The Mother of All Renovations
S17, EP14 "The Mother of All Renovations"
On Demand
Emotions run high as a couple begins to plan their next family home together; as the son of a designer, he has expensive tastes, but she is focused on finances and wants something more practical.
Original Air Date: Feb 04, 2020 • HGTV HD • 43m
A Midcentury Retro Renovation
S17, EP13 "A Midcentury Retro Renovation"
On Demand
A couple searches for a home in Los Angeles; they quickly realize that restoring an older home can reveal hidden problems and be a very expensive option.
Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2020 • HGTV HD • 43m
This Reno Is No Bed of Roses
S17, EP11 "This Reno Is No Bed of Roses"
On Demand
First-time buyers are tired of renting; he wants a home in the city with an open layout and plenty of space, while she wants a smaller suburban home with a cozy feel and a huge yard for her garden.
Original Air Date: Jan 05, 2020 • HGTV HD • 43m
Reno Takes Two to Tango
S17, EP10 "Reno Takes Two to Tango"
On Demand
A busy choreographer asks her assistant and future roommate to help her find a house with enough space for her dogs and her dance moves; with a first-time buyer's budget, getting everything she wants will be difficult.
Original Air Date: Dec 28, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
On the Family Fast Track
S17, EP9 "On the Family Fast Track"
On Demand
Childhood sweethearts dive into the competitive Southern California market to find their first home; she wants as few projects as possible to avoid delays, but her contractor dad is confident big renovations will be no problem.
Original Air Date: Dec 21, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
A Reno With No End In Sight
S17, EP8 "A Reno With No End In Sight"
On Demand
With a growing family, a southern California couple needs more space; he dreams of a fixer-upper, but she worries that his perfectionist approach could mean a major project would take forever to finish.
Original Air Date: Dec 07, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
A Groovy Kind of Reno
S17, EP7 "A Groovy Kind of Reno"
On Demand
A California family is ready to leave their condominium; he's all about finding the perfect vibe, but she's worried they'll wind up in a money pit.
Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Finding Her House and Her Voice
S17, EP6 "Finding Her House and Her Voice"
On Demand
A single woman is ready to buy a home on her own, but her friends and family all have strong opinions about what she should choose.
Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Building a Future Together
S17, EP5 "Building a Future Together"
On Demand
As an architect, he's eager to put his stamp on a fixer upper, but she's never even lived in a house before, leaving her nervous; once they agree on a home, her love of the colors she grew up with in Turkey clashes with his minimalist style.
Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
When Positive Meets Practical
S17, EP4 "When Positive Meets Practical"
On Demand
A Southern California family wants to trade their rental for a home with lots of land; her sunny disposition bumps into his practical outlook, and the massive renovation with major problems has them both struggling to keep a positive attitude.
Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Swipe Right for Reno
S17, EP3 "Swipe Right for Reno"
On Demand
After meeting on a dating app, a couple is ready to buy a home together; at nearly seven feet tall, everything he does is big, including renovation projects; she wants to make sure he thinks about how much money those projects will cost.
Original Air Date: Sep 14, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
Second Guessing Her First Reno
S17, EP2 "Second Guessing Her First Reno"
On Demand
A first-time buyer is moving across town to be near her tight-knit and opinionated family in Valley Village, Calif.; her sister-in-law complicates matters, offering guidance on renovations but also prompting second thoughts about her decisions.
Original Air Date: Sep 07, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m
We Made It
S17, EP1 "We Made It"
On Demand
A young couple saves for years to buy a home in the suburbs; while he's focused on safety and structure, she wants bling; once renovations start, they see that their dream home may take more work and money than they anticipated.
Original Air Date: Aug 31, 2019 • HGTV HD • 43m