Modern Comfort
S5, EP15 "Modern Comfort"
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Guy Fieri wants comfort food with a modern twist; Eric Greenspan makes mini Cuban reubens; Maneet Chauhan bakes salted caramel monkey bread; Christian Petroni creates chicken-fried eggplant; Justin Warner cooks clams casino mazeman.
Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2022 • Food Network HD • 21m
Roots Take the Center of the Plate
S5, EP14 "Roots Take the Center of the Plate"
On Demand
Eric Greenspan pours carrot ginger mules; Elizabeth Falkner digs a whole carrot salad; Christian Petroni makes maple sweet potatoes; Justin Warner wants yucca fries.
Original Air Date: Jan 08, 2022 • Food Network HD • 21m
Mediterranean Brunch
S5, EP13 "Mediterranean Brunch"
On Demand
Guy Fieri and his chef friends make it Mediterranean; Traci Des Jardins knocks out a ricotta gnocchi, Michael Voltaggio twists up SpanaKALEpita, Antonia Lofaso picks pork souvlaki, and Marc Murphy plates up pan-fried sardines.
Original Air Date: Jan 01, 2022 • Food Network HD • 21m
Layering It On
S5, EP12 "Layering It On"
On Demand
Guy Fieri's laying down a challenge; classic Indian bombay frankie; chef Rocco DiSpirito's layering the booze; 10-layer lasagna bolognese; chef Ming Tsai is making kimchee beef scallion pancakes with watercress slaw.
Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Holiday Table Refresher
S5, EP11 "Holiday Table Refresher"
On Demand
Guy Fieri and his friends freshen up their holiday fare; Nyesha Arrington fires up a duck breast, Aaron May serves his festive prime rib enchiladas, Jet Tila roasts acorn squash, and Jonathan Waxman bakes savory bread pudding.
Original Air Date: Dec 04, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Small Plates, Big Flavor
S5, EP10 "Small Plates, Big Flavor"
On Demand
Traci Des Jardins serves tuna tostadas; Michael Voltaggio preps pan con tomate; Antonia Lofaso gets red-hot and bothered; Marc Murphy makes mini eggplant parmesan.
Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Thanksgiving Simplified
S5, EP9 "Thanksgiving Simplified"
On Demand
Thanksgiving simplified with some of Guy's favorite chefs; Antonia Lofaso crisps cauliflower with lemony aioli; Marc Murphy makes kabocha ravioli; Michael Voltaggio saves the best leftovers for last with some pumpkin pie egg rolls.
Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Offal Debunked
S5, EP8 "Offal Debunked"
On Demand
Guy Fieri invites his friends to explore the oft-overlooked offal; Nyesha Arrington makes her meatballs de corazon, Aaron May serves lamb kidney tortillas, Jet Tila offers his offal fried rice, and Chris Cosentino creates chocolate blood cremeux.
Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Date Night
S5, EP7 "Date Night"
On Demand
Love is in the air at Guy Fieri's ranch kitchen; Hunter Fieri serves spicy jalapeno pineapple margaritas, Brooke Williamson grills halibut with crispy rice, Crista Luedtke cooks cornmeal-crusted crab cakes, and Gerry Garvin whips up chocolate mousse.
Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Sweet Treats and Savory Eats
S5, EP6 "Sweet Treats and Savory Eats"
On Demand
Guy Fieri goes sweet and savory for Halloween; Hunter Fieri roasts kabocha hummus, Antonia Lofaso spikes blood orange punch with spiced rum, Marc Murphy serves sausage stuffed kabocha, and Michael Voltaggio stuffs squash with Dungeness crab.
Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Get Up and Go, Food for the Road
S5, EP5 "Get Up and Go, Food for the Road"
On Demand
Guy Fieri and his friends are getting lunch on the road; Hunter's riding shotgun with s'mores, Brooke Williamson cooks cedar plank salmon, Aaron May serves sonoran hot dogs, and Gerry Garvin chills with ribeye red bean chili.
Original Air Date: Oct 09, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Anytime, Anywhere Clambake
S5, EP4 "Anytime, Anywhere Clambake"
On Demand
Guy Fieri is looking for a clambake without leaving the ranch; Aarti Sequeira bakes blueberry cobbler, Rocco DiSpirito cans a Southampton clambake, Ming Tsai makes a lemongrass shandy, and Jonathan Waxman serves seafood al cartoccio.
Original Air Date: Oct 02, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
Tailgating Gets an Upgrade
S5, EP3 "Tailgating Gets an Upgrade"
On Demand
Guy Fieri and his friends are tricking out their tailgate game at the ranch; Eric Greenspan grills skirt steak Philly cheesesteaks, Maneet Chauhan talks taco pies, Christian Petroni pours beergaritas and Justin Warner scores with oxtail gyoza.
Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m
As American As
S5, EP1 "As American As"
On Demand
Guy Fieri invites his friends to put a spin on some American classics; Eric Greenspan lays out lobster rolls, Maneet Chauhan serves a Southern-belle mint julep, Christian Petroni makes teriyaki meatloaf; Justin Warner fires up fajita chimichangas.
Original Air Date: Sep 18, 2021 • Food Network HD • 21m