock that tests their friendship; Tina and Gemma decide to take home repairs at the Butlers' into their own hands.
S3, EP6 "Welcome to the Turnaround"Gemma's troublemaking sister returns, claiming she's turned over a new leaf; Dave finally convinces Calvin to accompany him to an escape room, where they both get more than they bargained for.
S3, EP7 "Welcome to the Motorcycle"Malcolm surprises Calvin and Tina when he brings home a new motorcycle; Dave and Gemma aim to rev up their social life with a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.
S3, EP8 "Welcome to the Property"When Calvin discovers a member of the community plans to sell to greedy developers, he vows to find a buyer closer to home instead; the Butlers and Johnsons soon realize that the dilapidated property will require more work than they expected.
S3, EP9 "Welcome to the Shakedown"When Gemma's phone is stolen, Dave and Calvin team up to get it back; Malcolm and Marty move into their new house.
S3, EP11 "Welcome to the Dad Band"When Dave's amateur band loses its lead singer just before a gig, Tina offers to fill in; Marty quickly regrets letting his needy boss crash at his new place.
S3, EP12 "Welcome to the Treehouse"Concerned about the safety of a treehouse Calvin's building for Grover, Dave recruits Marty to supervise covertly; an innocent mistake on Malcolm's part leads to a heated bake-off between Tina and Gemma.
S3, EP13 "Welcome to the Art Class"When Tina and Gemma get more than they bargained for in a revealing art class, Calvin can't hide his jealousy and takes drastic action; Dave, Marty and Malcolm team up to crack the case of an unfinished mystery novel.
S2, EP2 "Welcome to the Bully"When Grover gets into a fight with a bully at school, Gemma is torn between her role as principal and wanting to protect her son; Calvin encourages Marty to stand up to his own bully, only to be shocked when he learns who it is.
S1, EP17 "Welcome to the Climb"When Gemma decides to fire a teacher at her school, she's unprepared for the aftermath; Calvin gets a surprise when he faces off with his newspaper carrier.
S3, EP15 "Welcome to the Challenge"When Victor Alvarez tries to steal Calvin's customers, the Butlers and Johnsons join forces on a plan to drum up business and give back to their community.
S3, EP16 "Welcome to the Test Run"Gemma surprises Dave with wanting another baby, so he enlists a robotic doll and Marty's engineering skills to remind her how difficult a newborn is; Calvin and Tina disagree on how to proceed when they unexpectedly discover a stash of cash.
S3, EP17 "Welcome to the Invasion"When Calvin's archrivals, the Pink Ladies, move their manicure business into the local barbershop, Dave encourages him to make peace until the women take a prank too far and the guys decide to plot revenge.
S3, EP18 "Welcome to the Surprise"When Calvin receives a surprise birthday gift involving his father, Dave suggests they spend the day celebrating in a way that honors him; an unexpected development changes the Johnsons' lives forever.
S1, EP21 "Welcome to the Conversation"Dave is thrilled when Calvin invites him to go golfing, confident that it represents progress in their relationship; Gemma and Tina team up to pull off an unforgettable surprise for Malcolm, Marty and Grover.
S4, EP1 "Welcome to the Family"When Dave starts researching his genealogy, he makes a surprising discovery -- he and Calvin are more than just neighbors; Tina offers to help Gemma when she's overcome with morning sickness, and inadvertently stumbles on a new business idea.
S4, EP2 "Welcome to the Intervention"When a member of the community's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, Calvin and Dave step up to help; Marty undergoes a dramatic makeover to impress a longtime crush.
S4, EP3 "Welcome to the Sister From Another Mister"When Gemma hires Alexis to teach at her school, Tina suspects the new teacher may not be quite who she claims to be.
S4, EP4 "Welcome to the Porch Pirate"When Dave and Gemma face a devastating loss, Calvin and Tina offer emotional support and reflect on a period that tested their own family.
S2, EP9 "Welcome to the Dealbreaker"When Gemma sets a reluctant Malcolm up on a blind date with a teacher at her school, she discovers new details about the origins of her relationship with Dave; Marty helps Calvin and Tina plan for their future.
S2, EP10 "Welcome to the Digital Divide"Calvin reluctantly agrees to let Marty create a website for his auto shop in hopes of drumming up more business; Dave makes it his mission to prove to his son that there's more to life than his favorite gadgets.
S1, EP1 "Pilot"A friendly Midwesterner moves his family to a Los Angeles neighborhood next door to Calvin, who's concerned the newcomers will disrupt the culture on the block.
S1, EP2 "Welcome to the Repipe"When a water pipe bursts at the Johnsons' home, Calvin reluctantly agrees to help Dave repair the damage; Gemma discovers a surprising secret about her new neighbor, Tina.
S1, EP9 "Welcome to the Dinner Guest"When Calvin and Tina learn Marty has a new girlfriend, they insist he invite her over for dinner -- with surprising results.
S4, EP18 "Welcome to the Feud"When Dave's job requires him to mediate a feud between two wealthy brothers, Calvin tries to help but winds up complicating the process; Gemma turns to Tina for assistance in navigating Grover's first crush.
S1, EP3 "Welcome to the Spare Key"Dave gives Calvin a key to his house in case of an emergency and is pleasantly surprised when the gesture is reciprocated.
S1, EP4 "Welcome to the Housewarming"When everyone but Calvin accepts Dave and Gemma's invitation to their housewarming party, Dave decides he's finally had enough of Calvin's refusal to welcome him to town.
S2, EP3 "Welcome to the Fresh Coat"When Tina decides it's time to make home improvements, Dave volunteers to repaint the Butler house, violating Calvin's "man code" and setting off a chain of events that impacts both families.
S1, EP11 "Welcome to the Fundraiser"Tina gets carried away when she tries to help Gemma ace her first fundraiser as school principal; Dave tries to help Calvin win a special silent auction prize for his mom.
S3, EP14 "Welcome to the Hero"Dave earns Calvin's respect when he thwarts a robbery at the barbershop, until the recognition goes to his head and he starts exaggerating the truth; Marty invites an anxious Gemma to give his new stress-busting hobby a try.
S4, EP8 "Welcome to the Family Business"Tina struggles to keep up with her job at Calvin's auto shop due to her burgeoning baking business; Malcolm delays breaking up with a girlfriend when her son becomes an unexpected asset to his youth baseball team.
S4, EP9 "Welcome to the Splurge"Calvin decides to splurge on an expensive jacket, then worries it's too special to risk wearing outside the house; Dave and Gemma worry their new friends' daughter is a bad influence on Grover.
S4, EP10 "Welcome to Jury Duty"Calvin and Dave are both chosen to serve as jurors on the same trial; Malcolm and Marty get a big surprise when they fail to ask what the movie's about after they rent out their house for a film shoot.
S4, EP11 "Welcome to the Knockout"As Dave nears his 40th birthday, Calvin offers to coach his friend for an amateur boxing tournament; sparks fly when Marty meets a new woman at the gym.
S1, EP10 "Welcome to the Stolen Sneakers"When Malcolm is robbed and won't reveal the thief, Calvin and Dave team up to crack the case of the missing sneakers; Tina takes a unique approach to teaching Gemma self-defense.
S4, EP13 "Welcome to the Stakeout"When there's a break-in at Calvin's business, he teams up with Dave for a stakeout to catch the culprit in the act; Gemma is uncharacteristically reluctant to share her new hobby with Tina.
S4, EP16 "Welcome to the Man Code"When Calvin discovers his friend Lorenzo is harboring a secret, he struggles with whether to share the information with Tina; Dave becomes concerned about Gemma's growing closeness to a coach at her school.
S4, EP14 "Welcome to the Big Little Leagues"Calvin and Malcolm butt heads on coaching styles as Malcolm's little league team approaches its first game of the season; Tina tries to win over a food critic she inadvertently offended before he reviews her cupcakes.
"The Neighborhood"When Dave Johnson and his family arrive from Michigan, they're unfazed that their new dream home is located in a community quite different from their previous small town. However, their opinionated next-door neighbor Calvin Butler is wary of the newcomers, certain that they'll disrupt the culture on the block. Dave realizes that fitting in with the new community is more complex than he had expected, but if he can find a way to connect with Calvin, there's an excellent chance of making the new neighborhood a great place to live.
S3, EP10 "Welcome to the Procedure"When Dave discovers Calvin hasn't seen a physician in nearly a decade, he insists that he schedule a physical; Calvin gets more than he bargained for when Dr. Fisher insists he undergo a routine colonoscopy.
S1, EP14 "Welcome to the Yard Sale"Dave convinces Calvin to hold a yard sale, but when longtime neighborhood resident Miss Simpson makes a purchase Calvin quickly regrets, he enlists Dave to help him get the valuable object back.
S4, EP5 "Welcome to Your Match"When Calvin and Tina enlist the services of a professional matchmaker for Marty, they can't help but get too caught up in the process; Dave and Gemma adopt new roles during an unexpected date night.
S4, EP6 "Welcome to the Haunting"As Halloween draws near, Calvin tries to determine what's behind the sudden strange occurrences at the Butlers' house; Gemma and Tina question if their days of sexy costumes should be behind them.
S4, EP7 "Welcome to the Ex-Files"Calvin is thrilled when he unexpectedly crosses paths with NFL legend Jerome "The Bus" Bettis -- until he discovers the hall of fame football player shares a history with Tina; Dave deals with the fallout of a romantic revelation.
S1, EP20 "Welcome to the Repass"When a curmudgeonly resident who has few fans in the community passes away, the Butlers step up to host a memorial; Calvin learns something unexpected about himself.
S2, EP1 "Welcome to the Re-Rack"Dave is eager to take on a bigger role in the community and prove himself to Calvin; Calvin's reaction makes it clear that, while the relationship between the two families has grown, the friendship between Calvin and Dave needs more time.
S4, EP12 "Welcome to the Big One"The Butlers and Johnsons are rattled in different ways after an earthquake strikes; Dave goes to extremes trying to prepare his family for the next earthquake.
S2, EP14 "Welcome to Trivia Night"When Calvin and Dave get shown up by Gemma and Marty at a local bar's trivia night, the pair hatch a plan to redeem themselves; a frustrated Tina decides to take matters into her own hands to finally meet Malcolm's girlfriend, Sofia.
S2, EP15 "Welcome to the Bad Review"Dave puts his professional conflict mediation skills to the test when he offers to help Calvin find out why his employees are quitting.
S2, EP16 "Welcome to the Hockey Game"After Calvin enjoys attending a hockey game with Dave, Malcolm and Marty wonder if their neighbor is rubbing off too much on their dad; Tina decides to enjoy the perks that come with her "stardom" when she's mistaken for an A-list celebrity.
S2, EP17 "Welcome to the Commercial"When Calvin decides to film a local TV commercial for his business, he enlists Dave, Tina and Marty to help; Malcolm considers making a grand gesture when his girlfriend, Sofia, is offered her dream job abroad.
S2, EP18 "Welcome to the Team"When Grover joins Calvin's youth basketball team, Gemma finds herself at odds with some of her neighbor's coaching methods; Tina and Marty are forced to confront a long-buried Butler family secret.
S2, EP20 "Welcome to the Standoff"A surprise delivery prompts Dave and Gemma, as well as Calvin and Tina, to examine the power dynamics in their respective relationships.
S2, EP21 "Welcome to the Speed Bump"A near-accident awakens Dave's sense of civic duty, prompting him to team up with Calvin to try to improve the safety of their community; a trip to the county fair turns into a nerve-racking adventure for Malcolm, Marty and Grover.
S2, EP22 "Welcome to the Campaign"Dave makes a run for city council, working hard to earn Calvin's support, only to have a controversial photo threaten to derail his entire campaign.
S3, EP1 "Welcome to the Movement"The Butlers and Johnsons unite when a member of their community is the victim of racial injustice.
S6, EP10 "Welcome to the World"The whole crew heads out to see Toni Braxton live in concert, but just as the show begins, Courtney's water breaks.
S6, EP9 "Welcome to the Name Drop"Marty and Courtney's baby name gets spread around because nobody can keep a secret; Dave is assigned the ever-complicated task of assembling the diaper changing table.
S6, EP8 "Welcome to the Baby Shower"Courtney and Marty deal with some baby shower drama with Tina; Lamar adjusts to a new job at the Fuse Box.
S6, EP7 "Welcome to the Stand-Off"Gemma and Tina are at odds with one another and Dave and Calvin try to bring them back together; Marty is sick and not handling it well, so Malcolm fills in for him and goes to a baby class with Courtney.
S6, EP6 "Welcome to the Walkout"Gemma holds a fundraiser for a new school pool; Tina and the other teachers are being overworked; Dave convinces Calvin to finally commit to doing physical therapy for his knee.
S6, EP5 "Welcome to the Front Window"While Calvin is recovering at home, he begins spying on his neighbors from the window; Calvin comes to believe that something sketchy is going on across the street, so the whole crew helps him figure out how to catch their new neighbor in the act.
S6, EP4 "Welcome to Grandfatherhood"Calvin is adjusting to getting older and the new stages of parenting; Malcolm questions his career path; Lamar shows up to spend more time with Grover, which forces Gemma and Dave to loosen the reins a bit.
S6, EP3 "Welcome to the Other Butlers"Calvin and Tina uncover discriminatory processes with their bank's appraiser; Marty asks Trey for fatherly advice on co-parenting with Courtney.
S6, EP2 "Welcome to the Awkward Conversations"Marty and Courtney navigate the pregnancy news and what it all means for their future; Malcolm deals with his own workplace relationship.
S6, EP1 "Welcome to the Foos Box"Gemma and Dave are adjusting to Grover growing up and becoming a teenager; Marty and Calvin are struggling with different management styles at work; one of Marty's new employees, Courtney, might become something more.
S3, EP3 "Welcome to Couples Therapy"After learning Dave and Gemma occasionally see a couples therapist to keep their marriage strong, Tina decides she and Calvin should do the same, to Calvin's consternation.
S2, EP5 "Welcome to Soul Food"The Butlers and Johnsons decide to go on a double date, and they all get more than they bargained for at a new restaurant; Grover invites Malcolm and Marty to be the first guests on his new podcast.
S2, EP4 "Welcome to Co-Habitation"When Dave accidentally knocks out the Butlers' power during a heat wave, Calvin and Tina spend the night at the Johnsons' home; Malcolm has some fun at Marty's expense when he crashes at his little brother's refurbished apartment.
S1, EP18 "Welcome to Logan #2"When Calvin and Dave's college basketball teams go head-to-head, Dave surprises the Butlers with tickets to the game; a friend from Michigan visits and reveals surprising new details about Dave.
S1, EP15 "Welcome to Malcolm's Job"Tina agrees to give Grover piano lessons; Malcolm lands a job in retail sales; neither has a first day that goes quite according to plan.
S1, EP13 "Welcome to Fight Night"Calvin reluctantly invites Dave to join his guys' night at home with Malcolm and Marty; Gemma and Tina take their first girls' trip to Vegas and find themselves unexpectedly in the spotlight.
S1, EP12 "Welcome to Grover's Birthday"When Dave and Gemma's elaborate plans for Grover's seventh birthday party go awry, Malcolm and Marty come to the rescue; Calvin's choice of gift winds up sending one person to the hospital.
S1, EP5 "Welcome to Game Night"Unexpected revelations are in the cards during the Johnsons' first game night with the Butlers; Gemma is prompted to rectify a past wrong; Malcolm makes a play for a fresh start with his father, Calvin.
When Dave Johnson and his family arrive from Michigan, they're unfazed that their new dream home is located in a community quite different from their previous small town. However, their opinionated next-door neighbor Calvin Butler is wary of the newcomers, certain that they'll disrupt the culture on the block. Dave realizes that fitting in with the new community is more complex than he had expected, but if he can find a way to connect with Calvin, there's an excellent chance of making the new neighborhood a great place to live.
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