Bonus Edition: Tea2Go
S7, EP5 "Bonus Edition: Tea2Go"
More tales from behind the scenes and fascinating take away about the story of a father and son run tea shop franchise whose broken relationship was putting their business and relationship in hot water.
Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2021 • CNBC • 43m
Bonus Edition: Inkkas Shoes
S7, EP4 "Bonus Edition: Inkkas Shoes"
Behind the scenes stories and updates about a hipster Brooklyn-based shoe company that was in danger of going out of style after its founder made a series of scattergun decisions that threatened to ruin his finances and friendships forever.
Original Air Date: Mar 23, 2021 • CNBC • 43m
Bonus Edition: Coopersburg Sports
S7, EP3 "Bonus Edition: Coopersburg Sports"
All new information, fun facts and updates about the story of a family-run sports memorabilia company stuck in the past and in danger of striking out.
Original Air Date: Mar 16, 2021 • CNBC • 43m
Bonus Edition: Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour
S7, EP2 "Bonus Edition: Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour"
More fascinating facts and insider info revealed about the story of two partners who tried to revive an iconic restaurant chain and desperately needed Marcus' help to keep their dreams of sweet success turning sour.
Original Air Date: Mar 09, 2021 • CNBC • 43m
Bonus Edition: Kensington Garden Rooms
S7, EP1 "Bonus Edition: Kensington Garden Rooms"
Fascinating facts and new insider information about the story of two best friends from England with a luxury gazebo company whose inefficient process and poor work conditions threatened to turn their American dream into a nightmare.
Original Air Date: Mar 02, 2021 • CNBC • 43m