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Melissa & JoeyWhen her sister ends up in prison and her brother-in-law disappears, local politician Mel Burke steps in to take responsibility for her teenage niece Lennox and adolescent nephew Ryder. Realizing quickly she's in over her head, Mel welcomes help in the unlikely form of Joe Longo -- formerly a commodities trader -- who moves in and becomes the family's "manny" ... that is until Joe goes from being Mel's employee to becoming her husband when they marry.
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S4, EP22 "Double Happiness"Shocking news arrives just as Mel's senate campaign kicks into high gear; Ryder receives his orders from the Navy; a near-fatal car accident has a profound effect on Lennox and Zander.
S4, EP21 "Be the Bigger Person"Mel gets into a war of words with a citizen who catches her in a politically awkward situation; Zander moves in with Lennox after he is kicked out by his roommates.
S4, EP20 "Game Night"Mel plans a family game night when Ryder returns home on leave, giving everyone the chance to recall memorable incidents from the past.
S4, EP19 "Put a Ring on It"Mel pretends to like the birthday present she received from Joe, unaware that a second and more hideous gift is forthcoming.
S4, EP18 "Melissa & Joey's Frozen"Mel and Joe are caught in an avalanche and frozen during a ski trip, then get thawed out 100 years later.
S4, EP17 "The Parent Trap"Mel's father and Joe's mother hit it off better than Mel would like; Lennox and Zander explore being "friends with benefits."
S4, EP16 "The Early Shift"Joe's hectic new work schedule threatens Mel's efforts to obtain financial backing for her congressional run; Lennox devises a creative way to end Zander and McKenna's relationship.
S4, EP15 "The Book Club"The best-selling author of an erotic novel becomes infatuated with Joe after he criticizes her work; Lennox learns that Zander and McKenna are dating.
S4, EP14 "You Little Devil"Joe's bedroom enthusiasm wanes after he learns the real story behind a tattoo on Mel's backside; an untrained actress is cast in Lennox and Zander's short film.
S4, EP13 "Call of Duty"Mel and Joe learn the results of the pregnancy test; Joe creates a mock boot camp for Ryder to prove that he is not ready to join the Navy.
S4, EP12 "You Say You Want an Ovulation"Mel and Joe act on numerous suggestions about the fastest way to conceive a child; Lennox offers advice to Ryder when he wonders what to do with his life.
S4, EP11 "Gone Girl"Lennox wishes to follow her professor to Colombia; Joe wants Dani to tell her mother about her irresponsible behavior.
S4, EP10 "Parental Guidance"Joe makes the difficult decision to call Felicia when he learns that Dani has broken the rules; Mel is not pleased by Lennox's infatuation with her professor.
S4, EP9 "Being There"Joe's decision to ban the use of all cell phones and computers for the weekend comes back to haunt him when a job opportunity arises.
S4, EP8 "Face the Music"Mel learns the true reason why Joe is unsupportive of Dani's musical talents; Lennox pressures Zander to make a choice.
S4, EP7 "Thanks but No Thanks"Mel has Joe return a fancy wedding gift from her Aunt Bunny and Uncle Bert, then learns they will be dropping by for a visit.
S4, EP6 "Failure to Communicate"When Joe insists he can fix the family's ailing computer, Mel hires an expert to secretly repair the device in time for a birthday video chat with Ryder.
S4, EP5 "Let's Get It Started"Joe invites friends Nate and Gillian over with their new baby in the hopes of convincing Mel that the time is right to start a family; Lennox sets Zander up with her friend Lilah; Ryder announces his future plans.
S4, EP4 "The Day After"Dani tricks Mel after Joe refuses to let her go on a date with a schoolmate; Lennox and Marco's status as a couple is revealed when they run into Zander.
S4, EP3 "The Honeymooners"After Mel's broken leg ruins plans for a Tahitian honeymoon, Joe arranges a cabin getaway that quickly becomes a nightmare; Lennox's secret relationship with Marco may be exposed after Joe installs hidden cameras in the house.
S4, EP2 "A Melanie & Josiah Christmas"New couple Mel and Joe have a disagreement over whose family ornament gets to adorn the top of their Christmas tree.
S4, EP1 "Witch Came First"A doctor's Halloween house call is anything but ordinary when it is revealed that Mel was once a teenage witch and her help is needed in a battle against an evil foe.
S3, EP37 "At Last"Mel considers breaking things off with Joe after he invites his family to move into the house; Zander attempts to win Lennox back from Marco; an online course earns Ryder an unusual credential.
S3, EP36 "Maybe I'm Amazed"Joe is forced to make a quick decision when Mel drops a bombshell on him during their wedding; Lennox is caught between Marco and Zander; Ryder tries to find the perfect time to reveal news about his future.
S3, EP35 "You're the One That I Want"Joe catches a glimpse of Mel in her wedding dress; a guest at Joe's bachelor party is injured; Mel's father goes missing; Marco moves in on Lennox; a hidden secret is revealed.
S3, EP34 "Uninvited"Joe gets a visit from his mother and estranged brother; Lennox wants to help Ryder get into college, even though he has other plans.
S3, EP33 "Don't Look Back in Anger"Mel and Joe recall the years they have spent together as they try to convince a counselor that they have the perfect relationship.
S3, EP32 "Right Time, Right Place"Mel has everything she needs for the perfect wedding after a close friend unexpectedly calls off her nuptials; Lennox helps Ryder construct an untruthful resume.
S3, EP31 "Accidents Will Happen"Mel gets surprising news from her doctor, but is not sure if the timing is right to share it with Joe; Ryder forms a study group with an attractive student and the class genius.
S3, EP30 "More Than Roommates"Mel wants to get rid of the ugly chair that Joe inherited from his late grandmother; Ryder pretends to be a college student to get close to one of Zander's roommates.
S3, EP29 "Born to Run"Mel's wild father sends out an inappropriate photograph that could harm her run for the state senate; Ryder tries to come up with a winning idea for a business club.
S3, EP28 "Catch & Release"Joe gets into hot water when he tries to help a recently divorced friend get back into the dating game; Zander's decision to move in with two female coeds does not sit well with Lennox.
S3, EP27 "I'll Cut You"Mel is caught in the middle when Joe gets into a fender bender with her favorite hairdresser; Ryder plans a grand romantic gesture in an effort to win back Stella.
S3, EP26 "The Chaperones"Mel and Joe serve as chaperones at Ryder's school dance, then get kicked out of the event; Ryder changes his mind about breaking up with Stella.
S3, EP25 "My Roof, My Rules"Lennox moves out after Mel forbids her from dating her teaching assistant; Ryder is stuck at the Canadian border when he can't find his passport.
S3, EP24 "To Tell the Truth"Mel and Joe's friendship with another couple is jeopardized when a secret is revealed; Zander comes to Ryder for help after he flunks out of art school.
S3, EP23 "Couples Therapy"Mel and Joe's couples therapist turns out to be one of Joe's former girlfriends; Zander has issues with Lennox's new beau.
S3, EP22 "House Broken"Mel adopts a dog despite knowing that Joe doesn't want one, then feels ignored when he forms a bond with the pooch; Ryder spends time with Stella's daughter.
S3, EP21 "Plus One"Mel gets bad press when she brings opinionated Joe to a work dinner; Ryder asks his chemistry partner out on a date.
S3, EP20 "Feel the Burn"Mel joins an exercise boot camp to lose weight before an eight-course meal; Joe clashes with a celebrity chef; Lennox and Zander try to sell their Internet series.
S3, EP19 "The New Deal"Joe's new job prevents him from spending quality time with Mel; Ryder's interview on the local news becomes an embarrassing viral video.
S3, EP18 "Independence Day"Joe's new job prevents him from spending time with Mel; Zander asks Lennox to collaborate with him on a comic book.
S3, EP17 "A Decent Proposal"Joe quits when Austin returns looking to give his relationship with Mel another try; Lennox tries to pair up Mel and Joe; Ryder becomes ill from his own cooking.
S3, EP16 "A New Kind of Family Christmas"Mel's sister Meredith gets a furlough from prison and drops by to spend Christmas with Mel and the children.
S3, EP15 "What Happens in Jersey ... (Part 2)"Mel meets Joe's mother, sister and grandmother as Joe's wife; Sofia resorts to trickery to get Joe and his wife to repair their marriage.
S3, EP14 "What Happens in Jersey ... (Part 1)"Joe's grandmother begs him to come visit her one last time for her birthday. Joe asks Mel to pretend to be his trampy ex but his grandmother senses something is off with the marriage.
S3, EP13 "Teach Your Children"Joey earns an unexpected reputation among the neighborhood mothers; Lennox and Zander want to skip college and tour the country; Ryder's vegan girlfriend experiences the joys of meat.
S3, EP12 "Bad Influence"Joe and Mel become cat burglars to retrieve a personal item that was mistakenly sold; Lennox's new pen pal wants to meet her after he gets out of prison.
S3, EP11 "Fast Times"Mel invites her new boyfriend Noah to move in while his apartment undergoes emergency repairs. Joe questions whether Mel is allowing Noah to know the real Mel when he notices her personality changing.
S3, EP10 "Family Feud"Mel and Joe co-host a local morning show, where their constant bickering and sharing of personal family information makes them an instant hit.
S3, EP9 "Something Happened"Mel and Joe learn that Lennox and Zander have taken their relationship to the next level; Ryder's girlfriend's parents are not impressed with his "bad-boy" reputation.
S3, EP8 "The Unfriending"Joe convinces Mel to dump a needy friend, then starts dating her; Lennox will stop at nothing to beat Zander's test scores; Ryder's friends remove him from their social-media sites.
S3, EP7 "The Unkindest Cut"Mel learns that Austin does not want to have any children; Joe becomes confused when his new girlfriend only desires a physical relationship; Lennox struggles to write her college entrance paper.
S3, EP6 "The Truth Hurts"Joe accidentally ruins Mel and Austin's romantic weekend plans; Joe invites a nerdy kid to study with Ryder; Lennox plays psychoanalyst.
S3, EP5 "Oh Brother"Joe thinks Mel may be related to one of her childhood friends; Lennox learns that her blog sponsor uses unfair labor practices.
S3, EP4 "Can't Hardly Wait"Joe's relationship with an attractive chiropractor moves very slowly; Zander and Ryder work on a graphic novel, but Lennox assumes editorial responsibilities and takes the fun out of the project.
S3, EP3 "Inside Job"Joe's new job at City Hall lands him in the middle of a financial scandal that could prove damaging to Mel's career; Lennox's role in the school play pairs her with an attractive co-star.
S3, EP2 "Toxic Parents"A custody battle erupts when Melissa dates the former husband of Joey's girlfriend; Lennox wants to go against Zander's wishes and get a tattoo; Ryder misses attending school.
S3, EP1 "Works for Me"Mel tries to convince Joe of his importance to her and the family after she learns that he has been looking for another job.
S2, EP15 "Mel Marries Joe"Joe proposes to Elena to keep her from being sent back to Russia; Mel decides to perform the wedding.
S2, EP14 "From Russia With Love"Mel slowly befriends Joe's visiting Russian girlfriend; Ryder helps Lennox with an experiment that involves the consumption of vending-machine food.
S2, EP13 "Wherefore Art Thou Lennox"Lennox begins working for Mel, but a conflict develops when she becomes interested in the intern of her aunt's political rival; Joe finds work as an online financial consultant.
S2, EP12 "Mother of All Problems"Mel becomes upset when Joe gives her visiting mother some advice; the school gym teacher thinks Lennox is pregnant.
S2, EP11 "A Pair of Sneakers"Lennox is involved in a minor automobile accident after Joe gives her driving lessons; Mel and Ryder strike up a secret arrangement.
S2, EP10 "Pretty Big Liars"Mel dates the father of Lennox's former boyfriend; Joe's efforts to teach Ryder about the stock market backfire.
S2, EP9 "Eat Pray Date"Mel takes the credit for Joe's cooking, then panics when her date wants to personally watch her kitchen skills; Lennox's friend has a crush on Ryder.
S2, EP8 "The Donor"Mel's pal wants Joe to be her sperm donor, and Mel and Joe try to change her mind. Elsewhere, Lennox and Haskell purchase a rare book, but they clash about how to proceed with their investment.
S2, EP7 "Mixed Doubles"Mel and Joe arrange blind dates for each other; Haskell feels ignored when Lennox starts her own blog.
S2, EP6 "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"Mel plans to break up with her boyfriend, but seeks Joe's help in boosting his confidence before she gives him the bad news.
S2, EP5 "The Knockout"Mel punches a man in Ryder's defense, which boosts her popularity; a new student takes advantage of Lennox's kindness.
S2, EP4 "All Up in My Business"Joe suspects that Mel is carrying on with a married man; a friend's beau has a crush on Lennox; Ryder worries about getting the perfect birthday gift for Holly.
S2, EP3 "Good to Go"Mel and Joe learn that Lennox spent the night with her boyfriend; Ryder is pressured by his girlfriend to start shaving.
S2, EP2 "If You Can't Stand the Heat"The lack of privacy caused by the home renovation creates tension between Mel and Joe; Lennox is appointed to her school's "spirit committee."
S2, EP1 "I Can Manage"Joe takes charge of the home renovation, but his management style only creates more problems; Lennox's school offers to stage her original play.
S1, EP30 "The Settlement"Joe's finances change when he comes into money, forcing him to make some hard choices. A leaking ceiling grows into a huge problem for Mel.
S1, EP29 "Do As I Say, Not As I Did"Mel and Joe are concerned when Lennox attends an all night party after a school dance with her boyfriend. Mel convinces Joe to follow her. Ryder stops backing down to Holly.
S1, EP28 "Play Ball"Mel recruits Joe to play on her office softball team; Ryder asks Lennox to post Holly's story on the school blog.
S1, EP27 "A House Divided"Joe pays a visit to Mel's neighbor, Arnie, and asks him to do something about his noisy parrot, but he ends up finding Mel's house has been built on part of the neighbor's property.
S1, EP26 "Teacher/Teacher"Ryder lands in hot water with his teacher (Andrew Lawrence) because of Joe. Elsewhere, Mel gets Lennox into an over-18 concert.
S1, EP25 "The Other Longo"Joe's little brother Tony (Matthew Lawrence) arrives in town for a visit and becomes interested in Mel.
S1, EP24 "Going the Distance?"Mel tries to figure out her relationship with George and Ryder meets Holly's parents for the first time.
S1, EP23 "All Politics Is Local"Mel's father returns to lobby for a bill Mel is against; Lennox's poems garner the attention of a classmate.
S1, EP22 "Mel and Joe's Anniversary"George throws a party for Mel to meet his friends; Joe confronts his ex-wife for going on a date at their spot on their anniversary.
S1, EP21 "Young Love"Mel starts a romance with a younger man; Lennox challenges a classmate to be the editor of the school blog.
S1, EP20 "Waiting for Mr. Right"Mel's last single friend accepts a marriage proposal, so Mel feels pressure to find someone and pushes herself to find a mate.
S1, EP19 "The Mel Word"Mel plans a wedding at her home; Lennox and Ryder work on a documentary.
S1, EP18 "Auction Hero"Mel volunteers Joe for a school charity auction but the winner of the auction may have ulterior motives.
S1, EP17 "Toledo's Next Top Model"Lennox is approached in a mall to be a model but has to persuade Mel for permission; Joe helps Ryder ask a girl out.
S1, EP16 "Joe Versus the Reunion"Mel surprises Joe at his college reunion, pretending to be his girlfriend after discovering he's embarrassed about his life.
S1, EP15 "Lost in Translation"A dinner between Mel, a Japanese businessman, and Joe, who acts as a translator, turns awkward; Lennox and her nemesis are forced to work on a project together.
S1, EP14 "Don't Train on My Parade"Mel hires a personal trainer. After catching Joe in a compromising position with her, Mel and Joe agree to train with her on separate schedules.
S1, EP13 "Enemies With Benefits"Joe's ex-wife would like to to rekindle their relationship; meanwhile, Lennox tries to increase her popularity.
S1, EP12 "Joe Knows"Joe creates his own web series to give out financial tips with Lennox as his cameraman. Mel joins as a not so silent financial partner. Lennox gets tutored by a geeky kid at school.
S1, EP11 "A Fright in the Attic"After hearing spooky noises coming from the attic, Mel discovers her brother-in-law, Lewis Scanlon, has been hiding there.
S1, EP10 "In Lennox We Trust"Mel is excited that Lennox is dating the Mayor's son, Brett (Justin Prentice). Mel hasn't been happy with the kids that Lennox has been spending time with, so she thinks Brett will be a good influence on her.
S1, EP9 "Seoul Man"Mel has to prove that all of her employees are US citizens, but Joe's birth certificate has been subpoenaed by the court for his divorce proceeding.
S1, EP8 "Dancing With the Stars of Toledo"Mel agrees to dance at a local charity event to raise money for the at-risk kids that Lennox tutors. Creative differences cause Mel and Joe to part ways as dancing partners.
S1, EP7 "Up Close & Personal"Mel is working on her public image and invites a TV reporter to do a story on her and the kids. Celeste Vega (Valery Ortiz) finds out that Mel has a male nanny working for her and shifts the story to Joe.
S1, EP6 "Spies & Lies"Mel catches Joe having secret meetings with a girl named Tessa in the basement. When Mel begins to spy, she learns that Joe & Tessa are on a manhunt for her brother-in-law Lewis Scanlon. Mel & Joe think Ryder is getting bullied at school.
S1, EP5 "The Perfect Storm"Mel grounds Lennox because she is failing chemistry and needs to study. However, when Senator Russell Burke, Mel's father, shows up unexpected, he undermines her authority.
S1, EP4 "Boy Toys 'R' Us"Mel is dating a bad boy but takes exception when Lennox begins dating one of her own. Joe decides to reorganize Mel's closet.
S1, EP3 "Nanny Love"Joe learns that finding dates as a nanny is difficult, so Mel helps him lie.
S1, EP2 "Moving On"Joe tries to get his belongings back from his ex-wife; Mel dates a man with ulterior motives; Lennox tries to make friends.
S1, EP1 "Pilot"Mel is a politician who needs help raising her niece and nephew. She hires Joe as a nanny to help her with Lennox, and Ryder.
When her sister ends up in prison and her brother-in-law disappears, local politician Mel Burke steps in to take responsibility for her teenage niece Lennox and adolescent nephew Ryder. Realizing quickly she's in over her head, Mel welcomes help in the unlikely form of Joe Longo -- formerly a commodities trader -- who moves in and becomes the family's "manny" ... that is until Joe goes from being Mel's employee to becoming her husband when they marry.
Original Air Date: Aug 17, 2010
Rating: TV14
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4 seasons available on demand (104 episodes)
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