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All Girls GarageLadies, start your engines! "All Girls Garage" taps into the expertise of three women repairing cars and motorcycles in a shop setting. The "girls" are certified mechanic Sarah Lateiner, who goes by the nickname "Bogi"; TV host and motorsports reporter Cristy Lee; and mobile automotive repair pioneer Faye Hadley. Velocity says the women approach complex projects -- from upgrading the RAM Air on a rare Pontiac GTO Judge, to installing an exhaust system on a V10 Audi, to repairing a Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle -- that rival those undertaken by their male counterparts in order to prove they have what it takes to run a female-dominated car shop. Older episodes feature fabricator Jessi Combs, probably best-known to viewers from her co-hosting stint on the car-restoration series "Overhaulin'."
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S12, EP16 "Karmann Sense"The girls find a way to reclaim the sensory experience of an exhaust for an owner whose daily driver is an electric vehicle; his weekend ride, a Karmann Ghia, gets a little aesthetic boost with a dual-carb setup.
S12, EP15 "The Gateway Drug"Bogi and Faye go back to their roots and tear down an old air-cooled VW engine that Faye had lying around; using all new parts, they build a short block from the engine stand up for a project that Bogi is working on back at her shop.
S12, EP14 "The Iron Maven"The 1961 Volvo PV544, the Iron Maven, was an all-women SEMA build; it's in the shop to fix a no-run issue, and to add an exhaust system to get it sounding as good as it looks.
S12, EP13 "One Bad Wagon"Many would say there is nothing cooler than a classic wagon, and if they are talking about this super clean '67 Malibu, they aren't wrong; it's in for a disc brake upgrade, an ignition system update, and some fixes to the dashboard.
S12, EP12 "Monte Mice Motel"This Monte Carlo was on its way to being one awesome street machine until disaster struck; mice made a home of it and destroyed the interior; Bogi and Faye replace the interior and try to fire it up for the first time in a few years.
S12, EP11 "Leaky Dodge Truck"A truck's owner finally found his dream vehicle, but like a lot of classics, it has more than its share of leaks; Faye and Bogi go through the truck and demonstrate how to fix some common leaks.
S12, EP10 "Mopar Original Engine Rebuild"Bogi and Faye find a 1972 Challenger at a customer's house, and when they learned how it was a triple black, they discuss restoring it to original; the work starts with rebuilding the numbers-matching 340.
S12, EP9 "GTO Final Touches"A GTO that has spent a lot of its life in shops with mechanics who had no intention of finishing it, is brought in by its owner for some final touches, including checking gauges, air conditioning and the steering column.
S12, EP8 "Steering Rack Rebuild"Bogi and Faye show how a worn-out Toyota's steering rack and pinion works, where they fail, and how to rebuild it with a simple rebuild kit.
S12, EP7 "Common Camaro Problems"Bogi and Faye describe a common failure problem on a fifth-generation Camaro. The torque converter can fail in the transmission, causing the car to shake at 40-50 mph. The girls upgrade the factory torque converter to fix this problem for good.
S12, EP6 "Plymouth Prowler"Cars die of boredom, so it wasn't great for a Plymouth Prowler to sit in a museum for 15 years; the girls show what areas to fix before the car gets back on the road.
S12, EP5 "Cop Caprice"The girls bring in a rare Caprice cop car to bolt on a supercharger from a second-generation CTS-V; they'll make brackets for the intercooler, bolt on the supercharger and give the rare cop car some extra power.
S12, EP4 "Carb Swap"The girls take an old AMC Spirit drag car and get it ready for the street by changing out the oversized carb. They bring in a special guest to help them pick out the right carb and tune it on the car.
S12, EP3 "Transmission Rebuild"Bogi and Faye show how to rebuild and upgrade an R154 manual transmission so it will last as long as the Toyota engine; they also drop a valve body on an automatic transmission, drilling it out and adding stronger sleeves to keep it lasting longer.
S12, EP2 "Non-Running C10"The girls have to figure out why an '87 C10 isn't running anymore; they know it's a fuel problem that happened after an EFI setup was installed; they finish up with a new disc-brake kit; Bogi takes a field trip to show how custom fuel lines are made.
S12, EP1 "Faye's Rabbit"Bogi and Faye both learned how to wrench on Volkswagens, so it's only appropriate to bring in Faye's 1980 Rabbit for her to learn a little fabrication; the driver and passenger floor pans are rotted out, so the girls weld in new ones.
S11, EP16 "The Lexus That Never Existed!"Lexus never made a GS 300 sedan with a manual transmission, so the girls demonstrate how the conversion was done; it's all about ECU's and wiring.
S11, EP15 "GR86"The girls take a new Toyota GR86 and show how to customize it with more style and performance; they install a new lightweight crank pulley to add power and more.
S11, EP14 "Crate Engine Camaro"This 1967 Camaro's owner inherited the car from her father, who used it at the track; she's ready to take it to car shows; the girls help by dropping in a 572 crate engine and a new transmission to get this project headed in the right direction.
S11, EP13 "Brand New Bronco"The girls bring in a brand-new Bronco off the showroom floor and show some upgrades the viewer can do; they also look at some of the common weak points of the truck that need to be fixed if it's going to be taken off road.
S11, EP12 "Fox Body Makeover"The girls bring in an 1980s Fox-body Mustang to give it a 1990s look; they'll change out all the lights front and back to give it a more modern feel, plus add some upgraded suspension to lower the Fox body into a more aggressive stance.
S11, EP11 "Mach E vs. Mustang"The girls add an active sound system to give the all-electric Mach E some heart and then take it to the track to race a gas-powered Mustang GT.
S11, EP10 "Clean Monte"This Monte Carlo is clean, but the girls can always take a nice car and make it nicer; they give this classic car some modern suspension, installing a tubular control arm setup in the front and upgrading the trailing arms in the rear.
S11, EP9 "Overlanding Tacoma"Faye brings in her Tacoma to make it capable of overlanding; the girls will upgrade the suspension, bolt on the right tires and add a rooftop tent.
S11, EP8 "Widebody Redeye"Bogi and Faye get to play with some American muscle, as the girls bring in an all-new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody Redeye and add a Stage II power kit.
S11, EP7 "Learning the Basics"Bogi and Faye use an inexpensive vehicle to teach first-time mechanics some automotive basics; their Jetta costs only $500, and they show how to gain some knowledge without breaking the bank.
S11, EP6 "Car Show Season"Bogi and Faye upgrade the clutch in a 50th-anniversary Mustang, get the power to the ground with new tires, and deck it out with new artwork.
S11, EP5 "Tuning Prep Checklist"Bogi and Faye demonstrate how to perform the right tests, add a new tune, and to prepare cars for the dyno, using a McLaren 570GT supercar.
S11, EP4 "Clean Camaro"A 1967 Camaro receives an overhaul, and the girls show how to convert from mechanical gauges to digital gauges, going to work replacing the factory headliner.
S11, EP3 "Overlapping Labor"The girls bring in a BMW M2 and prove money can be saved if certain parts, like brakes and suspension, are upgraded at the same time; sometimes spending money equals saving money.
S11, EP2 "Boost Leak"A Toyota MR2 makes power, but not the power it once had; Bogi and Faye check the turbo system for any boost leaks, then have the turbo rebuilt at a nearby shop.
S11, EP1 "Cuda Daily Driver"The girls help a vehicle owner improve his classic Barracuda with some AC and a new radiator; then they see what else they can do to turn this ride into a reliable daily driver.
S10, EP16 "Jeep Gladiator Diesel"The girls install a gooseneck hitch and give trailer tips for when towing with a truck.
S10, EP15 "Mom's Muscle Car"A mom seeks a makeover for her Camaro ZL1.
S10, EP14 "Scheduled Maintenance"Not everyone follows a car's scheduled maintenance checklist; the girls show why it's important and the things that can be done to save money.
S10, EP13 "Wrecked Armada"It's time for the girls to give back; They help a single mother who got in an accident with her Nissan Armada get it fixed for free and back on the road; The girls show how to do the front-end repair and get this mom back to work.
S10, EP12 "Rotary Engine"For the first time, the girls get to work on a rotary-style engine by bringing in a Mazda RX-7. They'll take the rotary engine apart to show how it works, and install a new clutch on the Mazda to get it running again.
S10, EP11 "More Door Maverick"This '73 four-door Maverick has only 36,000 original miles, but still needs some help from the girls. They fix a fuel leak and run all new hard lines, get the engine back in time and bring in a custom pinstriper to add some cool lines.
S10, EP10 "Benz Bling"The girls bring in two vehicles in this one, with a Mercedes GLC getting some new suspension and other bling, and a really cool BMW Z4 that needs some maintenance under the hood.
S10, EP9 "McLaren Clutch Swap"When your factory McLaren 570GT just doesn't make enough power, bring it into the All Girls Garage for more. Bogi and Faye show you how to swap out the stock clutch to get the transmission to accept even more horsepower.
S10, EP8 "All-Aluminum Defender Part 1"Ian starts work on a custom all-aluminum Land Rover Defender that sits on top of a Jeep JK chassis; a Cummins R2.8 engine will be the cherry on top.
S10, EP7 "Modern Muscle is Fun"Bogi and Faye get their hands on a brand-new Dodge Challenger RT and of course they can't leave it stock. They go on a shopping spree for Mopar parts and find plenty of them to work on suspension, performance and even wheels!
S10, EP6 "Family Red Dragon"The girls need to make a '48 Oldsmobile safer for cruising; it has multiple leaks, needs seatbelts and suspension upgrades.
S10, EP5 "First Supercharged GT3"The girls get to install the first-ever supercharger kit on a 991 GT3 RS; this German sports car will make over 600HP to the rear wheels with the help of some American muscle.
S10, EP4 "Faye's 4Runner Shop Truck"Faye finally gets to turn wrenches on her own 4Runner Shop Truck. She needs to do a suspension lift, so she can tow heavy engines with it and the girls show you other suspension components to tackle at the same time.
S10, EP2 "Chevelle Checklist"The owner of a classic Chevelle has a number of things he wants to fix, so he upgrades to EFI, fixes a problem with his uni-lug wheels, and gets an all-new serpentine setup.
S10, EP1 "Tesla Aftermarket"The girls explore the aftermarket world of Tesla products; how to install a gauge cluster, luxury suction doors and an exhaust; an exhaust install on an electric is interesting.
S10Mechanic Sarah "Bogi" Lateiner and a team of women repair automobiles in their shop, tackling difficult upgrades and installations.
S9, EP16 "Alfa Romeo"Bogi and Faye bring in an Alfa Romeo Giulia to show how to install performance modifications that help the car go faster and even achieve more fuel efficiency.
S9, EP15 "442 Pt 2"The girls bring back the 442 Tribute car to do some of the finishing touches; putting together the interior, installing the exhaust and getting it back on the road.
S9, EP14 "Custom Triumph"A brand-new Rocket 3 R tear down and steampunk custom build, with an all-new custom paint job; installing a new exhaust, seats and other new accessories.
S9, EP13 "Mustang Interior"The girls help a Mustang owner with a spinal cord injury finish some interior parts on his classic Mustang; they also properly hang the mufflers and add some new rear shocks.
S9, EP12 "New Supra"Faye's dream comes true as the girls bring in the new Toyota Supra to bolt on some aftermarket parts and add the perfect-sounding exhaust.
S9, EP11 "Nebula Race Car"The crew gets a chance to help a friend out on her FR-S racecar; she built the car with her dad, and now wants to install a supercharger kit.
S9, EP10 "C8"The new-generation, mid-engine Corvette is here, and the girls take one for a test drive; the C8 is already cool, but they make it better with aftermarket exhaust and some other goodies.
S9, EP9 "Muncie Swap"Four gears are better than two, so the crew takes the old two-speed Powerglide out of a '67 Chevy Camaro and installs a Muncie four speed.
S9, EP8 "Cutlass LS"The team brings back the 442 Tribute car to give it a new LS engine and finish modifying the interior for the previously-installed TKO transmission.
S9, EP7 "Cool Corvair"This mid-engine classic needs to get back on the road; the crew goes through the engine to see if it needs a rebuild, then overhauls the fuel delivery system to get this build over some major hurdles.
S9, EP6 "Twin Turbo Cadillac"The team brings in a stock supercharged CTS-V and converts it to twin turbos; they put an intake manifold where the supercharger was, and then put in a new exhaust that includes turbos.
S9, EP5 "Avenger Problems"The crew diagnoses and fixes some problems on a Dodge Avenger; they demonstrate how to know when motor mounts are bad, and how to easily fix a cracked bumper.
S9, EP4 "Camaro Engine Swap"The crew finally talks a Camaro owner into swapping out his underpowered 305 small block for an overpowered 383 that will make 450hp.
S9, EP3 "MGB With a Ford Engine"An MGB equipped with a Ford Ranger engine isn't running the correct fuel setup; the crew tackles that problem and tries to get the old car back on the road for the first time in years.
S9, EP2 "Hot Rod Benz"The girls find a stock AMG E 55 and do some European hot rodding; to get the AMG ready to roll, they put on a smaller pulley to get the supercharger to spin faster, bolt on some long tube headers, and load in a tune.
S9, EP1 "Supercharged '69 Mustang"A '69 Mustang with a supercharged stroker engine is in need of more throttle response, so the team bolts on a new EFI system; once that's mounted and a new fuel pump is installed, there is no hiding the extra boost.
S8, EP16 "2003 BMW 325i"A 2003 BMW 325i needs a new timing chain and has a parasitic electrical draw; each of these issues requires special tools to fix, but they're nothing the team can't handle.
S8, EP15 "442 Tribute Car"A 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass has a few issues with leaks and power loss. The crew tracks down the problems, and then converts the transmission from automatic to manual so the owner can drive a classic as it was meant to be enjoyed.
S8, EP14 "2018 KIA Stinger GT"The owner of a 2018 Kia Stinger GT wants some aftermarket goodies installed; the crew makes this beast into a monster with upgraded exhaust, a new cold-air intake and a couple of other surprises.
S8, EP13 "Stealth Stingray"The girls do a top-end rebuild, install an EFI, and put the factory side exhaust back on a 1969 Corvette.
S8, EP12 "2017 Ford Mustang GT"The gang installs upgrades to a 2017 Ford Mustang GT they find for an empty-nester mom who is looking for some excitement in her life.
S8, EP11 "Jeep Gladiator, Then and Now"The gang brings a 1976 J10 into the garage for comparison as they personalize a 2020 Jeep Gladiator for a customer.
S8, EP10 "Nova for Sale"The AGG team performs some minor repairs and adjustments to a 1966 Nova Super Sport so the owner can quickly flip it.
S8, EP9 "2017 Honda Civic Type R"The crew gets one of the first Honda Civic Type R's into the shop; the car is already a powerhouse, but it's not good enough for the track, so they will give it some modifications and upgrades to make it race-worthy.
S8, EP8 "1971 Chevy Camaro"One of the lifters in a 1971 Chevy Camaro has stopped working; the team will have to remove the engine in order to upgrade the camshaft, lifters, bearings, and timing chain before putting it all back together.
S8, EP7 "1971 Pontiac LeMans"A 1971 Pontiac LeMans is brought into the shop with an overheating issue; the crew will upgrade the car's radiator and add electric fans, then go to work replacing some worn interior parts as well.
S8, EP6 "Supra Single Turbo"A 1989 Toyota Supra has twin turbos and a potent straight 6 engine; the girls will switch out the twin turbos for a single and get more power out of the 1JZ motor; Faye's windshield gets rescued from a rock chip that could be disastrous.
S8, EP5 "Dorothy"A 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe had an extensive renovation in 2009, but there are a few items that still need to be finished; the girls will address a couple of interior and exterior items to take this restoration project to the finish line.
S8, EP4 "TJ Lift Kit"A 2005 Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon is in the All Girls Garage because its owner wants to be able to use it off-road; it will need a new long arm suspension kit, new roll cage and new tires.
S8, EP3 "1967 GTO Convertible"The girls tackle an incomplete, but drivable Pontiac GTO convertible by replacing the mechanics in the convertible top and putting on new exterior pieces.
S8, EP2 "A Company Truck"Addressing what type of maintenance is needed on a company's work truck; the girls demonstrate general maintenance, fix some broken items and give it an upgrade or two.
S8, EP1 "Commando Brakes"The girls bring back a vintage Jeepster Commando and convert its vintage brakes from drum to disc.
S7, EP16 "Lincoln Mark III Fuel Injection"The girls decide to add electronic fuel injection to a 1970s Lincoln to improve the fuel economy.
S7, EP15 "Jeepster Commando"The girls show how to retro fit a custom power steering setup on a Jeep that never had power steering.
S1, EP2 "Open for Business"The women repair a damaged 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa and a 2002 BMW with a rough idle; Jessi builds a new welding table and shares pointers.
Ladies, start your engines! "All Girls Garage" taps into the expertise of three women repairing cars and motorcycles in a shop setting. The "girls" are certified mechanic Sarah Lateiner, who goes by the nickname "Bogi"; TV host and motorsports reporter Cristy Lee; and mobile automotive repair pioneer Faye Hadley. Velocity says the women approach complex projects -- from upgrading the RAM Air on a rare Pontiac GTO Judge, to installing an exhaust system on a V10 Audi, to repairing a Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle -- that rival those undertaken by their male counterparts in order to prove they have what it takes to run a female-dominated car shop. Older episodes feature fabricator Jessi Combs, probably best-known to viewers from her co-hosting stint on the car-restoration series "Overhaulin'."
Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2012
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