Snow Snaps

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Snow SnapsViolet, Tomas, Sami and Kiki are four six-year-old friends ready to take on the world using their imaginations.
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S1 "Snapshot Hill"Tomas loses his camera when he falls down a sled run.
S1 "The Fantabulous 4"The Snaps go on a mission to rescue Terry the Penguin.
S1 "1, 2, 3... Cupcake!"The Snaps race to see who will win Violet's cupcake.
S1 "Hockey Knights"When Kiki is cast as the princess who rests, she urges her knights to get the magic hockey stick out of the ice block to break Granny Gnome's evil spell.
S1 "Winter Beach"When Tomas' family trip to the beach is canceled, his friends make up the best winter beach to lift Tomas and Terry's spirits.
S1 "The Greatest Game Ever"Inspired by a lost video game, the kids imagine, create, and play a real-life adventure game.
S1 "Sami's Pet"Violet accidentally frees Sami's pet.
S1 "Hot Chocolate Party"Sami brings her own cup to a hot chocolate party.
S1 "The Snow Battawawa"A filmmaking team on the trail of the legendary Battawawa monster get more than they bargained for.
S1 "Knighthood"Queen Violet wants to knight Kiki, Sami, and Tomas, but they must prove they can work together.
S1 "Hanging Around"When the kids lose a flying disk in the big old haunted tree, they might be taking on more than they can handle.
S1 "Winter Games"Violet's groceries go missing and it's up to the bobsleigh team to retrieve them.
S1 "I Spy Sami!"Sami finds a toy in the hollow tree.
S1 "What's Your Treasure?"Violet playing pirate inspires a mutiny when Tomas and Sami decide to leave Kiki's game to join Violet's pirate crew.
S1 "Snoweo Rodeo"Sami saves the day and the stampeding horses.
S1 "AbracaTomas"Terry the toy penguin has disappeared and only a special magic trick can bring him back.
S1 "Cut and Run"Kiki, Violet and Sami try to help Tomas conquer his fear of the barbershop.
S1 "Off to School We Go!"Kiki can't get enough of Sami's trampoline.
S1 "The Maze"The kids build, shape and mold a snow maze.
S1 "Winter Blast"A winter storm causes trouble; a game of hide-and-seek quickly gets out of control.
S1 "Pinched Picnic"Tomas searches for some missing apple treats.
S1 "Superhero of the Hill"When a battle for Super Hero of the Hill turns into an all-star superheroes wrestling match, Tomas is compelled to overcome his fear of falling.
S1 "Snow Ballet"Violet wants a Snow Prince for her snow ballet.
S1 "Lava, Lava Everywhere"The kids race across a lava pool.
S1 "Sticky Snaps"A difficult customer arrives in a restaurant.
S1 "Cold Tows"Sami pretends to be too cold to get home.
S1 "Tic Tac Trouble"Kiki turns a game of Tic Tac Toe into a life-size challenge.
S1 "Snow Golf"Sami relies on luck to beat Kiki at golf.
S1 "The Monster"The group investigates when a frozen apple is found half eaten.
S1 "Snow Bowling"When Kiki tries to show the others how to bowl in the snow, the attempts of the others all have surprising twists, turns, and bounces.
S1 "The Haunted Forest"Tomas tells the girls that the forest is haunted, but they don't believe him.
S1 "Surprise !"Violet, Tomas, Sami and Kiki are four six-year-old friends ready to take on the world using their imaginations.
S1 "Tag Backs"Kiki and Sami wind up in an endless tag back loop.
S1 "The Weathervane Game"Sami, Kiki, and Tomas get lost while following clues.
S1 "Tall Tale"When Tomas and Sami compete to be the tallest, the girls help them build towers with wobbly foundations sending them off in a fall that takes them to unforeseen heights.
S1 "Off Tracks!"The kids make their own train.
S1 "Hats Off!"Tomas' crooked throws free Violet and Sami from jail.
S1 "The Shoot Out"During a competitive hockey shootout, Sami introduces his fruity snowballsicles.
S1 "Gone to the Dogs"Violet and Tomas challenge Kiki and Sami to a dogsled race.
S1 "Gumball Jamboree"The group follows Violet's jamboree gumball arrows.
S1 "Kids vs. Aliens"When Sami tries to contact aliens, he never thought he would actually get to meet them.
S1 "Hiccup"Kiki is stuck with a pesky case of the hiccups.
S1 "The Tightrope"Sami imposes on a circus game.
S1 "It's a Bird!"Sami rides a piece of art.
S1 "When Toys Attack"A group of toys follows Sami around town.
S1 "The Great Pick-Up"Violet makes a game out of chores.
S1 "Dino Snaps"La découverte de rares fossiles de dinosaures tourne au vinaigre quand l'esprit de compétition de Sami et Kiki prend le dessus.
S1 "Ice Dragon"A large icicle hanging off the barn causes a battle.
S1 "Moon Mission"Kiki joins a moon mission.
S1 "Race Cars"Tomas accidentally falls into a downhill race.
Violet, Tomas, Sami and Kiki are four six-year-old friends ready to take on the world using their imaginations.
Original Air Date: Sep 1, 2018
Rating: TVY
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