The Race to Finish
S1, EP8 "The Race to Finish"
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The team races to complete Jed Smith in order to get it listed and sold.
Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2019 • E! • 44m
Thank You, Next
S1, EP7 "Thank You, Next"
On Demand
Scott contemplates his next move as the Jed Smith project has become more than he bargained for; Scott and Ilan continue to disagree about what to do with the grotto at the Mark Wahlberg flip project.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2019 • E! • 44m
More Money, More Problems
S1, EP6 "More Money, More Problems"
On Demand
Scott and team encounter a problem at Jed Smith that could jeopardize the entire project; Scott attempts to get away from all the drama at Jed Smith by working with Willa to redesign his daughter Penelope's bedroom.
Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2019 • E! • 44m
Unexpected Help
S1, EP5 "Unexpected Help"
On Demand
With the HOA shutdown still keeping Jed Smith at a standstill, Willa and Benny renovate their offices; Scott looks for ways to make up for lost time and brings in outside help without telling Benny or Miki.
Original Air Date: Sep 08, 2019 • E! • 44m
Jungle Rules
S1, EP4 "Jungle Rules"
On Demand
With Miki feeling disrespected and a potential HOA shutdown looming, the team now faces major personal and logistical problems; Scott helps French Montana transform one of his rooms into a jungle-themed theater.
Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2019 • E! • 44m
Miki vs. Malibu
S1, EP3 "Miki vs. Malibu"
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After visiting a mega-flip property being built by Scott's real estate mentor, Ilan, Scott is inspired to redo the pool at his personal residence; the property is ready to be sold, but there is an unexpected Miki problem that Scott must deal with.
Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2019 • E! • 44m
Family Matters
S1, EP2 "Family Matters"
On Demand
Scott is eager to get started on Jed Smith's property, but Willa and Miki are at odds; Scott convinces Kourtney to let him build a playhouse for their kids in her backyard.
Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2019 • E! • 44m
The Lord Is Back
S1, EP1 "The Lord Is Back"
On Demand
Scott recruits a potential new team member, Willa Ford, to help with the finishing interior design touches of their latest flip in Malibu; Scott sets out to find his next major flip investment opportunity while renovating Steve Aoki's home.
Original Air Date: Aug 04, 2019 • E! • 44m