Chapter Five - God Don't Sleep
S1, EP5 "Chapter Five - God Don't Sleep"
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Ethan Brown's search leads him to a motel called the Boudreaux Inn, a site of sex and drug trade activity at the time of the murders.
Original Air Date: Oct 11, 2019 • Showtime East • 59m
Chapter Four - A Precarious Place
S1, EP4 "Chapter Four - A Precarious Place"
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Investigative reporter Ethan Brown discovers that several of the victims were known to be police informants as well as drug users.
Original Air Date: Oct 04, 2019 • Showtime East • 52m
Chapter Three - An Unholy Union
S1, EP3 "Chapter Three - An Unholy Union"
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Reporter Ethan Brown discovers that members of the law enforcement community have ties to the case and the initial suspect, Frankie Richard.
Original Air Date: Sep 27, 2019 • Showtime East • 51m
Chapter Two - Death on Me
S1, EP2 "Chapter Two - Death on Me"
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Investigative journalist Ethan Brown becomes interested in the case when four more bodies are discovered.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2019 • Showtime East • 56m
Chapter One - A Body in a Canal
S1, EP1 "Chapter One - A Body in a Canal"
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Between 2005 and 2007, the bodies of four young women are discovered in and around the town of Jennings, La.
Original Air Date: Sep 13, 2019 • Showtime East • 51m